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Radio family and wonderful good morning and welcome to our public affairs show it's very nice to have you back for the week in addition of community focused. When Avon always good to be back and especially to be with you this time of morning. As a public affairs show does return. To get the word out and talk about some incredibly wonderful people doing some great things. In our communities it is good to have this gentleman back and he has brought. Friend along with him first of all they are representing. Johnson's second chance staffing this is a very successful. Staffing agency. One primary location is in Greensboro the other is in Durham Soria in the interim. We appreciate you listen to ship this morning and of course Stanley from the gate city your always hear what that's. They specialize in locating jobs for all people and I'm just gonna pause there to say good morning to a very. Good friend of our community focused family. Mr. Brian Johnson good morning welcome back more in this Renee thank you had absolutely look in well and you have been busy my friend because I've been. I've been following year I'm on social media. Where it would JA LCS. And Africa you know you don't have to do and if you are people don't know. And we just thanked Q as as. The people and as the community from what you continue to do and some pretty incredible things. Remind me to ask you a question because I believe I saw one individual. By the name of common who was at a recent test function of viewers. We're gonna get us about there yeah. A little later on in the show I thought that would be a nice little part for our radio panel this morning. But Brian joining us on our conversation this morning she's the new movie of the group only for a few seconds. So my dear welcome to the community focused family first of all. I get this right are shall we don't do this I'm not this one out of the ballpark. Miss our veterans both Leo senior yeah. I know she's been working really doesn't work. Earlier months now and ask you can you guys are all night and day. You know are better when you said long Alison I'm gonna do this and do a good morning and welcome to the sound. And and. Here at all. Wonderful. What guys now that we have all the introductions in place and by the way yes ready okay okay I'm Renee bond which you know why am. The rail part of the show is getting the word out. And we Johnson's second chance staffing. Really Brian in our vetted this is an update so Brian let me begin with you I know we've had you here before would you tell would you tell our listeners. Or those who may have missed you the last time. Exactly who Brian Johnson it's well that's stated. My name is Brian Johnson and the fuel Johnson's staff also referred asked yes the the company was born out of passion. A mines to help justice or individuals. And knows that even compete even though people were serving their time in candidate. X society is still continues to be an. Most often denied employment housing assistance because a mistake they made. Muscle muscle continues to Ohio. A long and how many times must a person. Or their mistakes I don't understand if we don't do something different to help as a community. We won't break the cycle at all. Absolutely an arm then a feel free to in terms of especially how to enjoy our relationship with Brian come about. Edward. Experience. On the moon and richter at home cooked eggs and help. Justice into what we mean all the ages fifty and I was given an opportunity to come in and wasn't. It for me it was. A history best or last chance won't I'm with myself. On justice to be who's hey it didn't. And had been down a list. So to see in the past and rain is being. The appearance now under par. You know getting a pack. If anything acts changed. What was it like you were first encounter with Brian he would call when it happened we call. I was an 88 year. It was late because of the time that I was told to cop. And being enemies to justice that's a strict of tying. Asset that he couldn't unless I heard different. Testimonies of people being incarcerated for twenty years in. You're mr. Johnson and it encouraged and do something different when you an application and Bryant and after those worth misspoke and he says rightness of etiquette is if something like Rio. But I had excellent help me with and let people know I've never personally been. I'm buzzing Cotchery have been. The Ecstasy family members but I was mentally and emotionally spiritually. I'm incarcerated many times without going to hear that and I know god had given me the opportunity missed I think and tell me. Thank you but no thank you kidnapped him and I am here today and. And thank you miss serve better and and Brian. It really just speaks volumes and I think one why it is so fitting that you are JSC yes. As she answered Johnson's second chance staffing. And to know that the second chance comes before the staffing part. It it really is such. A wonderful opportunity for and not just the name recognition. Well what's behind the name. Avoid JSC ass literally stands for and how you have really given a lot of people in our area communities. Between. The Triad area the center of it and even going into radio famine in the triangle area. Because you have two locations serving the greater Greensboro area as well as a greater Durham area for the most part. But to think how many people. You have an opportunity come in contact with. And in every game pieces basis and it may be people who perhaps Bryan Phillips three to elaborate on this. Individuals who may just want off the street. Looking for a second chance looking for an opportunity. This individual may end not by obviously a choice of their own. Has fallen on hard times is having a difficulty. Getting back on their two feet getting back on track how great that. Just what your button says is I'm sitting across from you JS CS believes. In second chances. That's fantastic. Tell us Brian what's been going on line and JSC. Has since the last time you will hear issue had been a very busy in the. It's all. Well past months thing. We put approximately 52 people back sorry eight months over a hundred back or gave him the opportunity to go back to work. On some hand outs I'm done. We expanded our outreach in collaborating with the local law enforcement. With his chair department and as well as recent rule to try that as well as some jets. While we're hoping to do its 20. To help individuals to acquired him one point. In lieu of jail time. It's a struggle. But we do it. We have spent a lot of time building and nurturing relationships. People don't care so much about what you say. They do about knowing who you are. So I'm so I'll make myself available to. Allow people to get to know me as a person. I'm not just my passion. But my character as well. And that's when the real partnership. Becomes established. You know win win when you mentioned partnership. I mean it would damage to partnership so if there's something I can do to help you out and do not gonna tell what you gonna do something and don't do it. I prefer you not to say yes preferred to say no we can't. And don't say yes and don't to what you see you do so I will stretch on my hand to be the first. To amend that partnership. Currently in the process of hosted a fund raiser. Is that okay yes I say let's talk about that we have some time before we got to bring our our first fund raiser is going to be July 7 it's a wine tasting and no I don't drink. But. We just thought we could bring people together we can network we're trying to get several vendors there right now we have the re looking for three more. On what we're just asking people because this is a nonprofit. And right now everything's coming up my pocket and got from that and we need to help keep the doors open. Exact problem. We have set up there are very valuable part of our hard process which is our truth is community combo. In cumulative total for me is. Coming and allow me to know when you law. There's many of people that come and fill out applications in just wanna job no. I can't do that. I have to know a little bit about this on programs and sold community count and you have to come in and tell me what I can do for you and Ohio will also tell you I expect out. So it gives you law marketplace where you can is bad because 95% and people are people just like you wanna run you know. And so therefore you have to be embarrassed about what you're going. But we wish and hope whole person. We're connected when mental health drug addiction. Shelter. We donate clothing. Community cobbled job readiness we try to help the whole person because if you just give a person a job and don't fix other underlying problems they keep getting now. One thing about the community combo is is this where you have had the opportunity. Getting back to what I teased a little bit about a certain gentleman who. By a all accounts for most of our listeners if not all of our radio famine this morning. A familiar with this individual on the he's of course probably well known as as an as a rapper but now has really. Exactly transition into the acting stage and it's really nice to see an individual. Made the transition into a different career outside of what most. Individuals are accustomed to seeing. And to know that comedy is very much. Actively involved within his community correct me if I'm wrong I believe he's a Chicago native youth born and raised on the south side so. How did that even come about Brian that the two of you collaborated and got together and he was a part of the community come. I have to think in his day. Let us. In Scania invite him to a event. In a match I about when I want and when I need things to help our community. And to hear comments speak about. The troubles in the things you went. In faith. It was very touching so I have this happens is from the tombs we have conversation before it even afterwards while no. Com. And you just touched on how I feel about. People in general who got people. And it was amazing I missed some Arab most influential people there. You know and once reeling. An added. The word just escapes me but really is something. That really solidify. Its why you do what you do. It's really nice one especially when you have someone and I don't really wanna. Use the word celebrity but lack of a better word a well known individual who comes to an event such as this. And stays you know a lot of times people. Just kind of just show up let me make an appearance and let everybody know I'm here and then you kind of slide out the back door you know but when you have someone like common. Who is willing to be they are from the beginning of the event and staving entire time and even health posts. Communication and dialogue that just speaks volumes. That help members of the community can literally. See that he's very approachable. And very much cares about what's going on with individuals. In and around our communities that's awesome good for you won that. Listen we're going to take our first break of the morning are gala are good for the questions. Brian in our data that I want to ask in regards to Johnson second chance staffing. In the meantime is so good Graham family to have you here. Brian thank you for coming back are better you failing now there's an LA sell no more newbie is on this show. It's a Darlene thank you so much at radio family indeed we're coming back. Much more of the weekend edition of community focused we dug into that that. Continued conversation. That is going on here so please stay tuned much more indeed coming up right here in our Entercom stations. And ready or famine thank you for your fine company much more than we can edition of community focus hurt here. On their intercom stations. And another weekend to have this fine opportunity to talk about good people too is some good things in our communities definitely the case we Johnson's second chance staffing. We have the Chief Executive Officer Brian Johnson along with his right hand. At them per cent and oh Theo senior. Yeah yeah yeah. Thank you very much Brian and our vet I really appreciated and for those who are just joining us here on the program. To get you familiar or to get you re familiar with Johnson's second chance staffing or JS CS for short. Whether your job seeker or looking to fill a position within your company. They are certainly the staffing agencies for you end before we went to break guys we were talking about. The great things crying that you were doing to make a positive impact. In the community. I want to opt backtrack just a little bit because we were talking about the upcoming fund raiser yes it's on July 17 listed lights out seventh I'm sorry I'm I'm adding a wind from the day. July 7 two radio family make sure it's the seventh. Where's it going to be and what exactly is going to be taking place. Let's go and be at 315 southwest gate drive suite you've Greensboro. We have a presentation. Is a wine tasting we have a young great coming out of Atlanta to do a presentation about why we're gonna have. Nice mellow music you can we have some gifts that we're giving out we just trying to. Raise some funds to keep our dorsal. Very good very good and we will have other vendors. In the price of the tickets are fifteen hours and even if you're not gonna show I would appreciate it you can just donate. To help us help others. And that's when making a positive in impact in the community is about there are a lot. Brian and our data that can be said about staffing agencies in general. That are putting people back to work why would a company want to hire you vs those staffing agencies what makes JS ES at different let's talk about. Because not about the money it's about the people. That's the difference was me when I've seen in staffing companies they just send people out just for the dollar we send people up because one start career. Or or something positive and community helping them pay back to society. We care when you walked in our office you Philly. He's just on community and be scared to talking to you have a conversation. We have misses are better who's a prayer warrior. So we have to go in room pray we do it we've been asked many times quoted in every time. You know so we are little different we're family we're not just here for the dollar because we're not Macon now. You know so I think that's the difference in what we do what's. Yes are better please not only means first of all I can tell me how how long have you been went with Johnson second chance that the quality of the wonderful opportunity to volunteer my act. It and since January after this year twin seventeen. And black ass it even meeting Armey's suggestion I knew it is this. Opportunity for me was not a job. I came in his office meeting you in saint this morning got to sign me. And then that was missed came from. Can't put a price on what we do. Pakistan people coming in and being pro game and that just needing that jobless sometime meeting so went to hear. The M. Thank you say pray with them have never worked anywhere in my life and I'm fifty. Eight not ashamed that we got brought me from. Two bit with two on. BD four young man or young woman I'm coming confuse. Noise act needed to output can be broken right. And next to him for pre so it's just an honor. It after like I've known mr. Johnson for years. I mean I know this is a passion. On that kind of placed in him and in us and the that he allowed me to be applied. I'm just a second chance. And those Otis about Havana is Stanley and it's definitely. A family connection in just the working. Relationship between the two view but you obviously. Now if fantastic. Group of individuals. That are helping you so Brian feel free that while we have the time. To talk about others who were volunteering their time or war part of your staff that made such an impact since. CS says has been here. First are gonna start up right. They came down an early. When house and office this together and he was right here on our side tires. And that her business expanded so she fell back and I have to think her first but then we have mrs. Shelley Johnson didn't. Who's been there for many years knowing my passion. Which is the vice president of the company we also have missed camera. BP. O vice president of operations than you powerful. Change. If she's still playing Whitney that is staying in my and you. All of these people are volunteering nobody's been paid for me down then so vast passion that's love. You know there we have missed our we had mrs. Phillips but this is our other misses are better. I promise you now because she's in it and then I went changer for the world vacation he's reached deals. And improvement of act in a full a run around I had and I don't disagree act passed and know what now we have misses and it would have pleasantries. Her demeanor running them. Oh it's obscene. On so people I mean gumbo and you all of them to be a part of what we do. But we also need the community and meet other people think you you this is just a good time given us opportunity to tell our story. So you're also part of what we do. You know when averaged out to you answer and I thank you for that because there's many other people. So we're investing in knowing estimate activists. You know. And again it gets back to what family is all about on a hell I'm very grateful that we have this public affairs show that gives us that form. With which to really just share of good news about what's going on. We need a lot more good new whose states in our lives these days absolutely and to know that. When we do it this family is it doesn't always have to be blood and you know our family is our brother. It's our sister it's our uncle. It's it's whoever it can be a complete stranger. Because. That's that's what love is now. Sure this morning I actually ended up. Meaning would want to whoop or may lead. In his in my first week it is also agrees. Ever. Sold is based. But quote agent. In cells lost Brothers were talking about how can we hope community. Community in Braintree you know I'm learning your quarter and you learn not from me and today was the first time and it was awesome he. So I'm meeting some very important people gonna help TS he has it really need to be because Scott did. And they know that the community need help and they know that people in the second chances thicket chances that's not about. Justice of individual than it is about I quit my job I got fired and I don't have a record. We want to help you then you know and we're still reach an a for the companies as well if. Rate does an excellent transition. Going into Brian in our Data Domain to apologize here all right my friend. Let's focus on the employers since we aren't talking about family and helping members of our community. Let's begin by asking this what's the one thing that JSC asks needs what do you need as. For Johnson's second chance the most important thing that we needed its partnership for corporations and businesses then the community. We need to business population to join us to reduce recidivism. Not just. Reduce citizens but also help. Keep everything then. Hope. Key questions. That's my key goals at a teaching staff by four recidivism. Bring families back together for a communities not to cut you off frank can you can you give us a definition of what that word for those who say it hasn't yet Sunnis uncommonly beautiful going back to prison given them our. And outlook and not by employing them to run a lot of times people go back to what they're used to because they have no way to take care of their families or themselves richer. Eritrea a very very good definition and I appreciate that I know some of us may know it because they probably have family. Who are familiar with that war but for those of us who don't. He gives us a more concrete idea of exactly. What Johnson's second chance staffing is really all about and you so right we think about an individual and that's that's a life changer right fear. When you've been incarcerated for certain period of time your environment is all that you now when you with in that environment. And then when you have an opportunity you released your free and you sort of back into the world. It's like you literally are on your own for the time being and having to make. The adjustment. With the readjustment. Because you're going back into a way of life I thought she made an excellent point Bryant. And turns have you you have individuals who don't know what that's the first thing that they revert back to is what. The only thing that they've known the only thing that they've been surrounded by. But to come out and to see. Literally. The world is at a different place he asked. And to assimilate or to get back into being a functioning. Individual but to do it in a way that's not reflective of the old self. To where you're going back to picking up the loose. Habits of that particular lifestyle this really is a second chance or shall we say a fresh. Start. And it's wonderful to know. When that person is at. That point in their lives that they have people that can turn to. And again that the definition of family. Not being blood related but just being that individual that wants to reach out and help. That person. Our own maps at all my own twelve. I'm occupant of that until it went from somethings that are doing something stupid umi call an hour drive from down to. And that too. My friend speaks volumes. What is JS ES currently doing to get employers in ball let's focus on. Well we start off with you right now but yeah and don't you for doing that I really prop eight we we solicit companies regularly I'm invest one in my daily task is making fun Osman neck with different companies but I also want a lot of events and everything that's offered. I tried to make it because you never know which one is going to be beneficial for what we're doing and the community. There's a lot of times I go to things and it doesn't and now but the point of meeting people and meeting the people exactly you never know that's sure and that's the very nice thing about networking. Because. Here are. Unity is an and this isn't. Radio family at least how I look at it this isn't just your typical job fair you'd go for a specific reason. Which is so look for employment and that's what we touched on earlier that sets. Johnson's second chance staffing up apart. From your other typical staffing agencies is that you really. Go beyond two just focusing on getting that individual employed you're helping that individual and other areas. Around that because. House however jobs we still have line states to live in a lot of times our lives aren't focused yeah. When just the job we have other responsibilities. With which to take care up. To take care of our families and to take Europe ourselves. What does that involvement for each of you look like when you have a chance to go. In really give a feel of what you're helping that particular individual to accomplish crying. What does it feel like I can tell you when it looks like if I definitely feel like it. Is a young man. I asked him Bonner. His mother Davis called and told us how thankful she was of what we did for signed it and realize we are going much for him. But he changed his friends. He had a whole season you have given us. In at that job. The young male it's always come and and he was always quiet but he was listening to what we said. So he changed his phone number and he decided one school some miss a veteran myself we've seen off at the airport. Madam at the airport is losing money in his pocket in Sonoma as often as it got fixed so illness or what we do is. We help people he read to teach amusement. I follow up with him my first employee we still talked excellent analysis last year well. No it's just amazing. And it's not. I got deserve all the glory but to know that you help someone stay off this new odds are hurting someone else. Is more of a blessing for me than anything. And where a wonderful definition of describing what it feels like because it it. Emotions. Are probably just running all over the place. They're filled goodwill and it's absolutely it's it's like that's the kind of high you wanna have that no drug will ever replace. Because that's behind it has a more lasting. Effect you know highs and that. Individuals in an I can't speak from experience because I I I don't have well at least not a drug addiction I think we'll have addictions to. Just things in general. Butts trying to speak from that perspective. A lot of times for addicts who are addicted to something you have to keep going back. You have to keep going back to feel about the dislike what your full you're empty yeah have to refill but then when you're speaking about. The type of addiction from a good standpoint. The lasting impact the second half especially with that young man. The impact that it's gone I have the turnaround in just a subtle changes. Have to be anything. Major spectacular. But I like what you were saying Brian he changed just for hands he changed is number. He's now in a position where. He feels he's in a better place likely than where he started. And knowing that he's got such an incredible support group that's coming. From Johnson's second chance staffing. It's it's that sweet emotion just make sure well. But it's happy tears. It is it's it's a good pride so to speak to have our vet anything that you would like to add an in knowing what has really. Come about for this young man. To hear his mother still keep in check with us right. And he's wonderful. Challenge he hadn't coal to pray it. Yes I'm two years they're important continually. Active. In front. I'm seem to change. When the economy is F tapped Leon intern exam and it still invalidate. This morning before we came here actually. Combo. Alice B you have to. The year and participated. We have a passion. Act passed an act it out huge literature and we have an opportunity. To do things right to Peyton yes it's gone tomorrow is promised so we think in today's crazy it. So that's great news here to see their fair comment again. We had a few we've been seeing Debra pace aren't. So my suggestion K12. Current. Three quote that we act process and Clinton and things like. Really hurts to know that what we're doing a couple hours. It's. As wonderful things. And it's just beginning we need companies corporation. To help on buildup I mean. Brian. And snack. And I really appreciate it great that's right and thank you miss are better or for that personal touch. In addition to what Brian you have just said. We know that Jerious CS is a nonprofit what before I ask you before you answer that question -- let me back up a little bit are there were other needs that GS ES has a. She would like to address here our focus is helping organizations have been set up pilot programs ran tests are. And what I mean by that is. That's sort of a program where it can benefit. Your company as well as the person that we're trying to put employment right because. One committed a crime doesn't make them less of a person than it 'cause when committed crime doesn't make him a hard worker matter of fact you probably get the best work because they have something. Absolutely. Now we know that JS CS is a nonprofit organizations. How can individuals us as a radio family again donate. Glad to exit question that video. If fact we do have. And how can what can you do. By allowing companies allow him to us that our cap companies using our services that we need that. We need donations contributions. And pledges that house. Participate in our fundraisers that help whatever we can do to keep our doors open so we continuously do what we do. That will help and we're open for suggestions as well and that it's not about the name above the door is about us how one. And we need. Absolutely. Forbid anything that you would like to add or contribute to that. Yeah he sure. We need to not just help but that's just. The corporations. And companies that's one of the major things. On to put things adjusted I'm just piggyback off when he Satan. To give people gainfully employed meant. To work on to skills that they have or read with India lying dog meat. Given that my opportunity to prove to themselves. I've heard many you know. Testimonies and and people just share. You know being doing so many years but other people and when you look around. Those people that beer and they realize what it was boom was. Was right put data and benefit so now we're really do to encourage a mid to content to be minute to be obvious to be husband. Women to get. To do for themselves as well we just need companies to say you know us open gave me an opportunity. We can all grow cinematic disk and owning a business a company so one gave them an opportunity. When I was 171819. Years old. We just actually to do that for the men and women the therapy and they read. To work. Thank you miss are better now in terms. Now that you have told us would we as a community can do for you. How do we go now getting in direct contact with you to touch base if we should have some additional questions sent that we're trying to. Hitting answer here in the program or person on our web site. Which it is since. WWW. Actually SE. Staffing. Got a war. Or you can reach us at 919. 51924474336. 493. 1711. Or just walk in Johnson secretary of staffing at 315 south was to drive suite and we will be there excellent. Excellent we have a couple of minutes remaining on the program Brian. And arms and any closing thoughts I'd like to give each review. An opportunity anything that we didn't go over that you would like to share with their listeners to that let's see I missed a few things that I wanted to save because once I get little hyper and ask him about what I'm going back to school all off. That shooter today but in fact we do have openings for. A few volunteers operations and we need to case managers and we also need a bookkeeper in them and it in marketing. Pro Bono if if necessary if possible. We just need to auto game we can get him to keep doing what we do excellent miss or that any final thoughts from you my dear. I agree with mr. reed really needs problem. Community. Organizations as or re sick up to comment is. How. Partnership that's what we need we that we grow up next act is being tested Gary and I'm still growing needs to order and we call triple. And we can do this together. It's tie. It's time now to pull together as a community. And it's possible. And we are excited about what is about to happen. Am. Absolutely. I cannot think you guys enough for coming here. On this week in addition of community focus Jesse or passion. And your compassion. But what you do in our communities is just outstanding. So all I can say Brian in our data just just keep up the great work. And keep doing what you're doing because. There is help. There is a wonderful hope to look forward to in which we can rejoice or no. We can endure under tribulation. And we can definitely perseverance prayer. And that's what's encouraging and that's what I really. Releasing thank you guys for. Is reminding. Each other in reminding ourselves who we. Really go to first. In all aspects of our lives to help us find that balance. To help us really understand. Who we should totally run line. And though they're going to be those situations were gonna face those trials. There may be a brick wall to that that we may run into but nothing that is. Beyond what we can bear. To get through which to get around it to get her to get under whatever the situation has to be but just to remind ourselves there is no. And thank you guys for providing that for so many members. Of our community who are family. I love you guys I am so and so happy to have you go back and you know in addition to the upcoming. Fund raiser which again radio family July the seventh. Tell us a location again I'm Brian. 315 self Westgate drive suite. Greensboro to seventh floor generals so Stanley please come out and support as much and is often. As you can and not just on that date but in other areas in which Johnson second chance staffing has something going on. And with that Brian or that a please just stay in contact with me it's so that has other things take place we definitely can talk about it. And of course you know me on this program there are no good Baja and it just. A ceremony until next time so on behalf of meat radio family remain calm. Along with Johnson's second chance staffing. Brian Johnson let me see him make this brief particularly are Vanna. Old meals senior. I'd mention it it yeah. Thank you so much talent such a beautiful name. I just ask you when you and I had this discussion all year. I would love for you to share with our listeners the origin of that beautiful name. It's Hebrew Greek in the African. You know way from NYC. New. Yeah it's not I thought I detected that the do you speak a little French I. Don't doesn't have. I don't anymore I mean hey Menendez is okay yeah. We can work on it yet. One never knows but thank you guys always always a wonderful opportunity. To have members of our community focused family join us today is no different. So again thank you. Q you're so welcome radio family thank you continue to do the good things that you're doing and our communities as well. And indeed until that next time enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend. Until that next time here on the week in addition a community focus take care.