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Reyes Emma good morning and welcome another week an additional community focus we are back well that is I Renee Von along with. A member of our community focus Stanley and Britain. Thank you for coming back. And every weekend Saturday and Sunday mornings to tune into our public affairs show that is her here in our Entercom stations appreciate your wonderful company every Saturday. And Sunday morning appreciate the company of this gentleman he's another new member of our QF family he's a financial advisor. With Edward Jones I wanna say good morning to you David snapped won't come. Thanks for and I appreciate that absolutely appreciate you and and getting to know you know and certainly for members. Of our listening audience our community focused Stanley they'll get to know you. And to officially welcome you to our family your community focus you officially unofficially our absolutely it. Now David we are basically just going to talk about just really give our listeners. I think have a couple of things come to mind. One when we think of bell just finances in general to big responsibility for a lot of us whether we are. Some just preteens 'cause some some younger ones. Really find ways to start saving money and do what our parents and grandparents have always tried to instill in us. As youngsters. We have of course the millennia else we have those who are from the baby boomer generation and our senior adults so really this will cover. The whole age cam if you will when it comes to our finances. And wins Edward Jones the best way to get started is really tough ask. How do you get started in how do you go about helping people like us who need by. Natural advisors like you yet yet great question and I says so thanks again for outdoor here and great to be part of this pain Q. And it and so it is so it Edward Jones really what we like to do is learn as much as we possibly can about our possible clients or prospects if you will people who come to us with specific question yes so. I kind of equate this is is in analogies as much as I possibly cancel forgive me if I kind of opponent you know he thinks it's fine that's good I like repetition it helps but I've got bit but I think you and I talked before this I've got three boys come yet got a Stanley a five. So it you know getting around town is a little difficult though. You know I went to buy new car recently began at the dealer not said tell us you know what you need it for rye we could try walked out of there with you know a two seater convertible in and it would have completely not met our needs whatsoever. So the first thing we wanna do in and we ended up behind a banner obviously is a does meet happy exactly at 65 a little more comfortably than that nice convertible a little bit or an easy unless the boy lays are a little bit older and they move that of their own who now Jose after. In my job in the vamp for why we're right exactly why you in the ms. is move on today convertible yeah. An and so my point is that they had to know our needs and what we need to do before. They can offer any sort of suggestion so the first thing we always wanna do is is no is much as we possibly can about the client or a process for some reasons number one so that we can offer great solutions. But number two what it really allows us to do is is understand how they're gonna learn. What we're talking to them back out exactly talking at in financial were broke Kris terms a lot of times. Will just go over people's head he got to find a way to be able to relate to people explained to them what's on their bank statement what's on their investments statement. On it and learn what their goals are so people come and us. We wanna learn just as much as we possibly can about them the minute and then find ways that our services can benefit. What they want their retirement looked like what they want their state playing in their beneficiary planning. And and just their lifestyle. Did that was an excellent analogy because what that says to me personally is that you're not only trying to get to know me as a client but eventually down the road. You kind of get away from that word which can sometimes be a little cliche ish and it maybe more so to think of it in terms of transitioning. From client to as a really getting to know someone where you have that personal. One on one relationship with you with that individual right. Excellent now what says Edward Jones apart from the competition another investment firms let's. About that he had great questions so. So what really sets us apart is again that face to face community interaction ride for example. You know. I think it's no secret that one of the ways we aren't a lot of our business and and find. New clients is in his good old fashioned face to face sort of residential prospecting your doorknob yeah if you yeah. So farms out of Missouri in and finding people they didn't have an advisor didn't know what their money was doing what their land is worth anything like that. And saying you know we're we're bringing Wall Street to main street helping individuals who think. They don't have enough money here in faster they don't you know they don't have enough for any advise or or they don't see the need. I'm so we really feel that it's our job is to bring those services to people that don't. Have some made a toxic and sun so the face to face approach certainly is very unique in that aspect. And I also think the way that we can plan and help people with their individual needs him. From the client's perspective as opposed to a product. Based in you know you come in and and the first thing we're masses about your needs and your goals rather than. Here's our recommendation and dozens rates yet so the long term approach in the face to face aspects are really critical what we do that sets us apart. And aside from that going forward. You know we like to be sort of security for Klein yeah so it so you know you and I met through Antonia McCoy. And down and in great guy wonderful businesses. And and one of the great things about being in a network with. Antonio is you'd get to have all these people that you work well with that your client comes in says. I need an attorney OK Christie Barnum is going to be raised exactly this way hey I need. A real terror. You know this the office of Oz and you've had him on yes. So you know having those people that your clients you can't even say. David this is what I'm thinking of doing right and and they've had a longstanding relationship with us that's not just financially base but we've seen their family. You know kids graduate or weddings and and unfortunately you know funerals those sort of things. But an office also you know children coming into the Stanley and and that's it except. You know though the long term approach of being able to help the clients from every aspect and studied or go to his relief. Another thing that sets us part very true when David you did mentions some good folks there in just a few seconds ago. Who are indeed also members of our community focused family like I said you're you're part of that crew now as I yeah. So you're in good company all right but one thing to. That makes what brings him to mine mining and getting back to that that personal relationship. End to the door to door knocking if you will. That's something I think that for some who may be a little bit younger than the baby boomer generation. That's probably a new concept for a lot of colonials because we are in the advent. A social media and technology that really takes away at times. That face to face communication. It's good to go back to the old school way of doing thanks yeah basically. Yes it's not the most efficient way is the most effective way absolutely. And it and it's also way to get out there and and be involved in the community here is down. You know I'm David snap on with Edward Jones were right here and Thomas felt in an and here's the way that we help people. Exactly because I picture in my mind David exactly what you sad and I use myself as an example let's say I'm on your client. You send that to me and attacks and that's fine but what takes away from it is the tension building. Senior i.'s senior lips moved senior facial expressions shaking your hand. Just that personal face to face. Consultation. I think is what a lot of people at times really would prefer than just a text message or that email or whatever the case may be. Yeah absolutely and actually found a lot of our clients. And and the ones that you approach the right there out mowing the grass or an hour unloading their car and and help them you know carry their groceries and some something a little they had this. You know we're not there it seller or anything like that where there to help people and let them know that we're involved. And I think that's a great way just showed absolutely that the president and community. And and one more thing I did want to mention just we are we do you have the one advisor her office. Says it's unique as well. And so when you come and it's myself and Rebecca making my my branch office administrator Wayne where there all the time and other than one particular things like this are like eight. But where there all the time to be able to help clients they know they're coming in engaging myself. And says that there there doing business because they elect Edwards its platform but they accidentally in their advisor personally and he has not wearing. We were accessible exactly and speaking of that accessibility. David I just wanted to mention you're actually out of the Thomasville area so to all of our. How nice to know that they have someone in UN and Rebecca that are reachable that are approachable and you're in the air when someone new each year. Absolutely let me ask you and I think Todd for one more question before we go to our first break of the morning what is the value bring to working with your clients speaking of plants. Yes so great so we bring what's called a five step process so we're gonna help clients you know obviously learn about and but we're really gonna help them set their goals on what their challenges are with their finances I might be a budget on help them develop that plan run by the appropriate solutions. And help maintain and stay on track it it. And found these you know obviously there's a numerical value that we have to bring to their actual portfolio. But the people who were looking for just canes are returns are looking in the wrong direction it's all about the plan and that they have. And having a person face to face to walk them through know their individual situation to me it's unique to them and all of their background history and and what they want out of that. Huge excellent don't think have ever had an opportunity to ask this question before particularly. With US a financial advisor in and speaking of other members that are similar in your line of work another good friend that we know of mutually. And Sherman baker who was also financial advisor I don't think I've ever pose this question to her. But typically only think of a financial advisor. You guys typically have that nine to file or do you have a tour where you try to accommodate whenever the time is available when you're working which are clients. Yes so is it's a pretty fluid sketch yeah. It might be 6 in the morning at the coffee shop to go meet somebody who made the guy that drives a truck that's going off somewhere in my knee on. You know 7 o'clock in arrow or a board meeting to go to you to help people out and be visible again it kind of comes back to the what's appropriate invisible on the community trying you know obviously the markets 934. And if that's sort of that the selling time he will. But but you know that's not the office hours it's you know it's Monday through Saturday at least really and it's really when we can accommodate me today. And that's the great thing is he gets back to that accessibility. And they're really plays big you are absolutely X. Well David you did a wonderful job for the first half of the program again welcome to the community focused family I'm glad to have the onboard that's why you're welcome and thank you radio family this is only the beginning so please stay right where you are. And that's a more questions for David and really so learn more about him and what he can do as a financial advisor. Shell they choose to work with you and David estimates say we have options as well. But definitely just a great way to continuing our conversation especially to meet our financial needs. Thank you so much for being here and radio family likewise thank you for your great company. We are indeed coming back. There is more of the week in addition of community focused. Right after this it's more that we can edition of community focus thank you so much for coming back from commercial break and thank you ran your family for being back right along with me Rene Von. And David snapped financial advisor with Edward Jones Steve thank you for sticking around as well he kept me around for the right Keogh and they have been that guy. No it was bad that we have a nice little conversation. In between and we're gonna continue with our conversation with few radio family as David will. Continued to to help us especially if we are looking. Where that financial advisor and once so when speaking of which David here's a great way to to pick out what their conversation. When that decision does com where that individual does need a financial advisor. What tips would you initially give. He in my hurt in that search for finding the right person to meet their particular financial mates that's a great question here. They they wanna start by asking you dyes her. How how you do business with our clients are you looking. I think from the client perspective it's very important for them and there advisor really should be asking them. Tell me about yourself do or we're saying rather just tell him yours tell me about your family. In usually about the first ten minutes of an initial deployment from me right is. Nothing about why they came in there it's. What are you do you work here how long you've been there where did you move from me about Japan only easily focus really is on that individual have oh yet any gang comes back to. You know you've got to know. Who what kind of cry you're talking because you also live from the advisors in poignant figure out if that person's going to be good fit for you. In your wrist theory Tom we particularly like clients to a you know our our typical best car for us. Are people who wanna be involved in the decision making you know they don't have to know what stocks or mutual funds Ricci any whatever product don't have to know which one select. But I want to know what they don't in law Andy Kenny comes back to if you brought in. 30000 dollars to it to the store does do though. Belt or Macy's or some store burn you gave them a dollar. You don't wanna lock out with clothes that you knew were Immelt close it would your size that sent together for and I know that they have the right thing for use. You wanna know what she purchased would accept money as the same thing with working with an advisor I want clients to do very well aware of what they count and why why. You know. If it meets their needs so well. Episodes of from the advisors and we're also trying to figure out they're going to be great clients for us on the kinda hands off you know just make it grow. Those work and some scenarios but we really clients are involved too we can tell that from now over the next. 2030 years that I. The business in rye saying this that their clients with us exact. And again back in the client really should be asking us questions of fronts you know. They should he be hearing from the advisor rather. Tell me about yourself. I've got a product or from your Islamic Zach or. You know if it starts moving right into sales or recommendations the products. Before that they have a full plan in place as soon and decide to do business together round. Then then it's probably time. To look elsewhere absolutely would thank you for that because that really takes it back to the word we used earlier in our conversation David. Availability because like you said when you talk about. Obviously you're not gonna work with the same client on any given day no nobody schedule is exactly pinpoint this same. So what is your availability like you said if it's that early morning individual that drives a truck or you have that late evening dinner and you need to meet with the client. You know our lives are just sell it is no longer. That typical nine to 540 hour week bubble anymore. And and given that you're working with with different clients in May ask what what's the age range what is if you can share that information be the youngest person that you. Are able to work with now as opposed to you're seeing your clients are individuals. Yes so we have clients all the way from. In newborns up to you why now well there are girls on their their part of pinot. Specific plan right exactly custodial accounts as rumors etc. on all the way well into the later agents Ryan life. X but as far as the planning goes you know obviously FB eighteenth and you or round one type of accountant loss. Use from there on are the people who are the decision yet it's so this is going to be pretty cool to kind of work across the gambit. It really is yes no one particular age group networks that you specifically. Brought this on continually. From all the time. Right because every you know all those needs are different right and it's fun to work with a variety you know absolutely giants who have children have you know they they are getting started there contributing may be worked to their 401K are you is Aaron and I am exactly on. You know we're looking at college for. We've got to find we've got to. Those checks won't write themselves hurt so he we've got to finally kind of fund that exact match in 401K put money in the air pump money into the you know non retirement accounts so. So I have an advisor in those situations Israel and there's. All the way on the opposite end of the spectrum and people who are. Close to a state planning Ryan and regardless of dollar amount can see significant changes in your estate plan. By talking to an advisor and and working closely with their stated Ernie to figure out. You know everything in the Willis set up 11 of the tax consequences of it. I'm you know what the attorney costs associate with their stated Sandra as having an advisor can be a great second set of eyes. In that and regardless of dollar mass having the financial side explained. Now in this transfers here's what your beneficiaries have taxable money three money man. In tax deferred etc. here's how has to be withdrawn and so were able is to provide that vital to have clients at that stage. And this great you know because that really will help us in and not only the financial advice that you give us David. They're really and the guidance because. For a lot of us. When we goes through whether it is planning for the family are getting to that point where we have to make those executive decisions. Or for loved ones and those of their that's pertinent information that we need to know a lot of times we may not be familiar with because it's really treading. Into in some cases a lot of unfamiliar territory. And that can be a little overwhelming at times but how nice to have an advisor like yourself that can literally. Take us by the hand and kind of walk us in the process. That's yet it's there. It's a really difficult process to look at you know obviously from what they have statement lies and right understanding it exact and unfortunately what we find is is a lot of older clients have. Investments and they they really aren't sure what they at right. Think it got an idea of fun but they're not a hundred percentage certain right and so we wanna be able to provide them you know just for them this talent thus never cost anything for us explain it exactly and and is eight years to their beneficiaries. Here's what mom and dad have. Adversity your aware here your options going snorkeling and and and they walk out of there with a clear understanding of what and that's what helps absolutely they would think that ties in nicely to the next question how involved you are in the community and without question you are. Yeah yeah we we love the community at Thomas felon and like this that I spend. About a year and Winston Clemens developing among business they are that returns before Dolan Thomas fell. But we've got to agree it's. Creeps that were involved in between house chamber of commerce and then Thomas or rotary. And those have been great ways for us to show support for the community. In and give back the school system and Thomas though we'd like to partner with them and you. Athlete of mind or student athlete of the market with and you know we appreciate the school board and superintendent principles loud enough to be involved in that. Rebecca and I both work with communities in schools to the to mentor some children through that it. Annan and then we do a lot of well what we call just sort of means of varieties. The last Tuesday of every month. We hope we host a seminar presentation at the Thomas alive okay the right there on Randolph street near our office. I'm at the library it's every the last Tuesday of every mutton and it's a different topic so. Are coming up this month is is mostly for people you are retired is who just don't know what they have for they don't know. I had a for a long tank it's been doing fine. You know this is just to walk and three or it's not an average and sales pitches David snapped sales pitch it's it's just informing. The public about them and all looser or Aetna costs and we learn to provide refreshments for those. And then the third Thursday of every month we do a coffee club it Romans a coffee shop in and Thomas on next to sweep frogs at. Boehner there has been very gracious to open up her shots in and hopefully you have your mood I'm in there right take care of the coffee and sweets for people that they come and and it's just a quick market update. It takes about 1530. Minutes for us just weren't here's whatever Jones wants the community and now about what's going on one is month and Mohamed and some things from the investment strategist at Edward Jones. But then they can sit and ask questions and they're very you know content we call safe and buyer. And I think people go in offices to meet with votes then they feel intimidated at tri stand. Why yes that question I have and that's how I don't go in narron on it instead as a kind of safe places for people come ask questions without feeling like it's a one into the where they have to do business or trust asking for business from. I'm so we encourage people to take advantage of those. You know last Tuesday of the month at the library. Or armed the third Thursday at the coffee shops. Selects and thank you for mentioning that it David let me just go ahead and share this with you. As we get closer to the end of our conversation this morning. Let's exchanged some contact information there and I would likely to send that to me so I can make sure that as a reminder. To get that out to our listeners. During the mornings but I'm on with Steve Harvey morning show we actually have a feature called a community focus minute. Neat where we briefly spotlight an upcoming community event that would be a great opportunity to get community. Whether in Thomasville is surrounding areas to come out and and take advantage of those great opportunities that you provide thanks. You won't think you don't have that is definitely what you call being close to our communities absentee early and steady Thomas villainous is another aside. Would you happen to know a fellow bill a fellow. President. And Andre Johnson ID yeah. She's a great friend of mine when you won't we had met gosh probably close to a year ago OK I encourage honest good people. And it and I'm trying to think if he introduced me in mind and then. Len Coleman is also no Glen as you well I'm glad you ash. Good introduced us. And in the first chance that we use you've got an education. Act she teaches you know hearing parent. I came from being a middle school principal before Edwards yeah LA and and and it worked in central office we have an educational annoying things I'm in count yet machine she's fantastic in this and she and I tried to do you on some things together as well excellent is as far as what we offer right or investments and planning and why doctor -- -- Johnson can bring to it's just you know credit cards and planning for college right financial aid and scholarships and he she is she is the QQ wealth of information really is and every time you like she's on the show David she does a phenomenal job you're doing likewise I'd love to have the two of you won at the same time either you. In a word to fill out the vote CR. As soon I'll bet it would be excellent information coming from two great minds but it's something we could work around Turkey is now one never knows. But really when you we think about Thomas who is just a beautiful area and some live no doubt about it. Radio family thank you so much for your great company for just joining us that we can additional community focus. Thank you for being a part of our public affairs show on our Entercom stations every Saturday and Sunday. I appreciate your current company you are surely Renee Von along with David snap our newest member. Of our community focused Stanley. Is a financial advisor with Edward Jones did I wanted to ask you this what is the most common mistake you've actually seen clients are individuals may. There have again yet. I think. Probably the first thing that comes in is not having a plan. It and I think. You know I I kind of equate this T coming from. Yeah the medical realm and in people to. You know doctors if you asked doctors what they think of WebMD Newton they say you know it's great to determine if you've got to go to the emergency crews cannot. Or if I and I treat this the having a plan having some might know you individually. And help you exe cute that plan I think that that's really probably the largest mistake. The reason being is a lot of times though analysts into. You know that the news in the media and all sorts of things it's a crisis I'll ask our our. And they get hot up in it and there's a hand the good panic her backhand either. And if you look at there's a lot of things right now that are. You know good and bad inning in both directions right. And and any causes the market to be crazy things and it causes portfolio decrees it's Sulu panicky and not having a plan. Are really just the two largest things. That I think people come across where they say. You know I know I shouldn't have done this but I did they are saying you know. When we look at that in and you know forgive me for being kind of broadly you know. As a advisors the policy in a certain specifics but you know there were years where the market did not perform the way people wanted wanted to and they reacted one way and still it's about nine years later and they might still have some consequences from it. So I have and that sources you know. Psychological advice or if you will. To walk them through we don't want panic we won exactly one ST these things you know when the market does XY and see exactly. Not having a plan and panic. Really. I think succession planning and an estate planning is really critical. Yeah I think even for younger people when you talk about how life insurance each and it's like that. Had that's an excellent point because when when you'd typically think of on our millennial Stephen at least I do. They kind of have that in tally in the sun on I'm not speaking for all Mullen salesman but may be just a few. Who might have that mindset well why think about this now I'm you know I'm young. That's when it's and I got down the road guys didn't we know tomorrow. Anything can happen and anything can drastically changed. So here's a great opportunity for young ones who are listening. The importance of getting these things started the earlier. You do it because that really provides I think in a lot of sense that safety net that. All of us really need going down the ground are on point. Yes absolutely that's a great point I'm glad you brought that out players there's a few pieces we have a chance for marketing come that talk about the time value of money and ran. In the longer either the cost of waiting the not the time value money my apologies but the cost of waiting and really the longer you wait. It shows you 203040. You know by the when he age 283840. You're really just costing money by just we eighty or waiting for the right time or run time in this sort of things the younger that you can get. There there early you can get a plan in place isn't it adds some mighty atrocity you're confident in here. In LA and and this is is is simple as I can make if I tell people. You know if you wanna retire at 65 and you wait till you're 65 go to doctor. If you're probably chances are you're probably gonna find something you didn't want it. And you know what you want somebody to say when you're 25. Years old Ryan acknowledged that sort of thing. You're the doctor hey I want be healthy analyst 200. I want to lose weight a money eat right not do in these things that Sandra did that the docked and help you with. Yet doctor that you trust that it has your best interest in mind it's then they come up with a great personalized diet and exercise plan and you can sleep right those sort of things. It's the same way with an advise its heckling you know they aren't so again you don't have to be. Super fit ready Iran you know you have traffic on or have a doctor. He's have to be a hit a human who needs help exactly and on and that's where again the difference comes in of what's helped you with planned right. So lose Suze starting off early. And that you know cost of waiting really comes in life. Very true and can thank you for mentioning that because this you just popped into my head David I think a lot of people may have the misconception. That financial advisors are only for the super rich. And has anyone ever had that. Type of approach in May. Say well that might be the reason why I don't have one because they earlier Ford one know I don't have that type of money. To really invest my finances what would you say to a typical individual who might have that that's way of thinking so those of. First of all the they may just have an issue with budgeting they may have a lot of things going. Many tonight. Yeah okay they need some might understand sort of where they're coming from ground that's Torre a little poll resources like doctors untreated Johnson ran bring her in. To meet with the landed into an Al where they may need help that. But but I would say you know just it's a talent that somebody and I knew it it never hurts to ask questions. Eric Kahn and in the way that Rebecca and I approach is and I've got to give credit to a guy. The economy and Armenians Saint Louis. With average and training is is is we look for triple what we call Tripoli listen you have three things in the attack graded on these when you come in the office eve you've got to get that. It is going to be a nice person okay. See you might you might have Renee you get an a for attitude to make that available great. You second is don't want advice. C have to want some type of advice you have to knows that you need. The third his assets. K the third one to me means nothing. If you don't have a first there yet exactly writes if you come in with heap a money. And and you've got bad attitude and you just quiet in best in isn't it Steve that. EU might not be the right fit for for our office he might be right fit for another Edward Jones Snead and you know for for other people we talked about. But but for Rebecca and is that we want people who really have the first two locked in locked in great attitude Erica want advice and run and assets. You know. You have it or you don't count and our goal is to make what you do you have. Last longer than you do that against your beneficiaries are your church or your charity here or whoever you want to go to new. That's our goal is that it's gonna last longer than you'd. Or or last so long as you do if you can't get anybody if I got people who don't like going anywhere sister wants and you know split the last power loom it's running. That you know people who think that they don't need an advisor it's only for. The wealthy or you've got to have a minimum account or any man. You just need to come in and ask questions and and find somebody you trust whether it's us or her another chance advise or somebody else Biden advisor that your comfortable with. That is looking for clients like you'd help Clinton's. And that's cool gazette actually it was my it's they realize that it's. I'm looking out my list of questions here every day we we you know we moved in quite nine usually. Very very good David you did a phenomenal job thank you so much is there were any thing. In terms of closing comments that you wanna ask something I didn't go over. That you would like to talk about in the remaining minutes we have on the show now. Yeah I I think that if anybody. Eat you know anybody has ever thought about. Anything related to their retirement or their investments or you know. CD rates or interest rates are the they have any kind of those questions actually I do ansari and Annika to do one more question to your did it just made me think of typically when we get to the beginning of the year. Do you or has anyone ever approached you about financial advice typically when were in the mr. taxis. Okay yeah. We got a couple minutes and it can recover data that's possible yeah. Yes six tax season coming up so we work closely with. With clients and their tax professionals right on to it to find out exactly what they want to do you. On in you can still contribute now. For 2016. If you had to make contributions and right IRAs or or Roth IRA you can do those on still at this time a year. But we do work closely with tax professionals. People coming in wondering about 109 nines. And I got this statement I don't know what it means. There's a lot a lot of mail comes out right media image and so again having of a person you can just walk into their office and it is David here I have a question. I got this in the mail when people do that all the time right what is. Well that's that's just letting you know you know such such and such is changed and here's you know it it's an easy explanation or Rooney wow you know. This is telling you something that you did not know that you really need to. You really need to take action on exact via people this time a year coming and and a lot of cases you know were not tax professionals we can't give tax advice. So we do have a agree. A great referral rings or us as they have tax professionals rang so let's put some names out there such as Rudy clicked. Or surreal niece Samantha or Brent Solomon. Please continue to aim again based on kind of personality through it and it really well with Zach is it is that a big business clients. You know we've got somebody that we refer to those clients who have been he's your individual client. That has some questions about the money. Coming in and talking about IRA contributions for 2016 and obviously 2017. You know those are big right now make ensure clients of taking advantage of the 2016 funding year is this huge. And just you know as they get refunds back or no money from. That's a great time or at least resident I it's the I got money back what do I do you know I think I'm gonna put it you know in the bank or I'm gonna do you know. You may come to us and we say put it in the bank putting your checking use it to write bills with you know pay you know picture roof etc. Or we may say you know I didn't get money back. And then they can come to us why did I know so much in taxes for example we can look through kind of what they contribute to their retirement plan work. Or hurt or nations that they're doing and again work with their tax professional exactly it was necessary adjust passing and just maximize what they're trying to do with the lifestyle and going forward notes on year after year after year owing taxes snack when they can actually be probably. Putting that money in their pocket first or later you again. Absolutely very good point. And I decided need to go to I knew that was my message is wouldn't come zoo and I do now you're good because police digest here. It was something that you mentioned earlier that that allowed me to get that in south thank you very much a David every time I. A member of our community focused family here on the program. I really do appreciate each and every one of view because. A public affairs show really is a great platform and in good form. With which to use to. Really share information with our radio listeners and you did a phenomenal job on that. I certainly electric back on a future show us how will will talk about that once once we get off air but in the meantime. Thank you very much again for everything is it possible we can share your address before you leave plates in okay. I have here 108 Randolph street suite two in Thomasville. And you can be reached at 33 cents. Or 763628. And they can also visit on the world wide web at which announced. Yes that's that's exactly right if people are familiar with Thomas fill in and where law and restaurant is it. Great place Ian we're right next or a lot plans. And by its hands on so if you're familiar with either of those two places that our offices excellent. Great location and could traffic unit currently imports we we're we're blessed to have this the space that we do. And and just wonderfully. Fantastic in again a beautiful city and in Thomasville North Carolina yeah. Sounds about living here in North Carolina and has happened against any of our radio family who may be listening to wears are streaming. With us and other places I'm sure you love where you live to back. In out. David you hear represented Thomas billing you represented grounds. Thanks fans here I don't I appreciate you sell on this program. They are never any good byes just until next time so I look forward to that next time with the until next indeed end thank you. David snapped and thank you radio family. I certainly want to acknowledge you and to thank you for the good things that you're doing. And our communities please keep up the great work and until that next time. Another week in addition our community focused look forward to it enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend take care.