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The Human Spirit....

From time to time, it's good to take the focus off what we're going through in our own lives and pray for others....

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The Importance Of The World Around Us

As a part of 97.1 WQMG and the Tom Joyner Morning Show, many of you know my role as a broadcaster that includes delivering the news/headlines on the TJMS. Well I'm blogging today to not only talk about what I enjoy and have so humbly been blessed to do with this radio station, but to stress the importance of staying on top of events that are taking place in our world today! Many of you at the writing of this blog will have heard or even discuss to some degree the recent devestation that has taken place in Japan with the powerful earthquake that triggered a Tsunami. As many as 200-300 bodies have been found in the coastal area of the country, and without question those numbers will horrifically rise, as waves as high as some 33 feet carried cars, boats and massive debris across open fields. The earthquake itself, which struck Japan around 2:45pm their time/12:45am EST(our time) has gone down so far as the largest in the country's history and the 5th strongest in world in some 111 years, with at least 19 aftershocks stronger than the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Question Of The Day that many of you tune in to hear on the TJMS recently lead to some very good dialogue when asked...'Is News Becoming More 'Entertainment' Than Acutal News?' Many of us do try to keep up with current events, myself included, as much as possible...but for those of you that don't, take a hard look at what's going in the world around us. Many individuals make the mistake of thinking it doesn't affect me because it's 'not happening here.' Events such as this have a tremendous impact on ALL of us, whether it's happening here at home or around the globe...NONE of us are immuned to any type of devastation that takes place in this world! In fact that same Tsunami that struck Japan also hit Hawaii and put areas of alert as far away as South America, Canada, Alaska, and the ENTIRE U.S. West Coast!!

Whether you have open dialogue through conversation with co-workers, friends, family(and that should even include your children..they too need to realize the importance of world events), or even complete strangers, be it verbally or on the world wide web, just try to keep yourself informed about what's going on around you!

In closing, my prayers and thoughts are with those in Japan and for all of us here in this country. What's taking place in the world around us makes me think of the Book of Zephaniah, with the opening verses reminiscent of both (the) creation and of Noah's flood. Chapter 1:3 "I shall finish off earthling man and beast. I shall finish off the flying creature of the heavens and the fishes of the sea, and the stumbling blocks with the wicked ones; and I will cut off mankind from the surface of the ground,” is the utterance of Jehovah. " Chapter 3:12 also comes to mind, "And I shall certainly let remain in the midst of you a people humble and lowly, and they will actually take refuge in the name of Jehovah." (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures) In light of what is taking place in this world today...may we indeed take refuge in our God and continue to keep ourselves informed.
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A Real Life Super Hero???

One of my co-workers told me about this, and I thought he was joking....until I saw it for myself.

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Prince Crashes "The View"....

And Sherri runs him off! Hilarious...but cute....kinda?

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Summer Vacation...benefit/backlash?!

We're in the thick of the summer season and whether families are planning vacations near home or far away, or just finding the nearest swimming pool to 'cool' down during the heat of the season..the concept of summer vacation has been criticized by some because (some) students supposedly forget large amounts of information learned in the past year. On the flip side, supporters believe children need the 2-3 months off to relax and take a break from the heavy loads of schoolwork, homework, and the strees of peer pressure, bullying, and more!

The original concept of summer vacation was given as a time for kids to work on family farms for spring how times have changed! Where is YOUR stance on summer vacation? Whatever you and your child/children plan to safe and of course spend it with your QMG family on the radio!!!!
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Keepin' it REAL.....

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but, I saw something a couple of weeks ago that was totally uncalled for, so I had to take to the blog pages and EXPRESS myself. It was a clip from one of those daytime talk shows, where the young lady had the audacity to blame Erin Andrews for the horror that she went through when she was stalked, harrassed and horrified by a peeping Tom. She even went so far as to blame Erin for the hell and horror that she went through by saying it was her fault because Erin was dressing provocatively on the show "Dancing With The Stars". How Dare She?!! Coming from a person who has been stalked and horrified more than once in my life, a person has absolutely NO control over what some PSYCHO will do, especially when he or she starts to disrupt their life and turn it inside out. IT IS NEVER THE VICTIM'S FAULT!!! When she offered an apology the next day, it was obvious that it was because of the HUGE backlash she suffered from the public. I am here to commend Erin Andrews. At least SHE was able to put her stalker behind bars. Counting the days......
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And This Storm too...shall pass

In over 25 years of living in the State of North Carolina...Washington, D.C. born, but the Carolinas I proudly call 'home', I literally stayed glued to the television(as I'm sure many of you were), trying to stay informed, and at the same time doing a WHOLE LOT OF some of the worst weather likely tested both our fears and faith over the weekend. Honestly being the sport nut that I am, I was in the middle of watching the remaining NCAA Basketball Tournament games, when the local news affliate interrupted programming to discuss the threat of impending weather. At first I really didn't pay it much mind, the was a mostly cloudy afternoon and most of the weather reports I had heard during the early half of the week just called for another/typical cloudy afternoon with scattered showers and a possible thunderstorm.

But that soon all changed when ALL of the local television networks broke in during their regular programming to talk about the possibility of severe, even threatening weather heading in our direction. It was then that I started to pay a little more attention to the current situation, and ended up getting very little sleep as the t.v. stations continued with several hours of pin-pointing where the storms were gonna hit and around what time.

Although I wasn't directly affected(living in Winston-Salem where most of my family and friends are also located), I began thinking about, especially co-workers living in the areas that were greatly affected...Davidson and Guilford counties and in particular High Point that took a pounding from what later was confirmed as TWO tornadoes and storms that ripped through homes(destroying so many in its path), and dumping heavy amounts of rain and hail....that fact that NOT ONE fatality was reported is truly amazing and can only be the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We as a community can rebuild our homes..but we can't bring back a life! In closing, what a blessing the rest of this week will bring..absolutely gorgeous weather going into our Easter holiday weekend, and no doubt, prayers of 'thanks' at the many upcoming Sunrise services that will take place...and may we all keep the families who were displaced in our everyday thoughts and this storm too....shall pass!
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Life is so precious, so anytime news of the death/passing of a dear friend or loved one, can still come as a shock, especially given that to some of us the person was still considered young. Case in point Tom Joyner announced the passing of a fellow radio/television personality...Bo Griffin, a Greenville, South Carolina native whose bubbly personality was enjoyed by listeners and viewers everywhere. I personally remember her appearances on the TV show 'Extra' and becoming a designer for women's apparel. Just 51 years young, Bo succumbed to cancer, and the question of  'why so soon, why so young'  has entered the minds of the TJMS family. As we remember Bo, please remember that life is short and tomorrow is promised to NO ONE, so I want to encourage all of us to PLEASE take better care of ourselves, and don't wait to the last minute to see a Doctor or Physician. And may we continue to be the soldiers in the fight against Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, High Blood Pressure and other factors that took a dear friend like Bo Griffin, 'just a little too soon.'
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February 14th marks a special day for lovers everywhere, and as you fine folks celebrate the love of your mate and/or significant other let Valentine's Day remind you that its more that just how many flowers, or how well in advance you book dinner reservations...they are nice 'accessories', but your true love from your heart, soul, and spirit can be the greatest gift(s) in itself! It should be a love that can stand the test to time and get you through even the toughest of days, and your TRUE valentine will understand and appreciate what your love represents. So to all Valentines, everywhere, although I can't send you a bouquet of flowers or a box or candy...just know that MY love I send to you comes not just on Valentine's Day...but everyday!... and yes I do LOVE YOU and please make sure you show YOURSELF some love....I'm just saying:)
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