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Posts from November 2011

The Official 1st Blog! Clean out your phone!

Did you know that technology can impact our feelings about a certain person or event? Now, I'm not the relationship expert but you may be able to find some value from my experiences for yourself.

My cell phone was recently acting up and I was getting error messages about my sim card being full. My phone had been running extremely slow and  I often had to reboot. From time to time I would go through old text messages from folks and remind myself why I no longer dealt with them. I'd get mad all over again. The funny thing is that the person had no idea that I was renewing my negative feelings towards them. I was forced to delete ALL of my messages and start fresh so my phone would "hopefully" stop with the error messages. After I delete all the messages, it somehow allowed me to mentally let go of all the old feelings that prevented me from moving on.

The moral of this story is... Clean out YOUR phone and get on with YOUR life! 
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The History Behind Daylight Saving Time

If you ever wondered how Daylight Saving Time came about, since this is the time that we 'fall' back by changing those clocks, this may or may not explain it for you.. BUT isn't it good to always learn something that we may not have known about before?!?!
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