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Program Manager Andrea Dalporto with Fairview Family Resource Center


Ready a fairly good morning another week in addition of community focus is here the weekend once again a honest. Another wonderful opportunity to talk about you and members of our community focused family. Our calendar continues to get wonderfully full and so does adding members to our community focused spam link. And to thank you radio famine for tuning into the weekend edition of community focused here and intercom stations. Saturday and Sunday mornings. It is really a joy to greet and say good morning into the newest member of our community focused family. And the wonderful opportunity that we will have to hear our. From family service. And their incredible years parenting seminars. The program manager of the family resource center. I'm Sherri adult court now. Did they get are you got it right big Indiana in the early morning to you my dear welcome to the community focused family thinks you know you're wanting to be here happy to have you here. And again as always say when new members very shortly of title I think that's shorts if I were keeping records. Thank you up but entry we do indeed have a lot to talk about particularly. With the upcoming fourteen week parenting seminar. And that's gonna be the topic our discussion called. The incredible years. Now I just learned something pretty incredible about you my dear. The mom of four bowl ladies. One and a phone do you mind sharing their ages with singer. Lance and my twins and a one out twins yes I was satellite. Having twins and as the main see if they are uniquely different urge. Even though they look like you and say look alike right I can tell OK so looking. Can't I that's what moms can do so if one brother is in trouble he tries to put it on the other brother it's not work for my thought. I. Have. Actually exactly when Andrea welcome to the show and indeed we have a great conversation. So let's get underway tell us as I just mentioned what is known as C incredible years. As an in years but in nineteen support for any caretaker. And imam my dad kept pastor and leave them Perry we have implant. Even have Ian and uncles cousins. Anyone and he lacked the child. And I'm sitting at a and it victory of where that and respect for thirty years well and how long have you served as a program manager. At their for I well what is your experience been like for you. In those five years it if I mean we did several different programs that it needs imagery is anarchy as one of moment thing at a years. And being a mom you're blaze I felt like I pay him continually. And that's wonderful and it's an amazing. Absolutely and to have that opportunity to be around and I like how you said. It doesn't have to be in terms of sometimes and we think of family. We think Oprah has blood can you if you will but family is family whether it's extended family people who are like family to us. What a wonderful opportunity that we have the family resource center we have the incredible years to really talk about those families. Now let me also she went to listeners this morning we talked a little bit about this before we got on here here on community focused. Actually the family resource and you have several locations. Throughout the Piedmont Triad thank you proudly represent the high point. Location that's correct. And he only everything that he my equipment like if I'm I think that kind isn't and we have several different programs and green victims there is counseling and humor and mean and handling of where they're. Right retirees and it's happening at him and where are very good so a lot of options yeah actions are very good. Kim an individual participating in programs such justice. Opening here's where actually enrolling now within the last three times a year and bear it beat out in on that plan only can definitely. It's plant and somewhere excellent plan and each Kong. And wonderful. V incredibly years talk a little bit about this parenting seminar we got a total of fourteen weeks that that really is a very. For lack of a better word that's a good long stretch. Where that particular type seminar when all exactly as simple. I agree with you here and it it is a Aikman and then when people first count and we panic and degrees. And air with them and year to a question Maynard just make sure it isn't that it for the parents. Next. We went and try to eliminate copy your ears that we provide child here. If pressed I'd in the hill at the very beginning in victory. And then we we take about two hours after that means you Mercury is fine and enact and then. We have a good time it flies by everybody's can't believe how they agree that health is and then how quickly the fourteen weeks and exactly just. Typically when you think of fourteen weeks seems like such a long time that the way you described it in especially on the activities Aaron well. You're right it could it could be here and done before when no one light out of one another fourteen weeks Cadillac re enroll and sign up again. We have parents say that all the time oh really can't be over yet and and parents that. To myself up and look children when it and that can and get another Alec is open is really on one child right India's second we have homework. Activities where they hill and and special time with their talent and hard. And they really at this and on wind out kind. Of the talent need discipline and need. It more effective meaning taste and am really into Levy's incredible years at Vegas and quickly they. You and that's a really nice way to describe it because it is. The incredible years not just for the child but obviously for the parent. And I light this. Andrea in terms of especially for new moms do acts or having their first child and of course. That can be sort of uncharted territory. Europe they have a little one they welcome into the world and sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming when your new parent you don't know exactly what to do is an excellent opportunity with the switching week parenting seminar. Definitely and and we have different age eight the bank and ears ring and I'll tell me we offer preschool green prince to read I bureau of and then our school age nineteen grief as five to twelve. And said no we it we look at and different things and as an appearance we have a healthy for our program that the parents actually come prevent its workers well actually come out and appearance and and help with me appearance fees that the only service has little quieter rainy yes. Your teen program. Absolutely. And the one thing to. Country that we can share that Stanley services at the Piedmont is the largest private nonprofit agency of its kind. Based locally right here in Guilford County yet excellent. You just actually. So. Check my next question does a child have to be a certain age to be part of our. And at the penny on their age would just let them and look at an excellent we have different each trained right in Miami. An app might children have and each one individually has to me when I heard it described Larry you can't let eighth circle and and it's where drag anti labor does that add up there it is I became painfully in the air right not to author of players each of our children and unique and absolutely. They do we have different need. And different support me absolutely. Early injury I like that because he is also a great opportunity. To tap into as we watch her children grow. And they're learning and taking in so many things. To watch them develop their own unique talent but their own unique skill because obviously no one child is going to be exactly the same. As the other against you use your voice for example for wonderful boys fifteen. All the way to twins an aged nine and you're absolutely right because of course the mindset and the skill sat. Of the fifteen year old is not going to be the same span of a nine year old and vice Versa. Excellent. Is it evidence states when we talk about. So yes it is and faith it's binary search for over thirty years well. It has that been re fruits and different populations different cultures. With children with 88 PM on the op of some spectrum play on different kind. Children and that's that's Henry thanks on pins and it is effective. NTT need discipline techniques and the meaning taste and and helping the priest problem and behavior problems in an affiliate actually and a proven effective for the period as well as the time that's. Excellent because entry into it as I'm listening to you say this I think that really helps number one bringing a sense of peace of mind if you will to parents because a lot of times so we have a child. One of the hardest is finding the exact diagnosis. Say for instance we do have a son or daughter who as ADHD. A lot of times unfortunately when we find that there are perhaps difficulties with her children. Obviously a label immediately get slapped on that person. And it may not be the underlining problem. Where the cause of why. Our children may behaving that way and so you're right. Research and he's such a major role in that because the correct diagnosis or diagnoses. Can help us say okay. With this particular program we can really pinpoint. How to help. That child. Again become the unique individual that they are bringing out that skill talent at skill set and really just help them feel comfortable. If you will. With who. They are as a child. Yeah that's really great. I think I have one more question to ask you these first few ministers of us if that's so does a wonderful community focused and we like yourself on your yet. Is the program free. It is free why are funded through the department of health and human services and he'll opt for the class where free mom it. And mail it out here and then left at that are needed weak number I think that. It's fantastic I think for our radio failing that's tuning and free. It's nice that we can incorporate even a lot of the activities. That take place and in the community and nice to know that that is available. So when can we don't have to put the complete focus on Kostis is gonna be too expensive for my family. Because I'm sure at least for me when I'm hearing Andrea this is a lot of of good that this can do for many of our area families. To get it all at no cost that's even better that's kind of like the icing on the cake right. And even think an absolutely. Made in our queries there alpha fourteen. The relationship ability to manage and thank you for mentioning that continue give a couple of examples of what you've experience it should for the program manager definitely. And a my mom I think he had multiple an endless at picking on her ordered tighter. And I remember when we are doing a special time which is just. Ending fifteen minutes with your out concentrated. On when you're out Blanton and Hewlett after the incident and beepers and Sheila. Like Ole. Yeah Ed I think. They see when I hadn't stepped up and thicker risk and her daughter actually came back in here that the that's very. Bled and different and me or her mom. And that's and partnered it's and the mom with blown away because the wild that he had been experiencing when her daughter and now her daughter comes home and he doesn't even have have to ask. Yesterday well. Millions they're now at daughter comes hand in fact she hearing her. And that's really wonderful because we do have at times those difficulties as parents. And as children lines of communication Mano alt to always be there as we would like for them to be. But one of wonderful. Opportunity and really that great experience of a mother and a daughter really connecting yet as such as a parent and a child. To where the daughter now feels more comfortable is more open and having those conversations. Especially you know exactly have to give us the age and I'm thinking you know too. We use and we talked about somebody like agenda and deeper this has to be a young lady in that particular age group. But you have those those teen years sometimes can be really tough I think we we go through them when we get to that particular age and a lot of subject matter is not always. One that we feel most comfortable talking to our moms and dads about. Yes so very nice success story if you will bear what Andrea this'll be a great a stopping point at least for the first half of the program. Thank you so much for sharing the information. Now can you give us a physical location before we go to break. And we are implicated or is it Amylin Taylor and between north mind. That kid and he's you know and related heated in the outside. And excellent. And your facility because I'm I'm trying to measure sharing the information. I have a pulled up on my electronic device you're open 24 hours is that correct we. I'm not OK okay where our office hours are nine IR. A glance yeah exactly offer evening I'm OK excellent. Right now we're having tea morning classes but we tried it rates an evening period OK Erica. I'm gonna have let's repeat that information so I wanna make sure that I am correct him when I'm Sharon you know audio stuff. Yeah that's actually you know. So let's say and so will reiterate that information definitely sharing a phone number in any other way that. Or someone who's listening to this year and we can additional community focus we wanna get as many people in contact with you. And this great service the fourteen week parenting seminar. Actually has now this really will be the last question. How long is the seminar in a place itself. I don't think years at like at factories surged thirty years and it is. And and going and are okay and as long as you end the program manager yet. With. Mainly service. To our rich and had an in the need for. A wonderful. Wonderful was something radio family to definitely. Think about as we appreciate your great company and Andrea del Puerto. The program manager of family services and the incredible years of parenting seminar fact several of them. But one that we're focusing on in particular the upcoming fourteen week parenting seminar. I have a question on that Andrea but we are gonna take a break. I'm back with more of the week in addition of community focused so thank you family for your great company we will be back right after this break. The weekend edition of community focused thank you rating family great company has always hearing in her on stations. And great people such as Andrea L poured out of the program manager. With family services is actually Fairview family resource center and thank you Andrea. As we come back from commercial break sure the location again is the south side recreation center for a one Taylor avenue based on a high point. But your administrative office you have one in Jamestown. And you have service centers in Greensboro. In high point that includes a fair few family resource. You guys for eight years so we are back my dear had much more than we can additional community focus in as we were discussing. Before the break there is the upcoming fourteen week. Parenting seminar. And that radio family is our topic of discussion and my question to you injury as we are back was this wind does the actual parenting seminar began. Yes and we have when fighting in hype in green girl and the Netherlands starting in me enough canyon ash and ire when they creep is going to be located and we outward streaking Nyhan. Investors acts on and it will be from ten to twelve Aaron Cook and every Wednesday but we're only after. Our other one of the BM mountain Zion. A plan elements are trading greens brown LB Thursday morning again from ten to 1230. And benefit as it's our school age. And then her preschool greed is in cash program and injuring him is he's going to be an. Excellent so we've got. Three great locations really that are central. To a lot of our radio film and that's tuning in and again as we touched on earlier there really is something for various age groups. Our children so covering the little wins all the way to the not so out of little ones. Here is a great opportunity. And what this fourteen week parenting seminar will include an injury no doubt there's going to be a lot of great activities it's gonna be taking place in wonderful. Let me ask you this how do you determine if a parent is a good fit. For a particular group as we just mention it. And it's a great question. We here at we want it to be a period at the parent and it has taken. Meant like their pre commitment is say OK for the next fourteen week trying to clear my schedule on every Wednesday. And runny. And and and we we get a question agents heading get our outreach coordinator where he mean interrupt. We interact at questionnaire with if he if it is that at. Now disagree is designed to be kind of like a preventative program. We're his homeland has experienced. And within department essential service came. Look at them again with more and and answer. And at and how to abuse cases and I will refer them on here and more informed that there. Accelerant. Andrea I also want to include in our conversation and really to get members of our radio family. Who are tuning in outside of listening to our conversation this morning. Getting them to. The website if you will house the best way to go about that. I say it's bugle and is that the only service and the team where they it. Eight pier BP only reef. Either one of them right excellent okay we can only say you've heard that just type event information on the Google search engine. And I'll take it to you. I'm actually there and that's the nice thing about having a public affairs show answer is that we can take our electronic devices here in the studio. And and pulled out the website and really just some fantastic information. And really to share what family services their motto is all about which is building safe and healthy for its. And a lot on the site where you can sign up for me is this a monthly or weekly newsletter. The month a monthly act and then also I can actually make a donation if you would like to contribute. But so many great ways speaking of which do you do you ever look we need volunteers for some of the services. Yet we actually have a volunteer coordinator just as their resellers and air land and excellent and even brand and the need different from the man island wonderful. I'm an expression as this and I'm sure some parents may be thinking about this and hopefully I can be the voice resolved. Can I bring my child with me to the group yet we keep our I child care. And we have. 8 and an evening classes as front and escalators at school in my friend okay right now we have parents and a half months and exactly. And that. Really has to be convenient. For the parent because you still have many who may. Have a job or are working in another capacity in which a lot of their. Some of their tunnel say a lot but maybe the majority of it is taken. During the daytime the evening classes that better. Or vice Versa you know the mornings are more suitable because they do have the time. And how nice that they can bring their little one know when little ones if it's more than one if the group. Now would if you don't have or one doesn't have transportation how do we alleviate that. Well when they comp and it's an empire question when are questionnaire that we can melanoma and that they need to get that. Excellent wonderful. No windows and I think we just address this question and X group start you just went through all of that but. Just go ahead and and repeated that a big breaks and march are. Is that gonna be our win fake kick off and I only in March 2 will be Eric where. Excellent. Now again as the program manager and I believe he said you've been with family services along mill I five years. If I can just ask on a more personal note injury how did you even come about. Being a part of family services and especially ending up as Superman that your. Yes and I may and happy at a hero. Family therapists. It's been amazing in each and and went islet saint about my when I was. It excited and the more I've gotten him out and the more I can see. As an agency over. Holing out of it and it it really in the end manifest at the age panic about oh we really deal in Chile spinning and with families it's and hoping for and where in and are used to be able to get out and it happens now. Absolutely and to have that type of love for what you do. Has to really add to unsure working with such incredible staff what is it like to work with people that you work. And down every plan and our agency is incredible work and our team mad at your feet in plenary thrift there. Amaze me everybody just pitches and as a team and it really is at him. Oh wonderful fantastic. Well again radio family as you are Google lane or you search a family services at the Piedmont. And particularly the one in which Andrea is a part and again that location is the Fairview family resource center. South side recreation center at 401. Taylor avenue. In high point you're really just gonna find a lot of nice stuff that's available here on the website. And again the other locations on. Convenience that's the main thing the one that's Jamestown. And the one that's so. In Greensboro. About some of the other programs that that are available that could be a good fit for a family or someone who's listening. Definitely if they're only serving as a whole has several different programs. We have victims everything he can help out with anyone his experience I'm they have a 24 hour and that's fine and emotional and and eight year. Multiple programs as well with humor and accounting service and then and have now with a keen. Mortgage and I'll kinds of information our plants and about them and the only opera counseling at its if you count playing individual keenly count playing. And that different at and support is there as well. Am feeling support fairness and amateur is that what I am underneath atmosphere became Leary an act. We even have plainly preservation for feeling he may be separate and then repeated child abuse and glad to her air reunifying. Map. And then we opt to have our healthy start program that helps with nurturing in nineteen and other evidence based program. One actually come into him at his needs here that we talked about and excellent. It became yeah I had I thought they please. We have eighth and a programs just within our resource and me because I mean media and we'll have one for child abuse awareness and April. Yet that they went in and around things in international in lately in the half after school track and senator. Have mentoring program that you leader program it's connected gardening wearing blue diagram. Mean we have all kinds of different services at. Cool is that because it sounds like something I kind of wish it was around lightly when when we were at about that age. Especially to have a program that concentrates or helps the kids. Really learn about the beauty of Spain's. That they can learn to to grow on their own. You have a lot of families that are getting more into that type of lifestyle. Definitely and a society. Injury and it age in which you know this. Lot of processed foods a lot of things that are making and that it's not just your kids now it's us as adults to. That are making us you know fatter we're more lethargic or not as. Into the exercise. Thing is as many of us would like to be and you know for whatever reason we either do it. Forum for that reason or we don't do it for whatever that reason. But the bottom line being here's a great way because I as. Of course for for many tuning in and you know that was one of the main Montrose for former First Lady Michelle Obama. In teaching the kids how to guard and how to eat healthier how to learn how to grow their own food so they know that. What they eat they know exactly where it's coming from an I think that's a really beautiful life lesson for all of us to. Sort of make that that transition out of getting away from. All the stuff that's constantly package. Of course she know there is going to be a variety of regardless whether it's organic whether it's process whether it's natural. We know they were so many different options but obviously as parents we we just wanna make sure that our kids are making the right options that are best for them. Yes and that program that they incorporate like entrepreneur says they actually friendly writing and they have given no way to homeless shelters and theirs and many different facets of the Harrison moved and is really need them. Now here's something I. I wanna share with you re a fan and I entry you already know about that's about the only services of the Piedmont enlarges. As I mentioned earlier our conversation private nonprofit agency. Serving children and families in Guilford County. Now here is an interesting. And wonderful factoid is you know not. Only have a staff Andrew but you gotta staff. We're talking about over a 120 cent of people working collectively. Under this agency umbrella. And when you think about how many families. That the agency and we service has server it. Through the many programs that you allowed just mention on the program 26 house and families. In and around with you for killing area. Mean it is a man's honor and a privilege to be. And it all goes back to how much you love doing what you're doing. It's evident in just talking with you my dear here on the weekend edition of community focus is to know that these programs. Are within reach. Because a lot of times this is. Opportunity in which. Many people may not know about family services they may not have an opportunity humor about it. Other than when they tune into a public affairs ship out. But to know that this isn't just about the fourteen week parenting seminar the incredible years that are about to start. Because the nice thing about this is as one program ends. Another one is about to weekend. As so it it goes into a really nice cycle. To Wear year round there is something in which many families in the area can participate in and be involved. Fantastic. And again injury as you talked about the areas of service or whether families he counseling. If there in a situation with any victims services prevention. I'd like this about the community education because the agency offers. What you have known as community empowering opportunities. Through leadership training. The neighborhood building activities. You also have applicants. Or advocate issues that are central to the mission on the service such as domestic violence. A sexual assault even child abuse through. Community awareness events and even various speaking engagements. Yes and then meet collaboration that mainly service and has the randomly test its an Aaron and the top athletes at these miners as someone has experienced island. It's like the ones apps for them to camp and yet what they can't. Tucked that they and that ticket touts the clean up every one and that means it. Dressed in one area and that if I'm geek in topic differently at. Exactly. So really. Injury there is something for all families. Who are tuning into the program and again like I say take to have this within the region especially in an area. Such as Greensboro perhaps you know one of the biggest at our cities. And and around the Piedmont Triad so when you just think about those numbers 26000. People. That are being helped in some capacity. On a daily basis that's got to be a great feeling. And it remains eaten yet and it's in Lee. An honor to be able to be working when the people that I work with my and to be it would indeed in the community ascended when it is. As the filling press and the NFL are. Error event that served. Now can you. We call to mind. Is there any particular family that may stand out to you in in your five years as a program manager. That you had an opportunity to literally see the Stanley grow. They may have originally come to you first came to you. When it was maybe a single mom. Or a two parent family with their first child and then. You notice the family starting to expand and grow a little bit and there have been situations in which you have. That actually happen or families have had an opportunity on several occasions to take advantage of the various services that you provide. Definitely and that's one of the great things about working European only serve as right we don't work and filing is there if someone comes and for the apparent increase and when he says this and then. Our victim services and we can refer them in between and at. And you ask if there's one feeling it litter really every family that I have been honored the work plan. I have seen it differently had eight aimed at tainted faces in the Caminiti anticipates that in the community. And literally can eat parent and and with the Burton. Just not knowing which way to turn. And coming out inning streak with a smile on their eighth and learning how to enjoy it there Finley in the three years that are children are going to be wet exact and I didn't think at a bulletin. Feed that information. Definitely and not just for the children but for the parents yet as well and really to see. When we think about families on one weren't connecting him as a family because relationships can be so precious between a parent and a child. And with so much that we see going on in the world and happening around us. A lot of times and I use the word earlier can be overwhelming and you're right. You get pulled in so many different attractions you really don't know which way to go out and then you hear about and agencies such as family services and all these different. Services that are actually provided. Specifically to meet the need of that particular family. It it really is wonderful that you have an agency in which that's your main focus. Is helping other families because a lot including yourself. Are persons who have your own family is or likely thinking. You know if I would be in that situation who would I go to if your life. Yeah. And they compassion and empathy Patton is involved at him in fairness and really just in courage teens see each other it is. So being able to defeat the current and vehemently absolute a lot of our families we'll come back and volunteer with that wonderful act to the community absolutely that is. And that's correct that's right that is a fantastic way Andrea to pay it forward. If you well and like you sad to see these families get closer together as a family unit. And to really growing to come back and see you know what I wanna do it for the next family that comes along. And it really is a reciprocal effect that Stanley wanna help the next camera and just imagine the relationships. That get built upon. Or even form because I'm sure for the young ones this is the what do you got a lot of about kids and I don't know if you can speak about this for your boys have an opportunity to meet you know fellow peers. Other kids their own age and find out you know you have a lot in common with someone who is your same age group hoosiers saying. You know ethnicity or whatever the case may be you find out you have a lot in common and. Hey you you you got a new friends yes and a and that was the neat thing about this parenting support it not only. Only if that a support greed that's an evidence based its research Stanford thirty years yeah curriculum does alert. My that it currently is about each creaking and uniquely different because they encourage one another. It is that being an active. With the use some Beatty and we do role practices. And every creepy here people. It's cute how does that Tina and I just the commodity in nano or not only known in her aunt. Don't really know what PGA event. We're figuring it out together and it's really need to feed that networking and how parents continue that relationship and that support. After the fourteen lead that. So Lou nice to hear Angie because that really does speak volumes of howl. Families and neighborhoods are connecting. That takes me back to what time we are that's what being a neighbor was about. Looking after their fellow neighbor you may remember the time when we were kids and anything that we submission stiff. We may be getting into. And we're like please don't let a lot of debt find out about it and of course you know the next door neighbor already knows and and things of that nature but. Also all but those two really helping somebody who ears. About you and your family not to say that that person is trying to you know be entitled Al or anything but sometimes you appreciate it. Those neighbors keep in and why Al preview. Because wing European parents weren't there either because they were at work or other things were taking place it was good to know that you had somebody. Who was really still looking out for your best interest and yes so that connectivity. Can play such an important role in canisters are great way to bring area families together. Definitely. And as one of the great things about working outside in the actual Caminiti were wary prisoners educated. It's that it is the community exactly feed that network yeah hit defeat. Someone else say you know what they helped me live building underestimate how men and how has that yeah. It it's just meet the fetus is continually weak eaten. Absolutely. Andrea you did a fantastic job I really appreciate the time that you have given us. And I wanna give you a couple of minutes anything that we didn't discuss. During the course of our great conversation or any closing thoughts or comments you like to share this. And increase the. Indiana really I hate it is a litany now with the family Allen like that's creek has the only service really does the like a family and it. Part of the communities and he had all. That it and I appreciate you because you are radio family. So we are so happy that your part of our community focused family. Now and Jerious we definitely are looking forward to you because I don't do good byes operation I was like just to tell folk. Until next time and Terry yes I'm looking forward to. And anything that should happen to come up as far as well all these. Wonderful programs and services that are available stay in contact with a Chenault passing information on so that we can talk about it. Outside of our public affairs show because we actually and I am I'm starting to to really push this. Now that we have Steve Harvey in the mornings there's actually a segment called a community focus minute. When we spotlight for a sixty seconds and it may be a few seconds over. But the the real focus is to. Talk about great programs such as this to talk about the various agencies with and we service is in particularly. To talk about when we. Look at the Fairview family resource center. Programs that are coming up down the road in addition to the fourteen week parenting seminar. Just keep in contact with me let me know what's going on idol I would love to share that information during the morning show. Well posted on the website what does duel we can come and that's what committed to focus about getting the word out sell your arm. You've done a fantastic job of that just here alone Andrea so again thank you. Your ovaries you're so welcome my dear so indeed until that next time. And in the meantime as you stay in contact with us. We do appreciate your company image in the great information that you shared so family you have all the particulars. Where you can go to find out information. One other thing injury that we didn't share is there a contact number in case someone does when I get in contact with you directly. Yes and my number is 336. 81889. Feet and famine that. They can call for any of our program screen and dory it's changed says his enrolling our peer and our members is the reef three and it. Eight AT and the green nine. I've okay wonderful. And again the location radio feeling of the Fairview family resource center. The south side recreation center is at 401. Taylor avenue in high point now even get does that count is 27261. So Andrea Della Porta. Yes model for. Handsome young boys fifteen to nine year old twins. And keep up the great work my eight years as well welcome and. Thank you already FM and we know you're doing some great work in our communities as well. Always look forward to this time of the weekend because it is an opportunity to sit down and talk about. Good things that are taking place or community calendar continues. To get fool with community events. So knowing that you're doing something good and our community better as great as well you keep up the good work in indeed until. That next time. We can gather again by the radio for the weekend edition of community focused. Do you take care enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend I for.