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Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend edition of community focus a great opportunity. Yet again and every weekend here and Entercom stations to talk about the good things that you radio family are continuing to do in our communities. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and I certainly look forward to this time of the weekend. To join you as we gathered together here on this can come radio station. To not only talk about those good things for the opportunity. To also sit down one on one with a member of our community focus Sam Mike and the second half of the program. I'm excited because this is something I haven't done in awhile. And that is share with you a number of events that are coming directly from the community calendar. So of course as kids are starting to gradual way moms you're being recognized. And honored and loved. And that summary is getting underway. For a lot of our kids as they get ready for summer break there are a lot of different activities taking place in our communities even if you are looking for employment. Or looking to expand or extend. Your education. Just a lot of good things again to disgust. And to pass along here on the weekend edition of community focus whipped and said. A nice transition to get the program underway with the international civil rights center and museum if you're looking for something to do with your family this hour. I this summer rather they are operating on summer hours until. September 30 they would operate Monday through Saturday from 9 AM until 6 PM. And you can schedule a tour any time between those hours you can either email. Tourists had sit in movement dot org. Or call 3362749199. Extension 100. Again that's TO UR tests and sit in movement dot O Warren G-8. Or 2749. 199. Extension 100. And that's area code 336. Also with the international civil rights center and museum joined the every Saturday at. 11 AM until noon. For free story hour this is a great opportunity. For Jiri young Winans bonded twelve years of age. To hear from a community against reader and air raiding a civil and human rights sting to book. Followed by a Q&A sash and then an inner active may intake art activity. And a great event for the family dearest well. Also from the community calendar an upcoming pharmacy tech claps. And classes actually will get under way may sixteenth to August 30. These are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from six to 9 PM. And try and good wells of Burlington community resource center 3740. South church street in Burlington. But the class is designed for persons on the pharmacy career track to prepare for the pharmacy. Technician certification board. PT ECB exam. Instruction. Will be given by the elements community college Chenault limited scholarships are available. And if you need more information the number to call is right here which is 336. 4175990. Again that's 336417599. Burlington community resource center begins may sixteenth. Through August 30 S from six until 9 PM. Another hiring event as well come Wednesday may seventeenth from 10 AM until 1 PM at Triad goodwill is eaten. Community resource center Eric you're twenty. Was kings highway suite H in Eden. A judge gal has 150 full time openings. For both first and second ship to warehouse. Picker packer risk. Forklift operators and aren't apps scanners and the Martinsville Virginia area good morning to your radio family they are. If you need more information call 336. To a 3366233007. I mean make that correction 3366. Shoot 33007. Where again Wednesday may seventeenth beginning at 10 AM action Triad goodwill even community resource center. There will be a hiring event at 220 west kings highway suite in Eaton. I Deco. Again has a 150. Full time opening its. And one more hiring event to pass along this one will be Tuesday may 23 9 AM to 1 PM. At Ashe Borough community resource generator and 64 east Dixie drive. The agency ink. Who will be accepting applications for CNC programmer. Construction sales die cutters electrician helper Fort Bliss framer mechanic. Printing press sewing machine operator. Shifting and receiving. A pollster earth and even welder. These positions covers several shifts and offer competitive. Benefits. You need more information about this hiring event would try and good well again the Astro community resource center and the agency ink. He can call 336. 6100400. That's 3366100400. A few minutes into the weekend edition of community focused thank you so much for tuning in and joining me Rene Von. He Europe on our intercom stations and sharing with you a number of events. From to the community calendar and one event that you can bring you the entire family to come out and enjoy. I'll have all the details in the particulars. During the second half of the show. In the meantime make you competitive cheer company in Winston-Salem. Is having the or fifty year where they get to host. Teams come and showcase their performances at no charge. So ensure this is the fifth annual cheer and dance showcase its may 21. And this is coming to carver high school in Winston-Salem last month alma mater only say good morning it's all my fellow. Yellow jackets he may be listening. There will be carnival festivities from one to 3 PM and the showcase itself us from three to five. If you need additional information. You can call 810. 3739467. And there is an invitation to teams and vendors to contact for participation as well. 8103739467. The fifth annual cheer and dance showcase again is in Winston-Salem. May 21. At carver high school. The Harry veterans' community outreach is getting ready for their ninth annual Memorial Day commemoration and picnic. This'll be Monday may 29 noon to 5 PM and Bolton park. 1591590. Bolton street. It Winston-Salem with the Memorial Day ceremony beginning at noon. Along with the entertainment food and fun for the entire family. There will be a posting of colors my buffalo soldiers accompanied. By the north assigned ROTC. Music mind. An area bands. And this event is free to the community. If there happens to be an overflow parking is going. To be moved to west for science community college. So it Bolton park fills up. Just had own downed over to west for science community college and hopefully someone will be there are directing folk to park their cars there as well. Get more information in the meantime about the Harry veterans' community outreach and their ninth annual. Memorial Day commemoration picnic. Noon to 5 PM Bolton park Monday may 29 she can call 336. Seven to 53410. Again that's 3367253410. Now to share with you try it first and families there having their first and what they hope will become an annual bowling tournament. It is. Taking place Saturday June 3 one to 4 PM and this'll be the countryside blames. And cronies still rattle off on massed in the drive. And that's 1005. Inmate asks TC NN. Master drive to be exact. There is a registration fee and this particular tournament. Get your colleagues together because this is 45 person team. Where your costs will not only include three games torture shoe rental your food your beverage. And other items for each participant. And this is really for a good cause the monies are. Being used to help proceeds. That will go to war it's providing resource is. And support for families and individuals who have been diagnosed. With truck traumatic brain injuries. And or developmental disabilities. And persons who are served by Triad first and families. You can get more information by calling the Triad first and family's main office. That number happens to be 336. 757. 8721. You support will be greatly appreciated anything get more information again about the bowling tournament. But also cocked up contact team rather. What is contact persons who have it's a B two key Austin need to reach out to her at 336. 748. 3964. And by the way the first number that I gave you 7578721. That the long siege T Arab Booker and she's another great contact person to speak with as well. So again Triad first and family's first bowling tournament. Is Saturday June 3 one to four. Countryside lanes 1005. Massed in drive and Kerner spill. Couple more events to share with you from the community calendar. That include. Come Saturday June 10. They'll be food door prizes health screening by the Winston-Salem state. University health mobile and even dental information and also being asked if you can please bring some unwrapped school supplies. It's going to be community appreciation day with mechanics and farmers bank. And you can join radio Sam mice at 770 Martin Luther King Jr. drive in Winston-Salem. Saturday June 10 from ten until 1 PM. And if you're looking for replaced also dispose of your own bills any financial records are confidential. And personal documents without risking exposure to identity theft. Bring those documents because from 10 AM to 1 PM the teams from shred. We'll help you discard. That personal information so they invite you to bring it. Again it's safe and secure disposal. By the professionals at shred in this by the way is a free service. That's for individuals only. Disposable not being made available for area businesses so please come to represented. Yourself. You can also get more information about community accretion de appreciation. Day at M&F bank. By contacting them at 3367220200. 33672. 0200. And a great way to indeed. I appreciate the community and here's yet another event radio family you can appreciate what the upcoming fourth annual reading is gone. It's an event held before children leave for their summer break and it's gonna take place. Come Saturday June 3 it. From 10 AM until 2 PM the focus of the event. And what's been taking place since its inception of Reading is fun. Is to provide our children what the fun and engaging experience with. Different fitness activities as well as provide them with books to read over the summer break. Families and parents will receive resource is about available summer activities were their kids. While there out of school as well a chance to visit with numerous local vendors who partnered. With then Dalia elementary school in an effort to support. The movement of keeping literacy. Fitness and healthy living. A priority in many of our area communities now this event. Again will be a carnival style day filled with traditional carnival games. Along with literacy game so great way to exercise is the little one's brains. Along with concessions like music employ any of opportunities. To win that free prices the day definitely all about. Having lots and lots of fun while giving geared up to stay active in reading and moving. During the summer so again the fourth annual reading is fine Saturday June 3. 2017. And a B from 10 AM until 2 PM. And to get additional information is you know wants someone who has. Aid child to a tens then DeLia what you're familiar with them daily school you can certainly getting contact with them to find out more as well. And one other event. To share with you speaking of summer and as it approaches. So there's a need for activities for our kids during summer break. Now this is further down the road with registration for the 2017. Aggie in Richmond camps of North Carolina agricultural and technical state university. Which is now open now each camp who run for a week. From eight to five. Monday through Friday and this won't begin until July 10. So a little less than a couple of months down the road. But in the meantime this facilitated through the opposite continuing education. Aggie enrichment camps are designed for use to explore future careers in technology. Engineering. Aviation and a whole lot more they can even have a chance to discover hidden talents and excel. An academics. And the roof. Inter disciplinary. Hands on learning experience various camps are also available for second through eighth grade students. And let me add this as well to the conversation new camps. Have been added and popular ones are returning. From science exploration. And exploring engineering. Too but time and flag and dance to computer gaming. To drum line in the making us that there is really something to engage. Your sons and orders. And really piqued their interest. With a serious came up there's even all things sues for the cat in the hat and green eggs and ham. And insists. I remember growing up reading green eggs and ham as a young when myself. If you need more information. You can certainly called this number as well as to visit the camps of web site now the number is 336. 3347810. 33478810. To get more information about the summer enrichment camps at North Carolina ENT. Which is offering the science technology engineering and math the still focused activities in exposure. So once again. Each came out who run for one week that's from 8 AM. Until 5 PM Monday through Friday and that will officially began. July 10 of this year. Some definitely some things really for everybody in the family we have got a community calendar. Full of a lot. Of events that are taking place until you bring your family you are. Continuing to do some wonderful things thank you so much. For. What you do and rarely to have a platform with which to share that information. That includes a right here on the week in addition. A community focus our make sure I get everything and before. We go to break and I believe I may have a few more minutes to make. This one of their final announcement from the community calendar. I mentioned earlier in the program a number of hiring events and I've just come across this one. That I need to add to the list. Because there is likely. An event that you definitely are hearing. And certainly wanna be a part out and this definitely needs to be included. In our community calendar in this. Is. Another hiring event that's scheduled for Wednesday may seventeenth. Mark your calendars for this it will also take place again at the end of the month may 31. The time will be from two to 4 PM and this is trying to good wills ash borrow community resource center. This is 1064 east Dixie drive an ash borrow. This is TRC staffing. Which has increased pay. To 850 per hour for all day ships and nine per hour for all night shifts including second. Know dozens of openings with this. Are included. First second and third shift machine operators. Like industrial and injection molding positions. Benefits and include holiday and vacation pay. Your medical your dental vision life and 401K. Again our include a TRC's twelve hour shifts. Are potentially temporary to permanent opportunities. With a substantial pay increase. And full benefits. And there's also a referral bonus available. Apply for this one in advance she had the opportunity to do so now. At TRC. Staffing T for cherry are for Richard C for Charles. Stepping dot com. And get more information by directly calling 3366100400. Again 61 ago. 0400. Area code 336. Again the next piling up with try a good wells cash Perl community resource center. 1064 east Dixie driving ash pearl. Wednesday may seventeenth and again the 31 from two to 4 PM with TRC staffing. Thank you ready a family continue the good work. And so glad again to have this platform to talk about the good things that are taking place in our community speaking of which. A new member of our community focused family will be joining me in just a bit. As the weekend additional community focus continues right here. On our intercom stations stay tuned and welcome back or simply welcome if you're just joining us mourn the weekend additional community focus continues here on our. Entercom station sinking you ready and family indeed create great company every Saturday and Sunday at our public affairs show getting the word out and talking about. One great event and the newest member of our community focused Stanley who joins me rename on here on the program she happens to be the founder and CEO. Of Sarah gates foundation and therefore annual try dog games this surely whine of a kind or any truly one of a kind event here in North Carolina. The only dog expo that features for a the most prominent professional dog sport competitions at one time in one location and even with the world champion competitors. I'm gonna let her explain the rest as I say good morning Qiyue Karen Fullerton thank you for being here and community focused and do tell us about trying at dark games. Yes well I hits grown and TU clay an event. Especially for family means it's an opportunity to seize some of these Trulia playing died so I in situations that you wouldn't normally get to see every day very true we had events in fact I mean where they're jumping into a 20000 gallon pool. We have a disk or frisbee. Competitions and even some of these competitions and frisbee are for national qualifying so he has some and a kind of the best in the past well past world qualifying champions we have fly off which she truly is been dubbed. Dodge he'd drag racing by some of our attendees can steer. Don't really know what death explored it is but it's relay race basically take dogs and and and we also have it's not a formal competition but we have. Opportunities and agility for people to try courses at very low levels. Or if you are a certified and agility you can actually do a tundra and Angela just you know all of the obstacles for you we have. Died he dashes for small died thing. Food and vendors and just a lot of fun. It does absolutely soon with the Caron in Europe we aren't talking about how your community focused operator dogs. Doing some top three skills in the competition sentence exactly so what are the biggest questions and rallies get as well I just been my died. We don't wanna compete and the answers yes because most of the people who come out. With their dogs are they aired just to have fun. And T you know lacks the events we have about 200 competitors. In out of the thousands that come. But that said there are some events with it's clearly a Sunday frisbee about this just for locals to you know as friendly competition if your god loves a frisbee. You know it's a timed competition catching throughout. I am and also the dot diving you don't even have to meet you can sign up to compete or you can kind of take your chance on society and between ninety. Final competitions you can. Wheaton liner sign up for practice jobs and so I guess it is sport you know some of these competitors. Are coming from different states like I said and that frisbee competition and we have some coming from Georgia who look where passed a world qualifying. Handlers that with their dogs. And the night fever it. To stop at Don and that is what's called freestyle yeah you gotta tells about them when it's choreographed to music Newton pennies dimes. Do you really. Tricks I guess for lack of a better where where they're jumping up that. You know the chest into the air and you know. Doing some really fun things to choreography with their handlers this really does sound like a lot of fun and a great way to really see what your dog to do it is because I especially that one time on San viewers say it is it is for beginners and then you can talk to. The of people running net event the hosts who are these world champions. They can do some demos they can give you tips and tricks. I and you know hop you know may be my god loves the frisbee body won't let me tell you notice those beginnings and training tips and then as well firfer freon that dais as this well is now participating and again for the most part to repeat people can simply bring their docks just hang out and have fun without necessarily competing in the events they don't know we I mean our. Quite a few dobbs stairs and he I just ask you know that the died and has its rabies shot of course. Is the least and it is is friendly and and doesn't get spitz really around crowds because our quite a few. Dogs at this event I guess you can just bring your god and have fun fantastic. And radio Stanley. Thank you for your fantastic company more than a week in addition of community focus continues here on our Entercom stations. Can once again Karen Fullerton the founder and CEO. A Sarah gave foundation joining me Rene Von. On our weakened public affairs show to talk about the fourth annual Triad dog games again the only event of its kind. And North Carolina were dogs may be injured and doc jumping disk sports agility fly ball and even Dotson racing. And there are even events for beginners as well as pros and Karen this next question what's your favorite competition to watch. That's hired I new I need me asking me that question I guess I really like out for is speed a freestyle. Competition and I guess. I passed him a dancer silent music how it plays end of that but I think just the most fun for most of us spectators they love to watch the dot jumping because it's just you know you don't see that every day. Dodge jumping into the useful some alone for the first time they Bailey let go for and they plop and we had. Someone coming from Ohio story is as their dog's name and story jumps I think thirtieth up 3033 feet really well so world yes and just say what the dogs can do was pretty amazing is it says atlantis' that I wish I had actually I'm. With you there and radio family and the dates for the event our Saturday and Sunday may twentieth and 21. Taking place of the Winston-Salem fairgrounds give us a little more detail about that Caron. All the details first of all our on our website which is try and Dodd came sac town. But it's at the Winston-Salem fairgrounds and parking is free and suffered deacon boulevard. An admission is ten dollars for adults and five for ten and under. And ten to four on Saturday are the hours in on Sunday at this eleventh and twelfth floor. Very good and will make sure to repeat that information again as we get closer to the end. Our conversation here in a week in addition of community focus Telus or share information about the Sergey foundation Caron. The charity that is benefited by the try dog games. I found the Syrian foundation and I'm in 2009 maintain health companion Stanley is what their dog or cat to get emergency vet care. And so that's what this that benefits I started the event like it's a four years ago to serve fourth event. As a major fund raiser for our mission. And the reason I started a series foundation really was not just to help. Animals but. To really help their owners their with a lower income families to take good care their pats in an accident or her at a onetime illness happens and they can't pay to get out foreign object removed for example alienate a corn cob over fourth of July and they paid for the X rays and you know they make and disability or veteran and the guilt that they must feel that I went in most pet owners feel when they have to either put their dog downer pat you know passes naturally. I wanna do alleviate that guilt that would be acts financial with somebody who knew what was wrong with their Dodd and just could not help. Only because of financial reasons don't have feeling like you let your best friend out. And here and here the compassion in your voice on matters such as this. And as a former pet owner myself and for pet owners who were listening to was right here on the week in addition of community focus. Vacuum perhaps be one of the toughest decisions. That an individual may help to me and on the opposite side try to keep up with shots examinations and that can become costly. And thankfully that's where the Sergei foundation comes end. Right whether we give us financial grant or we have a lot of veterinary partners now in the trendy area that you know even if we can't assist we might be able to refer to one Hugh is. Skilled in the area that is the situation going on with the pet at that time and might feel other. I'm normally it's a combination of both you know Canada. What an owner can contribute what we can contribute and our veterinary partner you know making some discounts to make you know make it happen and it sounds like it's a lot of work when you're talking about emergency you have to work fast but all of this really does happen within that 24 hour period so Kieran token one qualify for assistance on applications are done on plane and it it. It's a quick form you can. Fill out the farm in just a few minutes. We do ASCII do attack summon the income. The documents there because that was a qualifying I don't for our emergency care is income based. And so we we look at household income if you don't have it with you when you're filling out the application and it's you know we get applications in without that all the time and then we just go a little bit. I don't essay above and beyond that will Colin that's what he'll get more information first law contacts that an owner and asked them to either facts that are bring it to the vet. Or you know well will work with them a little bit on what we need him they have but. So income is that is that the biggest thing is just not the application and can't tell you sunny times fields had he known take. Does this cost side does this cost high but you know. Pretty much it's a staff of one and in the Sergei foundation and so. First attention is going to be given to those applications that come thrilled that somebody email out they might not get the attention. Quickly as if they would fill out an application to. Surreal Stanley fill out the information first and then look to get all of the details and after exactly just to see how severe it is how fast we have to Acton and things like act. I mean we do help with general that Karen. And I and that has you know lower. A lower minimum of assistance but sometimes that can help with. Need a blood work tech you know hope and know something or help with the splint rap or something and I'm so obviously if we get any yeah our case what can handle that first but we always. Replying at least two applications within as you know same distance and you move. Karen let me ask you this which are happening have a story or two that you would want to share about the animals you have recently helped. Oh yeah sit there is I think now it's Panos so many never really know it's going to panic. To talk about. But. We often don't get hugs and for one reason or another you know and and we just had a cute little black tie. Come and that. Had. A fight with its sibling now the end. Supersede those of the wings did not look that deep Atlantic accident that it truly was. Pretty severe can move in to the point where they didn't know stopped stops us let's set and then they needed Ted. Its stay overnight this this hospital. They close at six season but the office manager in fact that's one of our time may one of our sponsors BCM hospitals it was a hospital in Raleigh. And that he stay until almost midnight just hits keep an eye and that's die Indian fluids to make sure that Atlanta. You know had the best chance of surviving for him on the other way and then I was in talk about Islam Pomeranian that. I just jumped out of its owner's arms and broke. It's. And form medic carpal bones and that's in its pole so yeah and it's Paez and you know to just jump down at a dodge specially smile died in a way it was fairly young it was under year old dean of the mounds and a farmed. So that was being recommended for specialty surgery. But we actually stepped down and we had a accessories debuted again by some of our best partners and incidents going through that surgery route because that the policy is not any way we did nothing would work. That where are trying to you I'm in this working or just weekly split changes and alignment of the bone and being a young puppies should heal okay so. You know not only do we. Yes grant money when when it calls for it. But I'm really proud of our veterinary partnerships that we have that help us to review cases and you know gets kind of second and third opinions on. Looking at what is the best route for the least amount if any of them still. Be a good. Treatment for for these animals and we're basically talking one time emergency situations correct exactly and has Syria one time accident or illness. Then I'm receiving examples I just have more accidents on. Illnesses and we see a lot of cats are I like urinary tract disease or they'll be blocked. Which is. If as a male cat has its urinary. I attacked blocks and mean it it can be a deadly situation within a matter of it's you know twelve to 24 hours if that's not corrected because or bladder fills up and. Karen do you share a few well. Howard listeners can learn more about the Sergei foundation. Make a donation or apply for assistance all of this can be done and asserting foundation website eight. And that is Serge foundation that our Jean Serge is spelled SE RGE. I. The foundation that aren't nicely done and cheering you have done a wonderful job and sharing information with this year on the weekend edition of community focus. Especially giving us some really great information about the Sergei. Foundation now let's recap what we'll take place with this shears try a dog camps. Sure so try try and on games is Saturday may twentieth from 10 AM until 4 PM. Sunday may 21. From 11 AM until 4 PM and it is. Held at the Winston-Salem fairgrounds in Winston-Salem. That cost for admission and that is. Ten dollars or four kids ten and under is five dollar and radio family let's advance each tank yes and to find out more info about the games where can ago. We do have a dedicated web sites just for this event and that is try and dined at games dot com. And also we have a feast of paints as well. That has videos and photos that you can see from past events and. On a great opportunity come may twentieth and 21. To also have some fun for this year as this is going to you could be the fourth year as you mentioned earlier the try dog games it's going to be great. It certainly does and radio family you have the official invitation right here on the weekend edition of community focus and Karen any sponsors should want to mention north thank. Yes I'd like to think EC and hospitals. And the city of Winston-Salem and also matter and Chevrolet Eden and radio family hopefully you'll have a chance to seek parent. In person and she'll be on site from 9 AM until find Pia and so again to get the complete list of trying to dog gains activities and to register for. A band games do you visit Triad dog GameStop com on the world wide web and you can also liked them on FaceBook. Under Triad dog games. The founder and CEO of Sarah gang foundation Karen Fuller ten. Thank you so much for being with us here on the weekend additional community focus thank you very much you're very welcome. And radio family you know with me there are no goodbyes just until next time but not before I say thank you. For the good things that you are continuing to do and our communities please keep up the great work. And look forward to our next time together here in our public affairs show the weekend addition. All of community focus in has been a pleasure as always. And indeed until that next time do enjoy the rest of today and the rest of your weekend taking.