Shilynne Cole: The POTUS Interview

Thursday, November 3rd


With the election just days away, Shilynne had the opportunity to speak with President Barack Obama on the importance of voting


Marshall and well just a president. Who I am doing great how are you I am good also this such an honor to speak in the U. Well I am so glad to talk to him and I'm looking forward to it started some time in North Carolina over the extradition. Absolutely. Absolutely soared five days away from the election we're at a critical time right now an African American turnout has dropped in North Carolina Florida and Georgia from 2012 in you please talk about how important it is that we do not miss an opportunity to elect someone who's going to be eight champion. For the issues that affect our community. Well shall and as you know north Carolina's critical sweatshirt and if Hillary Clinton warns North Carolina that it almost impossible for Donald Trump. To be elected pleasant and that is really important to me and that's really important to your listeners. And the good news is that. It can our control. Because there's. The after American girl is strong in North Carolina. Then. You won't decide this election and because there's early vote in North Carolina. Between now. And midday Saturday you can go low. In fact you got one stop early vote. Where you can register. Up bigger registration boat all of one stop. If you need to know how to do that you should go to I will vote dot com I will vote dot com but. Look the bottom line here is a bit at North Carolina the people vote for a lot of the so supportive of the show gave the work we've done over the last eight years. It would unemployment rate and hash bored poverty increased it comes provided health insurance to people who don't have a thought our troops home from the locker Afghanistan. All that work is at risk. If we don't vote in this election so even know my name is not on the ballot all my policies are on the ballot Hillary Clinton will continue. The work that we started she is committed. To make sure that we continue to try to help insure people who don't have that we completed that. Make sure that. Young people who can't afford go to college are able to afford to go to college that we expand. Early childhood education get kids to good start them that we work or promote justice reform so that the laws treat everybody fairly. She is committed to all these things that we. Got started about which party complete. And Donald Trump inserted you were verse every single policy. That. I put in place order lastly you're so people who voted for me at eight and voted for me and twelfth. If you think that somehow you don't need to vote particularly about the ballot. Bad on your article that correct the record. It because everything we fought for your bolt will be negated. Your vote from eight and twelve will be negated if you don't vote this time about this is what sealed the deal and North Carolina. Is. Deep place where if after Americans vote. That same level that they didn't twelfth Hillary Clinton will win North Carolina and jewel would be election and that makes a huge difference not to mention by the way. That you have a chance to elect a democratic senator at a democratic governor. And reverse some of these negative alters. That I'm aware of you've got the state government nor color purple which run the program. Like folks and voted. Yes as was out by a federal court judge so their product. Deliberately. Discourage people from voting I would think that. Stroke certain North Carolina would kick out of a challenge than dental and there should be anybody who's not go about their voters before Saturday. And it's not hard to do realtor just strictly toward managed. Brought under that. A one of those issues that. Is tantamount our community right now Donald Trump as talked about law and order as it pertains to. Gun violence and the strained relationship we have with law enforcement what forms have you put in place that if elected Hillary clay and will continue to push forward on this issue. Well I tortured border the terrorist force that brought together. Police chiefs activists. Civil rights leaders and they came up with some conservatives are going to pitch around. Things like it. Make sure that you have independent investigations where they're sure it's making sure that there are body Cameron's. On police officer. Make sure that there are strong police community relations. I can keep police relations and help them do their job more effectively as well as make sure that people feel like a treat you know being treated fairly and Hillary Clinton has committed to all these reforms bottle warning it's important what you vote. To make sure that you're also voting four prosecutors. As it levels because oftentimes they're the ones who make decisions. About these issues. But I can tell you it's Donald Trump's. Contracting you know Durbin curious as it's true would be a Central Park jogger case of New York. Where. Yeah I have to murder medal were exonerated after being held for years because of the Americas just turned out they had done that and Donald Trump says they should still be in jail now it's so he clearly has no interest in any of these reforms Hillary Clinton is committed to continuing. Did admittedly hard work. But we have started because of these issues don't get solved overnight. But the other question is do you have somebody who's thinking about positions and martial law. Who cares about. And Hillary Clinton bows and never got doesn't yet one more regional lobbed toward that out and around shuttered or people they don't vote. I'm Mr. President thank you so much for taking time to talk about the importance. Because a lot of people are saying well hobbled doesn't count so that's something that needs to be correct especially going into the. I won a war on the North Carolina. Just a handful of most appreciative always about loss military a lot of by example opens its six and well so. Every single vote counts and I would just ask any of your listeners if you haven't voted go to our global dot com find out where you can early vote gore had bought a boat show the country and the world. This is not just about the in my campaign or shelved but this is about a community that has the power. And that want to torture. And you know if you've already voted the gulf find your friends and neighbors go to the beauty shop barbershop. I do work place. And different folks. I host. Look to improve operator yes me personally to. Make sure your vote because his personal debate. EO Richard if you care about the work we've done together then we have to make sure. That we finished the job and tradition the job needs voted in this election. Thank you so much Mr. President saw mark calling in and thank you for all you've done over the last eight years and got speed the you're the president get Alex and vote because not voting is essentially. Voting for everything that you've complained about. Everything that you don't want in office so make you more. Vote count thanks again to president Barack Obama for calling in UNC.