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Good morning or any of family and welcome another weekend edition of community focused you are back thank you very much and I so enjoy being back with you as well. We're name on here and our intercom stations and definitely look forward. As I was due to this time of morning to talk about good people doing some good things. And our communities she is one such individual who is at the Rockingham county department of social services. She's another new member of our community for. Homeowners unloading movies. I'm a lot of admits fisheries Elle mag Johnson go more inane morning thank you so much can happen you are so welcomed that smile just says it all this isn't made my day for chase okay do you. Very much and thank you for coming. On the program to talk about Rockingham county department of social services when we think about adoption you know we think about loving families that kids wanna be apart. These are the conversations. That need to take place and thank you so much for. The time that you have given me and to our listening family. This morning as I'm really looking forward to engage in great conversation wonderful if I'm excuse I am excited you can Trace and you are official mammoth hair. Welcome to the community focused can't. Yes I arrived yesterday. You gotta keep arriving that's right definitely a part of our program this morning said they knew the title officially removed. But the trees as we do get into conversation. That relief is a nice segue shall we say into asking the first question. What is Foster care typically when we think about it options those two words kind of coincide I go again. Collins they they do go inside. Basically it really depends on the avenue you take of course he do you have adoption agency my mom. Department of social services such as Rockingham county. We're not an adoption agency but we do need to Foster parents for Foster care. So basically. When a call comes in about a concern for child and family. And that. Call is investigated if we feel that the children need to be. Removing him you know just until that. The adults can work on different things exactly on that's what Foster care comes into place so we do need those safe and measles look and families of him. I can open up their home opener Hartsock and I think it's safe nurturing environments. For the children and in our county and then really all counties all candy when he Foster parents not his rocky. Fantastic and Patrice the one thing that I really. Wanna say thanks of the family see you have either done this before we are in the process or like he says seriously thinking about it. Kudos sits at those families you may already have children of their own but is that they're biological children or the fact that they're simply willing. To have more siblings shall we say to the Stanley because that's really that's the beautiful thing that we're seeing a lot of with families Blended Families in particular again and not just families that are of the same race with a same nationality. But meaning you're adopting children were coming into the Foster care chill it's Foster care system right I think any Coca. If you who come into the system and are coming really from all walks of life yes yes they really are I mean. You know of course there is a law because I want ten years ago. You were placed according to New York rays aren't this exactly. Not anymore I mean they're Miller course that's part of the information that we share you know will be making a phone call the parent but. You know weird we just only in it together it's all about the space the times commitments so. Yes beautiful way to describe that it really is sick. Now with that in mind preacher issue probably get this question asked quite a bit when we think about. Just the family in general. Many may be single individuals who want to adopt the course in that operative question always comes out do I have to be married to be a Foster care and. And actually is on that is something that I get asked a lot and that's a huge concerns this adversity they say well you know I'm not marry. That's fine you don't have to be married you know you don't have to be you know just to dispel some myths you don't have to be married. As far as education you know. We prefer that you have at least a high school diploma. But if you can show that you proficient enough to understand. Maybe medical direction on what if she ends that's filed with us. I'm you don't have to have this huge sprawling. Mansion. Just have that space you know and of course as far as in common. Don't have to be Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous let me do once you have a steady income to their people that. I am happy tires there's people that aren't disability in the stands on the bid disability Raj do you have to needs. Physical health apartments you know minimal right diamonds. But I'm facing long as you have the city income. And you know don't have to be married you know a lot of those you know and again if you question doesn't hurt to ask you this I also live right. That's right and we're gonna get to all your contact information just bet but I really like that Patrice because. And and the way that you described it really sets up a nice picture that you don't have to have XY and see if there's anything that needs to be an ink. And the big cart exactly yes that's Cellini gaffe has ever hello hello we need variety adding I have had. That's a really good song absolutely. What it really you answered reminds the next question. Now having a large house or bank account really isn't the main criteria. But perhaps this is is there an age limit or happy either with the family more with the Foster child okay. Well as far as I'm Foster families none we do need to be at least 21 okay. As far as an age cap you know there is you know we have a lot higher. And with the older people and depending on how old you are actually being that number. Let you know we have a quite a few people that have retired it in my house retiring yes that a Foster parents in as far as the Foster children as soon. It can be anywhere from we're commonly used to pick them up from the hospital lube up until they are. ET what has Nell and they can stay in until they're 21 declared exactly camera back to you that I wasn't the sharpest knife in the job and house when you when I was eight feet yeah still very green and I evening Brian I know you know we give them that extra time to grow and suddenly you have that option to stay in you know up until that one that's when he won by one out there does have to be at least it. Oddly the ten year age. So if you're 21 when that it is 1718 on your home at four. And you know what that but that but in all seriousness assures that that's a very good point too many. Right because a lot of times I can be a little awkward of sorts Sinn. You know and not just putting in particular family's background Al there but there are those orange usual circumstances where. So you end up with a aunt and uncle who's similar check your aging you're trying to do the math and figure out. Mayor elect and the fans like anything get a little complicated right. Which is which can can be the case but that's the one thing about the Rockingham county department of social services. And just a huge thank you to you and your staff. For the hard work that you put them and really the research that she do in making sure that the right families are with the right child and vice Versa. Absolutely let me ask you this what are some of the reasons that a child may even come into camp let's talk about that. Okay I'm actually there are the years he's just missed on. They can be domestic violence substance abuse. Sometimes. The housing. Situation. If the parents have not need to maintain. Employment for a many see me. It and it can be really began of the reasons I've basically you know what we do is. We give that child safe place to be in Rio working with the adults to get them brain to where we need them to be and where it really not where we need to be with your child yeah. He needs to needs and to eat. And so that's pretty much what. What we do in the main goal is always unification and that's I'm here are seeing that we always have to really. Stress work and giving those classes for prospective Foster parent. That's a number one goal to get that child back with their birth family. Does it always happens that pain in neck and you know adoption would come into play or. Potential for adoption comes to play but that is always a Frisco we want to get these children back home we want to get those. Adults. In a better place right where they can stage and at a place and Keith. And mysteries that's that's a fantastic. Goal. In that one and it really shows that an effort is being made that for for a young child is being placed in a philosophy and a then he or she may not know they're the exact reason why they may not be at that point with a fully understand or grasp. What's going on and they may feel like a wide and mommy or daddy cute anyway. But knowing that in efforts being made to try to re reunite. And then to come to find out how cool would be. It would be. But if that child should choose to stay with the adoptive family still know that they can reach out to their birth of biological parents. And really part of our. Purpose are unknown. We always have a Bashir pants you always on your share can't write as. You know we're not gonna say hey you have to invite the birth family over for Thanksgiving dinner dance have more on the weekends know it depends on. Your comfort level right exactly and make some of them are with the courts may recommend my butt you know if you can have that. Now that comfort level on the net amicable relationship brain the between both families it makes this so much that oh absolutely it as a child you know get our bonds with. Fawcett and the rain of course they always oh absolutely tough sometimes they feel guilty you know in the days you know so it when it. It can be comment. Tricky but you know this our militia issue parents' names and phone. Moves phone call anything you can do green says keep that bond absolutely. One more question and Patrice before we go to break how long can a person actually keep the child. It really depends week our goal is one year to permanence in that means within a year aren't. The birth and will have a case what we call in case plan and whether it's I'm parenting classes domestic violence that's abuse different things. Depending on the situation right so you know generally we say a year to kind of work the plan and you know get things in a place where their mouth and come back home my mom. Sometimes as a go a bit longer some unforced recent time today ask it was really wanna give every possible chance for a unit patient. But I guess it doesn't happen when it hasn't happened. So it was interviewed at a shall place you run again for whatever reason the planned changes from unification to adoption. How would it are somewhat Conte and say okay we'll miss on you pack. Child X four and this man time running in their pregnancies adoption would she be interest in the documents out in what you would have. Firth. I hate to say gives the best. Well I yeah best west first and I. I write it out I can use the word did right eat you know the first opportunity that happened to her name and on and some parents tricks on people Strickland of foster's newsroom. Brian and umps some want to Foster two so if you're the type that you just when Foster and something didn't. They would say okay we're gonna start looking for adoptive placement Graham he wants about. And you don't request you know. And gender preference and each range for offense because. Especially if you have children of your own running you may not want children out and it's much older than your own big sack or genders but. Now yeah. Finish outcomes and and they need swear that they were gonna call even if it's totally out news and have you are aren't because some people have. Taken placements out of depress businesses. And found that they actually. Working well enough to an eight. But it and Patrice you what's really great about that for four are real family. And everybody listening here to community focus is that. When it comes down to that particular point on what's the preferences are and how nice it is that should not just locked into that when choice. Thank you just don't have to be just Foster only. But you can also. B or start Gwyneth. Foster and transition into the actual adoption process and also there are some that wanna start out as respite rest it is more temporary OK let's say you may have a family may have opinions emergency Langley anything Indy to sneak one child go from maybe. A few games yeah week cancel they went into September 10 or maybe we meet somewhere in turbulent week. Find something exactly. I mean you you have options each area until and you never locked in skewed to tackle he is yen. We have people that did it will treatment is a once in OT OK but it isn't on work you I need you to the. They know exactly. Exactly very true and just that personality. And race. Nancy radio Tammy have an idea of exactly who's going to be talking yet. You're more than welcome my dear and again walk onto the community focus fan only you yourself you welcome. But trees Al Matt Johnson is a Foster home licensing. Placement social worker with the Rockingham county department of social services join me we're name bond we just get started our conversation. And thank you for the great company. More of the week in addition of community focus will be back right after this and it's more than we get additional community focus welcome Lorena comes stations and her public affairs show that can be heard on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Every opportunity. To talk about good things taking place in our communities he can hear it right here in our inner power stations. Your surely Renee Von along with Patrice smacked Johnson of the Rockingham. County department of social services and Patrice thank you for the great company inked the year so well and on very. Oh shoot I really appreciate that and we are having a great wonderful conversation we are talking about. Foster care and adoption and for anyone listening to the program who has really been considering. Taking that important step. And big step in doing this thank you for giving us information on how they can go without it. And really to see that it can be such a wonderful process. And welcoming that Foster child in to the home. Speaking of that question you would just a little bit on this before the break. How an individual can specify. A preferred gender or each. Of that child so if they want a family and sometimes you have those cases where. You have parents I have maybe all the way CN our girls N encounter wanna mix it up an exam a little bit tiebreaker. Let's get a hit you're so wonderful opportunity like we were saying they were so many options and so many choices. Now do you have situations we are. Families would actually lie to adopt siblings because that's probably one of the most difficult. When you have siblings involved in there's always sick terrifying fear. I'm being separated from your rather or your sister. Am so I missed on. We do we do have families that. And really we're just America. Sure we license accordance use this space that you have response capacity running at capacity could be anywhere from one child. I think the maximum we have seized on accommodations before. And that it depends on Tibetans because either. Leave. Over twelve neatly this year they're with the younger child. You know is if the specifications and how we can abort them match together. But you know there are. Ones that will take they've linked and that is I mean and things he had no idea because it is. We don't people think about trauma eat and the mountain. Magnanimous. In thin groundbreaking but just thought I would just think it's somewhere tonight in the regular. And say OK you do come with me is crap that you can put in this. Wal-Mart. And Costco you know we've known or anything. Which are leaving your family. Even pets people don't you know she attacks. And everything you know kind though. You know when we had siblings come and meet you everything. Together. In a lot of times we may have reached out agencies outs signed brain power Foster home family just to keep that. So much. Thanks and appreciation. We're really putting forth the effort in trying to keep those supplements can really appreciate that Patrice typically how long does it take to become a Foster parent what are the steps that are OK now gracious self apparently a lot of people here is they think I'm in now. Okay. The first step is our town thirty hour at the moon in the way you. Most agencies in and we as well executed actress with the state. Requests and we executed. On is we meet is always Mondays and 6 PM tonight and within. And we are meeting for ten consecutive Mondays and this is how content warnings and you just a real race schedule. OK so and and actually. We have a classic yes start. This past Monday was the first athlete even as the earth and it's okay and the directory coming on down to effective. Give me not to tell you about all that but anyway. So distant Nestle together and a lot of people say I'm black and that's why us you know. But by the time we aren't done with eaten it and you really have a tight grasp on. What you're about to embark. We discussed and the band at leave great and wonderful variety is that frustrating. We into jetliner. Personal stories and you know we experienced over our time. Our weekend for Austin families. Is also a point where we have what we call him on Knight ethnic and my number nine. And you know we'll either order food people bring in food and we have a chance in CPS worker which is. The first line. The system. We'll have a Foster care worker in adoption social worker. On Garnett item every child that comes into Foster care as their attic in the past are an item. Will have someone from. Services because there are children meaning counseling right so we may have some from one of those. Agencies. And we also. Which is always a favorite part we runways in by eight. On. Foster families come and speak about the experience running an ad is always my Adrian in everyone's favorite as perhaps because. I mean I can see you until you. Until I'm blue in the face that was about. But unless I've experienced is saying even if I have my excuse me. Health literature of the will have at least three families there in and so on sales of things in my second part of it that's. It's and we class are yet again I don't know none at all the trade and its it's and we asked him during that time they are quite a bit of documents like. Confidentiality. You can't put images of children on FaceBook and things like and discipline agreement. Tennessee. I don't agreements. Week we ask a lot of questions we get very close very personal. Because a week. These are fragile things we that's been very very fair here at home replacement it. Soundly that but some adults have. Things happen in the elected in May not have to deal with right in that we put a child in your home dad has experienced the same time. Insulting triggers them that's how you can trigger an adult in the and we happy he met so. You know a lot of this is done now want to get you ready for that and me. Seagate. You ready for you an email. Him these. Children. Makes you important ones and friends and neighbors. Hoosier support systems now. A lot to it they would answer questions on. And our camps no not at it again trees put together a Gary. Yeah I got an idea. So the training classes ten weeks in what we used to try to do was come out to visit you. Get all the documentation. Done during that time right so how would phase. And we move. Really staff and off the parents' business aren't getting there work and running so I would say it usually takes at least. Maybe four months the entire process. Really isn't bad when won't reconsider how quickly just a month. It's a salary and go by if you're talking about ten weeks of classes first of all the trees no apologies. Necessary. To me that says you are very well prepared. And you're very DT how do you in the entire agency and that's important. And that's key and that would make me as an individual who is seriously considering this think in the back of my mind. This agency is very serious. About what its goals yet and it's operatives are in making sure war. That really both sides from the Foster parent poster child. Can come together and it's in an environment. That's really conducive for everybody involved. Everybody can feel safe everybody can feel loved everybody can be happy supported exactly. Wonderful word as a true family so thank you ninety no no apologies necessary at all. But let me ask you this. Is one able to adopt the child from whom think Foster how long does that generally take I think you kind of touched on that little. With we'll have response real sadness and if the plant he is from reunification right adoption and on that. And the day has been awesome dance at the initial opportunity he. She used to adapt its outrage on and then once that happened and that's when he'll be. Turns over exceed the next social worker which will be because you don't have a boss here's a short OK during the time that your roster. And you get an adoption social worker Perry which science the adoptions every one is specialized in what they do Jericho. And that process let me than. This one of them into but he. At a they had Bridget. Apple says it takes you may be another. Best if there are navy and the three month. Because it really depends in could be longer because. Mom once that. Orders put in to change the birth Andy's always have a chance to hear and feel of course that's old now and I. That's what can be processed in the can be frustrating yeah I know we stay on top of what was wealth of these hearings. And thanks to Bridget as well or for doing what she does and of course for you Patrice and everybody that's involved in in the process. On that note what for benefits may one received when that child is is placed and that you okay. Well the child is eligible for Medicaid so you don't have to worry about. How to cover health is a very good times again health issue I need right and he encounters. Earnings. And in estimating that of course she also gave me. Board rate in. Norman the number of the top of my hand but he goes in increments inning on Egypt and oh that's fine he hit it and I interviewed Colin you know you get this information. Let's say for example ages Euro to its four engines and pat them on them. 612581. Month in thirteen eighteen and 34 month. Of course that's each house with examples you have siblings my. You get that for eats exactly so we can do the math on that I feel fantastic and and I'll also to. Best benefits. As he now yet where pneumonia medical planner send me an of course if the child is young enough. They receive. Com women infants children and learn it exists and it received way. People have as with AB. I am eligible sports net and its roots and if you know. You're grocery bills and Allen and fortunately their genome and now but almonds in and is part of why you need to get. Bordering weeks yet feet and lose ring. We want you to do. Yet is this the Chilton that you have every opportunity that you would keep. An excellent way to look at it now if or hand rather Patrice a person be allowed to work and be a Foster parent at same time yeah. Could many of our costs and work on crowd and again Nichols act you have to have you know I am and right yes you you can work. And you know we have some parents were different shifts but as long as used again that. Medina's support from your recent. Even I have someone you'd need. That in addition wrote me. As you can act where is going to be fantastic yeah. Rate let me take this opportunity ready for amateur thank you for Ukraine company definitely your discussion of the week in addition of community focus are public affairs show. That is her here on our intercom stations and irony Vaughn appreciate it wonderful company every weekend. Right here Saturday and Sunday mornings and certainly in the company of members of our community focused family that includes which race. Mac Johnson went to Rockingham county department of social services. I cherish just as an aside how long my dear have you been serving in the capacity especially as being Foster home licensing placement social worker. I am coming at ethnic year very. I am you. I know I knew at an event movie ahead of before this 2000 education campaign. So to me you know. Social work in education and I kind of wrestle or ours which went months ago right I mean really as you roar and schools and think about the school. Capsule sort department I went on our own way and there's so much you can do with in this field and yeah there is a lot of education and education. Yeah that's what. Exactly see kind of the best of both or as they're getting ready you have Canada in the pro my cape air from once they're to be heroes yeah I. And then try and answer. And may I ask where where your former school and it's from well. I started out at North Carolina agricultural and. He actually. Yes and fourth that did not get my degree Allen went there for a short while but Allison park ethnic meter only the me also thank yell that and then I moved to Texas the men's Wear nice and its parent can college for the first two years have been some efforts to say. And I want to Texas woman. Yet to end and Alan I didn't. University of Texas at parlance and form my graduate from past weir masters are. And I came back to the Carolina left the Carolina I'm not critical from the York city well you have relay. You have on sales volume have you really add you as zigzag on the map. But that's great and that's one of the fantastic things about. That particular position when he talked about social service work Patrice and education all of the avenues. Back and open up to use you for for sharing. In your back story and that and just think what it is that you two. It's obvious fisheries in just our meeting today you really love what you do it in I'll see it on your face it kids. It's a little rough everyone's hand and a you know when you when you get ago in. Due to land in which he did accidentally I mean is no better than him now. And so he would. All of you are only wrong I mean is greasy gave up an envelope and hope Pakistan as smooth as you do and I groomed. Hopefully I think you're already yeah. Thank you very much I appreciate so listen from one LO Brian gestured to announce the bidding. So much Petraeus are you really appreciate. Again everything that you tip let me ask you this. When we talk about individuals again who really are considering Foster care and. Is there anything that might disqualify someone from being able to do use. Yes and I own. We ran a criminal background. And so. But don't let that deter you because. Com you know we have all done things when we re younger and that was its artists and artist and to do. So we really looking more snow at the last five to ten year prison. And but if you have anything like that you know I would just say let us know up front so don't say in a never knew him as beating taking him in we run the check in we have it. Readout that comes. We detect that and again everything from. And expire rich nations to. Something when Theres is really showing up. And so we do that we'll switch today with the down CPSC yet in history with and who messed up to the surface. We just to check in nurse is registries that either worked in the medical field. Unique. On issues of abuse and clicked with seniors. Children. And it's one more. But there's all in of course Anderson CPR and you registry so we do run a pretty extensive and township which for different things. Usually debt and will probably be the one thing that may just. You know individual right. We haven't really run and anyone that's in the top of the hill Regis maybe he do that. There's two Hilton's one that you fill out in the hunt position OK Erica so you know again on. You can have health issues you know we have people that have these pressure. On we've had lost an answer. Let you know if this controls. Exactly I was thinking as as those things are monitored it and an individual is doing what is necessary to maintain once out. That's gone on as you know what whatever you have gone running into view with capacity. Patricia appreciate that too from the perspective. This is being done and obviously for the welfare child. With the siblings making sure that children are in. In environments that will be safe and protected for all members. That are in so thank you for that. Now and I obligated or some person obligated to go through. With being licensed its let's just say I complete the requirements. And I decide this isn't from me what's the next step. Well I'm legacy and once we've covered. Yeah yeah you really know when it was Fiona Burnett and Haley and some people in a lot of people are nervous and an ally deceive naturally apprehensive break that means you relieved it. What we was exactly. It's all Cosby's I hope I get this won't bring relief that he would not. Merely. So to answer your question on now you not obligated. Because once you've completed their. Training at the right. It's good at your certificate of completion is good for two years so in sometimes people do choose to wait for different reasons maybe there and move mean. All apparently trying to. A different read we say it's not radiating that. Million. That. And another question is one required to have the birth parents actually calm Tutan. Not. Now we view of and it. Have forged a relationship with the birth worries me in the invite them colonies and he's Littleton did things like. But of course she can do with him. Just like anyone you examine it and we used his not having all your friends in -- though you know but I listed in list it is an extenuating circumstance where there will be is that usually it's SR. Once a week who won a few hours from. So and that's not a lot of time yeah so a lot of times. Quite often. The Foster parents birth parents. Working out where maybe they invited. Teachers. Or at the end meeting in the park so there's a lot meeting and Donald there's so many in do you write different arrangement. Other than had a note email today we have over a home via. Oh and you're right again it's good to have choice or that option that. Let's before. We Trace most importantly are just as importantly let's give up all of your contact information so. Our radio family can be intense review if they should have additional questions. Outside of the ones that I have asked what's the best. You might well Lucy on my card I gave my desk number of my agency's cell number and my email. And calm in what happens you know that with shore. Okay my desk number is area code 36. 34 at CU 1394. In my extension 780. There's also a second crisis and work OK in the arm hurts it's in right now it's. My agency cell number and again I really. Love a text message. Because sometimes as part sit down stop and have a conversation writing checks or an email open and on that something and it's but that number is area code 336. 9325610. Oh aren't you know if email me in at its key in the Johnson. CO. That's Rockingham. Dots and that fee. That you. Corey. And this information radio family we're gonna share again before we officially wrap up but one final thing in in closing remarks and comments Patrice. King you. Call tomorrow minority if you don't mind sharing with our radio family. Any particular adoption. That stands out TU. That has really just. Just milk truck are the guess for lack of the better way to describe it. They all do I'm sure not to say yeah heart it's used because is unbeaten in all of you because. You know. My role is to be this support for the Austin right. Angela child they have been in The Who worked with the exact parents need some confidence I'm kind of like you know when it. So you know over the top of the time you fortunately she sticks and then you see all right and then. We get that point that we care you know and gotten him this. Beautiful touching ceremony morehouse and there so I mean really olive. All of them and I mean there's I can't think of one. You know it's just what they are few dead. Are finally happening good editing and in the works on ray and I'm thinking when those finally. I'm really you know. Get to where it needs to be so that's going to be a big future for probably every everybody feet exactly everyone those. You know the children at one note off to parents you crying here amazing so it is you know why we're talking about a Patrice. Just popped into my head and you've likely seen this. It was a big story in the news and on social media there was a Kabul and then not sadly remember. Where they came from. It was a black family husband and the wife. What they already had four children of their own in an adopted six additional children with in the family. And that's what brought it to mind when you were saying when you. Get to that moment in the court room and it was so wonderful because I think it even brought tears to the judge's eyes and to see that that family was growing from about. Six. To now ten to twelve at total. But just the love that the parents. In wanting to and I do believe this was a sibling. Situation where for the other six children they were able to keep them altogether and that's fantastic and that for you has to be. A moment you and your staff. Really enjoy going to work is seen situations like that now it may not be exactly one in which a family that large. It's put together so whether it's a single parent. And a child. A couple and a child and you may even have older adults. Who are seriously considering even when their own kids. Are grown in and they have their own granny pants on. Older adults that are fostering. In their children that aren't built a glossary to wow so ME we have family so just put out there if he had family members and friends and knowing this. We have. A family. And and me that there aunts and cousins and sisters and they're all costs of hair and green so you know sometimes we can't keep. A sibling group together and B if we get the separated separated month OK with in these filthy black. Well this series just some great stories thank you so much my dear let you know while companies they'll let us share the information again. 3363421394. Extension 7805. To reach for trees PL Mark Johnson. At sea so dot Rockingham died in C dot US that'll be the primary number. And in the meantime we'll just say as a baca. To send this text message will be at 3369325610. For trees smacked Johnson welcome girl to the community focus. Ma'am I'm on is welcome best attorneys but the. Rockingham county department of social services thank you for the great information to do well known and he's missed so well now. Thank you and radio family as well for your great company as we do officially bring to a close another wonderful week in addition. Of community focus thanks to good folk like Patrice doing great things in our communities I know you're doing likewise so please keep up the great work. And until that next time enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend take care.