ICYMI: Community Focus 2.12.17

Sunday, February 12th


Ronald Wilkins and Gisele Abron discuss details on the HBCU College Fair taking place Saturday, March 4th.


Good morning radio Stanley welcome it is very nice to be back nice to have another weekend because that means it's time for our public affairs show. Welcome to the weekend edition of community focused wonderful opportunity. To get together and talk about good things taking place in our communities. And thank you ready a family it is always wonderful company to have you on board with me Rene Von. On our intercom stations every Saturday and Sunday morning and this is my favorite time of the morning. So it's a little early and I think members of my community focus or Howard community focused family should say the taken the time to get up early with me. And I liked that I have tuned new movies yet again on the program that I want to officially welcome. CU community focus work let's talk about the HV CU college fair that's our topic of discussion. But I want to welcome this morning mr. Ronald Wilkens and this just sell. And Brent. Radio famine good morning good morning it's. So nice to have you on Porter won all of you especially now so that's how short the newbie title last night. They keep handy if you are so welcome and just sell you are proudly representing. One of the saddest ace BC used. In the area Bennett College it's a very nice to have you on board and last for you. Ronald Wilkens welcome thank you you're so welcome. And and Ronald I have to say four of those. Or tuning into our radio family your last name sounds very familiar because. You now I have to say your wife is the better half and I keep that they are not happy OK fair bit closer now you. Obviously you and and you wonderful wife Tina Carson Wilkens who was been on here with the Winston-Salem transit authority. So good to finally did you on the program run out. It is Lisa do you also. Just heard at all. But thank you both for coming onto the program. And as you're welcome as we get started this morning let's talk about how did the idea of a each BCU college fear. Come about the first. It's. Well I'm it actually came out a leadership studies course and I ducked or program and not funny and see. Our professor doctor Faris tonne. And lives in western Carolina. And he is on the black achievers program advisory board at the YMCA in Hickory. And Aaron. BYMC Amos they'll Harold in conjunction. They came out with the idea it's Holst and HBC college for air out of me eat. 48 species to be represented team. Represented in the western Carolina area. What they've seen over the past the years is that HBC's still to come to west. And therefore students are graduate from high school and going off to team predominantly white institution. So we won it's they raise the awareness. HBC's still exists now arriving and are doing very well and disagree opportunity for the. Absolutely just so and when we just think about especially for members of our radio family who are graduates of historically black college and university. We talk about the rich history absolutely a lot of our HBC news and particularly. The timing of this of course every February. We celebrate Black History Month or every day we've really celebrate history but to have those days in which we really do recognize. And it's a wonderful way like you said to put HT CU's on the map then the they are just is equally some of the best colleges and institutions across the country. And to know really when you talk about HBC you should also talk about family tradition. Because you have a lot of family members and have mothers and fathers and Brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts. And so on and so forth who are members of typically the same historically black college in university. So how nice especially for a lot of our younger generation. Are millennial Alston who are thinking of taking that next step after they graduate from high school. Where does he or she go from there. And he was a great opportunity to really see that by attending one of the HT CU college fierce now who do you choose. Who is the target audience for the HT CU college team. It's basically. Who was in the southeast Portland. State. We are the in the North Carolina and Georgia. Ginger in Virginia and south. Acts of now how many colleges join you for the first time that you did this and the nice thing tube radio family is that this is something that obviously. We wanna see become an annual event known to Portugal and answer the second years so it officially fall under that category now. Don't how many colleges did join you for the first time and how many do you anticipate joining you this year. We had seven institutions to attend last year and we expect to at least double and resist a patient. And one of the institutions if my take this opportunity to talk about is winning college. They will be attending and and really talking about our mini master two courses and we actually just aren't offering. Which is so indifferent on the traditional semester. Term and I'm so we had eight week offering assessed our march 13 through April 27. And if anyone is listing now has an interest contact opposite emissions. Or reach out to. On the email address admissions at Bennett dot edu and the phone number is 1800. Or 13. I've three to scurry. And they can be used additional information about the meaning institute course are starting in March fantastic Gisele and how long have you been the registered Bennett. I been the registrar had been since July wonderful yes so it it came fairly quickly and an also an August I was promoted to interim associate vice president for enrollment management and registrar and gradually thank you thank you so we've been busy scene that we've got a lot on our place in them which on increase and rob Estes like all the other HBC's. Absolutely and when we think about and talk about a fine institution such as Bennett. And she's so good morning to all the details. You're sitting at to the program you know where you are ladies but again what a wonderful opportunity to include Ben and of course Oliver fein ad agency views. Now will the HBC coliseum be held in his career again this year have you changed your question. Yes it will remain to be held again there this year basically because. Him or her I was at the YMCA. And in Hickory. And and Ronald don't mean to cut you off but part of the address I do now is 7011. Street now where did enough. And the zip is 2860. Okay period the reason we basically trying to keep it there Eden because she basically. Gives the BM the grass. On that we will have to come out our parking lot of fun right. And that does help and really when you think of an area this will be a great opportunity for an individual who was probably never had an opportunity to see. Beautiful area eaten a Hickory, North Carolina it has a lot of rich history and that's the one thing we talk about colleges and universities. Particularly our HT CU as we know with a lot of art institute's of higher learning. We have a lot of our kids were coming in from out of state. We're coming into a fine states such as North Carolina. Some who end up actually. Once they finish their education may end up working here may end up living here and may into starting families Sierra summit and retire. As opposed to our kids to ignore born and raised in the area eagle where you really can't go wrong when you think about. Really the whole state of North Carolina another one thing that I love that even though I was born in Washington DC. A family was originally from the area then moved they are the kind of came back home. If you will the one thing that I have loved about living here in the amount of time that I have been here. One and you've got the beaches on one in a North Carolina then you've got the mountains so if you wanna go someplace with a little bit warmer. When the chilly weather I'll see you can make that trip or vice Versa if you like to be in a place where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. All the mountain areas it's I can get a little bit of everything. In the areas so what do wonderful opportunity. For parents because as our intercom stations. Do you stream. On the worldwide web we may have some individuals who live outside of Carrollton. Who may be tuning into the program this morning and of course have considered sending. Their sons and daughters to a school in North Carolina. Is a great opportunity with the HT CU college for your sorry. And another thing to highlight is that. Last year we eat only inviting each species from North Carolina from the we've aches and it like Ron sit earlier to the southeast rehab facility in my name institutions from. South Carolina Georgia Virginia right and I am we're expecting representation from those states to be. That's well and a lot of our radio Stanley come from parts of Virginia as well so is is just nice and now. That we have that plethora if you will we're we're really I finish something I don't know really cool about living in the south anyway you know especially. You have I guess you can call the real migration because you know long ago we reliever in the south everybody not migrating north off. Now slowly but surely everybody is filtering back home run if you will also what a great opportunity. Ties in nicely with with this question before we go to break many people did you serve last year and what were some of the outcomes or results. OK we sort of the book 100. High school in mill a stimulus away eight county or region one and now. One of the results walls. We. And the young lady with high school senior there you go into the college fair the issue when the 101000 dollar scholarship. Right on the it doesn't happen every day. I know it that was going to be my next question of Ronald and and Giselle and get a little feedback on that. What was the reaction especially when you have high school seniors and perhaps some juniors. Who are. Who have the opportunity to come to something like that a college fair that's going to be a whole different experience a sport a lot of us. That's brand positioning really from. What it is high school setting. To where you're going off to a place that's come lately and a lot of instances totally new. The first time a lot of our kids are gonna be away from mom and dad abort a period of time what reaction when you have a lot of high school students to attend. You know there energy Willis will. Inquisitive. They were excited there's every day for institutions in different colors and you know their different marketing an image is misuse it they had. It's exciting and I think it wean. So we allowed each institution to come up introduced themselves feel a little bit about their institution. Boy the entire group that we had pres and as in they were allowed to go and break out and go to the individual institution tables and Astor specific questions and talk more about their campus slide a hair. Cost a two way she and I'm their academic program prize though they had at 101 time but. Heading that stretcher to it was really really nice the students and their parents feed that was just from now. Is wonderful because just sell that two things come to mind number one. I think that really helps to break the ice not just for the isn't the students were the sons and daughters but for the parents as well. Because where a lot of parents let me be the first time Anderson in the baby's up right away to answer but let's for the next two to four years. And they know firsthand what to expect. And and secondly. Getting back to this millennial generation now know the three of us will remember this is back in the day there was a very popular. Television show. That highlighted college life eighteen not HPC user who. Really insane it was a different war now rightly that you know a lot of our our our young wins only see that the re Pete is if you will. That shell but that kind of gives you an idea of the representation. And really just that closeness that you saw with. A lot of the students at various HBC you sort of give you an idea where each VCU like his running all out. Way and HB CUs are diversifying also examine so we're not just encouraging. Our students to a team and run here or diversify so last year's college fair we had. In very nice nice and a curse you know is they're so we leave linking sports and absolutely I mean is an experience really. Unlike V refute that we get. To talk about and share while we're growing up and we think about various institutions and particularly when we focus on an HDC you. O Ronald and just sell you have done a fantastic job for the first half of the show before we go to break let's give our listeners he may just be joining us. The date of the HT CU college fair. It is Saturday march 4. 10 AM to 2 PM. Excellent and again the physical address is the YMCA of the top of the valley Corey branch 7011. Street northwest. Hickory, North Carolina the zip code is 28601. It's a radio family make a mental note but would not done yet this is this the first half of the program again I wanted to thank just sell Abraham. As well as Ronald Wilkins is good to have you radio family on the show. You can be your it is great to have you here and radio fairly we are coming back we do have more of the weekend edition of community focused stay tuned. We return with do we get additional community focused her to not intercom stations thank you re a family not only for the great company you give me Rene Von every Saturday. And Sunday morning but of course the fund company of members of our community focused family Ronald Wilkens and just sell apron. Join me on the program. We are engaged in great conversation. With the HT CU college fair. And if you missed the date and the time before the break and to welcome those of you if you are just joining us. You comment at a good time and I certainly always like to its extended thank you. If you've been with us since the start of the program but before the break we didn't mention the college fair is Saturday. March 4 from ten to two with a location again at the YMCA of the top of the valley. It Corey branch 7011. Street northwest Hickory, North Carolina. 28601. Re a family get that into the GPS and we look forward to seeing you come Saturday march 4. Now as we continue with this conversation. What are you expecting this year in terms of larger crowds more students more parents are you inviting more people this year. Yes we are we expecting large crowds and or other rubber room. More parent eaten and now we we really expected double. The crowd was parents and stood. Excellent. And how do you come up with the idea of holding an HT CU college failure to begin where was the process. Planning process yet so. What we do is we host a series of conference weak and where we talk about. Well we did last year and are we gonna carry into this year right what how much money was in our budget. What are we gonna do differently this year. I'm how many institutions have RSVP. We do have a HBC news in the southeast region some of the country. And am we are also. Are soliciting community sponsorships. And so we do have some sponsors that are helping with this and donate goods on and register. Weekly meeting to make sure that we are everything's in place during have a very successful. One miracle this year. So nice to know you're doing a lot of brainstorming right after the let's listen in in preparation. Just Al. My curiosity anyway just sell and Ronald. Do you who. Number one know how many HBC used just off the topping your head that are attending this year. And even so how many are actually coming back for the second year do you have any repeat such you know. We do have some replay history and as of on my way here we have in confirms excellent and if I could now I'll please do lifting him. We have been college. Johnson C. Smith University. Clinton college they have built state university. North Carolina Central University. Savannah State Livingstone College or valley state. Bluefield state college and Virginia State University have come armed and. The land now wonderful. Now Clinton and blue field do you know what states there representing just walking and girls are OK cell count a and blue field. Is Jeanne the GOK what's your go to field is very interesting they are HB CU with the largest. Predominately white in a role. It's when he talked about diversity here earlier but a great thing go as one we have. Institutions. That are diversify. It really sends a welcoming message. To any and all because. It is good even though yes they are historically black colleges and universities. The messages. Everybody from all different backgrounds are well. Absolutely and for those institutions that have not BP is not too late Derrick he's going to see your email and respond or seen me and message. At G-8. Eight BR a NN. At Aggies got in cat dot edu. Wonderful and of course just sell my heavy repeat that after passionate. And likewise our Ronald or someone should need to get in contact with you. How best and we go about it to include you in the conversation where they can also email me at our Wilkens Aggies. That in CAT dot edu. Excellent so another fine HBC you represented here. On the program and North Carolina and two state university. Our high school students seniors. Invited or can juniors. And other lower classmen attend this college players well. Well. Anybody can Tamba. We really turned to focus on the high school seniors well how's this is they found a year we want to gear. That can get most bang for the right thing but that is over though in the juniors sophomores and a very good you know it's interesting you mention that Ronald and just so because even though you may have some students. Attending who are underclassmen and it'll be a good. Experience for the right to go through the process so that two or three years down the line when they actually go through. The actual real deal. HPC user out there to attend a good experience for a lot of you know. And let's not forget the adult learner. Who's Smart it. They're college journey didn't finish for whatever reason this has been great opportunity absolutely come out as well aunts and meet with the different institutions to see how you can get enroll aren't you never attended. That's right is no better town in a president. That's right and there is a term that since. Really escapes me traditional business student as the lord let's say just out thank you that we. Yeah. We're okay. But that's what it is you know your traditional students of course those who live on the campus. Those who commute to the campus so it really is a very nice variety but I like that because you do have a lot of older adults. Who have either considered for some time of going back to school mood there at a point where finally they got to Davies out howls. And that the kids have moved Dodd. They have done what they needed to do and now it's mommy and daddy time did you focus on getting that education. Some may also be in a position to where they want to further. Your education and he may have some that are going for. Masters is literally search for even so some who wanna work on their Ph.D. You've got all different model which is really nice about it about the partnering. Are you partnering with any other agencies organizations. And putting this year's HT CU college for your ticket. Yes so the biggest sponsor about a YMCA of the top of valley black achievers program. The delta new chapter. Epsilon Epsilon chapter and gamma beta beta chapter of make a south attorney incorporated. And the department of leadership studies an adult education and north cloning Ain T state university. Very nice very nice now. Were they your partner's. Going into the very first one that you were able land yes I can excellent excellent. Tell me again or let's repeat for a listeners to me just joining us. How the brainchild of this come about and wanting to put together college. It came as a result of our executive leadership lesson and now. If you have a take on doctor Tom's plan. You don't know what you gonna give the team they don't get a fried fish. When. He lectured by his bio and everything you know waiting is that it is an. He's come up with few gas in this moved here than in England to a speech he Leo. Lives O'Brien. It's no one was excited to still in the what was going doing yeah I don't know I really in our games together and a most movie what you know aren't going to be in the Mon I was. Had a really yeah I'm on the neatly into tomorrow yeah I am anxious you know like like. You look fabulous thanking your cell welcome. But what nice project. To take on them when we talk about college payers one. Just thank you for the hard work in time that you put into bringing something like this to fruition. Because a lot of times you may have parents that obviously along with their children. In deciding that if they do choose to go to a college or university. What are the necessary steps because a lot of times we don't want parents or their kids. It go into it with a blind guy you know just saying okay I'm just going to the school geek it's. And a lot of times you may not know. Anything about the school or very little. About the college more or institution and but. With a college fair he can a lot of detailed information. Obviously you're gonna go home with a chance to really. Have choices from that's the nice plane went in that was just really a wonderful list that you shared earlier. Of the confirmation you have thus far some of the HPC use that are coming but that's really great when you have that opportunity where okay. Have much choice of Bennett or have my choice. In CC you or I have my choice of. What ever that HBC you may be because the nice thing. Is that you will get something different. From all of these schools even though you have a near rarity and. That they are historically black colleges and universities and schools can be a little bit different because our kids. Whatever they decide they won a major ran them. Every child's medical major in the same thing and that's the nice thing again about having diversity and having options scenes yeah. Very good note are speaking up. Some of the highlights from let's talk about last year's HT CU college fair last year give it give us some some ideas as to. What took place what happened. Some things that she would like to see. Some improvements are something you even like to add going into the issues they're. OK we opened that what they. The continental breakfast and then be happening in this year OK great and missed them her own earnest after everything organized and made out phones wonderful we think of four within the views yeah and another blow off of us enough. I liked yeah. Why let that there's a couple of things just sell it and Ronald the fact that. You feed the kids because they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day in great way to get it started. It gets your brain and get your whole body energize them for what the day will bring you because it's a good portion. The morning going into the early part of the afternoon mentioned to you know that you constantly gonna have a lot of activity. Taking place or nice way to start off as with a good practice doesn't that flu including your help. And in once they are convened to the different non tables and met with the commission staff. After they. You know with gathered in the tears in their thing where grocers. We came back in it im not so we get breakfast and you get less radio manly very mines. Okay but like I was saying earlier when their biggest highlights. I think was enough. They know Mike and confirm this was when the young college high school student. In my Hickory won the 101000 dollar scholarship Kelsey Smith on the spot and one quote that was exciting for us I think. That Ronald Q can you give us a little more particular. This individual win 101000 that was an essay writing contest do you recall how that went out. Don't know okay sure just so part. One of the how. Ice suit ecowas fairies that institutions had the opportunity to offer on site at least of which means we are encouraging. I'm high school C used to bring the air high school transcript and BT EC decent hours so the admissions counselors are able to review on the spot deceit is it the student meet steering emissions permits so most institutions have. The air scholarship guidelines that they carry with them in a while they're making on site emissions. They can offer a scholarship if that yen and if that student arsenic and worry says she had a very good GPA. End zone Johnson C Smith was able to offer her a 101000 dollar scholars there are so that really see if it dad that mammy. During the college fair and add in we were able to interview her computer and talk to her now what she was looking for her for expert how excited she was it. Oh absolutely I can only imagine this young lady waking. Having no idea. Today if it was gonna progress as you not to the fair. Other then okay I'll have a chance to see which age BC user in the house he go home with mom and dad decide don't know what to do that. Yeah. All that well absolutely Howell. Wonderful. Of a feeling that out of LA for Diane Lane is still happening. For a course our family obviously. Matt asks did did you know or did she decide. On which age we see him she ended up going to add contact it's. B director Amy and John C Smith to see if she did it in okay and how she's excellent. Excellent. You know on this program there are no good guys I definitely want to do if possible a follow up show the next time we have an opportunity. To get together and just kind of seeing other young lady. Absolutely. Wrong absolutely a custody are really sweet incentives to sell Ed Randall for other students. Especially those who may either be coming back for the second year are coming for the first time with HB CU college sphere that. So like that is a very strong possibility you never know which you'll get it to walk away. And another nice thing to our Ronald that you were sane as far as the highlights from last year. The breakfast they opportunity to have lunch but in between. To see the different institutions and representatives. Of the gates BC use really all in in wine. General vicinity and there's lots and you don't have that. Especially if you aren't. One and that wants to visit a particular university. And sometimes you eat you got a plan I had first and foremost we're just not very often you have a number of schools that are willing to come to one location. That's got to cut down one on a lot of traveling and I via her parents and please note that we are not requiring institutions to pay your registration fee ninety's it costs nothing on wow. From that's great now I can't get better. Honest and dads and and grand parents and guardians or listening what are wonderful opportunities so again if you're just joining us live. Take this opportunity to say thank you welcome to the week in addition our community focus and thank you for being with this year every Saturday and Sunday morning on our intercom stations. Great conversation with just sell a Briton and Ronald Wilkens. As we're talking about the HT CU college fear again it is Saturday. March 4 tend to just sell a lot you just might go to person once again repeat pillowcase and. Lower case is still YMCA of the problem valley. 7-Eleven. First street north west Hickory, North Carolina. 28601. Let's exit again to 86010. I appreciate it sell him radio family take the wonderful opportunity. To be a part of this again it's a great chance to see some of the finest. HBC use all anyone else have salute you think he sank them and to look forward to that. And really this is another great opportunity to speak one on one with various representatives. Absent from the different HT CU's that's another highlight as well. Is there anything perhaps a little different going into this year that you didn't have a chance to do last year. Well we have been in contact about one institution that wants to bring some of their current students to do a presentation arena so we'll list for today and is. Presentation by the east three stooges to talk about your experience running their life on campus I think that would be really big help to a high school junior or senior yeah. Who is anticipating. An and waiting for that moment when they transition from high school. To their freshman year college only a great opportunity know exactly what to expect. Sort of the things to it will be a really nice checklist I think of all the things the do's and don'ts if you will. Because you know a lot of times and and now he's myself or an example we reflect back on their freshman year. We overwhelming Korea some pairings for our students. But what. This HB CU college career. Hopefully we'll do is relieve a lot of that tension that some of our kids and their parents and may be because a lot of times we may have instances where. Families are sending their kids to us to colleges. And universities and be the first one of the family. The first one in a long time moon that is gone. And then again a wonderful opportunity for. A mother or father who has a son or to order. Kind of following in their footsteps with HB CU tradition. That you know it if you have a mom who went to Bennett to see her daughter go to the same school you attended. Or for dad who went to north Carolina central as an eagle in to see their son or daughter Malo in in the footsteps just so many wonderful opportunities with that. What you guys so much any closing comments thoughts anything that you wanted to mention that we didn't go over where anything that you talked about that you wanted to at a Rian. I just lesser remind those institutions to have now our BP that is not too late. So please go land and RSVP if you can't seem to find that then he night. Please email me at G-8. Eight. Beat are all in there. At and he's got in cat that edu. Excellent and Ronald the same to you and closing thoughts I just wonder it's your highlight almost a gas tax we was that at the college Ferreira and I was the photographer taking pitches for the student comes up that Newman back. He say me ask wanna thank you offer come back blouse and I want to thank you mean he's in now. He sitcoms I just got off work and I heard on the radio and hasn't might I hear when you say this to save me a lot of timing and easy now. Certainly he's announced through a prime example of a parent. Thankful that something like this is around them because a lot of times you you may not hear about this information. And again to have an outlet with the public affairs show like this. Because there may be someone in that same scenario Bryant but that gentleman that when or as they're listening to this. Conversation that we're having here this morning on the weekend edition of community focused. Maybe thinking the same exact thing and consulate and a get a wonderful opportunity to visit the beautiful area of Hickory, North Carolina if you've never banned. You're going to be in for a real treat. Absolutely so tell all of our. Parents are tuning in our grandparents. Guardians whatever the case may be our sons and daughters who were tuning in. Here's a great opportunity especially if you are in high school junior or senior mom to take advantage of the weekend of march 4 market or any calendars. Be a part of this great event. And really go back to your respective homes and and talk about it she a great information with someone who may not have an opportunity to be close to their radio. Just sell and Ronald I have enjoyed my time with I usually do as well thank you so much else absolutely. And looking forward to hearing some good things so that when we come back and talk about next year's college fair. We can do just that it and talk about the highlights. I oblige you mentioned that is there a possibility. That as you're taking this pictures. Where those pictures. We you have a web site or something perhaps in future available. We will win the army now forgot to mention I don't know what happened. And out glad we thought about yeah we we. We would put together like neon. In video. And we up there is only due to a cat and all the pitches on there about it in here and everything in things different common sense and with the mission spoken everything recruit an excellent as though you can go to YouTube and type in HB CU college for our. In Hickory, North Carolina. That was march the via okay 200616. And I just this house hopeful Leo would do the same thing for okay great because you know when we think of. Out especially with the advent of technology and how we communicate with one another. A social media is like the pain and of course when you archaic like I am we have and only. We have a way in which we can reach more people a week or amount of time by doing so you know be it. FaceBook or Twitter or. Snap Chad. So many hiking mountain institute grant. And Graham lets you young ones I was you know I was Talking Heads up parents and cripple our computer technologies happy as well but what a wonderful opportunity and I'm so glad thank you constitute the timeout common share this information now you have Iran welcomes a look at court suit. That next time just sell vibrant and Ronald Wilkins joining me with information on the HPC you college fear. So we welcome. Members of our community focused only. Talk to you guys next time. Looking forward to it and likewise for you radio fairly thick of the great things that you were doing. Please keep up the great work and I look forward to talking about you as well. The next time that we get together for another weekend addition. Of community focus right here and intercom stations. Until that next time have a great remainder of the day and the rest of your weekend and we'll talk together against San take care.