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Wednesday, October 26th


Hillary Clinton calls Shilynne's Cafe


Not at the Hillary Clinton. Hello Terry how are you. I am wonderful also landed at great talking which is great luckily I guess since first hour by wishing you happy birthday not. Gary knotts and made a lot. And that I started off. I say without great surprise that some might staff and I just got him on rarely cut Berry blast today. That is awesome well hope you have an awesome awesome day awesome birthday. Ain't you and I. I have to say I'm really up. Appreciate. What I know about jag your program and I end up being eight self described Scott. Yeah I really do like that I mean yeah well he's quite Larry it's got to keep Jason right. Throw he's always there you just have to acknowledge him right yeah absolutely. Right is god well our faith and my first question for you. Yes I can't. And I think we have made very stark contrast between myself and my opponent because I do not think we should rage federal taxes on. Hard working athlete and I made that very clear I will not I will follow. President Obama has died and and also my husband guy that we are not great taxes on anyone making. Less than 250000. Dollars a year that's out like a whole lot of money and it it has. But at some of the more expensive places in America you can be you know police chopper terror and a very tenured teacher or professor and you can bump up against that so I followed by President Obama and bill. In saying nobody allowed 250. Now what. My opponent as that is he wants to cut taxes on the wealthy that's a big difference I want to raise taxes on the wealthy because. They have not paid their fair share. To support our. Our country and they've gotten most of the economic. Benefit over the last bad decade. And I think they should have to pay lowered its support our country and as we weren't getting that debate. I'm Donald Trump his age zero and I think that's raw I think hard working people paying payroll taxes than. Local sales taxes and state taxes and everything that most Americans play. I should not be taken advantage of by millionaires and billionaires and corporations to figure out how to get out of paying any act that I want eight year. Honors. Check system and that's what I'm gonna fight for. And when you wouldn't you say they he has his own example. The wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes. That's exactly right Chile and and see spread about it he's it was Smart of him while. I can't disagree because that makes all the rest about. Eight income taxes. You know it was entirely a teenager and got my first job I paid it every year my heart and I made it. And I have to tell you I know that may sound surprising that some people I really do consider part of being an American that sends you straight out taxes to support our military our veterans our support cal grants. Kurt young people being able to look forward to go to college and so much more. I'll tell I'm going to try to build on the progress that President Obama has made. Odd because I think he's done a tremendous job. Getting a proud of this terrible economic crisis we are and we each up operates I keep building on. I absolutely. Well now the major issues in our community that and across the nation. Is the the relationship. As it relates to law enforcement and the community. There is a lot of just comply being thrown around. But their countless parents who have very children who have complied and are not here to speak about it. And I like to know what eat your reforms would be or what your plan would be to move. These relationships for between law enforcement and the communities that they serve. I think bitter toward the most important ship issues we face as a country. It's heartbreaking to me yes I was in North Carolina on Sunday and I appeared with. Odd mothers of the movement women who have lost children. Either to police incidents. Or two of gun violence. And I am so honored that they are supporting me and I have. Let's show them as I have pledged to everyone and our country. We're going to tackle the issue of systemic racism. Crossed all. Our society but in particular in the criminal justice system. And and how shall I believe that people. Must understand we are all safer. Where and the police to respect the community say protect and communities. Respect. Of a leash at and we got to read build those bonds trot and understanding. And that's gonna require. You know some efforts by police to get into the community to work with them Imad Al wonderful young man and Charlotte, North Carolina few weeks ago. It's a barber and he's been inviting. Police officers and it was barbershop. And holding potluck dinner with communities because he understands that people don't know each other. If we don't see each other as fellow human being a mom and dad. You know strikers and hard working people you know it DT Chad not. Have any real sensitivity double. Where I work hard to change. Police training can make it. You know more are more likely to have. You'd other methods beside equal or could be escalate a situation. And we're gonna work for communities so that they feel like they're part of the arc solution not a problem. Absolutely. And that I appreciate your your answer on that. It's a final question for you would be to say that you know this election. Confidence in the candidates is is is down. That would be an understatement and a lot of people are saying. I'm just not gonna vote and you've been in Washington for a thirty plus years and you've seen the results of what can happen when people don't ovals so and I'd like religious. It's let people know how important their vote actually is. I don't think your vote ever banned more important. Because. Other stark difference between. Me and my kids are my opponent. On. Out he just had a very dark and divide it edition of America. Yet proven to be dangerously. Unfit to serve as president. We're going to work hard President Obama. On the shallow bottom shelf cuts that ironic nature and change my daughter trying to make sure people realized that. Any issue you care about and we just talked about to about. Taxes and criminal justice any issue care how are they making college or any bank. Is going to be attracted by this election I wanna build on the progress that chat but and I'll spot Obama has made and one of the reasons he had. And mr. Obama are working so hard for me is because. They know what's at stake I will be wet. First Lady Michelle Obama tomorrow for a rally in Winston-Salem. Odd to highlight. High stakes in the election. And right now it's pretty eat eat a vote in North Carolina you have once stopped early voting. Are you can register and vote at that same time. And you can find your nearest. Early voting location by going online to I will vote dot com. And we've got organizers. And volunteers working in every community. Because we want people to. Really understand you're not happy about. It on the dangers hearing that sort I have putted it you're not happy about. On that changed the kind of dark negative change that he years promising the weight that he had consulted. Everybody including women and African Americans and everyone else. Ops he's come out and vote. We really have to do candidate very big message that we're not. Going to. Oh backwards in America. We wanna help people that we're balance forward we're gonna make changed the right try to change to gather. Thank you so my Secretary Clinton and has been a pleasure and an honor to speak with you. And and get enlightened. On on what your plans are as president of the United States and we issue best of luck. And thank you again. Thank you very much it was wonderful talking which is this morning earnings Q thank you take care. OK that I moment.