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Real family good morning back once again with the we can additional community focus and thank you for listening right here on all of our intercom stations. Every Saturday and Sunday this is an opportunity. To tune into our public affairs show it is always about good people doing some great things in our communities. And the opportunity to get the word out starts right now you're surely Renee thanking you very much radio family. Now only for to get things that you're doing but here's a great opportunity to say good morning to members are arch US family who joined. Mean in the studio. On Saturday and Sunday mornings and I've got out very familiar face here. He is aware of indoor pollution solutions and he's your indoor pollution specialist. Good Coleman hello welcome thank you Renee. I'm glad to be here glad to have you back about having a theme song for indoor pollution solution and I want to ask you know us. I mean is there in that labor need to be clean and and mr. Putin's I should've known I love it I don't know why have never ask you that question before we're glad you're welcome back. You do we can additional community focused I know you've been busy you're very welcome you stay busy but thank you for always taken the time now. To really shares and informative information as you usually do. Today of course is not going to be any different but every time you come on board the nice thing about it is we have persons who may be tuning in for the first time. And here's an opportunity to get that individual or persons familiar with you. And what do you do with indoor pollution solution so. Really be obvious best way to start our conversation this morning is to ask what is indoor pollution. Are great question because you always think about outdoor pollution right they know what daddy is kind of in their hair yeah they're seeing pictures of like the small and an ally in the but indoor pollution has different stages. In begins with what we call particularly the things we can see from him such as. Smoke. Such as dust. Which is primarily made of the skin cells. And soon it. Think of sunlight forties when the sunbeam shining in the window that you concede that stuff that's particulate. When the sun alliance not shining on it it's still there were commercial breeding. Then there are the things that are invisible to the naked right. Such as volatile organic compounds. These are chemical compounds that easily break down their harmful to our health. And then what we called drones that common term as germs right those are the very very small things such as Mowlds forwards. And bacteria and viruses. And altogether. Deaths kind of what makes up indoor pollution. We don't think about her locked because most of the time we can't see India plus list on the lights were shining through the wind up. Why. And so typically split misses it really your average everyday conversation. When we talk about pollution in general but. What I enjoy about you and having you come on the program time and time again is again it's about giving us informed about. The little things that we aren't aware that are around this every single day like you said things that we don't normally see with the everyday neck and I. I have to ask this and and and if I had asked it before. Up please don't hold it against me I always say sometimes things are. Really best of repeated because it really gives us an opportunity to think about things. Typically we may not learn about this in your average chemistry. We're science class. And these are subjects that the majority of us may at some point in our schooling come across. When that was a case for you is that where you're your brain sort of started spinning to say maybe this is something that I wanna do when I get out of school start my own business. Are firming up not and I own. For me it wasn't until I started suffering from allergies right debt moderate Carolina. And prior to that. I lived in moldy houses before I was gonna say is I remember the back story with junior's sister runs. Living in homes no it wasn't until the de La started mowing grass here in North Carolina you and I started suffering from allergies myself. That's one. My prost thought process started focusing on well maybe there is something to this I need to really looking into it yes because I'm a skeptic. My sister told me about stuff I don't believe version my little sister at a she's kind of given reasonably well you know bush is talking about yeah yeah absolutely. We'll let me ask you this why is speaking of indoor pollution is such a problem particularly here in the United States that's a good question also. And if you think active Carol if you're old enough to think back in 1970 theory. When the oil embargo app that's really when indoor pollution started being a problem in the United States. Because energy became energy efficiency became more important than health. Inadvertently. People were thinking about health they're thinking about saving energy. And in the process are building started being singled out tiger and I learned I mean. Nature. You'll notice doesn't have a problem with pollution. Nature cleans up pollution naturally in safely it cleans up the air and surfaces sanitize his. Right when that air can't get inside then. It naturally cleaner air inside because our buildings are sealed up too tight. Then we have indoor pollution. And in the United States indoor pollution is estimated to be from two to nine times worse. Then outdoor pollution and regardless. Of location. And Glenn is do you think there's a correlation because nowadays when we look at where we are. In 2017. Obviously that's that's a big difference between now and what was taking place back in the seventies particularly 73. Given there's a correlation because I think a lot of us may. Be calm or if we not already. Have become a lot more health conscious where we are really particular about things not only just floating in the air. But the things we jarring even the things that we eat yes. There's absolutely what we're learning more and more exact which is a bit that it is a good thing. Prior to 1973 nobody thought about indoor pollution where the effects of it isn't and in within the last 25 years is when we actually started thinking about indoor pollution because sick building syndrome became a problem where people were sick at work done not sick of work but safe at work that the ins and they want second how bright. So and it was because it was a new building is sealed up tight. Not getting any outdoor fresh air right and so people are becoming more and more aware not only oath. Health but the importance of every single breath we take absolutely. And wis indoor pollution solutions number one you've been around how long now. Since 2003. Triggered that was when my sister founded in north solutions and I joined her in 2007. Very good to allergies actually have to do speaking of the things that we sometimes drink and eat. The land of the have to do with indoor pollution well some people are born with out Jews that's just to get into. The CDC ES Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 80% of people who have allergies. And we're talking about. Sinus type Allen's right food allergies and then that there actually caused by indoor pollution. So. My sister. I'm not refer them yet that a little less but 80% are actually caused. By the bacteria that Leo on dust mite feces in the dust mites are part of nature they eat is consults. The bacteria. That live on there who are harmful. And that's where roughly 80% of allergies develop from is those bacteria. Weakening the immune system. Seeing him as best information that we basically don't hear it land on a regular basis until we have a chance to speak aware. A professional like yourself what's the general consensus or feedback. When you have an opportunity to you whether it's commercial or residential. And you go to a person and you were really walking them through the process of trying to better understand. What indoor pollution is what was your general reaction. The first reaction is. Of course skepticism because you can't see it right right. When we talk about the bacteria that live on thus my group. He's ever seen of the dust my. Nobody lets riot police had a close and personal bright pattern here isn't so we'll see if we don't think about so the first thing is skepticism. But when we start talking about what's normal must not been. Sneezing is not normal. Offering is not normal runny noses are not normal. We start getting used to those things that I think will last just the way it is and we'll just not the way life is supposed to make. We're not supposed to have runny noses and often sees everywhere reactor write her a good point Glenn let me add. Can this do you see that the area is a certain either increase or decrease in those allergies during certain times of the year. Because now that we are. And it's really Ben. A situation where the weather has just banned everywhere. We've had warm days we have cold days we have those days in between. Is there a particular season in which your findings that allergies are either at their worst turn a certain time of year or it's not as fat. So people noticed their allergies Mo is what really slightly less seasonal allergy isn't what that really is as people notice them more. If you think of your immune system as a jock. And you're born with that jar and he threw ball born healthy right if you're born in a hospital you too much stuff thrown in right away allergies. As a jar fills up and overflows. That's when we're suffering. Sophia outdoors. And the jars overflowing and you're suffering you go inside. The jars level school. It's that's that's what's happened is the jars filled up indoors then when you step outside in certain seasons when Powell for example malice pollen is high exactly. They jarrah overflows are suffering. And you go back indoors is level full. It's right there. So. We call it seasonal allergies. The allergies are always there may be able to start suffering. As much as much access during certain times of the year sling yeah I want some people are allergic to ragweed and at all exactly exactly. It is just like you said I thought it was such a very good point. We. Shouldn't be on any basis. But during this particular time of year yet the or are those cases were over sneeze and a lot more than we should be costing a lot more than we should be. And a lot of it has to do with the environment around us cents and it and it has to do with their indoors yeah exactly McCann that jar level hold me now. And that's why Glenn SO or appreciate all this wonderful information you share with us and I like that you are the individual has a passion for dirty air. Hits while we're glad that we have someone like yourself with a indoor pollution solutions. We're gonna take a break my friend I've got a lot more cautious askew says stick around with me if you don't mind it. And we're gonna come back with a much more than we can additional community focus likewise for you ready a family thank you for your great companies thank you for tuning and and it's right here in our intercom stations community focus indeed will continue we'll be back right after its. Thank you radio family for your great company more of the week in addition of community focused her here and our Entercom stations. On the weekends Saturday and Sunday mornings it is so nice to have your company Renee Vaughn along with members of our community focused family. This weekend Len Coleman who is your indoor pollution specialists. With indoor pollution solutions. Work that my friend. With much more community focus thank you very much. Not only are we learning more about indoor pollution in general. But Glen as we continuing our conversation people do you say typically suffer. From allergies and we'll research variance with anywhere from. 55 million to half of the population of the United States that's a lot of people. The reason for such a variance is because not everyone that has that problem goes to adopt many people's self treat using. I read recently that approximately. Seventeen million people a year. Suffer from hay fever which is self treat or. And hay fever being the term for allergic to unite us then so that the research various but. The sad thing is the number's growing yet rather than shrinking. So we have we have a saying what good measure well with culture health and that many people treat the symptoms. And treating the symptoms. Never. Solves the problem regardless of what the problem notes doesn't have to be that our use any problem. That's one of the things I'll among professional trouble short term problems all over. And I learned many many many years ago. That if you don't solve the problem at the source. And the problem contain. This very church and that is an ongoing problem for a lot of individuals because that that's a lot of people. Who suffer from some form or type analogy. Which varies like you said you've got hay fever you have some who suffer from just all kinds of various pollutants that are floating around in the air. I'm not. To save myself particularly. But I've seen individuals who. Are allergic to other things around and say for instance. They are not smokers but there are allergic to people. Who perhaps are. And it may be a situation in which it's the second hand smoke that individual doesn't even have to be in the same room they just get a whiff of it. Sometimes it's just the smell of smoke on the close close exactly because an odor is a volatile organic exactly exactly went. Do we use the term speaking of seasonal allergies how did. That border term commend them it came about because at certain times of year people suffer more than Newton like in the spring and some people in the fall. So the rest of the year they don't notice that there are suffering right. This is for most people know there are people however like a friend of mine. Who had to carry a box of issues with her everywhere year. And a so some people have. Howard is more severe than others exactly you're getting back to what you were mentioning earlier the symptoms and they can vary from person to person. And this particular case with your friend or she get the watery eyes possessed but personally I kind of think about one or I guess I know who's in and wow. How long issue been suffering wishing this for years and I think sin committed to North Carolina she really went from New England this noon and today issues looters who serves as an interesting point land because. Climate can have a lot of very adverse effect on individuals. Depending upon where they live and when they moved from. From one state to another. Sort of aggravate those analogies as well correct absolutely. There's also things in the soil here or not there right exactly it's a combination. As as my favorite chiropractor always says it's never just one thing exactly exactly. What solutions speaking on indoor pollution solutions. What solutions are available to help people to stop suffering from these particular relish solutions. Are many and varied the. What I'm not gonna do today we share a bunch of things that people can do because it would be kind of like my niece. Who likes to look on the Internet when she has a problem Iraq eighths and national ends up getting sicker and sicker and sicker because. That's what happens. And a solution has to be individualized. It can't be a general lies to get one of these things that point I read about a man who spent 3400 dollars. And still suffered yet because he didn't have the solution to his problem gives solutions everybody else says Sarah eights right so. So are there there are things that people can do and that don't cost any money well let's discuss shadows. And OK so. We have I have a list actually hr 51 things that people can give him some of those don't even cost a dime. For example open clean behind. The stove and refrigerator. Now when you say behind you mean pull it around all of them out and clean behind. Do most people typically has. You know that's over I can't make myself do I thought a nobody does that yeah but it's important because dust builds up actor sure. Mold guru actor running. Ask you this before you move on to the next one what do you recommend if a recommendation is needed to replace. Your typical or average refrigerate it seems like most products that we buy. They say replace after a certain period of time does that up applied to our typical everyday appliances that we yes because. Appliances are a heated there they have built in obsolescence for one thing rightly used it yet but now that obsolescence is built into them. The efficiency of them gets better and better right also nowadays you'll find a lot of fur traders don't have exposed coils in his awesome. Yet because that's a primary place formal or dust to build up. And spider webs and Ryan. Which defector and oracle and that makes me think Glenn love of individuals who perhaps a speaking of you were mentioning earlier in before the program. About you and your sister growing up an older home I think about the older refrigerators. Into that some residents may still be using. Yes and they're and they likely haven't been clean around the world hunger right exactly. Eggs I hate to admit but I had a refrigerator one time and actually did pull out and clean and use. And shot I think again Heidi can't even begin to imagine what you saw. Hi this is before I started working from so OK okay but now it's an everyday part of the job of it's it's and it's an annual thing yeah. Very good continue which temperature difference. Never burn candles. While you send it as candles release. Petroleum. You release slipped. Slipped gets deep into your lungs and never. Well. Obviously and I'll love candles. I was saying you are isn't healthy he had an amber is gonna add to that Glenn can you just imagine how many people were listening. They typically do it for fun let's just say relaxation. Purposes are probably say okay really. I loathe. Candles that just relative and just yeah healthy yet so this thing and in situations where we have power outage is now. Even though a lot of us probably rely on our electronic devices to be. You know the light to kind of find a way around when we're in the dark. LED. And care LED lights yeah because most efficient right their healthy via. Because he like I have a cursing planner. And honestly love it oh yeah I'd love to use it all the time rise just not healthy. And of course safer to Glenn we think about candles that are left unattended yes can lead to a fire absolute yet. Continue with your list never smoke or allow smoking in your indoor environment. That goes for the smokers even if somebody lives alone they shouldn't be smoking indoors. Because that smoke is continuing. To cause health problems. Open the blinds or curtains. Every single. Day let the sun Diane Hudson knows the sunlight helps to destroy and hopefully it's. Barely even though whether it's opening doors are opening windows occasionally. Or using new exhaust fans. When music shower use exhaust fan. Let it run for half an hour right. After your finish Ashton. Especially use exhaust fans and finally when Merck clean with cleaning Braun oh absolutely because cleaning products released those volatile organic compounds that are extremely harmful to our health. Dry cleaned clues. Outside before bringing them in the house. Aaron Glenn recommend their lease the good old fashioned clothes like it's. Lot of hard drive there isn't going to our laundry matter having a washer and dryer and her own home that's always dead and at. Leave them outside for fifty minutes we have plastic often lends salute the fumes can get up exactly in England to back up a little bit to about airing out your home. That reminds me that was really. What we did long before the invention of air conditioned gusts came along yeah. And people were healthier because exactly so really in some of these situations. How nice it is to just go back to the basics of doing things. What else to happen humans avoid using air fresh owners to mask soldiers who came motors. Our chemical and then in order to mask it takes a stronger. Chemical time Manet and and masks and over masking chemicals. Are not good for health. Say Glenn have been and it's right up there with the candles are probably have a lot of us myself quickly if it's. Gonna change our way is okay. Periodically check the air conditioner vents yes I can make or drowning out. Our clean nothing if there's dust and air conditioner vent right then the ducks are likely to beat her Newton that's gonna fossil money. Doesn't cost anything to look at it and find out you. Then never store close. That may have pollen smoke or other allergens on them. If you've been outside when pollen times. Don't take that. Sport coat and stored in a closet. He needs to be played before stored because. Those our engines are still there and run with that. We'll also be as a similar situation where. Speaking of the changing of the seasons that we were talking about with allergies earlier. A lot of times as we are going from colder to warmer seasons. We obviously are putting away the winner close sniffs and getting ready to bring out the spring and summer clothes so obviously we've got to place or we need a place to store them. Lot of times people may have shed its guests in the backyards of of their house what what is the best solution for for a bat. Knowing that your putting a senate clothes away for a two to three month period. I'm not endorsing products in them but those vacuum bags are this isn't your read my mind or sex act because you take. Air out. They shrink inside yeah yeah. And they're sealed. Which means smolders and grow ruling which means allergens are millionaires in the minors are gonna get room not my you know yes there's still a tight literally. Yes very good suggestion. For that my Fred you are city. That's all I have ever heard of of the 51 those are all that are free okay Eric easy to do yeah. What I like to say is prevention prevention is far better than here. We can do these little planes that helped prevent. Indoor pollution and help prevent mold growth. Oh there's one more dimension now over and clean up water spills immediately. He immediately. Because moisture is one of the mold one of molds. Required elements to grow up act clean up immediately yeah. So those little changes or additions to what we have or have not. Been doing glam to make the world different excellent there you go out it is that we get additional community focused here in our intercom stations. Thank you so much for your family not only for your great company. Thank you for tuning and as I certainly do appreciate. Indoor pollution specialists Glenn Coleman. Who is joining me with indoor pollution solutions armor and Avon and we do continue on. Here with the weekend edition of community focus thank you B and if you have been with us since the beginning of the program. And I certainly think you if you're just tuning in as well. Glenn you're sharing some great information my next question to you is. What does it. Mean to solve a problem you mention this little bit earlier in the show solve a problem at the sorts. Of have a story for sure. Alex or think about finding a drop of water on the Cam Newton and you wipe it up. Well first of all you don't know where their drop water came from you just took care receptive to drop of water rank. So few minutes later there are two drops of water on him and you wipe them out Newton. You still haven't found the problem you just take care of the symptoms. When you look up and you notice that there's water and sit and also there's the problem. No ceilings don't leak water. What we have to do is find out where is the water coming from. Sure Saul bat then we no longer have water on the camera runs it. He now too often people focus on the problem hyper focus on the problem the problem a problem for example runny nose. Focus on the readiness. But the assault into. Take appeal. An assault enact that always masks the symptoms. We talked earlier about masking orders right same thing masking symptoms this means no one not suffer. But the problem is still there removing the problem at the source. There's something for for a lack inserted about 80% of people there something in the home this causing their hours hours allergies right solve lap. Don't suffer from hours. A friend that I talked about with with. The biopsy tissue yes she no longer care carriage issues street east to spend 600 dollars or you're out document does not do that anymore. He works in the flower me. And she knows the grass without a mask. Because we solved the problem soaps it's excellent plan. And just imagine. When that does happen with an individual how much relief that's going to be. Absolutely for that individual. And spent all that money on a box of tissues. And then now she. Can engage and really enjoy the things that she likes doing without being an allergy SATA she loves to work on our yeah she couldn't. While because of of that particular system. But she went to the sorts she. Solve the problem not a source absolutely. And also one great thing radio family that you confine with land because as an indoor pollution. Specialists. You helped us get right to the root of their problem that's were gonna go out of Serena thank you for that. Now Glen what are some things our listeners can do to prevent. Indoor pollution. That won't cost them any mind. Those are those belittling such as and when I don't write yes and and at the end will give my email address children that a 51 okay and actually Sheridan now. Mine phone number is 336. Sudden 562205. That's 3367. 62205. In my email address is going on with one hand and a healthy TI dot com. That's bland and healthy PRI. Dot com. Very good. Is there anything that I did not cover that in the remaining minutes of the program Glenn do you like to share with the senior community focus. One thing that I love for people now short is that. Suffering is not more suffering is not necessary. When we educate ourselves. As a I had to do. When I found out I was allergic to something I don't even know what I was allergic you. But I don't suffer anymore emote Grasso work in new yard without amassed. So. The key is. To remember. That suffering is not normal. Like to say. You've seen. Lol little old lady is with the ranking enter gasoline and he's just not normal. That is not normal they've done that for years and I think that's just part of life that's not Rome. Normal means breathing clearly and freely. And feeling good old thing every day electronic yes. A level. It because I have to say my friend every time you on this program you. Always exudes such a positive attitude first and foremost I really appreciate it for that happiness is a decision. AFLAC happiness is something that we all deserving all of us no matter what we're going to sit Q gland so much for bringing. That happiness. And that ray of sunshine to our public affairs show this weekend. Please repeat your contact information one final. Cellphone numbers 336756. Q2. 05. And my email address is planned with one hand and a healthy he dot com. Let let me ask you this as a person should or should need to get in contact with you. Chu perhaps inspector at home do you do just well on and let me let me back that up I know you do both. Residential as well as commercial yet I businesses or or or facilities buildings homes at the light. How does a person what what's the initial step in you coming out either do. And inspection or to give a person and idea. What's the best route to take if they should find that they do need. Someone like yourself from indoor pollution solutions. The first thing news on call. Because. We may or may not need to come out. Hustle your normal problems is more indoor over the phones over the phone while person. Is because I'm half Scotch Irish and half guy channel you spending your money either. Known that if you don't have it right exactly. Exactly. Excellent and the fact you ready a family of Glenn makes me himself readily available and that's what I really appreciate about you coming back won the program. I think you sir. Thank you very remain re absolutely just great information that you shared not only do we. Have a better understanding and definition of indoor pollution. Seasonal allergies but especially how we now can get to that point clan. Of solving a problem at its source and so I just suffer anymore absolutely yeah and that's a good thing yeah. And I pushed pretty sure Glen the majority of us don't even want to be sick and slipped but. Dole's situations in cases do arise that we and they do it's nice whom we can get to the root of that problem. And you really helped us on this particular topic of discussion. So bland you know me know goodbyes just until next time I'll let on they've got exactly and I'd do. As always enjoy our great conversations so Glenn Coleman indoor pollution specialists. Radio family you have really two great ways to get in contact with gland if you should need some additional information outside of what's been wonderfully shared. Here on the week in addition of community focused so Glynn. Indeed until that next time stay positive and happy my for an absolutely are sure will play here and there are so welcome. And likewise some radio family I hope that you can do the same and to also say thank you. For the good things that you were doing in our communities please keep up the great work in indeed. Until the next time arrives to join the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend thank you for tuning into another weekend edition of community focus take care.