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Good morning radio family and thank you for the great company as it is time to begin another week in addition of community focused. They can you so much for tuning in right here and right now. On our inner calm stations and we are getting under way yet again another wonderful weekend. To talk about good things taking place in our communities and we certainly want you to mark the next event that will be our topic of discussion this morning on your calendars. But someone a welcome the newest members of our community focused Stanley in fact our topic our discussion. It's gonna be with Triad health project are THP for short. When I say good morning to the new v.s what is only temporary. Parlow polo bar jerk to say that right coral that's the last thing. And Scott Trent hi guys welcome to the show I don't think I ran and it's absolutely now this is how quickly they knew bee title is your official may help out around. Thank you guys so much. What's Triad health project this is the areas HIV and aids service and support organization. That has really been a part of the community for a number of years thirty now to be exact wonderful and you've got plans for in this is what we're going to be discussing this year's annual. Dining for France. And a lot of already a fairly may be familiar with that event for those who are not here's a great opportunity to get them in the mix in how they can contribute for this year's event. And really how Triad health project also engages the support. Of the community to provide compassionate. HIV aids care education and prevention. And to thank you both religious organization as a whole for doing what you do when our communities and in your cell welcome. Well let's get this conversation started Paula and Scott by asking this. What does Triad health project do and how long has he organization existed and I think I just answer both those bluster and what you can go into more depth. Or serenade you had said it trying to help project is the primary HIV aids community service provider we offers peace march and we have higher ground. And we also offer education. And prevention outreach and free and confidential HIV testing. Trying to project started in 1986 it was a grassroots effort among fourteen friends to playing together and then to deal with the mere merging health crisis hung in to help their friends that had HIV. And aids and 3-D years or services have adapted to the changing reality of HIV management. Re now trade health project is one of the largest each service organizations in North Carolina and we have a very diverse staff to about fifteen. Fantastic. And Paula all we talk about or we go back to a date such as 1986 just seems like such a long time ago number one. But that was really at a time where you show us. The country if not the world as a whole knew very little. Or nothing about aids and door HIV. It just wasn't the type of conversations. That we can have openly now. And especially to have it open and such a way that as the world was mentioned before compassionate. Because then. It was something new whom it was something that a lot of people have very big misconception. About. Thinking it was something that was only taking place at the time in. Many of the gay can Kennedys and if I remember correctly I think that was kind of the tagline Baghdad that was a gay man it's that's a disease take audited. Gate gate answer them exactly and now Hugh Laurie in 2017. And really HIV and aids and knows. They'll race. It knows no gender so really it's not discriminatory towards any particular group and turn. That's right and it and it affects you know all age groups with exactly eighteen to twenty worry train scrape out really in seriously at risk and and so how thankful that we do have an organization such as try your health projects. That really continues to educate a lot of us about HIV and aids. Let me ask you at this question what services stash organization provide Scott. Obama. Sure will we we provide a whole range of services. We've basically breaks in the two. One side we've got the client services which is for our HIV positive clients were people who have been diagnosed with HIV and some of them have been living with a four you know. For as long as the epidemic has been around exactly now one thing the image I'm really glad you brought that up about about back in the day back in you know in this the mid eighties even up to the there early to mid ninety's where. It was a death sentence I mean it was a thing that that a person became infected. The treatments were very few and far between Murray access was really hard to come by and then and and end. The death count frankly was was very high. And it wasn't being dealt with it wasn't being really talked about openly exactly well a lot of that has changed and we're really glad that that so much of that is jays are still a lot of stigma that remains and people really really do kind of struggle with dom. When HIV diagnosis means and we do hope we hope walk them through that we help connect him up with services with communities of people who were HIV positive like our higher ground program. Which we are very proud. It's just it's a really special kind of place where people who are HIV positive. Some newly diagnosed some old heads and people that have been around his geno have been living with this disease for very long time. You know that really can support each other and help each other through. On the other side. The the office we've got our prevention services or health education services. Which is where I work as a health educator. Where we test people four HIV as well as syphilis gonorrhea and chlamydia which can be contributing factors in and becoming HIV positive and what having one can make it more more pet can make you more more vulnerable to you being becoming infected with the other. Then we tests. We just goes to 2000 people a year per for all of those. And we also do educational programs in the community. Everywhere from college campuses or community organizations. From you know trailer parks to church basements anywhere where we're invited we're we wanna be there. Absolutely and a couple of things without Scott in and Paula. First of all even though this is victory a very serious subject matter you're definitely old school going to be people make reference so and I want. And then secondly I think that is the one who worried that with anything that we struggle with how important is to have the support system. And to know that one. Exist right here within our own communities and what the Triad health project continues to duke so thank you both for that. It's got thank you for mentioning your role polished I can ask what you specifically do with you or can sanction. To shore on the development director and with that there are and numerous responsibilities. On but if part of what I do is what we're doing now which is. Outreach witches company community understand try health project because my. Wire services are so many in the community even know HIV aids has changed none are services jurors needed as ever there are still new infections. I'm Guilford count me in his third in North Carolina for the infections. Non it is north Carolina's. Sixth in the country and in terms of infection so I mean it's still a serious help absolutely. Threat here in and North Carolina you know in our community. So you know it's about. Helping people understand we do in my hand we do. And also working with are on the people that supported singing. Get funding from and individuals form foundations theory natively supported organization. Much and we also work with. Think county government to provide services and when they realized in the value the service as the trans health project. Offers in the impact it has overall known individual health but it also on the community health. I mean it's not you know confined to the individual sets contempt what we do is. Very very and very needed to in our communities and that's the one thing. To know that first of all try it helped project has been around thirty plus years. But again the fact that this still is a situation where the open dialogue. And to have better understanding and she said as. New treatments come along. To have that conversation where it feel holes. I'm like innocent deaths and it's got as you mentioned earlier and not being so taboo. And having run this particular topic of discussion. Whether we know of someone directly or in directly at that case should rise. It's really important for us to know how to how to help those conversations. With various individuals. Speaking of the thirty plus years how long have each of you served in your capacity is doing what you do for a. Well I'm probably one of the newer members of the staff a movie and another SK yeah. September 2016. Fury goods are going on your. You're one year and earned her an outsider this idea is for his daughter Amy I started actually started with THP in December of 2015. But I've been working with THP since. 2001 OK I guess I can and then know about them since before that have been going to the dining for friends parties a McCain you know just being being a part of you know the day efforts here but I work with the Guilford County Health Department before that from 2000 okay on and so we were very strong partners with THP's and green and continued hidden. And practice and that's a really big part of of our ability to reach folks in the ways that they need to be breached and is there any capacity and what you need to be reached so you know. We've got this we've got those connections we build those collaborations and and that's a really important part of of what we just absolutely and. Collaboration I'm sure that will continue to grow yes has other agencies and organizations and really for us as a community get to know you better because I'm sure you're looking for. Individuals who not only donate their time. And their resource is in their monies toward the dining with friends but I'm sure through volunteerism. Right with the organization as well short volunteers are huge part of what we do in many people that come and. We'll deliver groceries to our clients their home ground and we get the food pantries and yes. They are right there you we are campaign. We are serving folks that our food insecure can do I'm in 88%. Of the people that we serve are living at or below the federal poverty line one. 32 and a half million times and in leasing incredible barriers to health. And so we have volunteers or well and you that we keep that helped in the office we have our special events we have volunteers that will help put up signs yeah. Is the day increase our guests and and we have a wonderful volunteer absolutely and it's so nice to hear. About these services that TH. Because again some of you may be some may be familiar with you. Others may be showing about you for the first time so really great as I always say to have an outlet such as this spot. The public affairs show. To really go into detail into just learn more about what Triad health project is really all about. So guys we're off to a fantastic start so. We do me this favor stick around a few more questions for your cheerful I'm looking forward to it. And again welcome as our newest members of our community focused handling are painting a you're so welcome and thank you radio famine for tuning in. It is a pleasure to have Paula barred juror and Scott Trent. With Triad health project joining me Rene Vonn now when we come back from break. We are gonna talk about this fantastic event. Known as dining with friends how you can be a part of it. And we're gonna get into those details are like that dining for France when we make sure I get that correct before we go to our first break of the morning. But again we thank you for your great company and indeed there is more of the week in addition of community focused. We're coming back right after this break more than we can additional community focus here and Entercom stations. Thank you so much radio family for your great company and certainly the company. Of members of our community focused family again with. Triad health project and by the way not only are they HIV aids service support and education. But they are located here. At 801 summit avenue in Greensboro will share that contact information other ways real family. Ask you how you can get in contact with try and health project and certainly how you can volunteer their time as well. Paula the larger Scott Trent thank you guys are sticking around we're back for more of the weekend edition of community focused. Absolutely. Some great information for the first half and we certainly wanna continue with that. With this question have the European medical improvements made with HIV innings yes see. That's really talking about this subject because the news around HIV for the past ten years or so has been good so much good news there and so many medical advances. People may remember from from back in the day back in the eighties and what we don't like Rupert who is an adult. And HIV wasn't. When the first anti retroviral medications are to be available people remember the drug RE port 81215. A lie if it was a it was a really a lot and it was those were breakthroughs were necessary steps that people had to go through to it to get to where we are now but we're at a point now. Where people are down to a lot of people are just down to a one facility regiment. And that that's working and then people are leaving long healthy lives. With HIV. Another really important breakthrough and this is something that's in understood in the medical community for a few years down but it's really not. Point on it's not really gotten the kind of attention we that is herbs and ending in society at large. And that is that with all of these advances in treatment and with all of these. Everything from the one chilly day. Regiments making you know the quality of life much better for the people that are living with HIV is that. A person who is being successfully treated very HIV what happens is. The amount of virus in there are we call their viral load Newton is brought down to a level where it is undetectable. By blood. Once that happens a person who is undetectable. Is also an infection they can't infect another person once they reach that you know successful treatment. That has major implications for public health. So it's certainly does I was who's gonna sit I didn't mean that to catch you off Scot I just don't know and it made me feet. Speaking of back in the day there was a time when we talk about stigma as in and misconceptions a lot of before light. Well I just touch somebody might be as aids or HIV I'm gonna get it to a you know whether it's direct contact. If you come after someone who's in a restroom or another public area. So again just the importance of really trying. To better educate ourselves about those Mets right and really learn more about the facts. Yeah I like the way that. The word improvements from. You'd typically one time didn't really associated him with HIV and aids. And now to be down to that one military in and I wanted to bring this up as we chatted about this little bit during the break. Getting back to. The DM mid early eighties and possibly even into some of a late seventies going into the eighties. When again the news is really underground in certain communities about HIV and aids. I faced it really become attached until the world heard about Magic Johnson. And it took a lot of us by surprise and then when you looked. At him down. And just his health overall because typically when we think of. Some things such as HIV and aids that can start to deteriorate the body. A lot of people thought she knew that if a person looked very sick. Very frail or look like it one time. They wore you know the epitome of good health and then all of a sudden they look about 6080 pounds. Lol you know. In our that there is exactly that's a great weren't very gaunt. But then really when we think about someone like Magic Johnson never really small that. In him you don't see it in him now right and just as you mentioned Scott the fact that now to be down to just that one pill a day. But on the flip side of that we also have to keep it real because for some of our millennia holes. And younger ones that are listening and thinking 'cause a lot of them think they're invincible already ended and but the seriousness of of this conversation and really to remind them. That even though it's just down to one pill a day let let's not get lackadaisical. About it we we have to continue to hit it. Cross our t.s and dot Iran's on this particular subject matter. That's and that's really excellent point and it's an and it brings you know the importance of every of the imports of education prints at the importance act that's right Tom you know that it's. It has become. More like a chronic condition now chronic manageable condition like diabetes and I would really look disease today. In which. It. It this stigma is removed and where it's like even treated you know that there isn't the net not as much stigma as there is Whitman is ending with some of the same same amount of low mapping visitors like nineteen. And that's possible. But that's the point you're raising is very important that. It still is something that's gonna change your life I mean so. You can become sort of complacent you can become sort of expecting like well this is you know just something may happen to me is. And it is something that can be can be managed. But that makes that brings me to another another real breakthrough that we really like to promote really we really like to talk about is that there is now also. A one utility regiment that a person who is HIV negative and he. To prevent becoming infected with HIV that's called rat it's a new concept and it's based on a treatment. It was discovered alongside a pill a treatment till true Bada. Which has been used since around 2000 through him and very successful right very few side effects very well tolerated. And you know I'm a mainstay in the HA HAB trip treatment regiment. Well what they discovered is that this panel if it's taken by people who were HIV negative. It can do the same thing in your body. Preventing. HIV from being able to replicate incited. And they realized that can be used for prevention just as easily as it can be used for treatment and so we're really talking to people in the community about. If you find yourself you know at risk if you find yourself. You know where you might mean and with a partner who was HIV positive. And you wanna keep yourself safe you can go on Pratt take it take one holiday. And it's gonna protect you. As well or better than a condom well. No it's a very exciting development and then rolled out and other cities New York Chicago San Francisco some of the bigger cities. Have a much better infrastructure for for providing it but it can be for it can be gotten through your through your doctor your regular doctor. Scott has an excellent information and we few in and Paula and listening to you Scott I was thinking of a couple of things. One will we were growing up were always told abstinence. Is always the best policy but you know in this day and age for those who are sexually active. The importance and I wanted to interject this question how important is it for an individual that. May have been for a while hesitant about even considering. Getting tested. For HIV an eighty's I'm sure that's something very important to stress it's it's issue. Be regular career health care I mean we talk about take in the state now way I think that's part of the morning we'll see it as just something that you do know once. The Centers for Disease Control recommends once a year in pest that person who sexually active. Once a year should be enough we recommend every six months because the way that we look at it is that. A negative test result is only valid until you have unprotected sex and then it turns from a negative into question and then we have is we encourage people to get arraignment. Absolutely. No getting back a little bit earlier as we were were mentioning someone like Magic Johnson I thought this would be a good time to interject this question. In terms of cost one how many people destroy health projects are each year. And is there are costs were those services because you know you've got opposite ends of the spectrum. You have a person magic that obviously because of his professional career as an NBA player at the time. He had the finances. A sparsely treatment and getting it done but one we will look at. Individuals such as ourselves. Who aren't making that kind of money on a daily let alone an annual basis. How important that cost is too we are. Paula it is cost effective and people can actually. Find that affordability. When seeking that treatment right. Sarah for Trent help project there there is even services we. And of people in and they're I missed them yours mr. persisting in asking me in charge that. And in terms of air that's part of what our case actors you. Access funding. That is available if medications and he would do referrals to clinics specialized. Excellent. Excellent on the opposite end of the spectrum aren't there any key challenges that your clients may currently be facing to that. I'm shore of accessing adequate medical care and animations that picture there that all it is a challenge for people living and way too many of them. I'm a diagnosed HIV comparing year sand dunes anger. I'm lucky because there's still a statement eighth he'll face the nation address. So and mean. Usually what people. At that there's issues about management issues that aren't exactly I'm HIV me and in our case. 90% of the people that come for services. Magic are not just each evening at her greatly challenges. As many of them are facing are pretty they're they're the only other medical issues moves social issues. And some kind of companies. And depression and mentor now on that's Clinton people would write me. I'm and we really are actors on the eyes. Nor repeat Lee. And maintaining adequate treatment room and they news. You know and that's exactly right the but I'll definitely it's manageable. It. And I think that's where that compassion. Really comes into play with you organizations such just a Triad health project. Paula thank you for mentioning that because my next question was this how does it organization help individuals who can't afford the food or the rent. Sure. Yeah I wanted and it some income on that it is now. Once a person becomes guidance for the HIV with HIV and neither eligible for our services and we do you have a broad array of services or them like Paula mentioned earlier we had food pantry. And we're very grateful to our community supporters ever for helping to make sure that people have access to nutritious wonderful we're so excited because sometimes there's a number of people that will roll out their cars loaded down with groceries yet and will push cart at the Internet and they had an item and and we get that out to people wearing people are volunteers that help make that happen as Juan and driving around the house. And that's a great feeling because one and Scott to actually see the expression on your on days as major talking about it it just really. Just. Goes to show that we really do reach dollar or at least try to help individuals were helping each other as a community because that's what community is really. Right we have an amazing me generous community we wonderful work from. People do a food drive at their work and then churches and other speakers nation's food drives. Groups of students have yet to catch it really is amazing to see absolutely that we use. So eight people Hayward and how. Neat is it. They hours. And that's a great way that's a great word to use rather is the fact that people are just so willing. To get back. That that's really the key how how we fund it. Let's talk about so we do we have different outweighs that are funded we received individual. Allegation and corporate contributions. We have federal and state grants in place and we assume you received some funding from local governments for her case management services. And try and project out member of it may agree Greenspan her own. When he and we have. Recent events for the community yes it during the year and we have an agreement. We do I believe your timing and yeah it have been better because that's a fantastic transition in asking are there a special events coming up soon let's talk about them yet there. Excited this Saturday may sixth we your hat are 29. Lot of anchor Brian ran. People aren't all that mean it happens is he there and parties in her aunt's game nights with every I'll do. In bites and you earn its. Own it and return asked her guests cute little pennies and I. And and we invite all the parties are asked to join us then dining for transducer and now. Issue were combining answer now with our biggest and for. Parties or hate finest events in the past rates. Rates based it's. Doom and are their communities and I did it for anybody can purchase tickets party were great music from hanging. It hurts he's Alex and it's just really creek. Bring in all. There to support. Actually and then when we talk about. A location such as the international civil rights center and museum centrally located of course and downtown Greensboro of course were for our radio family who live. In the beautiful gate city or familiar with the area knew exactly. Where it's located but what a great partnership that you have with that now is there any particular dress code of dress attire to people come casual what's. What's the general. Atmosphere as far as what to Wear for special events such as this. Yeah it's really up against. Some have parties Arab east there are people dressed in the theme earlier that mimic an art. A little. Can't I heard it because that would be perfect because we've had such a nice weather even the weather has just been everywhere but on the days where it's been consistently. Gorgeous. That would be perfect it. Houses around yet and it's and it's not a lack of air. On a little more. Well that is how you can't. That's fantastic. And Poland Scott this is something that happens annually sell in the event that if they can't make the may sixth date there are still other ways. But they can go about in terms of celebrating if you win rights that we. We invite he. Works for them an excellent you hit it aimed at anchor isn't there. Parties. Acting in. Our. Christian yeah perfectly. It's really out. Each time it works EU we. That are eating at that. They're all. Great and fantastic when you can see the creativity. That comes from the community as a whole because. Everybody has. A rip I. I think so we all have a unique talent at something. And here's a great way to bring all of that together with an annual event that really gives back in shows at the same time that support. To try health project. You know. So of people and where now you're right our website. And it's right there. Are. Wonderful. Now can they come to your location and don't want some an avenue as well. Certainly good air air it out at the that's right and certainly to learn more ready a family about trying it all of project. And the direct number of pollen Scott and make sure I have this right is 33627516. By force the best way to reaching. Fantastic. Partners are people having to soup what you work certain gave a couple of exams at the zoo out. We have one a group and mine are we have another group it and it Eamon. It old school any school lunch trees and served there and I'm glad yeah yeah. That are happening eating all the un asked that. Mean. Somebody at a party to celebrate ever earned him. Are in the end it's me hate. Me. And that the cool thing about it is. We all come through that that part of our lives pollen Scott will be do you reach certain milestones. You know the Big Five 04 for a lot of us and I am you know the old actor. Yeah. It's really not big plus very yours truly. Now what do I do you know that's what. And I know it's nice to now. Let's get what ever the occasion how nice to build around as something that the community has been doing with Triad health parts project and dining with friends. For quite some trying to shore and lenient and that's and it's. People are Japanese and yeah. And ecstatic last night with red raiders mean anyway it turned into an EU and leveraged. Exactly. Exactly and just a great way to kind of sit down and brainstorm. Some great ideas so again if you're looking but he did this year or into the next year or the few years. Down the road now would be a great time to prepare for that radio family that we can edition of community focus is her hero and our intercom stations. You're surely were made on in great conversation with members of our community focused family. Who represent Triad health project polyp larger and Scott Trent as you have done a fabulous job in the next couple of minutes that we have so. Remaining anything that you would like to discuss or any question I did not pass that may come to mind that you. To cover I would think to put in Oakland the outlook for testing clinics. Every Monday night at 801 summit avenue and you can from five to seventy and the incoming get tested or free. Completely confidential. Former HIV that was carrying chlamydia we also have what's called walked in when state and equities and for the same services every Wednesday afternoon from one to 3 PM. The other thing that you and it was if your interest in having us com. Provide testing or educational services in that community event in a community location. Or even if you just wanna get a small group of friends between we will come out and do and you in on testing for small group one anymore. You're a year and a now that I'm alive happy to do you aren't at your very mobile sure that thing is that we have we have a team that help educators and that does reach out into the community were testing and a whole lot of different kinds of settings. And the more available and accessible we are using the better we're doing yeah absolutely. I just wanted to share before Paula I give you an opportunity was some last minute. Comments here on the program as well I wanted to share your vision and would try health project is about. We will stand together for as long as it takes until HIV aids is no more promoting enlightenment. Dignity. Acceptance. Understanding and love. Demonstrating the that we are not only enduring. This epidemic. But also prevail over. I mean success for us will be when there isn't he needs and that is things people yes this. The national rate for people. Do it here treatment. It's around 40% repeal of the work which project in 89 purse that's huge difference and it and if everybody was percent with medical treatment. He can be wouldn't exist it would be trans ams disease. And that's a success and we mean hey you absolutely. And that's the greatest success this when we can say it is no more and not to say that I would wanna have conversations especially with the two review. A 21 day live in a world in which we won't have. Diseases we won't have struggles we won't have epidemics. We can live the way that we report in and it and that's just a beautiful spot. To take an and one of mission and one mission statement in just thank you for letting me share that with with our listeners. This morning there was one thing and I think I may be able to skated and. In the next couple of minutes without putting too much of the politics and and when we were discussing earlier about health care overall. We obviously have 88 new administration that's well in 200 days and and that's been the big concern. About a lot of folk because there has been a lot of rhetoric. Or talk about major changes. With the health care overhaul. How does it impact do you think it agencies such as yours if those changes should be implemented. Were put into place what's down the road in how you handle situations such as T. There's a lot of answer yeah I mean there's exactly everyone that if people that are. Lowering income and whether there will access care exactly and you should care. You can't beat you you can't achieve exactly it's huge issue right very much so. In any tournaments is a real challenge and a whole lot as and stirred up. In my eyes eyes administration is beyond question that I'm real central questions. What's her what's psoriasis on an island and you know where you know it's more open racism justice stirred up and made and normalize mainstream. And it's you know that's gonna directly affect it indirectly affect all of us it's really an artist that's a lot of our our. Services most. So I think you know disorderly. Broad background to the importance of events like dining friends and supporters of doing it happened at the international. Civil rights museum and museum and is there. You really just underlines the importance of community right now he's really standing together really you know being sort of global war against all of this is real cultural acting. As being whipped into shape and zone we need each other right now whichever. Absolutely. I'd like that I think that. An and just to if we can just picture standing shoulder to shoulder with one another as a community. And you witnessed last year for prisoners are you mean. Eat is just it's it's there are here as our. More minority communities and towering. Arch and access to. Resource care. Certainly there. Are wonderful. And let me just personally express to both of view Poland sky that. Thank you for this conversation we were able to have today. You oh you're so welcome. This is home for you any time when gas so. Don't let this be the only time in fact. I usually share with members of our community focused family and our gas. There are no goodbyes with me. Justin some next time so beat the invitation will will remain open any time that you would like to come back on the program. And discuss not only the good things that are being done with Triad health project but other events that that com wolf we'll just check that calendar. And we'll get back together right here and yes it is or else thank you I thoroughly enjoyed it. Paula barge here and Scott Trent welcome to the community focused family once again you're so welcome. I think you ready FMI annoy a lot of you are continuing to do good things in their community as well. And as always like to share with you please keep up the network. And indeed no goodbyes just until next time so until the next weekend edition. A community focus have a wonderful day into enjoy the rest of your weekend take care.