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Monday, January 30th


Enrolled Tax Agents


Good morning radio friendly welcome it is another week in addition of community focus are public affairs show that's hurt and our inner Tom stations. An irony Avon appreciate your great company has certainly appreciate all the good things you do and our community. And for a week in addition of community focus this is a follow up show let me first of all welcome back from ANC accounting services. Rudy collect how are you. I'm doing well and Rudy you have brought a couple of gentlemen with few. He or on the program I wanna say good morning to. Brett Solomon how are you sir I'm to those I'm doing very well thank you very much for asking and last but by no means least. He rounds out at 3 musketeers this this morning. As a row niece Smith how are you I'm doing right now what I'm doing well did did did do OK with the name you want thank you. What gentlemen thanks to each and every one of you for joining us here in the program radio family our follow up. To our public affairs show for this week in addition of community focus Rudy UN I had the opportunity. To get the conversation started. We are in the early throes of a new tax season and so was we mentioned the last time we chatted this was a follow up show that we were looking forward to. And which she said you wanted to bring back a couple of your associates that you have brought to the best. To the program what I wanna do gentlemen before we get engaged with some questions this morning. I wanna start with you Rudolph chicklet. You aren't enrolled agent an eight. You graduated from the city you're at from city university of Seattle with a masters in business administration. You were also a united states air force veteran and former member of the Ira dale county board of health and I were dale states shall school sport yet. Twenty years of experience in business sales and financial services in addition you've worked in accounting and tax. On behalf a small businesses and professional individuals were more than fifteen years. Currently your completing the requirements to become a national tax practice institute fellow. A member of the national association of enrolled agents in a the North Carolina society of enrolled agents and the national association of tax professionals. You can low cloud is there. And and the same thing can be said about you mr. Solomon you are enrolled agent as well. You graduated from Furman University with a bachelor's in business administration. You've been an enrolled agent for fourteen years you served on the board of directors for the North Carolina society of enrolled agents. Your experience seventeen years and counting. And both tax and accounting. Currently you're studying to become a US tax court practitioner. Remind me to get an explanation on that from you Terry Michelle. And you're also a member of the national association of enrolled agents and the North Carolina. Society of enrolled agents sell. Another impressive by out thank you for letting me share that with our listeners this morning. And again last up by no means least. So Ralph. Certified IRS. Enrolled agent you only would business owners on a monthly basis to assist them with. Cash flow monitoring budgeting debt restructuring. And cutting edge tax planning I've never heard that term before. Good news yes cutting edge exactly. You take pride in helping business owners and churches strive and all economic conditions. With a strong belief that a well run company will excel in both. Good and a bad economy. You've worked primarily with closely held businesses in their owners and high net worth individuals developing businesses and tax strategies. And makes sense from both an economic and tax perspective. You also hold an expertise. In tax and debt relief. That enables you to assist clients to make informed decisions. And that's why I'm glad I have all three of you gentlemen here on the program and you were to negotiate a settlement. Or amnesty on unpaid back taxes and facilitate. Tax relief from IRS and state tax problems. So for any of our radio listeners. It's around that may oh on those back taxes. They can take a breath because you don't bring up some relief this morning yes. Well gentlemen very impressive thank you again for letting me share that information this morning so let's get right to because we definitely house and expertise. On this weekend edition of community focused. So again to start the conversation for those that may not have been with us last time. And either one of you who want to jump in to answer this question again give us a definition what is an enrolled agent. America's tax expert OK. It's. He eighty's are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation. And also who have. Unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. The term enrolled in means were licensed to practice by the federal government and you know so you're you're real deal yes they really expect that. And aging means there were authorized to appear in the place of the taxpayer at the IRS. Or with the state. Very good on him and surround lore. Rudy would you care to add to that. And they're pretty much summed it he's on the is okay. Excellent at at at our neighbor and I know we can count on you for that sure now are enrolled agents required to take continuing education. We are IRS requires enrolled agents to complete 72 hours. Per enrollment cycle which is like every three years for us on hand. So that really is some serious. Personalized training that you gentlemen go through. Yes yeah yes Simone we typically think of when we when we say that no matter. Where we are in the course of education. A lot of times. A lot of folks don't get to see what goes on with you guys behind the scenes that's a lot of studying and a lot of hard work to get you to that enrolled agent status. Yeah and it's continual and 72 hours nest iris requirements can Arnold being members of the national association of enrolled agents actually require ninety hours wow so there's even more even more on just as an aside can I ask each one of you individually how did you even get into this line of work or knew that this is something you wanted to do a puff on a regular basis benched in question are named. At the Tom this and corporate work on graduating from college and I'm went to have my first tax return prepared and lo and behold I was referred to an enrolled agent. I've never heard of the profession before ever Hank and I think that's where a lot of our listeners here in the program from June. And and so one on through home. Working with corporate and any eventually transitioned into you know starting my own tax business right. And because I had been introduced to an enrolled agent before. It's an OK I think I really take this path because I wanna focus in on taxation and Brian as opposed to just general accounting. Excellent excellent. Answer Elson question to you. Well with me having a corporate background I'll work in for a fortune operative code means engineer then when that career came abruptly to winning and in 2001. I had already started. Flirting with the financial industry. And with the long way around started doing investments. Four clients' mutual funds and things like that or but I found out there in order for me to advise clients on the phones. I know your tax situation right to a calls me to study all the tax rules and rules and regulations. It got so interest in that it took my picks I'm await the investments. Over into the tech's arena right in and not eleven. Not too many folks is too much investments. Being with the economy in the and to a terrorist attacks and things like that it's as a result in my transition from the investment field to be accounting field. And been doing it since then and went unnoticed is how like getting certifications and in knowledgeable. And as fast on getting all the education. I found that enrolled agent. Certification was one the only one that RS license. So that's went that route after it happened of our fortune 500 position in career now we own our own practice and Burlington north Cullen. And rest the system absolutely and one of what it history and what a back story and and routing the the same question for you. Well is marvelous but a lot of us win. You know from other industries and giving me an answer. In our as puzzling me 1000 military. Some reason. Maybe the troops it would ask Internet taxes and want us not into an attack. On her part time basis and then. When I got out of the service I went to insurance industry and and I found just I threw those in the last chance to. Advise people about the insurance you know what kind attacks like brownie handle kind of information and is causing com. As soda transition. Me to do and people's taxes you know instantly so. I begin to do is doing taxes and on the side and he was on as before but at that night well. You had to know something easily viewed if you listeners and I started trying to do Lilly education and trying to figure out you know what does as coup was all about. And you know it is in a digging into the passcode is just green Galicia. Some. Understanding on now it's Harrison speaking Madison as it was my transition as Elizabeth. I was continue to be as about to do taxes and that's what folks. Since assisted eighties. And and he transferred into. The matter is we'll do taxes on people. And instant pennies that kind of been around since a 2008 and and based in coroner's fill basic as well so between Burlington. Carner is bill really to central locations between. Centrally if you talk about the Piedmont Triad yet or for a listeners and of course I gentlemen I wanna get into. Indeed the address is four for your individual. That the companies in just a bit and we'll do that. But again. Rudy as service are all in and rent the rest is history for you was well you know and when I just think about that combined experience between the three have you. I think it's more than did the HI currently hit. And in England and that I don't know I'm not at a deficit here. I hit it into the weekend this and I don't mean anybody can do almost almost David as are all most all of my age. But that does it speaks volumes and another thing too if I can say gentlemen as as I look across at the three of view. And I say this. Which with such appreciation. Two particularly. CE three African American men. Doing what you do because you know whether as parents. War as it's guardians war. Individuals I try to encourage your kids when it comes to education and you look at the various fields and I mean it's it can run the gamut as to what. Young ones can decide to do. For you know they're professional careers. Here have three of the best really in a field that you typically don't think of people getting into. Finances let alone trying to deal with tax preparation. I think that's something that most of his generally try to. Stay as far away from and run away from my guess the play that let you guys you tackled it you found out. That you had a gift for it. And then here we are on a public affairs show to discuss itself gentlemen kudos to you for free this and and hopefully. Being the catalyst for a young person who may be listening and saying hey that may be something I wanna get into it so I appreciate you gentlemen for that. You're welcome one more question before to an already ordered her to go to our first break but fortunately we have a part to you to this program. What's the difference basically between enrolled agents and other tax professionals. Only enrolled agents are required to demonstrate to IRS their confidence in all areas of taxation then there's representation. I'm an ethics. There's also tax preparation. That we've unspoken about here. And you have to demonstrate confidence before you're given them on the minera representation rights before the IRS had. And I'll expand on that a little bit further as well but EA's own like attorneys in CPAs. Were licensed by the state. And who may or may not choose to specialize in taxation all enrollees in specialize. In taxation and some former McCain. Whether it be tax preparation. Which we've touched on here which is preparing returns for. Individuals or your businesses partnerships corporations. Or army estates and trusts and thank. And then there is a little known there's another side to being an erroneous and there's a little known part of the profession which is called the representation. And thank. And that instills. Again as I mentioned in the definition of being an enrolled agent us negotiating either. Settlements. Which is what they're commonly referred to not offers in compromise. Installment agreements. I'm home you know home or other arrangements for taxpayers are having or facing some some kind of tax issues are past due taxes and things of that nature well. This is fascinating. Information it just aren't cut and I say this to have a delegate I'd also like a broken Gregory of famine but that's what I love about having a public affairs show because every weekend. I learn something new that I didn't know before and hopefully we'll take this information in and be able to share with others let alone apply it. I wanna ask okay this really will be just the final question and the first half of the shelf. How did the three have you come together or or collaborate to where here we are on the week an additional community focuses. Unless it's on the college of polygamy the F accept. Let what are off when asked well I think. Is right near the and then he is as united. The thinking half who. You know you're back to the community or what I could do this on my profession. Shares some things with the community up on about this radio shows it. It would be great if we can do so my colleagues now I had and Noam Brit for many years. The Conley. Let well it to Orlando and November's in the election. And I meant. A young man and things soon feel as and a and I didn't know as CD and we witnessed in this conference again and I didn't know that he was from Burlington when do we got the hit we hit him back to North Carolina and he. Easily you know you're Sony you are always. The yeah there's you know what we're here and somebody from from owns a hobby we get caught the same claim bag doesn't they had that I don't you. And so brisk miss any news in the subsidy would be great opportunity that's when I got into the that you and he has to do you know an enhanced in the community front and I'm. Glad that we have that opportunity because he we are in on this week in addition of community focused or Rudy. Surreal thing Q Brent thank you we are gonna take a break. But I definitely have some more questions and even more so to give members of our community focused family to be in communication with year. Between now and of course the tax deadline which will be here before we know it because we already half way if not a little already half way. Through this month alone at the end zone April 15 will be here definitely before we know it. Surrender your family will take a break thank you so much for your great company looking forward to speaking with more of our gentlemen here it is the weekend edition of community focus. And we are coming back right after this break. It's more of the week in addition of community focused so glad to be back from commercial break radio family because that really gives us more. Of an opportunity to get back into our conversation if you just joining us thank you so much for your great company really appreciated every week and as she listened she community focus here in our intercom stations Renee Vonn joined by. Such a plethora of talented gentleman here in the studio. We are in conversation not only on tax preparation but really you guys thank you so much. Recession informative definition of what an enrolled agent is. As Rudy click. Surreal new Smith and Brett Solomon. Return with me Rene on here on the program. Just to give a just a shortened definition fellows of what then enrolled agent is you are America's. Tax experts he gays are the only federally licensed. Tax practitioners. Who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent us as taxpayers. Before the Internal Revenue Service and in role simply means to be licensed. To practice by the federal government agent meaning authorized to appear in the place. Of the taxpayer and the IRS snack is Aric all back for memory. But ran a movie out this thank you for write that down. Yeah they use out of it. Again for coming back here on the program as we mentioned before the break the fact that we are approaching before we know what that April 15 tax deadline. I wanted to continue in the questions this morning by asking does one actually goal. A bell finding. Each case such as yourself enrolled agents but the easiest and fast. Way to locate an enrolled agent in your area is to visit WWW. That in being dot org thank okay. There's a link on the are defined in. A will allow you to search instantly. I'm by locality and specialty. And turn. You can also call 180424. 4339. That's the EA referral service is an unattended service but she can numb but your request or to receive a response to the email fax or mail. Excellent we're gonna repeat that information radio famine. Because our brand surreal and and Rudy a lot of times we have individuals who are. Listening to the program who may be traveling from one destination to the next I don't I don't write it down. We don't help Piaf family home on that so we definitely won't repeat an information. What are some of the key points to remember especially when hiring a professional what are some of the do's and don'ts to look out for. Well. Terrorists requires every tax at station it and they. Well we follow up paired tax ID number couldn't compete in. The important thing those wins with. Enrolled agent is that. They go far beyond that they heat it we have nine. Who has had some bias in the key to we have is that. You know we we can practice throughout the United States would not limited to just practicing. In north Aaron Miles Villa a lot of a lot of and we had a expertise taxation also a lot of people. May have. Practice. May go to CPA on Tony's been the only license in the state of those we have is. If I can exists just polish you'd have mostly stopped the bridge is a cause you to really let that the longer that statement sink in. Because when you think about North Carolina and all the other states and this is nationally. From state to state you fellows are incredible because to try to. Even imagine. Knowing that. They're going to be probably variations. Wit us tax preparation from state to state years ago. Yeah and to be able to remember all of that you know whether you're in Virginia whether you you're in New York with the round on the West Coast and in California or in Washington State and things like that. You Brothers are amazing as that's all I just have to say on that it takes it with any enrolled agent I mean that bad as some say it. That to me really I think is a definition of being a professional. In in your in your field or in your area so I think you guys for that unit that is something that we bring. To the table is unique and that all tax prepare is really can't 72 who yeah yeah that's definitely something that is unique. Me ask you this just a general question for for our listeners this morning let's say for instance. Did. Mine or did one's personal exemption amount. Increase for 2017. Before you address that question the reason we bring it up this morning radio family is obviously. This not only starts a brand new year. And Rudy you and I had this the last conversation. We are officially under a new administration. With the new president. Of of this country and I'm sure that likely has been on the mine for a lot of people. Who are preparing this taxis and obviously there's going to be some changes. Coming up now that we have transitioned. From the Obama administration to now the trump administration so I just wanted to keep that point in mind but to get back to that question. Did my personal exemption amount increase were this year. Yet assurances the injection. Of the several changes in the column and we won't tell Guatemalan illegal and it and that. No we can save for future to have you know I had seen it at but. Does this you know the standard deduction for married in July is it was raised to 2121007. And it's up that's up 400 dollars from 26 things that the single taxpayer honored on separate. Was raised from. And put 66300. Is now 600350s. What little. In a house supposedly Clinton's comments and deducted. But in a household when seventeen is 100350. Up from 9300. And when he sixty. Chris exemption remain the same and a 1050. I have way it did change a little bit as far as of these sales pays out is. He nickel tune in since 1000 under it. And adjusted gross. It does things out and if he's. Did. Three now topping 313 1800. A couple of places. The capital phase out changed. Primarily though is those are the major changes would both it will be instability if tax rate margin tax rate is. In fifteenth when he 203330. Which salute is just look a little opening. The oh early in with how late. About the a full tank which is that the major change it's not going on the area. But this is now assistant in 95000 Canada analyst and it apparently. So they'll lose they'll go to the highlights of the basic. Changes are. Absolutely now with that let let me address this question says it's all all three of the UN and who whichever order in terms of responding. Feel free I'll leave that up to you on the computer issues here but if the has that been the biggest concern thus far with a lot of your clients the the Affordable Care Act and what changes that may or. May not impact atypical family yes. We're getting questions. I've actually gotten questions and Burlington where people acts I have to affordable care action like cancel the mail. Why so we'll address the pink elephant in the room oh definitely. It's current. Incoming president has made it clear that he wants to repeal it. And what I'm telling clients is is always you have you have it. And utilities have grown up we're gonna cover that but it's definitely something that's on the table to be repealed and and but at the end of the day right now we still have it in to give it repeal. Takes a process excellent do that right and I'm so glad surreal that you mention that because I think a lot of people first and foremost. They're biggest fear was this was going to be immediate. Right that it was gonna happen like yesterday which you write this is a process. That actually may or may not happen even with trump an office right. Right in a thing about it is even wants congress and everyone get together and you decide if they decide to do it right just to implement the port port connect to a year exactly in they decide okay it's going to be. Repealed. Debts gonna take a period of time access has to go through they years he exit from the federal. The into the staying you know due to counties because it's ingrained in everything we do. In that field and those not just the blue cross question needles in the entire country excellent excellent a brand any afterthought. To or anything that's going to bring to the table well the real. I think through pretty much covered dome and it all Bosnian that is not going to be immediate. But I have seen recently that I think descendant. Took a vote to us start to repeal certain portions of it then I think it was passed a 5140. Vote or whatever was so. I think we'll start to see some changes but everything that was in effect in. Sixteen will remain in terms of on tax preparation for us so very important radio Finley for for us to keep that in mind and thank you gentlemen for for bringing that to the forefront. No the next question is this how has my SEH and can we give a definition for that there are listeners that wiped out yeah. Familiar with that is genuinely out of cash schedule IA OK I'm sorry I'm an unemployment always lasts language and you went in which I'm learning here on the program okay how does my schedule a deductions change for charities exiled king of earth. Well the v.s schedule lays those that may not realize where most people take and then deduct a standard deduction you end up Macedonia. But if you wanted to take an additional to toughness that's all he's scheduled okay. And the biggest change in the regarding the path that we talked about and think again has come in to fans who think many refunds. Is anti the medical deduction used to be seven and a half percent of eighty only just girls think right now has gone up two hours is his emphasis. As an as a change. Also. When it comes at a child care. As a refundable credit his or who created some other Republicans there. And had that little calls the the refund to be delay. Hayward fifty to immediately there. I anytime you do in his if you were doing is Italy should always make should be calamity. Deductions where is obedient church charity to Doug and valuable to go to. What he pretty good Rick. May issue a little reckless talk apps that are arm what you need to do on the other day if he didn't hit justified in taking their resident is going to be enough. Yeah exactly and as you'll get. Volatility. An area that I know that is is he is a lot of heart rate or. A task business when they take the business expenses unity is it is the full of the 21 holes it wouldn't that it imported if you don't only let you know you don't take. Some of the business deductions like malice and I think once he ripped as he makes India you if being on children facility exact. Went and and Rudy brunt of a good point that was our discussion last time go before. Cyril and surreal and nosed under. Surreal forgive them if you practice and is in my god it's in my head thank you so there are you patient she Soka surreal. You engram before. Coming in here with mean your on the program. Was the fact was I think that took a lot of people by surprise I'm sure that when they found out it was going to be a delay. And those anticipated refunds and I'm sure I'm sure the initial shock still hasn't worn off for a lot of us but. It is what it is and I mean I think the the positive to take away from that is that it's still coming yes fish is coming a little bit later than a lot of us. You know would light but that's okay we make the adjustments and hopefully we try to move on. But in the meantime let's let's discuss this to ask some questions here what is let's start with the individual shared responsibility. Provision what is excess. Okay for those of you who have this ACA. Or the Obama care as is referred to a lot all you do is work a job and have health insurance or don't write the individual share responsibility provision. First the ball's not attacks is a feat that's on your tax return and clear the miss understood part is where the EUR four. Or against it when you file a tax return. Everyone in this country have to and answer that question did you have health insurance for the entire year. Period with you worked at Wal-Mart had all year and more worked as a self employed individuals that question best dancer. And when that question is answered one of two ways things begin happened. Right now on the penalty for this coming taxis and when he sixteen year. We're basically starting right now at 600 in 95 dollars per adult. Now Renee just a few years ago he was less than a hundred dollars. This year it's close to 700 starting right. Starting starting. And four children. Age eighteen and under it's happened at 34754. Maximum of 2085. Dollars. Now for people who make higher incomes and from the government as soon will we don't want it camped at 695 per adult right we're gonna look at 2.5. Percent. Of your income and the Macs and their floats. So how how do we as far as for us as taxpayers. How to Halloween. Technical and hand you know because what a lot of people. It's nearly 700 that that's a lot of money from them especially whether it I'm thinking particularly if you come from a a single parent household. As opposed to a two parent that's got to be a shot how do we you know sort of. Soften the blow right if you will we've been helping people soften the blow a lot over the last several years and what we do is when someone comes in and there's like so real I do not have health insurance. I begin and renowned as a long list of beings exemptions and as they're called over reasons where we could potentially. Not have the penalty. Number one. By us being a state of North Carolina. Currently. I'll go more government. Roy Cooper is in the process of trying to expand Medicaid exactly that is at this point in time for taxes being prepared now is not expand it. So if you've fallen again where you made a little bit too much for Medicaid but not enough for that Affordable Care Act there's an exemption for that in our state. In nets and our state okay the common federal ones are if you were homeless in any time. That's an exemption and then if you are facing foreclosure or an addiction or receive debt ridden noticed that an exemption received a cart off noticed. The utility company know the exemption and domestic violence. Is a huge. If you're a victim or handle if PBS's prefer to not communities out. All of that is an exemptions. Experienced the death of a family member and experiencing far flung or other natural disaster like the floats out. East east right on file for bankruptcy medical expenses you couldn't pay. Expect it unexpected increases in necessary expense is king port deal disc able or aging family members. And basically that's the gist of most of exemptions right and knows that a high. And records that we views on a regular basis. I know that that brings relief to me and I'm sure that for a for our listeners. There's some buy that says you know what all of those explanations that you gave surround they fall somewhere in in that category. But let me also add to radio family as an aside keep in mind I got three of the best for some of these gentlemen on this program. The best in being enrolled agents because as we mentioned earlier and can issue did not hear not only do they know the tax laws sport North Carolina. We awesome listeners that tune into us who are from out of the state. And the fact that you gentlemen have the knowledge if they are coming from another area. As well so just keep those those things in mind but that is really precious goods now. It really is good to know. Is an. Person eligible for a coverage exemption or required to make an individual share responsibility payment let's get into the details of that question. Okay basically what I tell clients is if you have an exemption and make sure you go to WWW. Healthcare dot go and do the paperwork more if you don't have to pay for you may lose that opportunity for the exemption. Once you do the paperwork been notified in writing don't give you a special code that is all on the letter that you must keep. No one knows it but you thank you so if you lose it don't send it to you but you have to take that to tax professional when you go to file. And for the people they get hit with the shear responsibility payment it will be added to your taxes so now I've you don't pay it. It rolls until an altitude 20. And let's say you just let it sit out there it will sit out there it will not disappear even if they decide to repeal it unless they went into law running to get rid of it still has to be its USB Pena so let's say you don't pay for 2016 Texas and you about a year from now 2017 Texas you have a nice refund. They're going to adjust their refund what you didn't pay this year. Good to now that's an. Another question let's get back to health care what are the health care tax forms that one might receive and how how do they use them. OK Tim 95. Yet. AE DNC. We've gotten the wonderful news that the B and C will be delayed. Are what the DNC represents is that you work of the at a corporation. Or have Medicaid or have Medicare. You have to get written proof that you have health insurance now. Will the government. Was told by the insurance companies in these facilities we will not be ready by January 31. Which would be twos have to be mailed more so they're saying we'll look. Our set okay. Don't worry about send it by. 31 since its us electronically. In this sits and am pleased about it in the march okay. So what happened is they may not had that by the time they do file but when they do give it if they tell one of us and insurance. I have proof. I don't have it you better keep it. Definitely if so this ready a family really is it's a great lesson for us. Especially if we're not the best of record keeper of speed and hand now be a good time to become one if you already went then you're already in great shape. I think it also a surround goes into the next question will look win will person received those health care tax warms up. Only forms that will be coming out and may actually starting to come out mail which will be detained 958. Of the people who had the affordable care okay. With the film it's in. Erik two of let's say it again wouldn't be imperative. That they bring in NB post. If they don't bring it in they tried to circumvent the system and file without the IRS will hold their refund a well. Indo cinema nice letter saying hey Renee. Half. You dodge the tax returns you receive money from the government forty portable care and it. You never found you in any body which attacks to turn up this is just for demonstrations are settling in and. And does anybody. Every bag you know yeah this is an exciting news talk only do the religion into it. Yeah. This summer and they do it. In this this letter she has to bring honor back Charles office that we have to basically update the tax return Millen in so NASA is the connect. Two to three to four months before getting a reform how. And there's already. A delay than what most people are used sales that's the one thing you really. You just don't wanna examine that to happen to avoid as much as possible exactly that's a good energy action zarrella in and brand and rooting. To get some contact information from you gentlemen for any individual that's listening to us. That may has some great questions outside of the ones and I'm trying to ask thank you for your patience on that. How does wind getting contact with you felons. Well I can be reached the rail niece Smith could do was a Texan accounting in the great city of Burlington, North Carolina. 1052. South church street. Burlington that south church street in Burlington not Greensboro but if you get a wind over an old and all the way down with a relative and you can make a right turn tomorrow parking lot there. In my office numbers 336. 2295545. Excellent and Rudy. Okay act I admit I'm in the city of Tennessee. And and we Hamels the condolences. And at ASU counties there is it to ten V interval as you know I don't sampling and bill. Says the agency coming from Greensboro prisoners of them it's okay if I can. And it was 3369. Announced its its. As monopoly is and we Iran is varying the race. And mr. Solomon we knew I could leave you out of this conversation and I appreciate their door. Our offices. Won't business name this text services and consultants and that's a hearing Greensboro. In this located at 2307. West cone boulevard. And weren't suite to TN Erica moon now like the fact that Burlington. And coroner's bill. In Greensboro well represented here yes very very much so. Now that will bring us to and we did it gentlemen we did it we actually will have in the few minutes remaining here on the week in addition. A community focus really I believe you touched on this a little bit. A 2015. Is a good thing we have acronyms. Costs them questions on it. Known commonly as path and what should a person or win issued an individual expect the refund. Yeah now we'll speak live with the pass sensitive nested. Tables with pro and in some real issues at the heiress Paris has them. That and it requires it to nine in irons and a B twos be out by January 3 cars. Also. Will we know what we coloring funnel Chris Niles crane is already uses it earned income credit the child care credit. The credit. For. Through my element Chaka credit. Until credit and education credit those credits are you republic as the day. Will not least those wrinkles and obviously not until February 15. That's a delay. Normally takes about ten days if he if he methodically openly when days if you pay for problem dearly in the 21 days he's he can expect a refund. But because of the the the new law the new they knew that you should respect expect those refunds until after the fifteenth if. And I'm glad you mentioned that because that was on actually a question that. I wanted to address. If a person let's let's just say hypothetically. If one requested a direct deposit refund. And is now being mailed as a paper which paper check. Why would that initially happened what would situation may have occurred proceed to a she's a scenario. Dallas the most common reason and that would of happened and reason is the only debate he's amazing was rejected was right. And that's another thing we have to be very careful it's amazing how it for so much as one digit off Brian. What could happen yet he had that that could really add to the delay as well. I think we'll send it back in millennia prevention and it would. Do million refund because agenda to melt exactly exactly. And one final question on gentlemen I want to ask here on the weekend edition of community focus and again you guys at eight fabulous. Saint. Which credit was affected by the path packed. Yeah that as good that I had forgotten when when does the educating crib and the the these chapter credit and an an aunt and me and income credit those three quiz on what we call. Critters that you normally do it really you know pay the taxes not with the means is refundable and from those credits help are being held on. OK. Especially I think we'll make this the last one on US tax court practitioner. We want touch on that bridge before we wrap up the program yes thank you very much thank you. Armed hey US tax court practitioners a designation it's like pinnacle of our career. Obama has enrolled agents. I'm I'm currently studying now I'm I'll be sitting for the exam. Two years out from now which will be November. Will not quite two years but we'll be November 18 2018. And what it does is it allows non attorneys. To practice before the tax quarter and actually represented taxpayer in the courts Eric written. Gentlemen again a phenomenal job. In about a minute and a half that we have remaining is there any closing thoughts or comments from either review this. The yeah. I. One it's two bring it reminded me. Mr. beast is McConaughey and I will probably in Vegas sometime in the is it in the late summer August August Louie we inching up our fellowship. And as well Dana wasn't as well in Orlando and I made him feel we don't go to Vegas and so you know what we'll go literally just days and they but it's. And business that doesn't ever to visit her. It ignited it but it's for a good cop did he has strayed important godsey is absolutely millions in here again. And if all of you out there is dead have not gotten health insurance port 2017. January 31 is the deadline. For the Affordable Care Act. Remember. That is the deadline you still have time to roll. It will become effective till march but if you have any questions just contact our office or go to health care about go in get it done that's an excellent ending point. Gentlemen I cannot say thank you that's why I say in a program like community focus are public affairs show they were never any devise. Just until next on because I'd say UN I've definitely and we can talk about this on off Asia. Is scheduling you guys to come back as quickly. As possible between now and April 15 so let's let's make it a day chairmanship. You know gasoline in the meantime thank you all so very much. I get too welcome analysts say this at the beginning of the program with surreal you in Britain being. Really newbies. But should not. Especially now sperm to bring the program to make your family welcome to the community focused family. And an egg donors so welcome in and joining you Rudy you have definitely been featured here on the program. A number of occasions but I wanna see to it that all four of rescued packed gather here and as I mentioned do it again release announcing gentlemen thank you so much thank you thank you very welcome on behalf of print Solomon. Surround niece Smith you know I got to pause and make sure I get an aim right I'd say good Israel think I'm gone I'm still go work on it for next time. And Rudy clay gentlemen thank you so much some. For your time here on the weekend edition of community focus AT and you're so welcome and thank you radio family for your great company as well. Hopefully you got the contact information to get in touch with. Any of the gentleman here on the program if you should have some future questions and again looking forward to our next time together. And thank all of you for the good things should join our community should keep up the great work as well. Enjoy the rest of this weekend and the rest of your day thank you for tuning in to community focus take care.