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Radio Stanley good morning welcome it is very nice as always to be with you another week in addition our community focus. And I indeed Renee Von welcome you to our public affairs shell here on our Entercom stations every weekend. There is always something good taking place in our communities and it's good people like yourselves. Or doing those good things I'm happy to have this young lady joined me she's the newest member of our community focused family. She happens to be a personal stylists now you may be saying to yourself Burnett. Personal stylist no not in the hair depart Ment but if you think of style list in terms of clothing. To look your best to fuel your best on whatever the occasion maybe. Darlene Davis is the deep personal stylish you wanna go to U. And we're about to explain why darling we have you here on the program personal good morning. Good morning Rene fled to be glad to be here with you as well and welcome first of all to the community focused family. Thank you you're welcome seeing new movies to our program really don't hold that title very long senior official now. I remember the QF family let it be glad to have you here and and early as I just mentioned in. Introducing you to our listening audience your personal stylists. For a company known as Jay Schulberg yes and we're gonna go into detail about that and particularly why as a personal stylist. To be here and our public affairs show you really want to. Help us in terms of what this company and US a personal stylus can do to get back to our community so we want that to be the focus of the program. But. I guess we start from the beginning tell everybody tell me about the company jailed for anti missile background. Okay. Jay Coburn has been around since 2007. And the company started because. Our CEO I'm president. Wanted to get a really good custom fit church. So after going through the process of ordering through that through other companies he decided to form his own company. And so his whole philosophy is to help men. Look their best at any via waiters professional casual or formal. And the company is a direct sales so we're able to bring me and high quality luxury garments were right. Would doubt that there actually affordable they're from the the fabrics are from the highest quality mills in Italy well and what really really helps me and he is to feel good in their clothes away and they want it look good right but they want to feel good. And we manned by off the rack and it's one size it's now. Always say out of the and I can I can just see Darryl just about every male will listen listening to you with your community focus are probably shaking their heads in agreement. Two things that came to mind issue were mentioning about the history of jail burn. Was quality and affordability. And a lot of times we talk about religious clothing in general but particularly. As our target this morning is for men. Who we're listening terms of those two words don't necessarily get out again I either get one end. Or the other but how nice that Jay Coburn wants to offer both in what you provide. As a personal stylist and how this is back to the community and I like how like what you said about whatever the occasion. That a man wants to look his best both on the outside. As well as on the inside so whether it's Ford that. Important job interview exactly what you've got a special occasion where you wanna look your best here's where you NJ he'll work. Can really help its active in in seeing that come to fruition. Right and and what's wonderful is that we have no stores. The personal stylist is the store well and so we're able to provide a unique service using our our clients. Me and get assistance personal assistants to select their fabrics like. And they get the highest quality fabrics these Egyptian cotton fabrics and they're constantly bringing new seasonal favorites. But working with a personal stylist posts and coordinate a smaller. But higher quality wardrobe in that mix and match to pieces well and used for many multiple occasions. So. Personal stylist can come to their home and meet with him at the home they can meet at the office and saving them both time in my whole absolutely and that's important in our world time is. Is as precious a commodity is money is well absolutely so. That's our goal is to provide that. Ultimate custom fit that is designed we take over ten measurements of their body win. And then we put that in a system that helps us get the exact correct fit or garner forbidden and the shirts are made. A pattern has made specific for their body harsher and what I really. Like can appreciate about that early two is that when we talk about men who are fathers. Our husbands. Our own schools our grandsons are nephews. And so one and so forth. A lot of times shopping especially for men and for all of us first and foremost it's frustrating but particularly for the male. Who wants to be well represented. A lot of European box big box retail stores you just can't walk hand. And find. Where. The nice thing is we do come in all shapes. And sizes and heights. And but the fact of affordability because that's another thing that can be a bit of a challenge is that everybody has a budget. Expect to work with especially men right or equally men so that's really great to achieve something like this happen. How does come up to help. Well I mean as I said our CEO and president. He worked in the financial industry and tried ordering custom made clothing. Found that it took a long time it was super expensive or so he developed this idea of forming a company and from where he could bring luxury. Quality clothing. Two men everywhere well so that they can really look good because. Maybe five men have the same next size but there are links are different their bodies. Shapes are different right it's so late this this allows. Me and to look good Clinton in the shirt and personally customize. The design deet tails of the church or in his preference exactly so the garment created can be completely. Different from any other shirt made and that fact. Early you know that. What this may also at least say to me and perhaps some of her listeners tuning in this morning. Especially for the mothers the wives who may be tuning in insane you know what I've been looking. For someone like yourself as a personal styles because again. There may be that degree of difficulty to finding that perfect fit for you whether it is huge pressure or the entire suit. Is the fact that also a lot of them probably only have like one or two suits total. That's it. For every occasion whether it is for for office whether it is or for pleasure. Whether it is for you know we have that one day out of the week where we we worship at. Wherever it is we may be and then it's just that once you've or one or two suits. But when. You know you're not gonna find it once again answer typical big box retails. Right and and that's really something terrific for man isn't that Jay help or has this. They have developed. Techniques where they're staying on top of fashion for men yeah and what's current but they give in so many options that's it's really nice to have if you want that classic traditional look. Or if you'd like more tailored blue moon and then even the more European look. So there's so many varieties in the deet tails ring that again makes their garments uniquely. Especially to different absolutely than it helps him to look their best and I. Men that I speak when you want to look their best they wanna feel comfortable on their clothes but they wanna look. And what's nice sterling is you likely have an opportunity to speak with gentleman that come from all walks of life. Yes that's a great thing about it and you know what you just have to say there is nothing more. And I did the word escapes me there's something. Or there is nothing more players and are used that word into C a sharp dressed me it. Ask and definitely in they don't have to have a tie on too deep right exactly but. We help men. Build a basic where true even and they can add to that an update as time goes on. But it showing how that they can take a I'm excellent tailored navy suit and gray suit at a couple of sports jacket even that. A variety of shirts and both patterns and solids. And they can mix and match that wardrobe. Into all high quality. Materials that Ryan asked. Typically a shirt on off to Iraq will look good for about six months. A year to the right but after that it's stars looking Warren hand really. Guys just aren't. One into wearing much exactly but would. Clothing because of the quality. Fabrics. And the quality of Jim beam put together. Brian they're still looking great after eight years all of that's fabulous well you know yeah that your investment is worth a indefinitely and again. Just the feel of the fabrics retain fabric samples to 2 PM and let him actually look and see what they're gonna look like what does it feel like. And that's grabs me and they want their close to you absolutely. Really into look ahead to an idea. And this just is who this is really so unique about and why I appreciate you coming on the show to talk about this one. This is really. A new topic of discussion for a public affairs show because you don't typically think of at least for our men. That they can have their own personal stylists and someone like yourself. So it's really nice to have styling and clothing options. And we can fine from. Someone like. Members of our community focused family you have an incredible. Website here. That tells us more about. DA. RL AD. A VIS. Died. He'll with one L also is HI LP you are and so it's Darlene Davis dot. And they can definitely look at the fine quality. A fabrics and styles that are available for every day may. And definitely. And we keep it current we are always adding new new things and I'm very excited about this new neutral suits you learn that is versatility with the brown sing it well so that's something besides. The basic navy and gray suit in the closet for eight I add in this this neutral Suton can you got more pieces to mix and match to solve rate will go together and so. That really helps them. With your wardrobe needs and you know we stay on top of what's what's happening in the fashion world that's I mean we've got. A lot of famous people wearing our clothes Marcus Spears we have extended sized seen. Just so many options when or for every man's conscience and again that you get what you pay for its quality and hampered. As our 40 definitely and that's a key and and hopefully there'll afar for all of our fellows that are listening here on the weekend edition of community focused. They're liking what they're hearing. And especially for for the wives of the moms and pit and and all the ladies you have that in. Who have that very special person in their life and there's an hey. I've been wanting to see it been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do and now here you are giving us all the information that we need to now. So radio family I hope this really is something that your your liking in. I liked the fact darling that after we take this commercial break we're gonna come back and chat with you a little bit more especially. With this question how is this shopping experience different from man. We'll get in the details with that but again I wanna welcome you to the week in addition of a community focus of thanks for joining me on the show. Thank you say you're welcome and thank you radio family we are indeed coming back we're going to be joining us once again. Darling David she's personal stylists with. For the weekend edition of community focus back from break in all ways I do appreciate. Radio famine you're great company there is always good people. Like you doing some good things in our community and we add one more to our community focused family. Again we hope that she'll be our irregular in fact she already is part of our Q that's family if you're just joining us I wanna say first of all good morning and welcome. To community focus as I would welcome back personal stylist Darlene Davis with Jay. He'll burn you thank you Gerald for hanging out with me a little while longer I'm really happy team and happy to have you on the program because. For. The mail that is listening to us or someone who knows of the mail that wants to look their best. You're looking to bring personal style character and really class back to a man's wardrobe and that is what. It does it two ways with affordability. And quality and to have you back on the show to talk about how you deliver. This custom men's Wear that doesn't require a high price for exceptionally high quality. We appreciate it and one thing that. We which discussing a little bit during the break darling was really giving a breakdown. How you really are different from the typical store. That a man may shop in that and being a personal stylist. You can really sit down one on one. With that jump right it really is like a personal one on one consultation. And ends to Wear from the measurements to actually giving. That individual really a big picture. What they're gonna look like with with the whole ensemble. The shirt. The jacket. What the blazer or or the pants are the trousers even down to the she news and the Sox. Whether they wanna go with a tie or without. Either way whatever the occasion may be you really helped gentlemen to find that customize stuff but they really can't get anywhere. It's exactly our services are stylus services are completely free we. In experience or make an appointment and meet with this gentleman. With him and his wife or girlfriend or whatever that would like to participate in right and checking out the fabrics that we have. It's an opportunity. To help them see what. What's your needs are right but how they can also customize their wardrobe. And really build on that wardrobe of high quality garments and and so we help them see what their needs are professionally isn't because everyone's job is very important to damn an. You that you have about twenty to 32 seconds when you meet someone to give. To give that first impression exactly and you wanted to be the best and see and you were sure you want to look clean and pressed. You want your garments to feel well except and we have researched or come to his researched numerous customers and hours and marketed. And fit is very important for payment. Success so that is what our company is focused on is getting the right fit for each individual client and that's what that one on one confinement does. We we. Their shirt laughter trousers CNN. So. We also find out analyzed and assessed what your needs black Asians do you have coming up right right what are your favorite colors and patterns what your least. Favorite colors and patterns. And also in talking to some of my clients then they want to. Push the boundaries a little bit they wanted to try something new other leg was that Guidant well and so Jay Coburn gives all of there's finalist. Extensive training and we actually have to train to be able to use the tools that we expand it necessarily get certified and we get trained in each level of the defense some. You don't typically hear about a stylist who has to have that right amount of training that makes you really good at what you do starlet. I have to ask because. You and I know each other. I'll sign of the public affairs show we we have a wonderful friendship out outside of the radio station. Where did because that's the one thing I think that's one of the first things that I had either heard about you or have learned about you. Was that that was really your area of expertise. Not just working way if fabrics for gentleman that you just like working in clothing together because you've done. Gal who is you don't enjoy Russ newsstands so would sure love for what you do not just necessarily as a personal stylist. They call what's the first thing you sowed the. How. I think the very first thing I episode was a dress. And high school who are maybe eighth grade. And I can still see the colors to this day go right that was like a little tank dress and white top. Artists and just so. Light green bottom paso green went from eighth grade and I'd I'd love that dress but yes I do love looking grade and and it is a joy in a measure to help. Others to. Feel good about themselves Zelaya wearing so even though I've been a seamstress for over thirty years what that all yes and no way Darrell. Knowing that my children were very very little making him do everything from dresses to death and hats whenever they needed. That's great and them I've enjoyed making some waiting garments formal garments you a lot of alterations but. That is what helped me crossed paths with Gerry helper you and I found a whole new passion would this business and that. Women seem to have so many different options examined that clothing impassioned and very sure but neither are becoming more aware. Up fashion and they want to look good but what are their options. They buy off the cramming a lot of other people wearing the same thing they are and they have to go get attain a certain just. And if they want to look nice and they got to get it tailored. And so this business skips that step. By helping men before they eat into the garments that it's designed exactly to their personal running and I. Like the talent because that really is helping a gentleman to see reliable forehand when he visits are getting. And in working with someone like yourself to have a score who has over thirty years of experience as a seamstress. You have some experience and then show them my dear to boot now I just mentioned to you before we came back on the breaking you kind of touched on this. And and just start the last few minutes set that we have continued in our conversation here on community focus. The shopping experience definitely is different from men because as you said most guys just can't go into a store. Like we as ladies and young girls can do in just pick something off Iraq and you know have it custom fit because daughter is I think a lot. Just like the girls we don't want something that's too tight. At the same time we don't want anything that that's kind of too loose and maybe can look a little sloppy and just give the overall wrong impression that we're trying to bring. Definitely. And usually when men go shopping and retail stores right. There's a little bit of help but there's not someone that is trained and skilled to help him coordinate. Not just one out in right up there what her whole war wardrobe that will marchers gather exactly how began to have. A wardrobe that won't fit in each patient exactly wanna be able to have that and for a successful businessman. They want to look at least as good as they're. Supervisors. And Marine One level above. Brian never going below them and and that is what gives people confidence and trust counseling and working with you whatever your business race. Today many corporations are kind of going more. I'm. Very casual yet come on business casual summer business can win any of them are even going. Morning casual Wear one just the polls and the G right right. But. I don't even there's a way to address sent out to idiot yeah. You can just and then jacket without the tie right. But having enact a nice dress shirt underneath that even if he'd do where we genes Rooney it just puts you one step above exactly the rest of the. That crisp look what the gentleman that has that right ensemble multi combinations and I didn't mean to cut to a deli where not to mention something about your door. Oh just. She mentioned in this is something in my research as well who knows you need to address. What at least one level above of what you would like to work camp. Because if you if you're dressing more and more casual right then they're not looking at you at that next level up good passer out of working in the corporate world right so you're richer you know it's not just in her views are formal affairs and wanna look Sharpton and for people to trust. And have confidence in doing business with you. You've got a look at. Exactly especially when you likely end. I guess it's likely going to depend on the individual sometimes people ask you. Who are you wearing eight that a lot of the award shows and they say and act nature and that's not to say that I can happen you know wits with. Regular folk everyday folk like ourselves. But what's really nice to about that Arlen that that speaks volumes because you may have some man that. Have no problem readily admitting we know my wife calls me dress or you know another member of the family bats equally stylish. But how great that in addition. To. You know the spouse or that other family member. We remain can go around San hang out got a personal stylists and darling to keep it exactly exactly it's just. An advantage for mental is definitely. They don't have to be out there taking their extra time searching what the fashion trends are. And how can they work and into their current wardrobe cynical because they've got someone to reach out to whenever they need to you exactly and my husband recently wore his his new Jay Coburn shirt and tie airy nannies a business meeting and he got so many compliments as that is the one saying our clients find. Is that not only does it look and feel good to BM illusion that they give so many compliments they want to know where did you why exactly right my wife. You mean from your Y yeah. Let's pray and so. Mean no and they look at each other and they can see. When bad garment fits exactly hinge so more and more. Gentlemen prefer the tailored look exactly the classic look it was a little more boxy or you see. The fashion trend is more of a flat front isn't browsers. They're kind of going away from cops running and yeah wind Jay Coburn do you. Can select the link of your jacket one. I mean they it will come made to your specifications. That's excellent early can pick their lapel stuff that they prefer right and everyone is different on that. So they have so many options in the he's a team that just just looking and feeling good I and now and the fit. The fit above all else I think is so really important to him but when they feel that quality fabric against there's land right in May feel good. They and a confident because they do they feel like hey I would pay rent and other people can spin that. And tell besides just looking at the great clothing even the ties you can. Get those custom made and well we're not theirs is I didn't know I learned there's a threefold and fivefold and even seven fold ties. For the thickness depending on the fabric was made out include but they can customize the link. And those are winning the existing high and so once they experience. This personalized shopping smack verses. Whatever is available in the store on the rack or what you're lying right which a lot of times there is no avail very little to none right. Availability but again that quality and it's so nice and she can add affordability. Yeses that is well. Dharma with all of that said how do you go about finding the right style or trend up at that time. What Jay Huber and those of forest personal styles and so I do my own personal research Tennessee what's going on out there are great days stay on top. Of the industry that's so they are constantly provide Enos was new fabrics that they they deal personally want on the run with those. Italian meals and that you will develop a new look. And they bring into their clients it's and so on and so. Well let me ask you this what what are you finding with with most of the gentleman on the clients that you think you're currently working west. What what's indeed. What's what's in demand I guess is the best way to ask a question what are you finding that men are saying okay this is exactly what I need or or what I would like to have. Well first they need a little bit of guidance of what should be in their war trials and then those additional styles in. They don't have to Wear a solid suit there are so many different plans and Chang. That they can Wear without a solid trouser Miller looks terrific even her business casual nice and so had been that variety is but also every year Keating spring months fall Louis Wright made they can even. Get a made to measure coat how to race and so you know it's not an. Be too long for them or they're really tall to short for RA. Because getting that right in the chest is just one aspect of their clothing absolutely. But we we always keep. New things coming through as she can check online and for those that sign up as a 'cause turn giving me their email information. They are regularly going to do what's news in the industry coming to them automatically by. And early that's a nice tie in to port those who may not have been with us for the first half of the show. Again if you wanna learn more about Darlene Davis has a personal stylist. And the company. So what's Darlene Davis died. Well put together wardrobe darling if you will to where they can really see some of the current fashion trends. So for our radio family as you're listening this morning. Fellows whether it's mixing the patterns. Adding a pocket square. Getting the right fit making sure that brochure actually stepped. Are below the jacket sleeve and that's like a quarter to half and it just right. The collar should be sticking out even certain measurements would that barrel as well. But just basically making sure that the guys have the right look. You know whether they're breaking out with a trouser is and whether it's either moderate or even minute break. Yeah just a great things really to look forward to. C advantage of working with someone like yourself as a personal science. Number one you don't have to go to the store we come to you a year convenience. If it's on your lunch break at work. We can come into your home be with you and your wife or Earl Harrington and work at your convenience. Accent and the biggest advantages. Pitcher any kid so much higher quality than what is on the rack. It's gonna last longer look great longer. And personal stylists can help you bring in all together all of those accessory in pieces are so important right just just. The little things can make a big Dick oh absolutely and even coordinating all the different colors and mourning those patterns together as a. Surely great because in the end this is a little bit. I'm I'll see if I can interject humor into this I'll see where this goes around and they shot. You know and talking with you this morning Darlene I'm thinking about the old days to where. And I'm sure you remember indeed the eighties television show Miami Vice and yes Yao went when you think about that the various color is that Crockett and Tubbs. Was the Crockett. I think it was yeah I think I'm remembering a character guy Gus has been so long salesmen on the air but anyway those characters are the TV show what they wore and we we really saw a sort of different. Look if you will in turn is a wardrobe because that really introduce some colors. That would typically didn't think we'd ever see on a man he know more of the pastel tight collars because you know it for the longest. I think guys kind of shied away from those colors for certain reasons usually you don't think the gentleman. Wanting to sport pastel but now it's becoming really a part of the the common wardrobe. And like you said when we talk about the new trolls and I love this she brought us is that the and I light that. You're it least radio famine good to describe this to a radio wow look at those that is really fantastic. And it's not just the solid colors really a family as darling is issuing. The various patterns. You've got a great mixture. Blues. And in Orange juice grays and blues. Her own purples. All lavender colors of the new controls so your browns and really dormant when you think about even just a color such as round. It doesn't have to be but the basic dull looking brown. You know because you know you can go on either end of the spectrum whether it's. Alight. Really nice sort of spring Crist kind of brown if you wanna go. Into a little deeper shade he can do that as well and like you said what your typical. Colored suits for men whether or even if it sure graves or your blues imagine all the different shades. To those colors. And and you can get wide checks you can get really skinny begging him checks you the stripes. Varieties and patterns and things that the men haven't tried before but they look really nice and we put RC fabrics next to that he had vacancy. How the different colors of suits will work with a variety of those shirts and patterns that's great we also provide game key looks excellent. To have this is Rea and available to them wow. No hurry every season right that shows them what's news and what's current and how they can. Take one out and wearing it to the office and then change it up a little bit for business casually absolutely are we. Now here's what I liken looking at this book and I never thought about this I want to share this with you radio family I'm looking. At the 2016 Q looks this is a aid. Well put together brochure to Arlen but this as pretty much like when you open the book can get to about the second page. It gives what you see the war professional. And bowl Pratt. But when you think about how you break professional down. You have business formal. It had this this casual. You have created casual and you have trouble typically don't think about. How you can take a worried as professional and have so many different aspects. Of which a man can be represented. With that Taylor custom made look right. That is fantastic you see how they do the work for exactly beautiful pictures together wow. Ahmanson asking you to view on what does that color what does that combination I need exactly so definitely fellows if you look at intent to mail that important interview. What do you do it in a solid sued or you do it enough. Quintessential plaid suits up as the brochure mentions. These looks are really great and I like what it says here the way you dress for work affects the way others react to you. Quality fabrics improper tailoring. Tell the world you're on topping your game. That's really great way to look at a personal stylist like yourself in jail bird rescue the stern how long have you been switching over. I just joined last year in September well I am a new Silas the entire us Levine my work I love my in Dubai and all I work with the and even those guys that are a little hesitant. About affordability. Once they put the pressure on their sold. There even if they've got to save up yeah. Once a month get a new shirt and her wardrobe they just love the quality. And the fifth and all the compliments that they can't. That's fantastic so whether it's professional. They cover. If you want something even informal Wear how sharp so what we aren't talking the heart of this. The art of versatility and sit for an eight pick out of gas and looking your best so whether it's sporting that timeless. Black tuxedo for a wedding or just a velvet dinner jacket. You can dress according delay exactly that is and what has your needs are and something that you might want to try you haven't tried to why exactly. This is really great this is a first time talking. High fashion if you will but in a sense of again it's quality of its affordability. We Jacob burns and Q so much that we had an opportunity to get to know you. And what you do as as a personal stylists and what you really offered to us in the community. And when I really preach about in general is that you are willing to come to she willing to go to the gentleman to to really help. Helm when that one on one consultation. And Amy didn't even if you don't directly taunting him you can top two OYA four daughter or girlfriend. Who may want to consult you that could be a nice surprise gift dance on the line and we really in. Urged add to get that information out there and a significant others so that. We can reach out to them and let him know when something new is absolutely. And with the new digital platforms they hoped for has created once we get those fitting and the measurements in right we can communicate by phone. Bikes only under my hand helped him shop online NAND left to be able to do that. But worrying about getting that fit right exactly now we've taken all of that worry away. We've got the measurements we got it right and then making go on and shop. And they even have their closet online oh that's all under Arnold's that they purchase are there for them to look at they can select favorites for the. Future. A wish list so. And everything is available to make it easy for absolutely. And especially Terrell had to be able to do in the comfort of one's home oh absolutely yeah yeah you can't you just can't you know sometimes. It can be a little frustrating no when he got to get in the car drive all the way across town because a lot of times it's another thing with with a lot of our man. Is that they likely have to go to specialty stores. That aren't you know within short distances and they may have to travel. A bit to get to what they want but how great to have quality and affordability. From. Or phone call away an email hey Brian we make it easy for them absolutely now in addition to getting in contact with you entirely Davis. Dot com is there any other way they can reach out here. They certainly can reach me by phone or email. Both. It's you can reach me at my email Tarlow. Dot Davis. At. And my phone number we've hung on to this beautiful Hawaii area code can't get it up yet. 808. 2557537. You can call or text me and I'll get right back in touch with you. And I look forward to make an important in helping the nanny in this community. To look even better than making absolute. Lay and and think of it generally if you we have someone that may be planning a future trip to Hawaii. They've got to look their best of the guy who didn't take the restore. Absolutely wonderful job my dear in the closing thoughts or comments or anything that I didn't cover. That comes to mind that you care to mention or something you like to go back over specifically. Here on the program. If. You're wondering about your professional. And you wanna kind of compare look at your supervisors. And see how they dress. It's really important to look your best because. That's how people judge you. Even though we don't want to be judged our clothing communicates. Do we feel confident that we feel successful. And how we dress and gives the ads. Twenty to 322. Look at impression to others that we need whether it's business or national so so. People wanna look they're bending to and we wanna help you do that and no matter what the occasion is so reached up and to give an inch of my free. Stylus service and wonderful well thank you for reaching out to me DR ally in just having this wonderful opportunity for. You and I to get together here on the week in addition of community focused. He did a phenomenal job newbie but like I say you are officially a member of the q.s family so as I like to say on our public affairs show. There never any good byes just until next time thank you for having me Rene you're so welcome I enjoyed it sue I really got to learn a lot of doubt. Not only you'd early day husband's early Davis the personal stylist and really what you do you bring. To our communities and just thank you just keep up the great work my dear Al. Keep up the great work and until that next time. Whether it's with Darlene Davis or with other members of our community focused family and you know who you are look forward to the next time. Radio family that we can get together and talk about good people doing good things in our communities and they keep up the great work enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend. As I officially brings another wonderful addition of community focus to a close take everybody.