Sheldon in the Quiet Storm
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Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

The title of this blog is not making any reference to the countless number of singers/entertainers who have covered the tune, but to take this opportunity to instead be forever greatful and humbled during the VERY cold winter season to have a place(s) to stay when the weather is indeed frightful! Sadly, there are too many people to mention who (and likely through no choosing of their own) don't have a roof over their head(s) and have to struggle each and every day to survive in the harsh elements! So any and everytime I have the nerve to complain about the weather...from this day forward, I foremost give thanks to God for providing me shelter and to stop and THINK of those who are less fortunate....God bless them as well to continue to survive!!
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Is Chilvalry DEAD??

Hey mom, went to the game with my boyfriend and all I got was hit in the arm with a foul ball!!!

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According to "Billboard" Magazine, Michael Jackson's most Popular song was "Say, Say, Say", his mega duet with Paul McCartney. Although "Billie Jean", stayed at number 1 longer, "Say, Say, Say", stayed in the top ten longer, making it his most Popular song. R.I.P., Michael...

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R.I.P. Gary Coleman

When I was on air on Friday, I sent out good wishes in hopes that Gary Coleman would pull through the coma that he was in. One hour after my shift was over, I heard the news. Here's to one one the funniest, cutest kid stars I grew up watching. This is from an episode of "The Jeffersons", where he played their nephew, Raymond....before "Diff'rent Strokes". This was a funny one. R.I.P.....

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Video cameras caught several people walking past a good samaritan as he lay dying on the street moments after coming to a woman's aid as she was being robbed....

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This guy sounds AMAZINGLY like Whitney Houston!! Judge for yourself...

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Didn't Know Chad Ochocinco had it in him!!!

Dude's got some moves!!!
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The Topic Will Be Afghanistan

President Barack Obama will meet with his national security team today, and you can bet the topic will be the President's options for realigning U.S. strategy. And Military officials say the choices involve several ways the President can employ additional U.S. forces next year. The TJMS spoke with Retired Joint Cheifs of Staff Colin Powell, and when asked what option should the President take, his answer was for him to consider ALL options and NOT be rushed by anyone to make a decision that could be costly not only to the United States but of course to all the Men and Women who are fighting along enemy you believe additional troops will be sent?
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H1NI shot anyone?

President Obama and the whole country for that matter waits to see if the Health Care Reform Bill that passed over the weekend in the House will get ANY support once the Senate gets its hands on the guess will be: a snowball's chance in you know where, but with the recent increase of folks getting the H1N1 flu vaccine and the recent news of two pregnant woman in our area dying from the vaccine, are you more likely or NOT to protect yourself by getting this shot?!
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