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Good morning radio family once again the weekend is here and it's a great opportunity to say not only good morning. To thank you so much for being a part of our public affairs show. We are underway another week in addition a community focus on our intercom stations. And thank you for the great company. Every Saturday and Sunday morning I'll do that every time radio family or get the opportunity. To crack this might end to speak TU yours Charlie Renee Von. When members of our community focus Stanley. Now the last several broadcast. We've had newbies on the program but I think I have a new word now are returning. Joining me for this week in addition. Of community focused he is actually with the Guilford parent academy representing Guilford school cell. Lindsey O Whitney the director for smoke good morning good morning thanks for having an absolutely so good to have you back that bad nice cheerful smile. That is already gotten my day started said thank you for that sir. And as a returning of course you're not a newbie you've been family is since the last time we talked yes it's good to have you back obviously you have been busy since our last conversation yes I am very busy wonderful and that's a good busy that we're gonna talk about. Today on the programs how many good things happening was Guilford County schools. Now when you work for a major school systems such as Guilford county and really for any school system with an hour listening area. We're usually at that time of the year Lindsay where some kids are in gays in spring break. A little time away from the classroom. To spend time with family in France. And some are not so we're kind of at that in between stage now for Guilford County schools that's not quite the case we got to still April right that's correct that's correct yes cell. Our our young lions are still having their brains in their minds stimulated in the classroom definitely and that is always a good thing. And radio Stanley. Tell us about GPA and what you do within the Guilford County schools. Well we're the parent outreach arm for the district and we exist to support Arab families we we understand. That when parents are involved in the educational process and your key aides will be better in school and ultimately in life so. We are here to support families and appearance in and give them resources to support your keys it's. Absolutely and you play a pretty major role as being director. A Guilford parent academy. I think I ask you this question last time but it's so important that it bears repeating. A Lindsay no longer be served in that capacity and in the year for about three and a half years Mano so I'm going. So into my fourth year congratulations. Thanks. What all have you been able to personally experience that has really brought you the greatest joy about being the director GPA. I think the great is. Being that singing his appearance filling comparable. I'm going to curtail school prom really understanding the weight in the magnitude of the influence that they have in their child's life in so. Seeing parents would come true genuine partners Bryan school system. Working hand in hand for these children on that says success story every day act exactly and Lindsay no doubt you probably can. We're called to mind I know lanky and the one thing. That I always took away from going nor attending school was that in a lot of sense it was. And perhaps a role you see yourself playing. Either as an extended family member whether you're a bad additional dad are here that uncle earlier that Big Brother or your back cousin whoever. The child like you said the key word feels most comfortable too comfortable with rather. And the fact that our parents especially feel comfortable because every day. You likely have in mother and or father. And grandparent. A guardian daddy is sending a child off to school. In trusting another group of individuals. To take careful of that child. Not only from an intellectual standpoint. But really to see the child progress. And really it's a situation which as parents. We Entrust the school system of course to instill the safety of our kids as well. And she had to deal does such. I'm sure such a major role for you and it doesn't necessarily put pressure on you. At the same time the kids do you feel comfortable that if there is something going on that they can't immediately feel like they can tell their mom or dad. Or another relative they can come to an individual like you I know that was a lot of information I'm sorry but all of that just can't act came into my my I don't once I've. Definitely definitely so weak we're here for the key aides and we're here for the children right and we do we do consider other privileged to be another support form now whole village concept you know acting civility it's dragging it our children so raise a child earlier community member or are re hearing and or volunteer or GCS employee. But they were all focused on a one PC NN student success he had certainly here and helping them overcome many of the obstacles that. They face on a daily basis theory sure because no doubts. Lindsay you especially with the individuals that you work with when yourself all of them are parents and so that's true that's yeah that's absolutely. Ask you this there was a recent article so we don't puts you end. The Guilford parent academy in Guilford County schools in the spotlight a very nicely written article and I want to. I give kudos to the Greensboro news and record. That cited some of the successes and achievements of the deal for parent academy let's talk about that great article. Yes. Definitely we have an opportunity to present to the board of education recently. I'm last week in the news and record covered. That come in via. Now that's fine but they covered that sound presentation. So -- sweet opportunity this year with the board our outreach from the community and so that involves you know how appear presentations and we've done now works house that we we have been able to conduct this and the fact that you know city percent of parents are aware of who we are as a department and so. That's. A good thing because we're we're working hard for appearance and I am pleased if so we're happy that they they know that we're here to support these are very good we will we were also able to just highlight some of the unique creative programming opportunities we put out the year so the focus going into the spotlight on the importance of leader's seat and I'm even be able to help parents with homework and other means arm is so it was a privilege to be featured in the. Absolutely and in a smiling here at B Lindsey a little bit because when you mention home worked the last site we're talking about back in the day when they add. Homework hotline and and things that we were more accustomed sue whenever. We found that if mom and dad couldn't help us and we are struggling in a particular subject matter we could pick up the phone and call somebody on the other side. Who was sitting there waiting to help us in a sort of like homework hot line I believe he said 2.0 and the last avid memory serves me correct. But what. The nice thing about this particular article that I see to Lindsay. Is that is also giving the community sort of an inside. Look and an opportunity it's really pure into what's taking place within a Guilford County schools. Because obviously. A a large portion of our listeners. Leah in and around Guilford County. Who have a son or daughter who attends. Our major school system easy and so what a great opportunity to. Have a major media outlets such as the Greensboro news and record to cover that. ES we will be eerie excited because we knew we want to. BC has a one stop shop for parents. So if if I'm having trouble you know supporting my tells math homework with them or maybe there's a question or concern that I ask you or I don't know where to go to get the answer to now be laying on the mind tells a first generation college student. Now wanna know the steps I need it take to prepare Montel. To be prepared to go to college we want to be able to provide that support in so that I think be on the article really highlighted demeaning things they were doing. And howled. Parents can take advantage of them excellent and two as well radio fare much as Lindsay and are having this conversation this morning. Again another great opportunity in here is where. Either the advent of the Internet or social media complaint such a positive role. We do invite you to learn more about the gay Guilford parent academy can certainly visit G seat as in C. Dot com and you can actually slash I don't prepare academy to get additional information they are. Lindsay that's gonna be a stopping point for the first half of our show that a lot more questions asking. A much of it coming from the website but really just to get I'll follow up and that's what I consider our meeting. Here on this week in addition of community focus. All the amazing things are happening with Guilford County schools can play around with some numbers before we go to break up about how many kids do you think. Right after topping your head there are part of the Guilford County school system. Honestly Sydney 2000 wow that's a lot of kids and that is may have a lot of kids. Does it feel for you personally. In again in the position that you're in as the director of think he'll prepare an academy to see these children on a daily basis. Well I don't take it lightly you need is a privilege. It's a great opportunity. Ian is something that I feel like I'm part of building the future right because. Com we're supporting BM and we're investing in their children from because ultimately. They will be taken place in no answer when we move don't whining going on they're going there. We won one they should different payers for eagle classroom college and career so. Am I don't think it lightly but the. So tremendous privilege. And thank you for for sharing given us a little personal inside. On what you obviously. Lindsay ingests. Looking across from you here in the studio. You enjoy doing because every time he speak about those kids SE a smiling if you spam and that says a lot especially about an individual who really loves what they do. On a daily basis he got a good job there by a friend. Yankee years and he's welcome. And welcome back to the TV I'm glad to have you again we have Lindsay Whitley who is the director of GPA. Guilford parent academy joining me Rene Vonn and radio family. Of course I have to say and I want to say and I enjoys a how much I enjoy your company as well you're great listener shift. And definitely the good things you were doing in our communities there is much more the week in addition of community focus. We're coming back right after the story and just like that we're back welcome radio fairly that we can edition of community focused. It's hurting our intercom stations thank you for tuning in sanity and Sunday mornings and definitely. The best part about this public affairs show is that we get the worn out and we talk about good people. Doing some on some things and our communities that is definitely the case or. Lindsay lately the Guilford parent academy representing Guilford County schools. Rejoining me Rene Von on the weekend edition of community focused. You masochistic or you welcome glad to steal leave here I am glad you are still here too because when we talk about. GPA. Guilford parent academy. It does provide some fantastic information and really a great opportunity costs we're training you this you will. On a variety of topics for not just parents. But for grandparents family members caring for our children. And young people in the heart of Guilford County yes and as we are back from our earlier discussion I wanted to talk about in particular in with a focus on most of the second half. Of the program when we talk about an issue mentioned. The number of other kids that are in or wind and the Guilford County schools. There's really something gone on pretty much year round yes. Even when the kids are away from school during summer break him he's still have them engage in activities that prepare them. Or the new school year. Let's talk about some of those upcoming events how can we get both the parents and her kids ready for an exciting remainder of the calendar year. Yes one Indians are really want satellite short. Com you know leaders see is so important then he and after we believe feel like Peter three all to support. That important topic at home. And so. We have to welcoming ambience from coming up this month you and the focus is on the importance of literacy. He and the goal Lee is to provide parents with the resources. And information. On at the workshop. But we're also sending parents and families home with free books none of the materials. If they can take home to support the literacy of your children. Excellent do we have anything that states specific yes we have one that is coming up pointy stayed march to 28 okay. In that is they Kerr and park elementary school in high point oh okay. To make it flexible for a family means we are offering to say since we won 1138. Year concession or go and then we have a 6 PM session. It's Indians for those who wearing Greensboro where we have the same session be an offering of talking about the importance of leaders seek that's at Bessemer elementary school. And that one and I mean is being offered an 11:38 PM and 6 PM for families to take advantage. Excellent because of course most families everybody's got a different sort of schedule. So not all families work exactly on that same clock indeed but how nice that you do you see. The importance of wanting to make this event available for families when they have the time in the morning or they have the time in the evening. And I love the fact that it it's kind of like that workshop that's on tour and then it goes to different areas. Like you said the key is to accommodate. A need those family members. Speaking of workshops. What are the individual wants to host one I'm looking at the website here and she CSMC dot com how to how to go about it you just have appearance that may be curious. In and wanting to fulfill that particular role as a host or hostess. The deal will we we partner with a lot of community agencies and individuals. We have meaning to you members who actually teach our classes and so. That anyone can always reach out to our office on they can call our main number 8336. 2794924. And they can disclose no did very interested in helping with the workshop but. We also are we're finding that mean your churches sitcom are you need sinners. They're beginning to host some of our workshops we called those schools prepare and academy omen though. And so it will take. The information anywhere okay so there you go we're gonna continent is clear and Marin Belle diamond topic on the weekend and do just about any topic. I'm related to education where there is so I'm positive discipline weather is how you were core. I'm math or any type of support this meeting will be happy to take those workshops and making his call list. Very good Lindsay and I I was so into what you were just saying that. And Lotta cuts to the excitement at bats. Brings to Monte words and I think all of us can relate to you about bush out yeah well. They do the movies they don't get the kids together and to have the opportunity. To go to various places to see. You know whether it's because you have a lot of occasions now where you have. Take your children to work tag yet so now Virginia DC would mom and dad does for a living or. Places such as this were in the media. And you have a lot of school systems that will brain and that's the one thing bad that I can say I really appreciate that up working for a parent company. Like intercom communication is that we'd love to yours scenes show. Just Cilic you know ahead of time if we can make the arrangements. You know let's put it out there religious. Then he got a lot that may have an interest in getting into radio or television or some. Form of media you don't know that we have a nicely renovated facilities. It's a great. Chance for the kids who may want to do that in future like you said. We got a generation that eventually is gonna replace us at some point so what a great opportunity to have the kids to come by and see. How things kind of work behind. The seized as you know most mornings he got. Mom and dad and kids well one fighting over the radio. Show which they should. That you are is. But secondly you know and I was like that as a kid was into my favorite DJ am afraid or they do when that. Where's the music coming from how they're able to do a BCD. So one and so forth so. Lindsay what we will discuss that. Down the road but I do right here especially on community focus one extend the invitation. That the kids do expressed an interest. And coming bind visiting some of the area radio stations let's try to make it happen angry that would be also held I think they would love it. I would love it because I kind of like giving tours is because. Wine is a great opportunity for the kids especially to see. How technology has really advance because we think about the way that our children are learning now. Everything is so high tech and three known we were coming through it it was a typical. Little piece of paper and pennant insult. In a book and hardcover book. Those heavy ball that came in our book bags and even though some Americans still still do that now everything is on line. An iPad and things are done on tablets now. So we have really seen the classroom transition. Especially when we talk about the type of materials. And their kids are using and I mean when you talk about a typical radio or television station. There's a lot of knobs and different to Kingston to bush and a half years at the ballot itself we know that at least keep some of the young ones engaged. We yell what a great opportunity especially to have kids do that. And sue Lindsay and I think this is. This goose along with what Guilford parent academy does. It really. Helping our children. Tell them growl. Especially as they are going through those those formative years. They finish grade school they go into high school some who may wanna go on to. Whether it's a two year four year college some may even want to go directly into the workforce. But it's a great way to that what they learn in the classroom they can apply. When they come to various places street such as this a bit hands on experience really does play a great role and to think about too. And I guess this is where we can kind of come full circle with with the whole point I'm trying to peak Lindsay. Is that you also have some kids who wanna get into the teaching pro French history yeah. A lot especially with the emphasis is one. Not just our male teachers and you but particularly our African American male teachers. Yasser just a lot of great things for the kids to look forward to. Addition to wanting to host a workshop it has hero but on the website if an individual wants to be calm and title one. Parent ambassador let's talk about that a little bit what is an ambassador. Ambassadors or parent volunteers. They survey their title one school and we have 665. Of them in her district went down in down that they are an extension of the guilt repair academy office greens and so we meet with those parent ambassadors on monthly basis. We'd inviting guest speakers we talk about Geary important topics related to the success of our students. But the thing about it those investors can't just keep that information from them sales and write they go well into the community and they connect with other appearance and they really merely creatively I yeah I dad. And they shared information and they pass it don't. No one it's is some incendiary effective way. That we've had in that we've been using to do is give more of the good news and good information out appearance using up appearance. Very good and homeowners apparent ambassador how long is this part of the program been in place. We're a third year now Selanne yes and nice to see those numbers grow right exactly kissed me on and on the other side of that if you have one that wants to become a grass roots pyrrhic coordinator know what's the difference it's an ambassador and a gorgeous day your theory Miree similar help calm the grass trees Green Square meters. They are specifically in our middle school Alcan in so I'm theory similar role would bill meet with her all this and we'll give them information in the last year now with other appearance. But they are at our middle school level excellent. Radio family definitely some great information to pass along here on the weekend edition of community focused. I redeem on along with the director of Guilford parent academy. Lindsey Witten Li joins me losing not to issue as the director but I want to. If we can break down a great staff that he had the joy of of working where he even gets to and probably will need some help I'm pronouncing some of the names that. I'm given audacity you to be so sure I don't try to yes sir I hit a bad shot. Absolutely. But radio fairly indeed thank you for your great company you're listening to the week in addition of community focus her here. On their intercom stations in addition TU Lindsay you do have a great staff yes had a two makes it possible to see. The Guilford pier an academy and what all you have accomplished especially. And the role that you have served as director of going into your fourth year do you stand again congratulations. And but let's start with the program around. Administrator Heidi is this a gusto of those still Augusto OK I consider truck. Yes he is error bilingual I'm program administrator and so she's working into a live programming specifically with their Spanish speaking popular excellent so. We're trying to make information and resources accessible very little language is absolutely and that's one of the things that I find to be a twofold. Very joyful and fascinating. How quickly our young once pick up. On a foreign language that's true and really that's that's kind of the new norm downs your mind and a lot of classrooms that most of the students are bilingual. They speak English and also speak DR native language it's true that's right so how nice and think you missed a gore spoke. Yes a man not a guy I'm sure I got sick Fred yeah. At. So yeah this other out. Absolutely one next we have your program another program administrator injure when Harris she supports the grass trees per square meter program in the title went to an investor program X and so it takes not a word to give LBT news and information my I don't know speakers have those meetings are monthly basis fantastic. That no brings us to your next program administrator Tiffany Jake notes she does allow americorps programming work that involve scheduling our workshops. For you when I'm schools and her two is called us to think you bring justice works out he is scheduled she tends allowed those logistics excellent. That next brings us to get brio weaken us and she too is your program mature and actually use heat. Beat real Gingrich now you know what it now I'm gonna blame it on new glass. Half. Braille so. Our ignorance and fast and you're Gabriel and that gap Maria island I'll get it right you know sometimes it's still too early for. I. We'll keep it yeah you could move it. Tell us about this wonderful gentleman and his role yes this is a new role that we three years and we're really trying to build the capacity. Of our staff members are really support meaningful pairing gays don't work right and so a lot of the work he's doing his with their teachers and staff X and we're doing train means and we provide me with resource is to provide that welcoming comment. So that parents will feel comfortable acts coming in being involved in the lives of children. Very good cell Gabriel and Tiffany and Joanna and Heidi. And of course yourself Lindsay just thank you for the for what you do yes with the go prepare an academy. Now of course in addition to all of the program administrators. There would really be no Guilford here and academy but now this what the without this individual. Marvelous Ferris who serves office support yes and so she is someone who helps us with our purchases. And how good do you say. Making sure we give it you know my scheduling nature Iraq I mean tracking gear today all right. Iowa I don't town I'll answer it but yes she supports the work that we do. Excellent that was should be an individual that would help make arrangements and getting you hearsay to be on a public affairs are only certainly he has not calendar and we. Want to make it happen very big L some marvelous my dear hey kid this time we have Lindsay on the program I know exactly who. What is responsible for getting them here and you were on time don't tell me. Could Lindsay against so many wonderful things to talk about when we talk about the pilfered parent academy. I wanna get. Back to what she touched on a little bit earlier and it's actually mentioned about encouraging literacy. And I believe that's one thing that I have noticed that as as part of the media. We get a lot of great information in regards to Guilford County schools and that's the one thing that I notice. Especially as I talked about earlier. When our kids take two major breaks during the summertime and then the other being the winner break. The encouragement to. Continue. Towards literacy by reading. You even have occasions where you how wonderful reading challenges with the kids are asked to read X number of blocks and he during a period of time. A little breakdown with that how does it idea or the concept. Com about one and to know how many books. For your kids to read how do you go with the selection process that helps them during those times that they are away from school. Oh what word from really encouraging parents is to make sure your kids love to read in the way to do that is. To really let them read anything they can give their hands on him you know and saying you wanted to be topics of interest in the united so look for age appropriate books she wanted to be. Bullock's that they can understand income for you right and so. On what the district has set is really that thirty minutes per day which is what we're Rick can mean being right on for Paris to support us with a hole. This just issued their Q3 for thirty minutes and you know in some cases it can be a magazine writing a novel he could be nonfiction and we didn't mean parents he wanted to be certain things were so our curriculum and instruction department. They they've made very clear that we want is the love reading. If they love basketball. If they love football and if they blows could keep our our try to find some of those Bullock's. That our moral some of those topics and match signing fine absolutely and such an excellent point Lindsay because all we think about. Major sports where there is football or basketball and they see their favorite athlete on television. And they see the other fellas who originally the ones in the suit season with a little playbook looks. You know a lot of times that was something I wasn't aware of that they're actually breeding place and he and that plays a major role when your plane a major sport EU especially when you get into professional. Half athletic schism and or professional sports that those athletes those same guys. Need to have the basic skills. A knowing how to read those plays and he knows when you've got all the x.s and owes a lot of support for our age yes you really have to figure out. What the coach is telling. To his or her particular players. So again getting back to the fundamentals. Of the importance of Reading. I don't know if you did this would your family but one thing that I have always appreciated. Dean. And as a person who grew up with two grand parents who both at the time. Happened to be educators who were teachers themselves. The one thing and I would always look forward to when it came time to visiting grandparents on the weekend. A lot of times they war planning their lessons for the following week the number one and it was a wonderful opportunity to Bonnie just Kano watch. My grandmother's prepare for the classroom. But even more Julius was the fact that when it came time to. Sit down with them we read together and eat and it was like whether she was reading to me that she gave me the opportunity to read a story to her. You would like to think that's what a lot of families have the opportunity to do now yet and that's what I really appreciate about the literacy program because that. It's a wonderful way. Some excellent family bonding time exactly and for young ones to be. Whisked their family members in all of them enjoying a good book. 201. Thing I would band. Is we found out through research and my parents are the most imported absolutely in your children's absolutely and so win appearing C is he no way. Literacy is so important that each day. We're gonna take time. Where to free. And together again what that does he is that tells a towel bit. Which season imported my mama MID a say so we know right so that's the thing that we always does he want to. Encourage your parents to understand and you're the most important political and immigrant when we can make that partnership with the way to help. Carry a message for home. And that just helps us. In the school win beyond to support Turkey since such a good point too. Because Liz and I also think that as parents. Many of them realize a lot of what they say and do. Your kids who imitate just to Downey nanny thing that mommy and daddy will do in so it's really important a lot of things that we general special. We want our children to imitate and that's really a great example to set. You know whether or dare reading a book or even seeing some of their favorite programs on television even those programs. Encourage our kids to read and they have great reading suggestions as well. With with the kids. And speaking of books. And Lindsay what can you tell us what are some of the favorite books like it's like to read. The most that you perhaps blind. Will I'm may. Fourth grader. In them he likes some of the nonfiction books but he'd like science. And so. Is this interest in facts on some of the key aides are freed the com. With the characters on the cartoon characters that they'll find that L lanky right that's something of interest to the end of and I think some of the ladies and removal ladies who like to read things old fashioned design. Now being Sarah. We also have seen. A big push from DC yes. And then culturally relevant checks when available and so. Is having some country every once you know even children can look and they can see people all the balloons and a look in Vineland sales to rank and that you know they can really really resonates with them right and so I think just had a member IT available or only very she is also because in and its child based on their interest they can just go and applicable in the S and android. Now I ask you know they're a flashback. Lindsay did all. There was a time and we would have reading time in the classroom and all the kids are gathered together. And whether it was our own teacher joined the reading or sometimes we would have a special guest to come. Is is that typically now the case because obviously I have not been a classroom took a lot of time. NN obviously it in your position you get to see the kids on a daily basis. Yes status. He'll have been asked. I actually received then email then need to respond to suck up. Coming up than they are you aware though that how well we'll look coerced com where they wanted me to come the end he Henry. This should leaders and other people to coming in from the community to resume in just to make it exciting young children Noah may have a gifts in the classroom yes. Always did so I'm that's definitely something blue steel ball. Oh that's excellent and and great to know. Especially when they can have that may surprise every now because sometimes we'll tell you who's coming they know someone's coming by and sometimes they don't find out until the day that that buy gas like actually has an opportunity to read. Well just some fantastic things is always. Lindsay that continues to happen with the Guilford parent academy. And thank you again for the opportunity. Coming from your very busy schedules are doing fine now any closing thoughts or comments that you like to mention before we ramp up another addition of community focus. That's the first of our man to slow thing came here and may I. Always enjoy your you don't see is a blazer a time relaxing come on your pro life out he's. But I wanna see you with the radio can be very you know we're here to help parents help support. They're kids in school and in life and gives if there's ever anything that we can do from all this. To support children and then Kallis seemed to be supportive and if we can't support it or just something that's not really in Barre area we can certainly point them in the right direction so we wanna be viewed as that one stop shop to support our families and Lizzie we thank you for that end on that note will you please again sheer inning and all contact information yes armed the best way to reach services by telephone and they can reach to say at 336. 2794924. They may also visit the GCS web site at GCS ENC dot com. But those who were all in their file names and want to email list they can email inbox at parent academy. At GC yes in C dot com excellent. And as always in addition to that. Lindsay and keep me in the loop any information with upcoming events especially the ones that we've mentioned. Here on this week in addition I would love to talk about. On the Steve Harvey morning show weekdays during that community focus minute. And he sure that we capital zoo will be looking forward to it well my friend is you know with me noted bonds dismissal next sound so I look forward to that next time indeed saying you're playing easier welcome. Thank you. Radio family great conversation again as usual. By the way the Guilford parent academy can we give the physical address yes that is I have 01. West Washington street. Greensboro, North Carolina 27401. Excellent job. And the director of the he'll prepare an academy with Guilford County schools Lindsay a Whitley. Thank you sir so much wonderful company as all sang keys you're welcome sue and thank you failure wonderful company always greatly appreciated. Saying it's not plaza on one as having fun and that's what I always have. With the members and our community focused Stanley sell our return gave Lindsay a way they. Joining me Rene Yvonne radio family you have a wonderful rest of the day. And again thank you for the good things you continue to do and our communities as always please keep up the great work. Enjoy the rest of this weekend yeah Mondale beer in twenty minutes. But until that time thank you indeed for listening to a another weekend additions of community focus until that time again arrives taking.