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Radio family once again good morning and welcome back another week in addition of community focus we get underway as we always do Saturday and Sunday mornings. Right here and right now on our intercom stations very nice to have your company. Your surely we're named Bonnie and definitely the company as well as members of our community focused family. Return as well. And this is shall we say the how. Aftermath of tax day didn't sink now since 78. As I certainly appreciate you Rudy click from ANC accounting services. Good morning welcome back to the program how you did the aftermath of tax day meantime we've gotten through it you've got very absolutely. And the one thing to Rudy and some may or may not find this humorous was. Literally for those who needed an extension. Date lives got. One because this year the fifteenth. Fell on a Saturday right and typically when that's the case then it's the following my moved Tuesday again the taxes are done. I get into the questions and actually have for you for the program hasn't ever ask. That particular question as to why is the fifteenth falls on a weekend. What what's the back story. One that and why is the eighteenth or the following couple days after their chins and. Well it normally is because the and into fifteenth and we can that is not a business days and out. That Monday usually used as we need to brace today don't know that you alternate. In an update to. Very good and and hopefully a lot of folk who did need that extra day into Guillen took advantage of it what has been it. The aftermath give us a little bit if you can an idea of how can either be of a benefit or help people. Or is it pretty much just about the same or may even be at a disadvantage to some point. No I think it does to have a little turn and right 'cause you know that you didn't mean you know it does because we did. Now have an interest and we deal a number of people and as you know I mean in the last minute and an extension on right now getting in information to own. And so midnight atlas was that inland. If I mean when he does help to have them oh absolutely. Now Leary is the one of the actual course is an active plan to ask you this morning here on community focus really. What typically happens if an individual does not file his or her taxes. Well there's a good question is always. They it is not a fans the people. The you know IRS has it 080 even the as an authorities have a way of putting the field guided people let. What normally happens is if a if he's if the government owes you. And you have three years to actually claim that really look at. So. If if if if you wanna get their refund no imperative that you have every tech went naslund and the other thing in the olden go political. Then as abilities. And interest that there was a compound as you move through you the kind enough ballots so. May see what happens is that if you have a refund and then there's really no panic that's OK Brian but he's got to make realize that you have mania. How money if it refund. Which is pretty okay at fifty and and that's really get to know sister for individuals who probably are not familiar and hearing that information. Just another aside question in regards to tax time re. The month of April how did that become the designated monster that taxes are actually do for individuals. And that that was set through affection. The congress and so what happens at the the really. It taxes and do decent thirty. What that statute is that it's. Four months. Then after the close of the X you broke it yet. Anderson fifteenth of the fourth will lose an aside comes up to fifty OK so if you a nonprofit. And even if you culminated you'll. Physically you can be if the Denton and anyway needed decent. So whatever your fiscal year is this for months. On the fifteenth of the fourth month of if it is July and it almost happened after that is when you have to. No it's not a generalized question that. You come across from individuals. Using myself an example using it in your asking. That question on this affairs you know yin yen below and I had to become a little right you right where the calculations so this up front but exactly as code in stat OK very good. Now does one need to file a federal return this year even though we've already. Pass the tax season. Yet if you you may need woke up. May not always know where these are Fowler determinant right and and that's also an absolute but just to give an example. If you under the age of 65 than any single if you make more than 101000 dollars 2003 unit if he beats. You need to valley tech if you 55 or older. You can make a little more than 111009 and you know you may find out there on both spouse under sixty. You need to do you know make at least a 20000 dollar 700 you need to Valerie. If if he always over a sixty. Is 23200. And you need. If you hit a household under sixty. If you make thirteen 1350. Need. The oldest if you found in a household. 141000. You know. Qualified willow needs of bow if they under sixty lose early sixteenth he makes 161000. 600 if you know. And if you oh was if you if you qualify when he. Make a 171009. But the key to those figures is right it did if you make less than that lets you use a youngster and working at a McDonald's somewhere. And all the money you pay me and you were even with your parents' home. And what your refund or he's still out even though you made less an amount that he should pay in his income you don't have to value that compelled to. But if you want to refunding you should bow before. And most of those examples that you just gave Rudy really is gain. Pretty much a summary of the general population. Yet he will or descriptions above most of us have fallen to one of those seminarians who should found looted right right. Let me ask you in and again probably I guess we can see another aside question and I'm Molly basing this. From a little humor all lined a practical joke that was played. During the Steve Harvey morning show where nephew Tommy. Pranks some wind into. Actually trying to complain. This gentleman's child. He wanted to ask him do you mind if I claims so itself and of course to protect BB I'd Kennedy of the young when the person's name was believed. But when you listen to it jokingly. Is there are some. Obnoxious. Way of thinking shall we say for lack of a better word or any of the craziest. Tax case scenarios. That come to your mind in the number of years that you have prepared. Or helped individuals prepare their taxes when they just come wildest. And craziest. Ways of trying to claim more to get additional money. If they are expecting a refund or trying to find ways to even get a refund even if they don't. 00 yeah we. Many years doing news you run into. A lot of the united thing. Far out scenario right here that's a good way to phrase I know where they did I get the refunds yes. But you know the in his eighties they passed he I mean what was really a a working. Benefit which is refundable clinical and income credit. And bill a lot of scenarios around it when you you know. We in his profession have occurred he would just passed is around you right you're right you do want prisoner turn that sound issuable under the prison. Exactly you know they did the right hand before you go any further. Two. I think that was also the question of the day of the show were one lady say it is a posh like cling McCants. Is my cats have it. She shouldn't do that just you know stuff that's coming off the top in my head for when I can remember from the week. But you're you're right far out at bat I scenarios but at least continue. Whenever there's an idea and eight 'cause it it. They Daryn I'm the credit is is subject to brought him in the misused because right it is to help working people. Earnings on credit help working people. Reach a certain standard a Lyndon. And so it means is refundable you don't even. You dinner. They test than all perhaps at least you can get and tweeting like three button and so it did this sometimes to. Trying to. Use creative way if you have a great way to put it a very creative I'm zero run on your hand to replant gas went assuring its you have come across a lot of creative. I can't just it just is being born with individuals who do you try to get down a little bit outrageous as as we sat. When it comes to preparing those taxes I guess one thing as an aside and even the Rudy this is a very serious matter that. With with your line of work and I think what most people it. You never really have a dull moment doing what you do you really don't know it does keep you on on you're your p.'s and q.'s so to speak. If it death and Ed people. And I believe this is true cause us that this is very is that independent most Americans. Our our nose a volunteer tax it was in May. They wanna do the right thing exactly. Sounds as though the lull I'd include. Creates. Unexpected consequences yeah right if he would do do do something to the. Drastic to say easier and are normally otherwise wouldn't find themselves doing it in that you had that's a great way to look at it it is the weekend edition of community focus thank you ready a family for your great company. Thank you really clicked for me is C accounting services nice to have you back my friend is a pleasure thank you likewise one more question really before we go to break. As we talked about the April 15 deadline what if that person misses that. Filing date deadline what can hear she'd. Well that is if it's if it's say. If you get a refund and you have some here you are feasible broader point 2000. He eased him he needs of fouling and let him in a Clinton B a before me. Now you generally what happens is because both he wouldn't give refunds a little while but he brought and as you not a situation you re in we usually in a situation where people. Who old innate and and realized that. If you had a child and you owe money you all gonna run the risk of getting the penalties and interest in it than at the growth we've. Gonna start on the eight in his case in his he would AT and and it really can be very severe so if you haven't. And you missed it the most important thing is that. Not not go ahead and file. Right the most important thing is I do nothing to write in yet and I think it makes it more often than Glenn fry your returns. You know we could note he Nokia return as the cardinals wouldn't put on them. And that would mitigate the circumstance is what you get if out and that also even if you don't have them. Feel disposable. Because clearly illegal not to muscle. You needle is not illegal not pay me. In theory is it different that he absolutely. Thank you so much Rudy as always great information great insight. And thank you again for being here in the program's still got more to come so yeah stick around hang out with me for a little bit. And likewise for you to radio family indeed we are coming back it is much more. Of the weekend edition opt community focus and it's more of the week an additional community focused and our inner comes stations thank you very much for tuning in on the weekends Renee Von. Along with Rudy clay with ANC accounting services Rudy by the way you are to ten beat century boulevard. Right the beautiful city of coroner's bills they are really right in the middle. But since early and located anywhere in the Triad absolutely yes and Rudy thank you again for for returning we we've called this if you will that. This weekend edition of community focus the aftermath that a tax day. 2017. And as we're giving back from the break he made a very good points the importance that. Even if you miss that April 18 2017. Filing deadline it's really important just go ahead and file anyway. Yes and here's another question I'm sure you get likely asked alive or dismay indeed the situation for some individuals. What is that person can't pay their taxes what's the best advice. War means of trying to address that particular issue. Right and enormity. That that really is a question about outlining fell flat right you know and money is Zack and so what Lisa edges than what we always advise us to go ahead and now. Pay what you can't. If you'll thousand dollars that you only have hand painted and I'll boo when you found. So let me filing today yesterday and inland steel file and pay which it. And that way in a cut down in the lowly took the penalties and interest if you hand. You know and and future and and a healthy among most it would also. What it would do you pay which you can you can all our office in set up an installment plan on a payment plan for you as you file. So this thing about bad and he's nothing if you do that is because. You indicate he always wanna try to be in control when are you lose control. Search but with that if you do that at the time even those late and you omen in you campaign. You can stay with you gonna pay you an example in novels and a healthy canals while. What an iris Juli which is okay we've got to play an illegal at the more so is that painful yeah. Like that you mention that because that that is the one key thing and that that's a great word ready to use is control. Is that if EU established when you now. That you can pay. Whether it is a monthly or whatever the situation for that payment plan arrangement is. You're right it's an arrangement that's really controlled by you because your saint. This is what I can to rest and get they're willing the nice thing is that the Internal Revenue Service is willing to work with you. Because they're very looking at it from the standpoint that you putting forth the effort ignited trying to do other they have to come out to use needles they went. This is our tech. Exactly and this is what you gonna have to pay and nine times out of ten is some astronomical number but I mean you hear a lot of these are so these commercials. Even that run a line. This particular radio station where the person won't give an example. And the IRS that I oh about 101000 dollars and obviously I don't have the funds or the way to pay it and then it goes into wherever they're working with. To help reduce that debt or what that payment. Let me ask you this question and I really what it's the IRS penalty for filing or for paying later think that ties in nicely with what with her conversation thus far. Yeah it does end and and a police say it is that. Did if this is one of those questions that anybody as well when I'm glad they went authority right it is it depends on the circumstances of how much he'll become the films is go up and worn it in what did we Odom the penalties. And of course the the great interest. The good thing about one of the things that lead while always tell clients is that. The death panels on the eighteenth. But if you can't Palin eighteenth we suggest you get Indians with you know pay something on it. They did it is doesn't start counting on on a lot of community is not stolen and this is not a Sissy. Until into the month of literary theory those Indian and and by the thirtieth. Why you might be much better shape than you know. At least it got some time exactly right so that's best and mostly we simply say is simply. Get in if you can't pay campground giddiness and you know. And then that's very important let me just ask you getting back to that the number of years in which you have been an accountant and he's been in this line of work. I remember back in the day and I and I think about you know whether it was. Our parents our grandparents. Used to be a time where you would just have like a stack full of papers. Piled high and these were are you know all of the tax information. That she needed before you win two year tax professional. What what's the basic because we think about in in those days in and we continued his back is may be. Seventies early eighties compared to the way. Obviously people are in in the information age and obviously technology has come a long way to where. I guess in other words I'm trying to say when you look at paper filing and as opposed to the more. Modern way electronically. Filing do you find that that some people are still doing at the old school way of filing nor summer doing it more. In conjunction with the way moderate modern technology has it that's even if I could questions at all it is. There's a wonderful blessing era in. The I think this tax season in last thinks he's I think. I can count on my hands how many people we translated right in my I think we did 12 we did to these you okay yeah so is still around for some phone is something yeah this prefer never to do with that Matt Avery tea. Most of Madonna a digital image you know right you push a button. Eight in it and now the is an an SI also cut down and we can lead to about how much information you need right exactly like Moses now I can get. I have people that means they offered that at. That a form that shows me how much interest I think animal house. Well acted. I can usually go. To the bullies company that weighs in and just download downloading information and Hillary nicely isn't it an anonymous if you need to bring me I was helping the people they little wondering if they don't count is in a while though right is they don't have literally all that paperwork they weren't before there. And I tell calmly and because of the only. Most you tonight in you don't mind me innocent almost accessible. That's great now. Times have really changed when it comes to preparing our taxes yet I think not and I can only imagine with you being in this line of work over thirty some years. Rudy even for you personally. As an accounting tax prepare have really seen some changes. He had the the technology. And certainly. Made our job. More efficient right definitely but it also has as a drawback is because. For instance it was it was this is such acts you have. Ambien to pass either the pants he could easily. I'll return and be missing something that if there were looking crucial yeah and Harris would not really necessarily. Instead of them had got to listen now. Almost nothing. Is gets passed them now ray has so much information yeah. A judge these idiots say we've adapted easily I did he does well here. So exactly the technology is listed now that. He'll. You know we are legal from the united society a couple of crimes yet but there's almost nothing that. That that now we can. When is that the president went a slight. Now it's it's really a situation where it's literally a catch 22 on and yes yes it it can be. It provides those benefits obviously but at the same timing and also be a burden in some instances you open book yeah yeah very good way to put that. Well Rudy let me ask you this question can an individual file extension on their state income tax. Yes they can't and Egan founded the same time you found via federal in peril into. So getting intentions out of his state is this is disease in an isn't it funny to you talking about right yes. Already know Rudy in in the region us. Put in here it a personal thanks I had the opportunity work with you. On a number of occasions with my personal income tax and just to say working with you everything has been spot on. Thank you very much everything that I anticipated weather I old or was expecting a refund. You would just very hands on and I wanna commend you because the process. Number one for me personally and working with you it just seems flawless. I mean it was amazing. I think we speak with the majority of the time probably chatting about other things speaking out here necessarily tax related. But when he came down to asking those tax questions I really appreciate all the help that you. Thank you had given me. Well thank you thank you for an out and out and do. I am arrow and prices or Aaron. Coaches to be helpful exactly right right so we. And we do when we say we'll use allegedly. You know and then I think that essentially timely motto it or for ANC accounting. And and radio family has certainly encourage you whether you work with or just visit Rudy. And the staff and really with any tax professional that you work went. Is so important ready to have a really good working relationship with that individual because you really are trusting very pertinent information. It was someone when it comes to preparing their taxes but again thank you sir but later appreciate it thank you you're more than welcome now K and an individual file a second extension because sometimes you need extensions only be used as an. Exactly it and that's impressive people Escalante get what I Iraq generally not in the nineties is when you file. That's resistance in you have until October 15 a castigated. And that is a few more modest as Julia is in there aren't many things had no question Brian. It gives you filed your 2000 and and that prevents you from having to pay penalties and something that's so if he didn't give in on the eighteenth of April. And he found an extension of its engineers we've felt before safely things right and if it is. In and we found a lot of things in golf as in you have until October now is keenly. And I think. We lose today the key is that he gives you time to file doesn't give you tend to pay you know you gotta pay. So there's some things right right that's signing authority yet yet that's a good point to thank for bringing that up and here's another getting back to our our conversation earlier. About us into the wild and crazy things you likely have encountered. In in this line of work rooting I'm wondering because very likely and we've all heard this expression. Or motto to some degree they're two things that are certain. In life I think is really three is its death and taxes that that's the old adage. But when we think about individuals as they're getting older. And health starts to factor and especially a person. Who may develop or show signs of some sort of dementia. Or alzheimer's. But an individual is still around what what is the best. Case scenario for a family member that may have to file. Where another individual who doesn't have the total mental capacity with which to do so. Right. There is a form of 2848 with Susan Powell had OK on. And if this if this happened in a fan I would suggest that the get there won't feel about what he needed in professional to be to step into the women felt more money into the state turning oak or. You immune responsible person but it and we you can do to what she get that. That Fulham side is important when you. I think to give it time before the the situation is to such. That they may be fairly confident because of being offensive in needles in a state news that made it can help you get. The you'd be entities here and it's earth. But Steffi banking is not got to that point this difference is still cables sent a Pallet and gets it out for any sign of Clinton's. That's a very good point in in Rudy we we have had individuals. From. That particular area been discussed here on community focused and I'm really glad because that's so important that. Really really a family if you are at that point with your own families. And it's time to make that crucial decision as to what to do. Now obviously Rudy is important time to have that conversation right and not to just designate one person. In that family I mean even if you aren't the only child. Include immediate relatives to where everybody is on the same page basically. Yeah as to what's going on for that particular person if it is getting to that point and you're absolutely right don't let it get to where that person is absolutely incompetent. Because obviously in in cases unfortunately with individuals. The main thing between dementia and alzheimer's is memory loss yes and so if that person can't remember just the every day. Generalized finances. Now would be a good time to sit down with the family and have a conversation absolutely I asked him. Getting back to you and let me I'm Rudy welcome those who may just be tuning in thank you very much for your great company the week in addition of community focus here. Every weekend on our intercom stations I Renee Vaughn along with members of our community focus camera. That of course includes you radio family and it's always a pleasure to have returning members such as really click with ANC accounting services. I would just having a little post shell. From the after tax season and just asking you Rudy thank you for the opportunity to to share these questions. What you and our listeners this morning you're more than welcome the next question how can a person pay their federal taxes. Right no. I mean if you when he Gately here refunding though they always self addressed the positive people. Really enjoy that opportunity when talking earlier about. Digital rye love that opportunity yeah even in it exactly what he does say without that way okay you can sign up and and have intensity in the Nathaniel. You check out. Beulah. And I'm so excited about that and how. There is an understatement and I say yes any sign that any kind of money. Has to come out of the account yeah hey give me a little daunting at times exactly rise. But that's one way you can pay me and also sedition yeah we would suggest that men and listening and gloves why it. Because you know you don't know what it's let me have that either Taylor credit card. You also. Go to RS dug a well you go to state agency. And they'll have lot his Leo well why aren't on how to pale Brian our. May feel it and when you do go to achieve it Hugo mind if you know where you are. We don't want that they critical and into the side that. As many ethnic pinnacle right because. Really you're absolutely right and that's an excellent point that we have seen the number of cases in which identity theft. Has really been on the rise absolutely major major concern right right yeah exactly is so they feel you go to Paris that. On solid state would not comment department. Or a trusted site a trusted that I add that that's really been expressed to to a lot of us. That are very much spending a lot of time. On the world wide web or just on the Internet in general my very important in pretty typically whether it's around this time of year whether it's April 15 the eighteenth. The beginning of the year what's the most common question. You get from for most people whether your clients are people who just want. Some of their basic tax questions addressed or answer. Well the the most common question has been when do we miss as well what we know what do you first do I have to file. You know they go in and generally. Most to Americans that are working. Generally there are some exceptions yeah most have to. And if I do have to. How can I pay the least amount of money there hey hey you know. Ask you this now bad that you have it at address saying because this not just popped into my head to. Do you think that question gets asked because a lot of times we hear of these stories. And their situations and whether it's a celebrity. Or particularly so now. A political. Figure. You shall we say it which that individual has really been in the headlines and a lot of people are just not at all happy about the fact. That one and he's not releasing his tax information and hit it in and secondly I'm I'm sure that doesn't sit well with a lot of people when you have your commander in chief. Of these United States whose seems to not exactly been setting the best example. At this point after you win when we talk about this particular subject matter do you think that's why some people like well if he doesn't have to file why should I. Right yeah yeah all right jas philly's defense exactly yeah. I do I do you went insane and yeah. And I do understand and edited it in in both. Cases. The and America's. Very goodness I'm paying them right here most Americans believe in cordless is that. They believe. That their fair share is in this in many will even pay more taxes. If they thought that the tenth is going to be use proper properly tested resting key exactly. But by also most Americans also about a research new details their personal thing that they pay to. Then what that does. Oh I definitely can never just seemed to find that balance it's either you seemed less of something or two more of of the other. That he had just that that would so I just not really that was an interest seen. The situation and that has really. Left I guess for lack of a better phrase a very bad taste. In them now is because you know you sometimes it can be a little bit frustrating. When it seems like there's that some. All group of the population that doesn't. Exactly do things in the proper context right with the rest of everybody else INS and that's that's really what the tax system is all about yeah. Most people want to make fuel than they are paying. Their fair share exactly look like today everybody else's pain in their fair share of rang and I could for those that those that have to pay should pay if it anyway. This is an excellent. There Rudy perhaps one final question here on our week in addition community focus does one need to file extension even if they are getting a refund. No it's. Not you know if you giddy if you now. I should she uses as a cameo short if you if you are certain this and he hit I don't know how you can be certain drugs and you meet certain. If he said he did he she jittery. In this thing that you should do is receive thousands you can replant in the first three in and then you okay as a kid. Right Iowa if you miscalculate what you might wanna found an extension just in case grind that you. That you. May have beat may be incorrect about Jimmie Johnson so. And President Clinton Jimmy Nolte getting refunding easily get grief when you don't have that in our extension caddied out of me. Pretty another scenario we may have a time for this if this is something you you can address it it made me think of when individuals. If they have been filing for a period of time as a single person. And then that individual gets married. Generally what do you suggest that they continue filing singly as an individual. Or are of course obviously making that transition as filing jointly yeah yeah. The code the Tesco does is generally. Is helpful to a married couple so generally if you didn't if you if you've been single Madonna's single. You'll find if you ping list at when she was he'll join like most grief and now there are some exceptions to one of you making. You know 45 times as much as the other person writing you know then you might want to look at made. Assets separately OPEC action but generally. You Louis find yourself making more. I'm getting more bad the only country should be list dizziness. If you've got to admit I kept Erica excellent job is always my friend Rudy any final or closing comments or thoughts anything that. I didn't ask that you like to address this. Oh no I think that. This taxis with with the path and I think we have found it industrialised. That tax season. A develops lower in here then people came in well we both Muslims they will. If backing you know when it's they waited fifteen down no reason we go either way as so that that did affect the that the industry as a as a whole newsroom. But he did also seem to have a big Russ can be found. About April on April 1 April Fool's Day today. April 18 there's no big rush of people coming I was. I was gonna say an especially shouldn't really getting back to the ad that it was also a you know these that apprehension likely of a lot of us filing. Because of deeds. What's the word I'm looking for the fact that it would take a little bit longer to get that refund and most people typically anticipate as well vet yeah right I guess in at. That seems to. Rippled through this through the exactly industry as well yeah. And getting back to the thank you that I gave you earlier I wanted to say the expediency with my situation. I was pleasantly surprised because I was anticipating waiting a little bit longer. And it was nice today you know when you when you checked and accountants say. OK and I think that's bad. I did extensive you know well you know breaking a brilliant yes let me just thank you very. Let's very please sir already thank you very much again I want to share with our listeners your Tutu and be century boulevard. In Turner's cell mass ANC accounting services were on your side of the ledger you come up with a catchy. Well I in the NF II. I realize that a lot of people out in it and in the tennis world news about themselves believe very pretty you know I think when in Paris this and you learned you don't know what to do you're sure you're gonna find out as is any. Advocating for me yeah complaints like I like that I'd like that. By the way Rudy let me share your main number we are our listeners can reach you 3369967650. You're welcome you're welcome cell or radio family and Rudy to also share of course they don't have to wait until just taxis and call you because at any given time you may have a tax question. Absolutely yeah we knew all your loan to you know with as questions tentatively and we have small businesses and we also. People who need maybe detectives and if I like that Rudy because in and without naming names of of other. Businesses or. Competitors for lack of a better work. That's the one thing that I immediately noticed that in certain strip malls and where you may have place's sent out where an individual contain their taxes to be prepared. Issues the only doing that but the first Ford to five months into right and then wants April 15 or the eighteenth in this case. Generally passes then it seems they packed their stuff up and Billy is gone right into. It's empty so it is great to know. But an individual like yourself and with your staffing agency and counting your your round you're available on you all yearlong right that's great and out. Well Rudy I'm looking forward to the next time we can get together could because obviously this is always going to be a topic of discussion. But that's a great thing because the last time especially at the beginning of the year. I really appreciated all of the information that you shared with us as tax codes changed and I miss new Windsor added. Or some that are currently on the books get amended. Yeah some of those can change obviously. That's something that you definitely stay atop I and you have to you as ethnic absolutely right in attacks appear so thank you for that. So of course I know you'll keep us in the know with anything down the line changes and just basically it's it's a great way. To help us as as tax prepare is that when that time comes it takes away a lot of that fear and apprehension. Especially for those of us when we get to that point were old enough. And it's time to have to file for the very first time I actually a little overwhelming for a lot of our younger ones skin yeah we overwhelming for anybody regardless of age but it's always great to have professionals like ourselves. That make the process of doing it a lot easier. Yeah actually we we appreciate TT but without you in 92 wanna thank you know you're very welcome that's what I enjoy about I would have Ayers Shalit is definitely about. The focus of the community so Rudy. Until that next time no good guys smiling friendly thank you very much Andy and you're welcome. And thank you radio family for your great company certainly there would be no community focus without the great things that you're doing in our community and of course in addition to. The weekend portion of community focus I really appreciate. Sharing all the good things that you're doing. During the week on our community focus minute inside Steve Harvey morning show off. So until that next time ready a family have a great day keep up the great work or what you're doing and our communities. And we will talk again together sound right here. The week in addition a community focused take care.