Busta Talks with Brittany Packnett of the National Black Lives Matter Movement

Friday, November 4th


Busta spoke with Brittany Packnett of the National Black Lives Matter movement about the importance of voting.


Yesterday only have to do things to talk to Brittany pac man the black lives matter about the importance and the power. Of the black vote. I think it but listening to whining that our vote wasn't powerful people lit teacher particularly beach I particular way in just the last few years people have tried to cut the voting rights act that several people have proposed voter ID legislation. You know if our vote didn't mean anything to people would be so people can turn the trying to take it right away from our. You write about that that's some good think about your Britney. Over twenty million people showed up early vote very low turnout for African American especially. Compared to 2012. What do you say to folks to get us encouraged and inspired to get out. Voting in a way of building political power and no party candidate it. Determine how much money I'm in back in eighty based on how much we do or don't show up at the polls right now so market he did not get about November 8 at let out how much people will quell the every day or actor and earlier we eat vote earlier they know that we're serious about it. Absolutely brilliant tactic that would black lives matter to you you really inspired me Britney Cuba to go works really appreciate it much into novels are you add to your.