ICYMI: Community Focus 2.05.17

Sunday, February 5th


Affordable healthcare for the community as CEO LaShun Huntley speaks on the expansion of services with United Health Centers.




Radio failing good morning welcome it's good to be back with you were named Von here and on Entercom stations to welcome each of the week in addition. A community focus back together again on our public affairs show. Heard and our intercom stations and a wonderful opportunity. To say thank you for the good things that you're doing in our communities. And equally so thank you for the great company. I every Saturday and Sunday morning on our various stations today is a wonderful opportunity. To yet again welcome another new member of our community focused Stanley I like this because. It's really growing because we're still into the early beginnings of 2017. Additional men serves as the CEO. Of what was formally known as south side United Healthcare. Which many now are finding out to mr. LeSean currently as we welcome you to the program you're now known as united health center's first of all good morning welcome to the program morning thank you you're welcome very good to see you Chief Executive Officer now that's entirely without a right. But you're still LeSean it's yes. And and I always known you as we shine a number oh stop there I'll tell you why radio can be a little later rod. And the program. But bullish on your. Presence here on our public affairs show really serves as an important one the last guests that I had on the program. We were talking about not only are we beginning a new year here in 2017. But for a lot of folk it's particularly in this country we have seen a changing of the guard. If you will with a new administration. Wine in which really the platform. Was. To repeal. The Affordable Care Act which many people commonly know or have known as Obama care. And I thought there would be a really good starting point for our conversation for the first half of the program. That was some people it it really is perhaps a tumultuous. Situation. Where for a lot of people for the first time dear likely was an opportunity to have health care. Now that opportunity may be taken away and of course we don't know what's gonna happen down the road that's a long term process. But in the short term surrounding the Affordable Care Act. A perfect time to welcome you to the show first of all. Was shot just just start with us Tulsa little bit about yourself and how UnitedHealth sinners actually began okay. I know that's that's a broad question and you can handle the. So about me. And in a group in Winston and as always talk to me about community and have ways is the serve the communities who wanted to things that no with with the health care and health with one of them path now. Mr. now. I think a semi is though he is open in new at that point right that's what you wanted to do and your. And sort of the two of the past and around him here and in support of him if both people aim at. And as if from the and though. Of course with within state agreement and I ran in that. And Mary sue. With a with a statin actually. Major in biology and chemistry when I went to be a pediatricians and had some health. Ethnic petite in my life and and one of the passed away in would choose an issue. For the from the issues that he hadn't realized warranted being maintained it was a place that you know an excellent so. As I went went through my passes. Implement of course you know that they have department. About this place though you know any hints and Ubuntu and you know with that was right right and so they started and I think of the war to combat where is the need for primary care providers. That south of war with the things of the sort. And so that's within the economic game right so the group that group to group that. Two falls. Biting and reclaiming. Is that fair to qualify. Them and sustainability of those models it's an open up by halves and more sustainable. The suicides in case. 2000. In pieces and a nominal fee it's when dollars and that's reduced. And so I came alone and who wouldn't we've seen in. And in that no one of that'll qualify if senator Wyeth. Five volunteers. Tweets in. Tweet whale though. Google through UN post at two years and I'm with the as an aside my Korea. Right and that kind of raises to where we are now absolutely well what an incredible journey LeSean and number one. Know Wayne as such a young age and that was going to be your national. A lot of us as kids when we say tons of things where folks wanna be somewhat so when I grow up. But the fact that you really stuck to your plan. We actually had beaten you did not chipped. How are you get unstuck if they got back on track ignition. So here's the thing one thing about and it didn't. And you quiet. You hear who you law went to Paris. What thing about the need. Those answers if you believe this is this thing. You asked if that's ahead. It's you say that because each of us are given a unique gift to retain talent yet. Of the path and care and moving toward with the war or Leo. You know. I in the road and again method of administration. And that if it is this whole volunteering. In community. And hipster of the Aniston right and now. You know what that puts me in the mind. LeSean that if if we give an illustration of sorts it's like putting together a jigsaw apostle. Of course when you take it out of the box there's hundreds of thousands of different pieces. I think you take each piece and it starts to form the bigger picture. And it's like the more you put the pieces together the more you can see what that puzzle is actually going to become yeah. And that's pretty much you and an action and that's when that happened cannon down your pants and bright and and getting back on track so even though sometimes we we made you know congress. Slope to the side a little bit. As long as you say we trust in our creator what you'll help us get back on track. That's fantastic I wanted to sheer emotion on in terms. Now that we know how United Healthcare sinners speaking and first of all to share with him was just this morning where you're located get them familiar with fewer. So it's great right now we have. Is glue. Relocate great to actually operating and we just opened. I'm open at third congratulations. Thank you and so the first unsigned is located 2000 walk now street. And it. And then that that in the case is on the camp com if you meet with with them near the new active that's. If these things with this evening. With and they. And in that third site which we agree with the as organist a certain funding into it in December. Who wants immunized hits in his own country people that he spends so we really excited about that they sent to the location. Will now play with he. Nevada majority of the service and that is Newton having services do medical will be here we you know you know and pharmacy at the at this p.'s report. Well I. You know LeSean wanna dilute the nicest things about being from North Carolina growing up in the area going to school here working here. When we think about the state that's the pinnacle of health care. We talk about Winston-Salem state university are phenomenal. On health programs for us with the nursing school and things of that nature we should mention duke. East Carolina my am money not gonna retrofit and the medical program that they have their Wake Forest UNC Chapel Hill and I mean US CG and we can just go on and on and on. And to know that that quality here. Is really. Pretty much right in our backyard. Yet and that's what we fine with. UnitedHealth sinners I wanted to share with you and our listeners you neighbor called this I happened to find. Z and that I think this was pretty recent the Winston-Salem chronicle. Actually did a very nice article is speaking with you. And I light town during the interview. You said the name changed now that your UnitedHealth senators. The name change is part of the 501 C three nonprofit. Health organizations plan to reach more patients. And ensure everyone in the area has access. To affordable health care. And then when I was thinking of how you just mentioned losing your grandmother. And she not being insured at the time. And we think about a loved ones even we think about ourselves. Now we're in that position where you do have a lot of people that are in that particular situation. And are trying to find ways why how can I get health care but the keyword being affordable it. Yeah when you know when one of the reasons that maintained. That it was. When have I beaten with in his community in. Haitians. Thunders this is south you know at. Eight we eat is. House. Though and became a variant because became model of the club face and you know I think they were like McCain or anyone if with. Of the name change in nine dancers. And out as to in reach more individuals more costly. Through the the area. You clear exactly we that you nine it across. And this is genius in the article it just makes cents. And it really does have a welcoming. If you will title. In the name here getting it and name it and really well. Because we grew one to be very want it to be very unique and balances. The Iran more. Look at the logos that that the name them we uniting and doing. Individual marriage. You know in visas who have insurance and then to not having me on the academy and we take packed practically anyone. As. An excellent. Let's not speaking of which and that's a wonderful time in two. This question before we go to our first break of the morning what services team provides OK so we provide. Of medical well. When a man that is used with these thing doctor then. You Leo with the quality care that's affordable and then we also have here help available in with his new site will be able to do you know. And upon the arms in the discount while in and learn thing pharmaceutical. Even those who is the discount rate wars are. An excellent. And we'll show must gonna be so helpful you have so many families that for whatever the reason may be. Sometimes finances are what we would like for them to be. So really when we look at the word affordability this is has to be a plus for so many families. Whether it's a single parent household to parent whatever the situation being. It has means that if you an issue we have as a federal and I have a line. Right there on these skills I found Allison and I think Ruth and was you. Where you go with the fighting that's in aliases they found out exactly this plaza to what it is 13. That's based on ink you know. Exactly take any insurance but we owe. You name it we can be and that's thanks in Medicare Medicaid and. Because what this shows lotion on his obviously. Every patient is gonna have a different needs so to have that sliding scale in place. You're willing to work with your patients. That's wonderful. It is so good to have you on the program now you can thank you for that there. Now I'd typically. You are new V anytime your due to a public affairs show at least with me anyway. Well you early family the embedded in you want then that's right. And the reason I guess I'll go ahead and and as they have family of course lists on we we have. Number wine we're classmate so it is good to have a a little mini reunion of sorts. And of course we know there there's a lot out of carver nation right. May that's right that are tuning in now. Votes anyway here we graduate and know you're gonna show I don't. That's pretty badly and the bigger yeah Goodyear has a very good year absolutely what they give them my brand. So you really are family and it's good to have you on the program and welcome efficient it. To our community focused and when you're so welcome we're gonna take a quick break and then we are coming back again I have the Chief Executive Officer with United Healthcare senators. Was John Hutton laid joining me Rene is on a thank you radio famine for joining us as well. There is more of the week in addition a community focus will return after this break. Much more than we can dish enough community focus thank you review family where the you're just joining us so you've been with us since the beginning of the program. Always great company with you I so appreciate it is certainly appreciate the good things he's doing in our communities. And we have a member of our community focus Stanley that's doing. Some good and our communities I know he does not do it alone but century hairless Shania the only person I can can say Betsy you. But you have a fantastic staff as a Chief Executive Officer of united health care sinners again looking to expand its services. And not just the beautiful city of Winston-Salem but all of precise accounting. As well as other areas and that and family if you're just joining us how to get your recap of where we are as we do continue on. With a week in addition. A community focus her here on our inner comes stations thank you this on for returning. Other one thing that we were talking up now. Specifically. Before the break was. UnitedHealth sinners against formally Southside UnitedHealth center the faction looking to expand the city as well as and other communities. In other areas what communities do you sir just recap that for those who didn't get a chance to hear you earlier in the program. With the whole area or OK and he was. Anywhere. The counting there apparently was there while area can't and in the common sight even. Well through as a school. In in a third site with its ethnic would be. On you may with the marketplace mall this news he's the VA clinic am that we. As for me I hope that's where you are only. And I think is tweeting when he went owlen then you parkway and grant us those 151000 square easily ninety's. More patients in around here most there was the mean yeah and you know I think that's a really good location because I'll be on this list and I can't tell you. You know given the fact that we're we're both in. What's the best way to describe it we're in very I guess we can saying. Career is that really do you take a lot of our time and that's and a good way of the let me emphasize that a lot of times you don't get says sort of true. Apple certain it Perry isn't out. To Leslie is a bid near marketplace mall. He's been the plays when we were in school you value in other weekend when. Yeah whom we would. Look for something to do. They used to be that the spot who we hang out as we were younger but getting back on and on topic here I think that's going to be a great location as well. Incredulous. Is that you Obama's space you know do one thing you meet with us this staff of you know and if yes yet at being with Al opinion on that and know with and we did that have pain. At this as well as organization right they can man or use it grows. When I know there Ryan years keep an eighth seed. Now to three sites and we actually we threw only 8000 patient. An excellent with over. Any approval rate swap from a patient and maybe. Are providing good customer service and good quality care absolutely. Aghast at a wanna thank my fans wonder if Alabama and. I am now I don't want to put you on the spot but if you want to name names I mean please feel free to. To do so listen we can do shout outs and early notoriety and unfair and a little span upgrade. 'cause I think each individual in the men's in that we think we attained in the world. Mean really came in the world in that eats a patient comes. I with money and news. That's that is thirtieth. Eightieth meeting went and they naif and a about on each individual. Is there. A found at the host that appearing very does so for those who who were bullish on you know who you why we are giving your shout out here. And the week at a dissident community focus. Showed that really is wonderful because that's the one connect. That sometimes can be sorely missing. Between a patient in health care professional. Is is having just that that connect. And now being united health centers that really. Does carry over to white united can be because a lot of times it's really typical trying to have a conversation. With your doctor with your nurse with the health care professional. But when you have such. A great teen. Individuals that you have a chance to work with. I think it really brings a lot of east of the patients they feel more comfortable. They feel that they can really open up to you and tell you what's really going. And I think that's the Selig and M. Paces and he. Exactly I mean the patient has with. Kerry chair. Lot of things we that's it with my tee but it through and my chief of artery in. You are individuals running out of him. As hinted it is they have as he absolutely does work right because what you look at what becomes the naturally Nate you know surgery and really work with them what you think about you. He Phyllis you know that you concern about. It's in the did you know we can. Couldn't hear about the air of emotion when they're physically. Absolutely that's very important. Wish I wanna get back to the Affordable Care Act as we mentioned it earlier in the program. This one question why should someone now participate. In it com and visit such a place as united house owners. I think ACA. Affordable Care Act is very important and I would encourage you wanton if if they to go here and continues. Begin at I hear right as the funding poise he aid to death and it is intact. He is Steve correct deal. Who wrote in eighth the day you know in order to continue to use them when that. Be discouraged Newton in the day. You'll help is very definitely I don't see I didn't you'll heal ground yourself maybe your family Japan and I use Frontline. I would encourage images continue to it Rooney EA as a man effect we have morning and I locate him. Can hit you navigate their system acts of if he's run a thinkers in the. So I shouldn't be that such a big help you because that was our main concern especially once individuals started and rolling. In the Affordable Care Act so great to know radio family hopi taking some good notes I'm trying to it will actually shot his. With me here in the studio so just of course as as a reminder or to encourage UnitedHealth sinners is accepting new patients. Yeah new patients. An issue patients. You can actually have a thing Dave is it when and if they didn't read my guess is in the running mate that people are. He would be theme. When they need exactly. And what this is to believe. LeSean. Is one and it's encouraging us to. Really be more mindful of trying to take better care of ourselves in now of course only anytime we talk about a new year. We we make these so called resolution some some do some don't. But trying to probably more let's find solutions to make it. Those changes as to what takes place and generally it's around this time of year that but at the top of the list. It's losing way it's stopped smoking. You know maybe curb. I'd just rankings social drinking from a standpoint whatever the situation may be to where we can root of our bodies separate. Because the one thing that sometimes I think we're not mindful love is as we get older. How much stress. How much additional pressure we put him out on its. And sometimes we're not mindful of all the things that we do that sometimes we're just kind of beaten down. And of course when things really get to the point where we we really need to see professionals. Like your cells are body is what Thomas you know it's time. Yet had to make this change how. And periods mean. If you have not had enough. That you know with right here yes you know you residences and Malia and give me. The written an eighth. Earth. Absolutely. Ryan. You that if any of you and open. That's really good I think. Medical and. Absolutely and NTT hate that and to really. Look at it from the standpoint that you are trying to make. In your roots to. A healthier lifestyle and even if individual Sean is healthy here's a great incentive to to continue to be that way. Sent a good example war or try to four other family members beat each other source of encouragement. You know because now you have. The great thing about families is that we're getting back to the old school way of doing things as a family. We know there are many who have busy lives a lot of times accuser off doing their thing parents are off or doing your thing. You're seeing a lot of families incorporating whether it's exercise. We're doing family activities together that really keeps the body moving in and keeps them from becoming or leaving. A sedentary lifestyle. Which can be the case especially would look and a lot of our young folk. Now you know LeSean when you and I were or comment through. We who. Well I can reflect that in those days in which you know we were so. Active so Mumbai is a learned. Caddies and Rick and exactly. Play all the company's loan and man if you view it while the he blitzes and when I made exactly a lot demagoguery every game on men you know in active. As you know exactly run any of these supports the agreement. And in so many of those activities LeSean. Came long before we had social media there was no FaceBook. There was no it's to grant there was no linked in respect patent. All the ways that are our young kids I communicate today in your right if you wanted to see you'll be asked about my. Hadn't shaken up the phone or texting somebody. It was kidnapping yourselves. And sometimes walking because a lot of our friends lived like to a three houses up history and just like you said riding your bike to and from school. On the afternoon activities I know from me I used to snow enjoy it we have been in practice and that was spoke let's find. Getting Julianne are now being part I play in May the best bets on our support group let me say this and I can't tell you how many Friday night's I look at sports do when it was ready. For a good football game. The carver high school marching band we we were ready just brings back good memories and it does it really does but again getting back to. That importance. Of really trying to get back to a time where we did have a lot more physical activity. Compared to what's going on now because so much out there. Let's show on that we're bombarded by especially. The things that keep us in front of the television pretty much going for seven. Yes of that we don't have that activities like we used to but you know kudos to those who do you have any. Life style war trying to get in that direction doing something more on a regular basis. And you know whether you're having your very first. A physical. Or this is the first time you're able to in the role in health care. Or you've had a plane. And a good one that you trusted for a number of years you still have that wonderful relationship that people confine with united house and. It I mean I went into it you are indivisible as this where. Exactly beat you know what you mean. Patient it actually is they use nine run it in with them he's human and Bryant. Exactly and I thought to publish on getting back to families here. With UnitedHealth senators of course we think about. Those who are starting families and I think about you know moms who will be coming mothers. For the first time. Along with with fathers for young persons. Who may want engage in physical activity as a member back in the time and we want to play a sport. We had to have that bad doctors noted that. Medical Indiana isn't easy and it is good yeah exactly and a with a unit has and it can take you know him well. In and you know grandmother who. Exact alone right right here. And you know I mean what's that about nine here. In the name. The ninth a line. And holy is the and in some time to connect medical use of very important. You know. Pharmacy Ryan and one of the things we knew we do is of these issues that. Range that'd be really good to have. We were with the growth and stay if who acts we finish in early nova you know wonder. At department that we want to use but it is between while with. And a run. The use him and those artists and through that eighth. Zach here he keynote serves you right that the physical therapy and there he's exempt. Social and counsel groups who are you live in the community who need it means. Pregnancy with you wreath with your room. Only in depth in the case in. What to. As the years it's. All the services are. Excellent old ones. Ryan. Yeah so looking to expand. But at the same time also. Very excited for what you have in place right now and and this is an excellent situation which changes could. Upgrade and if you will and we haven't a supportive would have directors who excellent. A they support what we view. And pieces of news organization. It would if that's the poisoning. You're out and this is we need to do right do you mean in. That's excellent. Ready your family if you just joining us thank you very much to get this opportunity to identify ourselves as the week in addition of community focused. Thank you for tuning in here on our intercom stations. A wonderful opportunity every weekend. To hear about good people. Home vote or die if you well doing some good things. In our communities. Wind happens to be with me this morning Rene Bonnie is what Sean Hartley is the CEO of united. Health centers again formally south side UnitedHealth center. Looking to expand services not just in Winston-Salem. But precise count me as well as other areas and Sean before we we and our conversation and cam we want a re integrate those locations. We have file location on 3000 non walked town street it is south south I. We have a thick location. With the new patients and which in thirty this to be laying which is right down the street from seconds that's great Indian we just get Milan at third side here that we. Caning Indy really is I was even pace. And 2101 piece parkway which is at the market. Very good at it and talk about a nice way to start a new year doing it with that new location LeSean yes. That ties in nicely to to ask this question let's talk a little bit about the powers at the various locations in which people can come and take advantage of. Of the affordable healthcare you so at the wall tells why he does not want. I'm real openly in the tooth at. I'm next in it hours on Wednesday and and if Saturday's wouldn't quit. Erica the common side no movement through Friday. Eight if and with that there is I Wii is the item with that would grant in the open it would be open he when. You're as we grow. It. I'm definitely. Excellent and that is the one thing that thankfully we have. UnitedHealth sinners and really a lot of places that we. Will come to frequent we want that to be the case for you to shop I'm thinking. Nowadays. Those Saturday hours just as equally important. Because a lot of people are perhaps some busy you're on the weekends as they are regularly during the week. So if for any reason you may need assistance. With your health care needs how nice that when the facilities does happen we'll accommodate. Saturday house and winters. It's an awesome. We have excellent you know as of act. You eight enters a more. Wonderful and let me. Keep a mental note of that will repeat that two and the remaining minutes that that we have here on the program. But again congratulations. Everything that you have your so welcome everything that we have discussed. Thus far LeSean. Just has been amazing information and again especially for those. Who for whatever reason may have been hesitant in approaching health care. Getting health care because we know they're probably many who. Just simply can't afford it and that's the main reason why they don't have it. But howl. Much more so now that they are hearing about. United health centers on a public affairs shows such as community focus really encouraging you ready families take advantage of these opportunities. Sean as you mentioned you really will. Feel not only. You know nine it. What you'll feel like gambling but if with with you rates and whipping we fade ethnic. He. Meeting with that means we are. Yeah. Absolutely. And definitely I've heard from you since the start of our conversation this morning. And just really great and I appreciate what you what you Colin Hart says I think it really describes utility. Building healthier communities. And that's something that we really want. And I think that really LeSean that it has to. All of our communities but in particular when we speak of a minority communities. Because that's another area in which. We don't a lot of times find we have an adequate care. For those but that of course is now being addressed all thanks to. The locations. Of united health centers. Very. You do it a fantastic job I think we have about a minute or two remaining is there anything that you would line. To either. Add to our conversation something wanna go back over anything as a reminder to our listeners I think maybe do. Different lives I'd look at in gained in the OK excellent. Very. You did a phenomenal job classmate is good to have you want to orient definitely if thank you so much now LeSean I usually say with. All of our community focused family members are no good buys on our program has. When we get good folk like you we don't want it to be a one time Leo if you want thank you so it's definitely looking forward. Hearing more good things about you. And I definitely want us to stay in communication because I'm hoping. That we can also get to a point that if anything should come on out. I don't know if you you do this in fact let's try to touch on that fourth for about a couple of minutes. Do you offer like any community health fairs is something that you were looking to do. EQ we have a with colony. We at participating and nationally if Axel only isn't on the gas and so will we try to do is they speak. Bear in mind is and dates as you know as we clothe it is obvious right to be. No okay excellent only do pretty good on the win with certain. Or we can have you come back and affirm our program I that's right exactly and in LeSean let me extend the invitation of course not just TU. But if you want to invite in the members of his staff they are more than welcome. They will be treated like family here as well on the program I guess that nanny and our thing here and we Indian and will thank you very much I appreciate so do. Extend that invitation tell them I said hello and to to thank you stand out for the wonderful job that they have done and without question will continue to do. And I appreciate that because yes LeSean on keep me in the loop so I can also share. Information as well when our web site. And as she's as you mention as we get closer to the August date we can get you back on the program and really give it that extra push to get community to come and support you and help you this well. And the the web site and if they feed provided that we and a wonderful read. They did. The thought of people need to pay eve of exactly yeah. And in the mouth nose to nose and Dave is if they accident in new page in. Wonderful. Says a lot of good stuff going on with UnitedHealth sinners. Thank you so much let's not let you say you're welcome any family here on the weekend edition of community focus and radio family. Likewise for you annoy a lot of you two are doing some awesome things in our communities. Please keep up the good work and of course stand communication was me as well chat with me either on FaceBook war on our. It's too Graham were on so many it. That's that's that's certainly can't keep up with the everything English on which should be in the work that I meant. But bottom line family is it's really wonderful shown to have a public affairs show. Well we can really get very pertinent and important information out to our listeners. And thank you radio Femi that you appreciate that because that's where. A program like this is about it's about helping each other as a community and so what a wonderful. Outlet and voice to have a platform if you will. A polish on to share great information like we have the opportunity to do sell. No goodbyes just since the next time. That's right and looking forward to that next time so again thank you radio family as always it's been wonderful to be with you. Looking forward to a next time so until then. Enjoy the rest of this week in and enjoy the rest of your day take here.