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Ready a fairly good morning it is very nice to be back always look forward to the weekends because that means every Saturday and Sunday. We get engaged in conversation here in our Entercom radio stations as irony Avon. Welcoming you to the weekend edition of community focused. As always great company here on our public affairs shell and another opportunity. Talk about good things and good people. That are doing those good things in our communities. Here is our topic of discussion today is to get you well informed about the seventh annual Art Shell and sale. To benefit meals on wheels and I have I really have to individuals joining me what is a support group. Now the group and the other on good to be speaking with directly first of all. If you don't mind let me two ladies for us as I say good morning seeing a boo boo AC Evans. Pacing good morning CNN morning Renee thank you for having absolutely. Thank you what you brought some company I did yes I wanna say two years Joseph make diver good morning to usurp the morning Rene. Very nice got a very lightly size. Well thank you bowels and as we do as I mentioned it started to talk about the of that. For many who live in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County are very familiar with senior services and meals on wheels in particular. What they may not know is that this is an annual fund raising event and I really appreciate you guys coming on the show us more about it absolutely wonderful okay. Joseph you sit back relax our artists I came back. As I wanna say U2 word newbies to the program the once you get started. You officials are welcome to the community focus handling well we're not only part of it yeah yes so welcome and thank you now Casey let's let's get started. Can you please describe what the art show and sale is for someone who was not heard of it before his mansion of course this is our seventh. Annual arts and congratulations thank you don't you comment. Benefits our meals on wheels programs so. We get area artists together there's over 46 artist this year and I houses together and off from the Triad area than. And they sell their work and they donate. And generous portion of their proceeds packed meals at him and has had the brainchild has come about because the seventh. Anniversaries very nice it is it is sad this is the brainchild of Dell Dell James and Bonnie dumpster EUR two artists. And they've been involved in the show both with their art and on the cleaning many and do they just had the idea they've. They've had senior services really close to them for many years. They understand the mission and the needs and they wanted to get their artists and together for the very wonderful idea to really connect are with community. Because that is probably one of the things only when we think about senior adults. Whether their family member just someone we know. That is a very nice sort of recreational activity. For older individuals to be engaged in art. So how wonderful that the art community. Is back to the senior community that's a really nice collaboration it is nice collaboration. And it's it's one that really has grown over the last seven years we're so excited to see. Are doing that as some we initially and habits of every other year as as the need it was continuing to grow right and the success of the event kept growing as well. It just made sense to hold it every year absolutely I was gonna say the popularity of it is has a lot to contribute to it I'm sure correct. Let me ask you this how did the event gets started and what is your roles are related to partner T shirts like I said Dell and Bonnie you're friends and artists. Decided they wanted to get there are prints together for senior serves meals on wheels. And so that was back in two out eleven and I was a volunteer in an intern at time. Out time flies out today. And it and it's really come full circle now I'm on the staff and this is my third channel as an employee but I've been involved in years. Is fantastic. It really is and to have again that. Camaraderie between. The art community and just the community as a whole because one thing that in this is on a personal note that I have come to appreciate. The seniors services I'm sure for a lot of our listeners when that time com's. For the help. Of our elderly loved ones we think of services such as this in all of the things that you provided to help our families. And very nice that the senior services has been around as long as it has serving the greater Winston-Salem area. Absolutely am so glad you brought that up Renee we've been around for over 55 years of his meals on wheels program in particular and like you said every one of us can relate aging. This isn't just act as certain demographic or some. Area of the population in this attack on absolutely and whether we lived. In the beautiful city of Winston-Salem were in Forsyth County very nice to know because of course when we think about meals on wheels just in general. It serves very likely. Many of the counties when we talk about the state of North Carolina correct there is a meals on wheels America umbrella that we your house underneath of those senior services is a private independent nonprofit organization. We only serve seniors and Forsyth County specifically. Meals on wheels is across the board one of the greatest and senior served population. Providers that we have and we just apart. Jolie wanna jump in there. I know I wasn't gonna think they hit. That she decided to change your lie the conversation is going that way that touches my heart ailment I'm revenue this thing you services I've only been here a couple of months well you are newbie and I there's I am Brandon. It I recently did my offers meals on wheels what was that like describe for us. It's very difficult to describe because that that's in in the way that I didn't expect. You. Either fully. Under oath muse faces we knock on the door. You bring them two months and it's not just this quick usual spot right. They they they welcome you into their home the the I'll clean as you about your day if if you don't feel like. You're just doing with them so it feels like you're giving something. One in in. I really had to jump in on them and no I'm glad that you will is. It's beyond awesome and in those people that we serve both seniors world and we are all going to get there. In the end I hope that when I become a senior in and I need a little help this them through the help me and I just don't usually. Absolutely. I'm glad that the original you to jump in Ann and Casey I think about that as Joseph was describing that experience. Where a lot of our seniors that may be on that particular or given day the only time they have contact with someone that's outside of family. Outside of a neighbor because a lot of times our seniors. They still have the air independence which is a wonderful thing. But at the same time to go through an entire day without any contact from anybody that's got to be typical. I couldn't agree more and and we see that so often with a large majority of our participants in the meals on wheels program like you said. Do not see anybody else during the day so that friendly face from the meals on wheels on here is so important. So it's much more than a meal to them it's a friendly visit it is safety check he's sure that there okay absent. It it just goes beyond it. Etc. those haven't great conversation. You win and that one on one personal touch right. We've come to understand that when seniors or isolated and alone in the you don't have those interactions rain. It leads to. Reader health crisis they're richer Heath. And just more problems of wind. They are in heats in the selling and living independently. But the also dipped interact with others don't. It it makes a world of if. Absolutely and even though he said you were still young to this and even though I have not yet personally. Volunteered and emphasize on the word yet if it isn't we'll run it as a society I'm sure we are always looking for for opportunities or. For volunteers. But to be the voice of of our radio family and I will use myself as an example. Just to imagine visiting that individual. And all the wonderful story she probably get to hear from that person about their family about their kids or grandkids the experiences they had. Growing up I mean just whether it's just for a few minutes and some cases it may be an hour or even longer just depending upon. How much time each volunteer has. Been talking with that individual you really get to know that person. And a lot of our volunteers have been volunteering for. More than a decade right with this program and so they really did it's now they're participating in an and they see them. Age and then maybe they have to and is on its first woman and they go and visit and the chairman and they get very close like family exactly. We have a core of about 2000 volunteers wonderful. Work every year and Monday through Friday each week and we serve Imus 12100 seniors and for. That's fantastic and another thing to info for you to to elaborate on this. That I notice. When you see services like meals on wheels and senior services. Are through various media whether it's radio or television. Is the fact that you see a lot of the volunteers who are seniors themselves cracked. Yeah that's correct I'm Smart and they can relate to psyche and I exact. It it's just it's so close to our arts. And we. We just happy that it's now has to contribute to that the man or seven years wonderful. And before we do get back to that and we really didn't get off topic I just wanted. To really give kudos to senior services thank you you're so welcome which by the way radio family is in Winston-Salem. 2895. Short feared drive and of course many of us. Are familiar with the location. You're right at the corner here across from. We Dixie classic fair fair ground is so we're located just kind LG Avian cost right on the corner of shorts and T exactly so. Deviant T feel beaten course where a lot of the home games at Wake Forest universe right. As I just mentioned the Dixie classic fair grounds and LJ via policy act Casey as you mentioned so. Really that's a nice try sacked he got a lot and went on and that what little order he wins the thing on this and exactly exact and a beautiful facility you've been at that location how long and going on eleven years now how how we built in 2006. Another situation where time is going by rather quick Italy really accurately. Well let's get back to the seventh annual art show and sale that benefits meals on wheels hosting of and itself changed over the years. Short so alike is that initially we have planned on having an every other year but the mean just was was too great in the success in this. Well as beyond our expectations and we continued eight year after year. The committee and artists and the war actually say comedian artists. Have pretty much remained the same throughout the years but we've added a lot of additional artists. And we've got a lot of mediums to finish out in the beginning we have a lot of pain teens when he's still do you rank but now we've introduced pottery. Would turning. Read the act sooner and all of that is handmade in original art and there are no parents worry that oh so let's everything is original after we already had me sold in the jewelry. Our game. I think the electorate and add that we have three or four Jewelers that our tax you'll plan that I I certainly. Have to do that. By the way are you looking for any additional vendors are all the space is pretty much you know you're pretty much filled week we secure that. In the weeks leading up to the end and and we start you know months prior to its a lot of I mean isn't this kind of a lot of heart to you Ryan. Where is looking for artists for future years Nixon have a committee that will review. The work and decide what it is appropriate for channel and end. The way that we do that is just based on history when hassled well in what seems to speak to the public and we do have something for every line as low as ten or fifteen dollars average. And of course would have. You spend that money definitely going to war goes toward a very good call lots of great calls his little will. Phil would sit to me. That they knew they were fine artwork for the people which is moving into this start whom land well people warm collectors find that. Right now race. We did have something for everyone as if if you are new homeowner and means your home with art it's a great show yeah. If you're consular and you wanna get your hands on M original art from our local artists who are on and in the community. It's. So wonderful point. Is for individuals who are very observe it. Arafat put myself in that category but I would admit. Franzen failed lay and and people that I meet and and there are just kind enough to welcome me. Into their home of the first things I noticed is the decoration of the home. What personal lives is it for that individual and a lot of times you see some huge for artwork and you have a opportunity to later discover and find out a lot of the art is is locally made some of the it's artist and live right here in the area exactly I mean we we are through week yet exist any art and that's right. It ended. It it does you can find all of these little small pieces it. When you bring someone in you have this conversation piece in the top two absolutely yeah I think it's an awesome opportunity. That to pick up a piece that there is now really love to have and to look at and exactly known as something that was released. Handouts grant is something that you can tell your family and friends well I'm the only one who has this. President tolerate him every pieces original version of east. And it will be just like added we have. More traditional pieces that will be available only has excellent abstract in contemporary pieces that is fantastic. Now just as a side note radio family even though the vendor space is pretty much filled just keep in mind. That win hopefully I think it jolt and Casey to come back at a future program going into another year we talked about it yeah is. Now it was a time to start thinking about it so if you aren't artists and you are vendor. And you wanna learn more you wanna be apart of this annual and the art show and sale. Let's of further details on how to get in contact. With Casey ends all. Tell you they the first few minutes of the show have been phenomenal you guys did a fantastic job thank you so mind having us eating on these and we'll talk yeah the last few days stick around out there that may needs to hear more from you young man. But thank you both radio family welcome to community focus again saying and I'm looking forward to more of our conversation this morning glad glad you. I have casting him as a cast he actually wore your name badge and light as. Director of annual funds and special events correct and Joseph you are the director of communication and engagement I am and you been serving in that capacity. We're very short time to join us I am like that's right so happy to be a part of them and I'm so happy to have you here on. This radio station and part of our radio am so looking forward to more conversation and thank you. Radio famine for your great company we are coming back with a more. Of the weekend edition of community focus will do so right after this more than we get addition of community focus here and intercom station security of panic for your great company. And that it is every Saturday and Sunday morning with me Rene Vonn and of course members of our community focus Pamela. I get it right this time Casey you tell me just think of other people with the name such as Casey Casey owns such basic ailments. Thank you and Joseph make diver for. With me here on the weekend edition of community for instance having absolutely. And thank you war. The great information you shared with us thus far about the seventh annual. Senior services art show and sale to benefit. Meals on wheels and just before we got to the rate. We were talking about what's really community. And look forward to when they come. Now. Please tell me I don't think we've given the date or the time for this event so let's do that first at our ballot. Usually it is on Saturday march or. Beginning at 10 AM to 4 PM and it will be our senior services center we talked about. 2895 shore fair drive and went excellent you're here early snatched her right basically our that your choice some art in it's going to be a great selection. One thing that I wanted to each share with our listeners and asking this question. Journal and Casey has it impacted the meals on wheels program. Sure so last year it raised enough money to provide over 171000. Meals to the Paris and which is tremendous given that we serve over 250000. Meals each year. It really is a vital program this is the only fund raiser that senior services holds internally. For the meals on wheels program we do have some community groups and churches will raise money for meals on wheels line. But as an organization this is the only one we have internally so it's vital. Absolutely and we wanted to. I really generator re emphasize for those who may just be joining us on the program. This annual fund raiser was created and brought to senior services. By two local artist inspired to bring community. Of their fellow artists to use their talents to make a difference in the lives of area seniors. So to that and you have participating artists donating a generous portion of the proceeds from the sales of their work to meals on wheels. The other nice thing about this Casey Angel as the event is open to the public. No no aggression charge so every 383 green and nobody could have a parking at drain well Lott. Was thinking that I wanted to and and if you can. And whoever would like to jump in on this. Joseph you and I were racially in contact about getting together for this wonderful conversation. And in sending the press release to me. Can we talk about and feel free to share as many as you like the countless examples of how meals on wheels actually does impact the community. Are there individuals specifically. That come to mind that you can talk. Rim nations that been there. It seems like the only I am giving us Doria pal. Meals on wheels have expected someone in the positive way yes. I can hear the story of a in the individual. Who with only 59 at the beginning of the story. But before she turned 62 and yeah she hit that pitch out needless. Healthy and vibrant before her 62 birthday this theme leading. Found herself with an autoimmune disease. She could no longer work. She could no longer support herself. And see that that wouldn't a gain feud with under a hundred pound. She didn't have food to eat. Into new phone will. Providing her with nutritious new Monday through Friday. And she surviving. And she is the right thing. And we're so proud to have played some role in that. Ended this is just told that this this lady. Gives built the roof of the credit she says that if it were not fruit mills who will if he would be dead right now. So that's when drew more attention and some stories that I I've been witness to. Win in this what we touched on earlier in our conversation. About many other areas seniors. It really comes down to. The error in the putt just lost their quality of life right in the fact that we have a lot of senior adults. Want to have that ability to be independent for as long as possible. And of course there are family and friends I can help. But I I inning and I think this can be set for all of us when we think about whether it's our mothers or fathers grandparents. And as they get older and want to continue to do things give them the opportunity to do that as long as taking. That a lot of time thinking well yeah and a lot of times they won't be. Readily. Admit that Hussein and need a little bit of help correct but sometimes it becomes a sneak it in where we can agree but at the same time we still want to respect. They are independents. In their dignity exactly that nurture our mission at senior services apple arts yes us that this this is on wheels and that overall is to keep our seniors at home for as long as hospitals salute living independently with dignity and purpose and meals on wheels is greatly deem that Ryan before a lot of them are coming to us at risk of malnutrition. In almost all of them are isolated. Him and says this visit and warm meal every day is just a very important part of their lives absolutely and really. Yes you know you'd you'd used the term and leave the many times today. And that's the news services is in how we feel about a community works out there and Leon. And these are all about grandparent you all of our man is in alma media center our. Big mama thrash all all of those roles. In this up to all of us to contribute to help them to be different. Very true because many of them where they are for us exact you know raising us. Helping us and they were lie like you said they weren't the manners sometimes our own parents. Could it be in that position to fill the role as some who are raised by grandparents among older adults. To help a son or daughter. Who may not be in a position to do it on their own and that's why we always encourage our communities not just about your biological Grande mine. Is about that groom over their mean that half someone exactly like your anger and we want you want people to come out. Is this teen services and income that ordered. In part ways with the contribute at some help now. Absolutely we don't say well we're town that is what family is all about and definitely having family here of the week in addition of community focused. Describe what senior services doesn't help does this all come together. I'm sure so's senior services is independent. Nonprofit organization in Winston-Salem we have seven programs. And to achieve our mission of keeping our seniors at home as long as possible meals on wheels is our largest program we've talked about that we are 12100 seniors day. Per weekday we also have a help line. We have senior lunch sites throughout the community for seniors in May not be homebound right they can still get out and they need that and camaraderie and fellowship when they're trying their analysts' seniors. We have home care programs and living at home programs where we sent CNA's Anderson out into the home to help with bathing and dressing in light it Pratt and anything that they need to keep them home run. And we also have the Elizabeth intent Williams adult day center. Often Norris street at the center designed. To provide respite for caregivers humane means I caring for someone with alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss and dementia. It's award winning it was. Ranked the best in the nation back into outer rings and an east. And it is a terrific service as well we also have a picture choices which houses kind of outlined. Hands them. Other programs and services provides so there's a lot going on apps and at any given moment right a lot of spinning plates. But it all just panic comes together like tunnels and as a family and our mission is. Too it's. Absolutely and I just can't commend. You Casey Angel in the entire staff. As senior services for what you do so please. Extend a hello on behalf of all of this year. Entering in to a nation so angrily to appreciate that getting back to enacting that really goes along well with something we discussed about briefly earlier. As far as volunteers. We look at a person who is listening to you to this public affairs shows say I would love to give back my time by volunteering at senior service shirt. You can visit our website at senior services ink that ORG. Or give our officer caught 3367509. Theorists have been. Airplane tee a volunteer opportunities we're always looking for meals on wheels volunteers. I mentioned to you before that we have a lot of loyal volunteers in them on a regular basis right. But they also have families and they have vacations come out so we're always looking for substitutes. And we have new routes occasionally that we'll have to fill. So where I was looking for volunteers yes I'll. In answer the really cool thing about that's what with new phone will learn is that. Will will make time for you if you can only do one tomorrow. That's fine c'mon what we're trying to find it over for you again if you can do it every day you will find that opportunity for you as well abstinence I don't think because you're time is limited. That there's nothing you can do right good point we need your help. Please don't check out. That's it and you know two edged dole and and Casey I think of it like this. Here's a really great opportunity this kind of twofold. Obviously you're you're helping many of our wonderful seniors. In an around Winston-Salem Forsyth County but when you have an opportunity to volunteer like this thing about all the places. That you likely don't get to see. In and around town because whether you're born and raised in Winston-Salem where do you live cheer for a long period of time. Is a point with myself. It still amazes me when I traveled to two places. Bieber never been to haven't been in a while. And see how much it has transition and how much it's grown. It's really wonderful to be able to get out and about and see a lot. How Winston-Salem to really see the Twin Cities world over the years salute me now. We do it there's always an amber am learning about exactly are you meals on wheels and any other friend and sadly though it's a vast community areas. There all our neighbors as that's before we can. All of us an early age and its impact on the hearing abstinence. Absolutely. Here's another thing that the comes to mind when when I think a senior services. And I'll I'll use this as an example myself I had a grandmother who. Fortunately was very blessed to see 97 years on this I mean. And she passed away in 2008. Not a day that doesn't go by that I miss are black and I know Rossi are again without getting out here idea. The point being. A lot of times there are opportunities where if seniors need assistance such as with McCain. Or with a walker. I wanted to talk a little bit about that because there may be situations. With our listeners. Who wore it. Who were in a similar situation that I wasn't my family or probably are where they're looking for ways in which. If you can't go to say a medical supply. Share area. To purchase those items or if you're looking for items that can be donated once that person is officially deceased can can we touch on the battle it. Sure week we do have a lending closet at senior services at cern he may need. DM me your journal medical equipment as walkers canes Leo two years. And toilet lifts handlebars for showers anything like that and and that's that's all because of the support. We have that's coming in every day off the street donating items that they love and knees anymore when I. Maybe they have passed on or maybe they didn't nursing facility right either way they think of us and premier Viktor Natick and everything is on cleaned and sterilized and clean. We've landed out of that Unita that's great passer with. Thank you for for dressing that that was kind of an aside impersonation. Of me even. Other things are donated some time okay. Paper towel yet. America yes in addition to to food. And durable medical equipment we shall stable food. Paper taos where each item personal hygiene items with excellent throughout the year. It's meals on wheels Austin has kind of a branch of their program where we stand now grocery bags. Every few weeks into the hands which shall stable food eaten an emergency meals in the event of inclement weather we're war. You know for food that they can have on the weekends as we we don't route on the weekends. So yes we're always taking shots of its personal hygiene items and it's meant Anna and unlike the fact speaking and I'm glad that she brought that up. Is Casey in terms of inclement weather. That are older ones can still be taking care of even though we can't get to them directly that's correct in any event of inclement weather as it that they do you have. Hopefully. They have saved up some of hear them. Emergency meal is that warned that occasion run volunteers make calls to all of our meals on wheels are wonderful on snow days to make sure they're okay Eric. Excellent. I wanted to speaking of meals on wheels and wanted to ask. If it is at all possible can you describe to our listeners what a typical meal may be comprised of what can our seniors look forward to getting wins short favorite. Get a visit. Rex buried at. Moment we have at him longstanding partnership with Golden Corral for many years very. And so all the meals are prepared and package ankle and around. And they are trucked over her in the mornings in the oven. We bring the men and today is our. And greens. And that's our favorite green you're an American who agree. I don't notice ever in their into John yeah it does Alicia safe for anybody who has been to a Golden Corral. And you see that delicious but they have food. How wonderful to now that's exactly what her senior adults are getting because again getting back to the independence and the dignity. How gorgeous lovingly shows respect. Who are elderly ones. We serve them what we would eat Eric's except I would bring me right excellent point excellent point. Real family thank you so much for your wonderful company and of course. The company of members of our community focus family our newest members and Joseph the Khyber and Casey hammonds joining us here on the weekend edition. Of community focused joining me Rene Von. You guys I've really enjoyed my conversation with you I'm not done yet had a couple of more questions and that what are your hopes for the future of this event as we do continue. Talk about senior services seventh annual arch now and sailed a benefit meals on wheels sure we hope. Deceive the momentum. Continue to grow. Throughout the years going Howard and our ultimate goal is to minimize or hopefully eliminate the meals on wheels waiting list which right now currently teeters around 45 well. That there's a lot of factors that go into that at this art show on March 4. Will help alleviate some of that in and each and every year we found that it's it's just a wonderful impact on meals on wheels itself and we just have to continue to see it fantastic and thank you for sharing with us again the date. Of march 4 against starting at 10 o'clock so really a nice. Start to the day most of us are up and out and. Adam about 10 o'clock on a Saturday in his beautiful as the weather is is you ask yourself or not who would you it's going to be agreed to a hands and do great time yeah. Mean we just hoping that he is many people out piers we insist that do little or so ten to four of that is a very. Good time really not a long day radio family but just enough time to not only see some beautiful our work. But a chance to purchase and again knowing where your monies are going to benefiting our wonderful seniors at meals on wheels. Now again the location senior services senator. Is 2895. Shorter drive in Winston-Salem. You have heard Casey and Joan mentioned senior services. The world wide web and I have to say I've really liked that website and I heard an estimate diver you had a lot do with that. Well I for a teacher when I try very well. Yeah. You're out was very helped us there and very nice website and radio fanning anti wanna encourage you to take the opportunity to peruse it. There is a lot of great information on there in fact. As I look at where look at it on my. Own personal electronic device. A lot of great service is a really nice breakdown of everything but senior services does. Or area seniors to take the opportunity. How you can find help with the mission is he even have a section on community aging conversation. Again can you tell us a little bit of what that's about. That that is so. Thing that we will definitely be speaking to you about. Basically we wanna make for thank county a great place or maybe the best place to eight with dignity and grace. And we are hosting for community conversations. To bring together community leaders elders and it's just people were concerned. You grab a weight to that in I'll definitely be in some. My music has seen I'm not I'm already about two or three steps that if you and turns of getting you back. On the weekend a dissident community focused channel and Casey as well. Another nice thing to about senior services into Warrick is that you really do. A very nice job posting a lot of community events that are taking place so any time radio family wanna know what's going on. Senior services and how active they are in the community visit the site and of course you can call directly and and here. A wonderful. Speaking voice whether it's Jill are actually or any. Of a Casey there I go again I get a the spelling in it and it's spelled like Cassie. It is AC I'm gonna get it it's it's quite Aaron it to me a couple of these two real. You're so kind you're not appears to be impatient it read it. It faster next time I promise. But of course she could also get additional information by calling 336. 725090. Cent. Let me give each review the opportunity. We've got a couple of minutes remaining on the program any closing thoughts. That you would like to share again Gerald Lee disperse a monster with Casey. Well we just want to thank you and Rene for allowing us this this time with uranium in Italy we are just delighted to be here to share. This wonderful event with the community get the word out and again on Saturday march 4 our seventh annual march on sale and eating meals on wheels have hundreds and hundreds of pieces there available for you. Starting anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars to its and we have something for everyone and we really hope deceiving wonderful. Just make Ira I think you'll have the final word on this program at. OK well then to do when. I just went through a little less and it is tuna come into the senior services and only two to feed how. Great the work this is the organization is doing in our community for out elders. It makes me bill crowd every day to come to work. Into. These small role. In making people's lives better know what I want our radio Finley to know that they can help in the mission. There there are opportunities to volunteer. And don't need. They can bring your dog or pet friendly and is it is do something for everyone. To help Al. In this this mission. And again for gritty a feeling those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit seniors serve as you're gonna find. That this space. Really is just perfect for an event such as this that is coming up on March 4 and I I will be honest and and I told typically share this with individuals but look too far from there ourselves. What are great opportunity if you just in the general for sanity. If you live close to that area of deacon boulevard ensure fair drive. I mean you're only a few minutes from my house. You know you could be walking distance who knows if I don't think I'm as I'm in just look at the art it is they are killing one and write so don't be spurred ticker inspired if that's exactly exactly said just a wonderful opportunity of radio family to bring your family. And to be with family as senior services and obviously jolt and Casey that's the case war. You when your entire staff and it's like family and there now and really helping our our older loved ones and just kudos. Tell all of our seniors who particularly are listening to. This week in addition of community focused. I really liked the fact that we had this opportunity. To if you will. Shine the spotlight and you know they are a lot of seniors who probably don't get the real credit that you discern the hard work that you have put in. And now that you were into your senior years. Really you know the expression these are supposed to be your golden years and for a lot of our seniors. It can be. For others it may be a bit of a struggle. But just like she knows that should never alone. You have a wonderful group of people in Casey Angel. And all of us here in our Entercom radio stations and please consider Russia or extended family and just know we're thinking about you. We love you and we hope to always be there. Thank you and I am helping you I think that'll be a nice way to officially bring this program to win and and as I say. Casey and jolt. There are no goodbyes on this program so. Really keep in touch with me. With other events that are taking place with senior service is just gonna keep me in the loop even if it's just a quick email to talk about an event that's coming out hundreds of meals on wheels are senior services. Definitely great information that I want to pass along to our listeners. Whether we do it in the mornings on the Steve Harvey morning show whether. We share that information at our station website let's keep in contact apps through and kind thank you lie lie hasn't infirmary yeah. Husband spot you know I was when I look forward to being on a public affairs show is having an opportunity. Always some meat to people like he sells some good things in the community keep up the great work thanks Rene your lord and thank you watch out of that starring at likewise for you radio family and there are a lot of good things that you were doing not always wanna recognize your wonderful work. And to say do you keep up the great work as well that is gonna wrap up our week in addition a community focus once again. A one thing Joseph look I ever and I wanted to eight. Eighties scene and well then yeah. And I don't eat or not right here thank you and radio friendly. Thank you for being a part of the weekend edition of community focused. As always do enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend we will talk again soon take care.