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Zelda's Back, with a Message

Shortly after her father Robin's death, Zelda Williams decided to take a break from social media. When she left, she wasn't sure how long she'd be gone, but she did say that maybe it would be forever.

She'd had enough. While there were plenty of Robin's fans offering their thoughts and prayers to Zelda and her brothers, there were plenty more how had horrible things to say about the comedian and the manner of his death.

Yesterday, Zelda returned to Twitter and Tumblr. She quoted Harvey Fierstein - one of Robin's Mrs. Doubtfire co-stars - almost apologizing for letting the bullies win.
A powerful statement. And hopefully, a lesson learned for all of us...

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People : Zelda Williams

09/02/2014 8:05PM
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09/03/2014 9:20AM
Rip Robin Williams 💔
Your father would of loved this quote I think, dont ever allow others hatered , their posion to infect you, live, love and count our blessing, those who are negative have their own demons they will have to face and good luck with them
09/03/2014 9:22AM
I am 55 years old and have been struggling with both anxiety and depression for 8 years now. From my experience and believe me I have had many thoughts of doing myself in. These two life altering conditions are devastating to me and if I share what I am feeling... no one seems to understand me and what is actually going on inside my head. It's scary and I truly know sympathize with Robin's decision and my heart goes out to his family. I hope to one day conquer these evil life altering behaviors, but seriously I think they have complete control over me.
09/03/2014 10:10AM
What a wonderful,kind and giving soul he was! Rest in sweet peace funny man! Prayers for his family and friends!
09/03/2014 11:46AM
Your dad was loved by many people!! May god bless your family and continue to comfort your ♥ God loves you and i do to :-)
09/03/2014 12:05PM
He will never bw forgotten. Wish so much had chance to meet him in real life
09/03/2014 1:31PM
Peace be with you all and remember your father as you all knew him. No one would know him better! There aren't enough words to say how great he was/still is cause you know he is just ripping it up in heaven!
09/03/2014 3:17PM
depression /anxiety
I deal with the same your demons, behavior, n anything else your going thru; will you succumb too. Just seek the help that you need, look to God for the answers n pray believe, and be strong!!
09/03/2014 3:23PM
I too, loved your, father. Not nearly the way you do! He seemed so strong, always cheerful, funny, a
See above
09/03/2014 3:24PM
Still saddened by his death..still waiting for it to sink in..very tragic loss :(
09/03/2014 3:25PM
May God give you and your family peace and acceptance and joyful memories of your beloved daddy.
09/03/2014 8:56PM
shocked of all the news
I've faught inner demons for years on end and it never seems to get any easier. On television he always seemed so happy so hearing the heart breaking news was a shocker and still hard to believe he's gone. It really hit home hearing of his recent Parkinson's diagnosis as I have watched my active hard working dad have to go through the struggles of the disease starting at a young age and become unable to do a lot of the things he loved to do and was once a successful business man. I think the diagnosis is the hardest part to let sink in and get past. My heart goes out to your family and prayers.
09/04/2014 12:21AM
hope courage
Im so sorry for your loss and of your father he seemed like a good man even though I never met him he seemed that way in movies and interviews I just want to say god bless you and your family and your father too and don't listen to all the negative people that are talking about your father they have no right to judge him god bless and I hope you know im a child of God and so are you god bless
09/04/2014 2:28AM
Daily struggle
May God help you&your family members through this great loss.I too struggle w depression, anxiety, &nervous problems. I cryed&couldn't believe the news, the loss is so great.He was my favorite everything w all his talets&giving so much smiles&added happiness to all our lives.He us greatly missed & a void forever. Shrug the hateful cause love is more&needed.Robin your father was love&laughter.Keep his voice alive. Love&hugs, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH♡
09/04/2014 7:15AM
think happy thoughts
Nanu Nanu little one... That's all
09/04/2014 8:05PM
Woman to woman, daughter to daughter loss of fathers of pain
I'm sorry for your loss, to you and your family. I know what your feeling and I'm sorry doesn't take the pain away, but the to know people care helps. I loss my dad too at the hands of his own to PTSD and deep depression. He was just 56. It's been 9 yrs. You never get over it, but you learn how to reflect back on the positive and keep the memories alive. He will forever be your dad and in your heart and sole.... Whatch for those butterflies ;)
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