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Radio family very nice to be back with you happy weekend and welcome to another week an additional community focus it is here and our intercom stations. And so are you thank you ready a family not only for tuning in but I definitely. Knowing that there continues to be so many good things taking place in our communities. And today is no exception I get two new members is always look forward with a public. But the air show is welcoming members of our community focus camera on to say good morning Allan nor graves and -- Kessler. Who probably are representing the RCC this is the Renaissance community co op ladies good morning how are you. That option billing rate wonderful you sound good you look good and I'm happy to have you here because there are some great things with RCC. That our listeners will get to hear about as we discuss at our topic of discussion this morning. Here on community focus and a little bit about with RCC is to get our conversations started ladies. It is a food desert that is brought some good jobs. Helping living options and community wealth to many in the Greensboro and just as a whole the Guilford County area. And that's what you ladies are here to talk proudly about so thank you for taking the time now. And joining me here on the program so Eleanor mount let's get our conversation started. The Renaissance community co op is a community owned grocery store to get started. That can best to act as you open about it and then there is one of the government organized. Plastic net sales. And ninety relive and it is it is. Been historically neglected area in our city. Not only neglected by the city is gone out of its way to put it very harmful things and that's communities in. We really have to go back in CU the fight over the white street and sue people organized in our community TU and defeat that high then keep the landfill closed at the same time. There is a detention center and that they are trying to open and they are so arrogant about opening it. That they sold at the detention center like the current line in that they would just did a full path and even to the neighborhood and senate as new jail so. The neighborhood spot back on that and they and one that is well. And during the same times he had two things going on he's had a community that's realizing its political power. And and it instability to organize and resist things and at the same time our Winn-Dixie left. And Winn-Dixie laughed because of a national. Re organizing at the grocery store industry rights to be seen since that time this was in 1998 when they left. But since we. We've seen since that time grocery stores have gone into higher and higher profit area as soon. While have a really nice neighborhood had eight grocery stores. All in one street verses communities that have lesser means in neenah and feed at it's O. Grocery stores are following where people eats because that would be everywhere they're following a high profits. Idea and going into higher higher profit arts and I didn't communities so. The wind exe left because of that and we follow that people started to view how do we how do we continue to fight. Against things that are happening in our community that we deem as bad an unhealthy. While simultaneously trying to build what we need so they went into a long effort of trying to track. Hershey store is run into the neighborhood and with no success mainly because we got this great. Abject and certainly but at some point people just had the idea of why don't you just build this for ourselves because we built it for ourselves and it's served the community. It would have no incentive to leave the community. And we can create or is it there's say a threshold on on the profit. Level that you can bring down if you're not pain out of town shareholders. And the bloated see us so that co op. Model came to the community. Is something that is financially doable rent it it in the online with the politics of what people are trying to do for their neighbor and and so mode here. Of course with. The Renaissance community collapse. Really addressing a need of just that the community. And thankfully we have this community owned grocery store and that's the focus owned by the community to serve the community. 1998 that seems like such a long time that's almost twenty years yes and we had no grudges and lo and had to awfully up in the community right. Absolutely no Illinois how did you come on board with the Renaissance. And interest. It they were already organize but FaceBook publicized in the community meetings in inviting if we want. You know to come in and have yet and let's have just say let us know what you want with a groceries a lot. And that community has really been involved you know from the beginning they weren't. Kept select the products that I and that's below the actual colors and those Paula you as you know people think about coop and make organic and natural but. We have what the community say they won it that we are. A regular grocery store right we have the natural we have the whole from the organic and everything else but we also had a factor of people that backed me you know the products. It's a really addressing the new year would you suit everybody's to US absolutely. No what does RCC offered to shoppers and a that you just alluded in touched on that a little bit there Ellen Miller. A mile yeah. And papers we have excellent coffee that is a very. Very important and I noticed you haven't come here in studio. I don't really come or anywhere I and I have a copy. And by yes we we had we have caught all day but we have aid Delhi that will make. Pretty unique images. And salads there out of position to help with catering and they do a hot lines. Between Lebanon through eat and hang her I mean he's changing every and and we're trying to use our social media to reflect what it's. Mean you is fine on the board for the data that. You know you're looking at so please check out act if it isn't and a brand are those today kind of information. And we also have a full service meat departments we have Hugh butchers on staff that are hiding Harman do it. In Phoenix money so we're able to reflect that in our meat price does but it also operator offers opportunity for people who Preston. That place is mean and some you can have a really informed conversation apps and not about me and what to deal with that. Very true yes or talk about choices and options that you get with the Renaissance community co op. I like the fact that you do have variety. You and I wanted to say in addition to the social media. Thankful that we have a public affairs program and it shows such as community focus where we can really reach out to our listeners who are tuning into the program. So radio family if you have not have the opportunity to visit the Renaissance community co op. Or if you have that you've become a regular. By all means continue to go and let me also speaking of social media. And thank you for mentioning that malicious say for our radio famine this morning. Please visit Renaissance. Co op dot com an excellent well put together. Website by the way that really breaks down pretty much most of what we're talking about right here on on this particular program. Now should people in the greater Greensboro area shot but the RCC. I think because it is a minute to all of it is H it's. Beautiful Vista is really beautiful whale laid out we actually a lot of Apollo pro boost the greens right now a comic for anti urban on and looked at me well. His name nine easy urban on again we are supporting the educational effort all down. This is just got such a lack erratic moments in the meat department is now. And now that we opt in I have a right to just an outlook on an. It's got oh why aren't we hear a lot of that national brands as well as a house right in a product that people are really aren't out. About it absolutely and and thank you for touching on that Illinois and Mo because when you think about especially for us not just shoppers but ask consumers. It really is important for a lot of us to know exactly where our products are calming for a. And who's doing what to those particular products so not only are you getting the best. But when you find out that it's in a partnership. With one of the. Most. Known. Historically black college in North Carolina antique and that's part of what ANC is it really is rappers in the agricultural side. A AMT in addition to the technology. So here you can really see both agriculture and technology going handed me yes. And kept each appliance hopefully that local our month. And it except let we let him open market and an assailant their products. In Dublin the. Was trying to support the entire community absolutely. And here's an example of a shopping sooner that is becoming and will continue to become. A derive an example of community based economic development. Absolutely and I think that wind when we. What what the difference between higher CCA is made me the food line up of English and market street you know. We we opt for a lot of the same price as we are a lot of the same products. But the difference the big difference is. Our profits in the community and so one of the things about a co op is that and the owners have dinner democratic control over so many different aspects of the business and one of them is where do the profits and we've decided very early on as a community. That we wanted those profits to stay together. And so that we can decide how to wean further invest in America says that might look like you know buying Dudley high school on the band uniforms more I might look like creating another loan. To help other small businesses in our area and stirred up so it's. It starts with a record trees start running it's very much that community wells and development and in creating that sustainability because. So many different situations we can't look for other folks to defer ourselves we need to look at ourselves energy and ourselves and well building is a massive component. And what a great example of community as a whole the amount. How do you do either one of view more Allen nor no because I think it's such a fitting names at this community a lot happens to be called. Renaissance because of we think about the name. When a science means to renew or it's a rebirth of something and that's exactly what is happening when we think about the location. Where it is in the community it is a rebirth because this was something that was so sorely lacking. And so sorely needed at the same time. And the community came up what they named ala. Well with that breath I think that's up under a reaper re route yet and this is that the great thing and this ties in nicely with the next question hearing some good things about the tally. Let's chat about that before our first break in the morning what do you offer they had the valley. I did some good. They I didn't waiting to ask that question and a I'm really excited the newest addition to our daily is we are now offering noble Grumman eats. Which I'm from Kentucky and milk and that existed in Indiana so anger at Eaton is a very special treats and I'm really excited that we got it and often gluten free and be at. Mining and did heats is very is very typical and a lot of people are are trying to find products that are gluten free yes and we do you offer including free pizza that's cheaper than anyone and Atlanta. Only since I had kind of assignments and it it was so good at the remake we have pizza that be able to just take them and go yeah newest special orders so that he likes the weird combination if you can make an act inferior sound ground. I am like at an earlier week. We provide. Mean it's ordered him once and for those are Siemens is in hoagies. There is always a meal deal where it's you know it. Seem like sneak it entering free write something like that. And we're also rolling out a three dollar meal programs so yeah I discovered this is at your site yet there it's evening and we will have a three dollar meal and we started off and our first 39 mill is old or in a report images. And cold it was there that. We're gonna. Ellen everything I can say is. Yes it's yeah can change each there's a week's time until the store is working on and haven't really creative and mean you items and things like that that. Very core mission around piracy he would right it's. Everybody eats. And in no matter where income is everybody eats and everybody deserves a good day highs balloons are constantly looking and specially on a board level where kotsay Toppert. I eat how we stretch that dollar as far as it possibly can't Guillen also create. Community here exactly so it's not 8880 and you'd teaching kind of feel where people are bringing a lot of. As he runs into it in. You know a community that's filter and you and in in in full dignity and really looking on how to rebuild together and I salute eligible for in Moline ill nor to thinks you in listening to that that come to mind mine. Weiner again we just can't stress how this brings about the importance of community but I see two things in this one this is a great opportunity. Where family is involved because this is really a good. Teaching tool for our young once. We live of course in a society where. Ask food it's just in Eugene it's everywhere. And a lot of let a lot of times our kids don't learn how to do the basics like when we were growing up. Wanted our moms and dads and grandparents. In the kitchen cooking things from scratch making Eagles. Really more or less wholesome meals compared to some of the places where you eat out. And it's not to take away from eating out because sometimes opening need to break him from being in the kitchen. But this not only teaches our our kids and our younger ones. But here's a chance to do it. Winds wholesome products wholesome foods. Things that that take us back to those. Those old fashioned days of really not only preparing a meal. As a family sitting down and eating a meal as a fail because that's also what community is about. Erin. And that's what I think about when when I hear something like this now you mention. It is these first few minutes go by so fast let me hold off on that question but go ahead and casket think about it while we go to break and then we'll come back and address. You mentioned this is a grocery store owned by the community can anyone shop there which you have to be an owner. So that radio family will be really two questions in one. Or Ella nor graves and Mo Kessler ladies you're doing a phenomenal job welcomed by the way I see it normally was new fees on the program. I acknowledge that which you you were fairly the minute we sat down here in the studio. But still welcome to the community focusing only so happy to have both of you here it is now on your eyes so welcome. And let me also shared to radio failing before we go to break. The Renaissance community co op is in Greensboro 2517. Phillips avenue and this is what I really like your hours are every day from 8 AM until 8 PM. So that is twelve hours or whether you have time to do the majority. Of your shopping in the morning we wanna do in the mid afternoon midday or in the evening these hours are really convenient for the community. Fantastic ladies we are gonna take that break. But we are coming back we have much more to talk about what the Renaissance community co op. Thank you ready a family for your great company and indeed we will be back with community focus right after this. And it's much more than we can additional community focus we have returned radio family and thank you for doing such yours truly rich Avon along with members of our. Community focused Stanley we have added two more and Allen or graves MO Kessler representing the RCC. Which is the Renaissance community co opt. And ladies who regents had really good conversation thank you for coming back would be for the second half of the show. And what are the great things about the RCC. That radio family again as we said if you have not had the opportunity to visit. Please do so again the location is 2517. Phillips avenue in Greensboro. But here is a food desert that really addresses. The issue of wine. A community that now has a full service grocery store. That sells a wide range of fresh foods and groceries at affordable prices at a lot. As a community center or riding anchor tenant RCC insurers a success. Of the shopping center and also helps to boost economic development in a low income neighborhood. Not only are we talking good paying jobs but really when we think about how this gives back. To the community is very important as well and so ladies and we talk about the operations and the products and I mentioned this before the break. The store is open twelve hours per day. Seven days a week so there is not an occasion in which the RA CC is not open and available to the community. I ask you this question before we came back from the break you mentioned this is a grocery store owned by the community and the question was this. One can anyone shop they are which you have to be an owner. With the sees. Everyone can shop at our athletes they're I'll end up with a BN and on but. Everyone is welcome fantastic. Just up the good food and again already a fairly let me again stress if you did I hear this earlier in the program. Please visit Renaissance co op dot com. Phenomenal web site. That who really goes into. Much detail about what the RCC is all about outside of what we're sharing this morning let me ask you Alan Moore and now. You recently started serving dinner is that correct. Wow. We can expect if we want to dine out at the I think tomorrow we have chicken wings right okay. Tomorrow's special is chicken wing with a that's changed it requires that this has as its new which is it's a in my so we'll see how it goes at the great that's. Operable it I don't see that in a problem because just out there by likes chickens. If this issue. But you didn't mention that earlier Ella nor in Mo in that that is something that you're gonna switch up so it's not going to be chicken every Thursday night in a state. It could be whatever the meat of choice is the vegetable so we can it goes back to the variety and choices that the RCC provides. The benefits speaking of being an owner if someone should want to become one what are some of the benefits Osaka. Atlanta that's so politically involvement. They. It. Just like the very concrete benefits. Ownership. It's it's truly opportunity of participating. In a democratically run and controlled. Is and there's just so many different we live in a quote unquote democracy. That we practiced democracy with each other so. Rarely and so many people it is viewed it as the walking to the ballot in and push in the bun and then that's you know you participating in the Packers keep it. It really undersea well is how much power we can build with each suit. It's not just the act that you get to decide what happens with in the business what goes on the south but you get the practice building that community relationship with each other. We really view that aspect of the meaning development as is building what's coming next and that this is the part where it's always been more than their groceries. Is about how to we build relationships with each other about schools with each other. So that we can weather the steel iron and continue to develop that things. In my life. You used the word relationship because that's something bad. We as a community conceived with the RCC. And that is not just builds relationships and build lasting ones just as we have lasting relationships with. Our neighbors our own family members obviously. But to have that inter connection. Between the RCC and the community. Especially. Centrally located in the neighborhood. Where really for a lot of our area residents who live close of the RCC so people is yes. A walk across I'll Wear it they have. Yeah that's an an awful lot can run for the bullet they get that vote alone at a spread in it to the general body. That's that's all the benefits of it as well as the discount which amount. Everything without fail yes it additional nothing else a good discount they'll do it yeah. Absolutely. No is the RC sees vision for the particular area just for Greensboro as a whole but when you focus on that particular area. We had and you in the development at IC EP they identify two big meets the first one let access the fashion wearable suits right you know we went from. Living in a situation where he can get it made no effort mile radius having. Beautiful amount of media. Yeah Pitt and alien and Dana rain. Huge need in the community is here is. In is much of a job as and we benefit and then do. It was creating dignified well I mean. Oh what jobs that are hire her or not only beneficial to you. Individuals but also the community with a real career. Mindset to that was super important and we're taking our general manager of you have a track record in passing in their employees so much that they want to build fifteen to twenty year relationships with the business in and rallying. Into the operative. Movement from the ICC innocent that I think answers semi different needs and questions and absent in its options that idea is that you know. It's it's stands. Ollie is as an example of what what did we make you know right wing terrorists in many tears shed its specially. In this case. It happened because. It is it's just strikingly beautiful and is just a constant reminder. Of all the things that. That we all the acts that we stand on who have come before who've made waves are made things possible and how we've added to that narrative which. Is such a beautiful greens her own narrative how do we come together and I X Rayed and hold each other and also build. Well we need snow it's. It's it's a beautiful example of that will hopefully push and inspire so many other ways in which that we can answers. And other needs. In my going back to that word we we just discussed relationship. I wanted to just. To add what you were speaking out on the staffing. And I really just in having a chance to visit Renaissance school lot. Dot com you're operations. Have a well trained staff to some 28 people. And likely that number is going to grow and change as the RCC continues to be a part of the community so you're talking enough full time employees you've got. Part time you've got to experience a professional management team. With the general manager and assistant manager customer service and community manager a dedicated department. Of managers for the front end. The dairy and frozen your produce your grocery your telly and your meat departments are you. Well covered. In those areas and I think what about 90% of our employees come from the community has our zone area up. An audit. We're putting people back to the glory of it right we're back to work that's fantastic. Your payment I can tell you enough about the Renaissance. Coal hot dot com. Go to the website I'm looking here you have something that's known as senior discount today. You talk a little bit yeah something great for our seniors I don't think you qualified. How much I I saw. But I tell you what we got some wonderful seniors at listen to this program. Yeah I think. We do op additional discount and it is in their end game. But every month that there is additional discount anyone's. H if if if if if if if I'm. I guess if I happen oh well. Fantastic its really wonderful so and checking out the web site. Let me also ask you this will this really just answered my next question how can people learn more about the arts basic groceries. A I think first of its content and I'll definitely adds. Nice to have social media and to have a website but nothing like seeing the real thing for yourself you know exactly. And and it's just you know you can either look at pictures the theater you can. Let's let you have the real thing yet rated trying to view if people are really excited about. It and they inning and you wanna get more involved especially in different working committees. I'm right we have a community meeting that is the third Monday of every month excellent it is at seven. I've blocks from the stores OK I'm just street on avenue. In those meetings. We tried to have. Cooperative economic education soon folks that are new to this concept in mind something about it. Can get excited about it hopefully pretty sound projects. And and then we go in to use the work that the board is doing in the various cities and currently. We have a finance in anyone's nine iron is. I mean Xena and and that's a blessing. And and we had a policy. Committee that is not nearly as boring as that sounds. And that's my committee. We have a community outreach an owner and each committee and so they're really looking for. Volunteers that. Wanna deal more relationship building activities are looking for candidates mean looking better. And then you know staff seen an increase in and like at this any opportunity that. We could either get out into the community run we could bring the community and so. Currently there are looking at and working with the pontiff at that. Have authored tools and knowledge around nutrition classes and dietary needs. And trying to propelled them into. The collapses that people not only have access to fresh feeds that can actually. Think about how I like the differently he's Athens Tina yeah right so many people just develop allergies to develop energy and that term likely change how weakness in its we really wanted to give that information. Concrete hands on ways to people can use the ICC to fully support. Absolutely Mo and that's section. Excellent idea of encouraging me to Wear. A lot of families now have to sort of cook differently because if parents do have a child has a allergic reaction. To a certain food of course it may be prepared a little bit differently than the rest of the family but that's really important because again that goes to. Really taking care of the needs of an individual. Who may have that particular allergic reaction to a certain product but at the same time again you're getting quality. And out of that product as well and then Thabeet is this a hop policy how is your insurer wit we acted try and work with community groups and hopefully you know can bring in specialists that will work with the community where I need a rapid Meehan Putin how to prepare at temple lot Alec is happy to you know. Hypertension and sparked an excellent very true and just. On that acute. Another degree. Benefit of this teen community on cruises Iran and the mills aren't. If you see a product and that's shall that would that you need moons can easily get it orders wow. Our dinner managing me Indiana is the PLU number which is number that's on under the serial of the park and he's eager to bring in the package and since my act. You know a lot of packed these very knowledgeable enough so it's just figuring not win and how he can order it. We deal I effort he knew you get a discount if you order in bulk. Which is off another cost saving opportunity recently but it sets a huge thing that you know we really want to build. That's a store that meets the needs that the community that we are people seized campaign that isn't there and that they have a neater around that's what are positioned to an. So what I like about that Moline Illinois is and obviously that's the one thing that you don't find too many at your big box retail grocery stores. Is if there is something that you specifically neat how great that the RCC can take care of that need for that particular individual. So also says to me as well but in addition to those who live in and around that particular community. How great for individuals because when we look at. A city like Greensboro or any of our other major cities in and around. The Triad area. You have a constant influx of people moving into the area who are relatively brand new. Obviously with so many of our area colleges and universities you've got a lot of the students. Who are living either on campus or off campus with their housing facility and are looking for a place where they can shop. So here's a great way for others that if they don't directly live in the area. They still can contribute and volunteer. And be apart of the Renaissance community co op. Oh. And you know you're taking. You're taking control of your dollars right lately and it is actually huge impact you say you know it might be a little bit of a drag and I might have some grocery store and on the right into worth the trip. Eight because those dollars travel so much further and has such a deeper in exactly immunity. In any you know here's your food lion out and just because of the nature of how it's built. Right and then the great thing to and you touched on this just a little bit and and we mentioned it about the senior discount day. You've got savings and ways to just really put your dollar to the best years. And really again not too many places other than they are CC. That provide that raise a family if you are just joining us what a fantastic conversation of course if you've been with us since the beginning. Of the program thank you so much for your great company as certainly the company of Ellen or graze along with no Kessler. Joining me here Renee Avon on the weekend additional community focused we have been sharing information about the Renaissance community co op again. A community owned grocery store so happy to have it in the area. Where again the location is 2517. Phillips avenue in Greensboro is there anything else we have not had the opportunity ladies and discussion about the Renaissance. Community cooperation store that you like to mention. One thing at practice they short ever when it comes into this book on the earth at one thing they remark out. I'll always Allah and always popping. At my gym and actually wanted to ask if there were any recent experiences. Or as long as he RCC. Has been around feel free to share that I mean coach also please continue to. By the sale wonderful impact ballots and maintain. Earlier this week of a gentleman there with first time in the store. And it was amazed he says this is a genome. In this neighborhood I didn't expect it is like that hidden treasure. Yeah yeah yeah thin back and that's what he called it and we encourage it up please please come and visit the spoke with it is in and I would step. Amaze and became not that they'll take you to it. Well and asked him any inexperience is the condom on for you and I think. Think one of my Avery after living greens are heap. That mean organize history. And I know that there's so many people that. You know with the race that they took. As used in and continue to take as they got older red just have just transform this Indians are much more in just pleased that members and we really we would love for folks to continue that tradition and view shocking in and best team in the Renaissance community club. As a continuation of that activists and that it's not just enough for us to build something that we have the patronize it and we have to continue to you investor money in our time into it in order to see it grow but. As it grows because of the nature of the story it's meant to blossom up a million different places and really enrich the city is a hole. Says you know we're we're so grateful for an amount of recent experiences that help that the at this point. And we would love for folks to continue to recognize that and maybe take an extra fifteen minute drive from wherever you are knowing that. I guess it's as if it is a wave her eyes as as does community members and that's in Paris. X specially in area that is historically just in. Completely forgotten or attacked me through it's it's really turning those ties and in. We deceive that is just such agreed activity that people can do. It could be stronger all the asking you to come to a meeting in my eggs and I don't know maybe you came home with a headache and some conflict. You're gonna get awesome pizza are greens. You know that exit that's a restaurant and LSU. I don't like you mentioned that no because I was thinking you've mentioned earlier in for for those who may just. Be tuning in and didn't hear you mention it's at this the first half of the shell. You are a Kentucky native but you've been calling greens were just North Carolina as a whole home for how long for you. And it's been five solid. Okay I'm but I had a few years so its I five plus nine aces and honestly com being able on Greensboro mom really changed when I was able to start working with. The community that I'm hanging stake in its sister you're talking about relationships are really in I was almost getting tear against. It's it's just. Having five years into this I didn't and I'm I'm apple action and I'm used to Jai enormous and it's and that is the closest team fiery than I've ever known it's unique project because it does that I feel. And family and it feel lake. You know people not only have loved but have have respect enough for rest as he brings together and that it's just. The most fulfilling experience that I had in my organized. And mothers of one thing had definitely since our conversation and religious meeting you for the first time. I see and hear the passion that you really love what you do. Ella nor your shaking your head in agreement and that is the relationship that obviously the two of you have. In working with the RCC together Elena basically the same question are you originally from this area. I'm numbers from opera but on an element and a allocating raised our past thirty years and what. Let. Here when we had a Winn-Dixie yeah. And angry here with our boys yea though I and that's fantastic about the story absolutely. I like that mode like he says and here's a really great way to learn more about Greensboro in general because there's just so much to see. When you talk about the gate city. Do you not only incorporate the rich history of Greensboro but you see what the future as sad as well when you talk about the RCC. And what it offers and what it inspects and that's what the mission is the focus is on community. Home. And you don't have a lot of places. That our community owned especially when it comes to a grocery store. And ask why did you did a phenomenal job with about a couple of minutes remaining in the closing thoughts or comments she'd like to issue this morning. It. Yeah. And that's apparently you leave like oh I've heard that large area. And yeah I just. Didn't mention is that we do you have a community. It is open is free. And I need and community organization and where if Egypt and I've friends that you needed at a meeting with the lead on the organization. Anyway I just ideal place to meet ray apparently. And we will Kate ever. They know hey it's like very rainy have a bail her out you heard it hear from members of the RCC. I will say this again one more time to. Remind your radio family check out Renaissance co op. Dot com now I'm not saying that we cannot spell but I know for me it's helpful 'cause when you think of words like Renaissance. Have it break it down but it's our eat and a guy ass as a NCE. A lot dot com I liked the fact that on the web site day here is an opportunity in radio film you may want to check this out where your cells. This week's sales at the RCC that will run from march 8 through the fourteenth. Where you can actually pick up a paper copy at the front of the store to help you while you shop. Surely great it's kind of like you or your own personal guide if you will it's like a road match. To the RCC. Define all the things that you are looking for it to me personally. It's exciting when you get to visit a new place. That has various products from your meets. T New Delhi to your frozen items. Is that when you frequent a place or if specially if you're going for the very first time. Imagine the excitement I'm sure that two of you have seen. From individuals not just immediately in the community. But those who are taking that drive to calm and see for themselves just like the gentleman said. What do hidden genome. To find a place like that 'cause I can only picture or visualize. What the RCC looks like. And I think a lot of our listeners are going to be wonderfully. Surprised. When they come to visit for the first time. Share it. Oh absolutely. And I would also say to here's a great opportunity and this where is likely to get a little complicated. Because we have had some of the most unusual. As. In terms of whether. I thought late or warm. One minute they were cold the decks but. Either way here's a great opportunity take advantage of those when it's. Those lovely beautiful warmer days. When you just wanna get out and do something so whether you take a drive or take a walk. Make the RC scene on east next year. Wonderful so again radio family that location 2517. Phillips avenue in Greensboro now remember open every day not a day with a RCC is not open so that's. My victory Sunday. 8 AM until 8 PM fantastic. Allen or. Grace and my ass and cute ladies welcome to the community focused on him. If they're all on day. Now you know on this program they are never any do about it's I just want to extend to both of you until that next time. Because obviously as we hear more good things about the RCC. We definitely want to have you ladies come back on the program or any of the members of RCC please extend that invitation to to your staff. Your family here now so you talk about community at talk about relationships. We have developed ones right here on community focus are looking forward to that next time ladies and please stay in contact with me. Anything that does come in the way that we can share that information. I would not to do so we have a future. On the morning show was Steve Harvey of the group called community focus minute so anything that comes up. With the Renaissance community co op. He mile loop and I can pass that information on to our radio and that's definitely thank you so little exchange all the contact information after the program. But indeed until that next time Eleanor and mouth thank you so why she is very well it was of course it next time indeed. And always a wonderful time which you ready a family thank you so much for your company for your time. Know a lot of you are doing some great things in our communities please. Keep up the great work and please go out come out and supporting our ceasing. That is gonna do it for this week in addition of community focused please be safe whatever your plans happen to be for this coming weekend. Do enjoy it and indeed until that next time we will chat again soon taking.