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Ready or semi good morning welcome another week and additional community focus and we are back. Added here and there Entercom stations thinking so much we agree we can company you're surely Renee Von not always love this time of the weekend. Because it is a fine time to get the word down and talk about good people were doing some good things in our communities. We want to actually welcome back an agency that has been featured on our public affairs show before. And the agency itself not so new. But the person who represents the president and CEO of senior services is. A newbie to the program as I say good morning to you mr. Lee coming to dwell on thank you you are so here is nice to have you here. And leeway actually have a mutual friend in common. And mr. Joseph make I'm Bert yes who has been with us here on the show and fragile is are cheering section to Jack since. To all of you just quickly grabbed the Mike just for the sake of saying good good morning good morning Rene he's good to have you back it to be back in the alluded to it is always great to have you here because the last time. That we had you on the program Jolie you don't have to get back on the Mike I just wonder recognize. How much are thoroughly thank you don't. And Lee Allen a thank you as well. As president and CEO of senior services a tremendous turnout for the seventh annual art show. And sale that we had earlier this year this indeed. And that is always something Lee going online with senior services as you are actually located at 2895. Sure if you're driving Winston-Salem and so we wanna get our listening family very familiar with the location. So they can visit you and certainly with you here on the program learn more. About senior services so let's our conversation started how did this idea. There were about to discuss of making for size county in general age friendly get start it. It really started almost two years ago then and this was at a time when senior services was beginning. A capital campaign right. To raise funds for to support ongoing services in the community. And to enhance the work that we're doing for older adults. And at the beginning of that process we sat down and met with some key business leaders and in the community. So CEOs of organizations like Hanesbrands. Deviancy and Reynolds American Wake Forest Baptist belt. And they were excited about the campaign and about what senior services is doing and very supportive of that that in that conversation. This idea of elevating the topic of aging yes as making sure. That Forsyth County is the place where. Aging adults can live their best lives absolutely kind of came out of that conversation. So through that process and we added this new component to our capital campaign goals. Of really elevating the topic Beijing and leading this research process that we've completed recently. Excellent up for some only of a very great conversation to have with those particular entities and your business partners. Especially as we see. A lot of whether they're parents or grandparents were seen an increase. In the population of individuals who are getting older and especially as are living a lot longer and save them when our parents and grandparents whirled round. And that's really a wonderful thing because as as the saying goes. With age we see a lot of wisdom. And we see a lot of individuals. Who can live independently on their own and have that sense of freedom particularly at that age we usually think when we're young and we can do everything. But it's nice to know that as we get older. We can still do some of those things so that's really wonderful so why is an important and why should we care for elderly particularly in person. Well a couple of interesting I'm sort of data points that your previous comment. Across America. About 101000 people are turning 65 every single day. It's an astounding number that really is really the baby boom. Generation and that's that's coming of age very sure of 65. And then I'm on the very tail end of that so I'll get there and about thirteen years. So a 101000 people every day turning sixty fountain and another interesting data point of in the in the history of humankind. If you look at people who have lived to be 65 or older than in the history of humankind than me. Two thirds of those people are alive today and it's so that's a testament to your statement that we're living longer. And finances and health care you know Weaver dedicated diseases that. Took people out in the thirties and forties except few generations ago Brian and so never in the history of humankind have we experienced this addition to longevity in 19100. The average life expectancy was in the upper forties and now it's almost eighty exam so that's that's a huge gift of longevity. And I don't think as a society we've really figured out what to do with that and then you know retirement historically has been 65. Well people are thriving at 65 eggs and my daughter had just getting started I got ready to hang up your checks you write an answer I call it quits so many people are working. Into their seventies and even early eighties near her so that hole. Concept of retirement and how we spend an hour Jim golden years or lack of a better term. Is changing and I think we'll continue to change as more and more people continue to live longer. Some excellent points and Leo I have to say in in doing the math I think you and I are probably in in that same age group because I'm about. A thirteen years or so for for reaching that sixty plus mile mark. But to think about it in terms of when we look at individuals who are already there. And what they're doing now be nice that if you and I can get near what we can hook for it say absolutely yes. Howell worth the components of the community research in data collected in this particular process let's talk about. We had a number of people involved there were five different committees in that encompasses about a 101. Who community leaders and citizens that were engaged in the process for a one of those committees. Centered their work around publicly available data so they were looking at census data and other public soon publicly available data. There was another subcommittee that helped us formulate a survey. And through that we surveyed 1002. Older adults and precise count and we hit every single zip code every single community. It was. A telephone survey and it was completely randomized. So the good thing about that is it has a lot of scientific validity. Of the data we collected from that and the data was weighted to. To community demographics which means. We can really applies to the entire community. Across the board even that was a 1002 seniors. There responses are representative speaks of the almost 73000. People in Forsyth County who are sixty and older. And so that the second committee helped us with that process we had a third committee that was looking at. Best practices and promising practices and brought not only in our community. But across the country. What have other communities figured out of them that are working for them right then maybe we could easily replicate here and precise count me. I'm so all of that came together. The data came together and a and an interim report that informed some community conversations we held three community meetings. And hers though Clemens and Winston's a tried to get really all parts of the county where had about a 14050. Community citizens mostly older adults who came to those meetings and shared their perspectives. I'm what it's like to live in precise count me as an older adult. All of that then came together in this final report that we're we released back in May. And that report we have a four page executive summary which I had it with me here today. The full report is 37 pages and there's a lot of data and I'm tremendously. Useful information not only for. What's in your services does. But for the community at large anyone who cares about older adults we've got this tremendous data set that scientifically valid. And will be useful for years to come and the good thing about that. Add to it Lee is the fact that that's very thorough. Information. So nicely done that in half of all involved with that. Tying that into this next question how will all of their great information being used. Well one of the next steps is coming on June 21 and we're hosting a community symposium. The name of this initiative as age friendly for side so we won't Forsyth County to be as age friendly. As possible. So age friendly for size will be hosting a community forum on June. 21. From two to 5 PM in this will be located. At T know my health. Forsyth medical center conference center which is on Silas creek parkway and Winston-Salem. And we would love to have two or 300 people. Just representing the entire community and we're going to take a deeper dive into all of the data you'll be able to see everything. And then we'll have some break out conversations. And then the goal that really is to prioritize. I'm the needs that we start we can we can't really tackle everything right away we want to start with those in more pressing needs. And begin to develop. Coalitions and groups of people right who shares an interest in some passion about those needs and get those folks together and start work. Excellent in an Angel feel free to step and once I got out really well. The stress remain guests is we don't want anyone to sit at home and think you're not invited. This is not just about the experts looking experts think Ryan this is a chance. For every citizen in Passaic county too cute together. And express their views. On eighteen we're all getting older. We all Perry got Gordon will do all gonna get there one day so if you're listening today. Don't think that you are not. A part of this conversation you're out there. In your breathing you have a heart beat. We want you to come so. The this is definitely community involvement in Lee. That was just good timing on on angel's heart as the director of communications and engage in business with senior services. I definitely want to. Contribute. On our part here as intercom stations. To get with few especially after we continue where wrap up rather our great interview. And sending that information to miso when I can do is definitely get the word out through our stations by passing it along so that we can't. Talk about a community reaching getting the word out to the masses. That would be my goal in terms of not only sharing that information on our station web sites. But also hopefully having the opportunity. While on in the mornings with Steve Harvey morning show between now. And the 21 correct that's right is to get that information out so just remind me in case I don't remind Mike's a couple. Once we get done that this definitely will not be our one and only conversation. All one age friendly for site but just some great information just as Jill said. This is what community involvement is truly all about. Before we go to break let me ask you this this last question for the first half of our show what do you hope for as a result of obtaining the information what you actually want to do with some. Well I again the grand divisions as I stated earlier is earlier is that precise county is a place where. All people can have their best lines. Our focus a senior services is on Asian adults so certainly that's that's the core of our conversation that we want to be a great place to live. And the survey told us that minority is. And you know we have I think about 46% of respondents have been in their homes fifty years or more in them so that that says hopefully it's a great place because they're sticking around if I can energy act as a resident myself a percent counting and I didn't living in. In Winston-Salem. Since the early eighties and if I can just ballots and for all of our fellow at Winston-Salem. And residents. It is a great place to live and I have just been elated to have called it home after all of these years because I spent really a lot of my formative years. Living and being raised in the Twin Cities certainly and and it's a great place. And there are ways that we can make it even even better app so that that's really. Sort of globally the focus of this in this conversation is how can we make it. And even better place. Salute. And that's what we're gonna discuss with more of our conversation this morning. Wally Covington and the president and CEO of senior services. Welcome to the community focused family you wanna newbie for very long serves appreciate your great company thus far this morning. Thank you you're so welcome and likewise for you ran your family always great company. And always great conversation as we will indeed continue with more. Of the week in addition of community focus were coming back right after this. And we are back with more than week in addition of community focus thank you if you just tuning and your timing. Is really gut and if you've been with us since the beginning of our public affairs show your timing as good as well. So already a family I do appreciate your great company as we do continue with the week in addition. A community focus is certainly great company for me Rene Von being joined by the president and CEO senior services. Lee Covington and I also have Joseph on the Khyber again are cheering section today the director. Thank you very jolt the director of communication and engagement. Late as we continue on and we were talking about age friendly precise. And getting the word out and and we're gonna re entering that information that you share earlier sparsely date and the time and what we want to do. As we continue and our conversation some of the key findings about aging and general. Particularly in Forsyth County what did you fine and great question. Well as we mentioned in the in the first segment. Precise as a great place to live anything. And a lot of people have been in Passaic county for a longer time it's an agreement chart chart here report being happy with their neighborhood and with the situation. Having said that there were some things they came up that were opportunities. For improvement. So. Things such as the need for improved public transportation. And the ability to access the community and the services that community has to offer. I'm streets and sidewalks needing repair perhaps in certain neighborhoods and certain areas frying. And heavy traffic in certain areas and those were some of the things that came up. We also heard from a number of older adults who are caregivers. So they're caring for a family member. Friend and neighbor rye and many of the news. Are not getting any relief at all not gaining any help number of reasons for that sometimes it's pride. You don't want to ask for help you feel like it's your responsibility. I'm that's a concern for us because. Caregivers can burn out. You're very easily and caregivers need that help and support caregivers caregivers need care as they do yet they need to take care of themselves exact person taking care. For others so that was something they came out in and really that the largest group who showed that they're not. Receiving any relief from him was. People who are 75 and older that are caring for loved ones writing and doing this 24/7. In and that's a concern for us as a community. I think there's an opportunity there to try to figure out ways that we can help support those individuals and those families. And there weren't wellness challenges that weren't enough and I'm most. And one of the surprises you know most folks said that they had a good diet. But only 14%. Reported. Heeding the correct number for conventional Wednesday. Said there's sort of a disconnect. The most most folks are not getting enough exercise. They identified Payne is a barrier to exercise and daily activities and number of people refer reported falls that resulted in injury. And about half of those reported multiple falls within the last year and again an opportunity for us as a community. I think to see if we can do things to try to eliminates those balls another thing they came out was need for home repairs. Minor home repairs things like come. Help with declaring. Installation of grab bars but then about 36%. Of respondents identified major. Home repairs and we think that you know porches that are running right on bathroom floors that that are rotten. Need for improved heating and air conditioning. I'm a need for installing them emergency response types of systems these are all things that. We'll help older adults remain in their homes for as long as possible which is what we really want Gary Shirley in into really an amount that when we think about. These findings and there were quite a number that really I'm sure have surprised all of us here in the room ever those listening here on community focus. But particularly those situations in which sadly. A lot of older adults are on fixed incomes and so it's hard to additionally. Address those issues because they just don't have the funds from. To really meet the needs of a lot of that repair work that needs to be done. And like you said as we get older. Mentally we still may think we can eat like an eighteen or 25 year old but as we get older. And our bodies physically start to change we we have to change that mindset. Of what we can in any and cannot eat what what the body will allow us to digest and things of that nature yet still. Well that's at that point Rene but largely mean. A great portion of our community. Never knew what hate what don't eating properly was it in for a how many servings of vegetables or fruit you need to have a very church so people think that Beck is a major. Important part of our milk though we know that that's not true but we want how our older adults. Our our own neighbors who or have we certainly. To get the education of the season and only live longer but to live longer hopefully very sure that aware of the OPEC. For the sake of this conversation this. I think part of the challenge to which ties into some of these other areas right is just access. To have new restaurants invest my oldest are hard to find out there more expensive exact so with people who have limited mobility limited and nominates a huge task it is but it is not playing we should shy away from as a community we know surveillance solution. And lit up I'm glad you mentioned that. Yes which we got Joseph just mentioned last year senior services actually launched launched a community garden and T and we have a couple of our program participants that are involved a number of quality player in this embalmed her fault so last season. That garden provided fresh produce for about a 120. Our meals on wheels recipient to always has gone to expand that. We just launched another community garden in partnership with an organization called thirsty. And it's a group that serves. Disenfranchised youth against non. And so would their partnering with us and one of our meal sites with older adults. To start a second community garden in just had a big launch party. This past week and that's fantastic. That's great idea. Yes there already growing out of all our director of initiatives Melissa Smith and he set out to my assessment is who has great fantastic job and so. If you come by either the short here and then all this or if you go to this brick street wrecked and we see these rays gardens there reuniting these don't. For our seniors can be a part of it in the eye and it down in the dirt there ego but at that's rectory and even. The seniors are kind of mentoring these used. One how to garden. In how to grow your own roots in bits that's an excellent. With this really it is so kudos to its Melissa and her for doing what she's doing. And that gentleman really is is what I love about bridging the generation gap. Is is seeing and finding really firsthand. That there are ways in which would you have such. C. A gap for lack of a better word or there is a sparse. Nests now I'm trying to think importance right yeah. Where you have. One group of individuals who were younger. And then you have another group for older finding ways to blue end. The two generations particularly so to find something in common that everybody. Can enjoy doing and I couldn't really see that with younger ones. Mixing in with the older ones and vice Versa. That's something I think that's missing. To a large yeah from our society and culture you generations back and manly sort of hung together exactly and the I I grew up two doors down from my grandparents and I was there all the on time you know kids today. Many of them don't have that opportunity apps and so we're really trying to focus some of our newer initiatives on. Multi generational intergenerational activities perhaps another great example. As about two months ago we started. A new pilot and our Williams adult day Senator Clinton in partnership with Ken to music international which is based in Greensboro. And so we're once a week providing. A tender music class we've got to train educator this coming in yet and young moms and dads with toddlers that are twelve to 24 months old nut case and we're mixing them with 7089. Year olds who are living with dementia and alzheimer's and it's magical. Just to see how those children bring the people who are living with dementia out of there used shell and send these fantastic ways and so. We're going to be doing more than I'll just so many amazing things Lee and that really did answer the next question. When the next steps for the community and it's quite a few steps but all the wonderful initiatives and programs that are either in place or about to be put into place now. And I think as far as the age friendly precise piece you know we lost to come on June 21. To that community symposium. But then that's where the hard work begins so so we identify the priorities as a community. We begin to engage community citizens who interest in absolute end those those. Opportunities to make him better place to live and ma'am we start working together. To make those things happen and that's that's great timing leave because that really sounds yes. Regards to the next question what you hope to accomplish at the community suppose. Well it just really to have this community gain deeper understanding of where we are and that's why we went through this data gathering in research process so we say. OK for side. Here's where we are as a community there are many great things. But we've also identified. Some areas where we can improve route and make sure that everyone can live their best life that's so we want to build a broader understanding and the data. And where we are. We want to get people excited excited about these opportunities to work together as individuals as organizations as entities in the community search and make this true this is not senior services initiative. This is a community wide this is the next big thing you know we had the tenure planned and chronic homelessness and their other initiatives right. Well we think this is the next big oh absolutely and that gets back to. When we talk about Korea family who should attend this meeting. Every single one of you listening she can get a great low risk. And passing the word to those who may not be near their radios so share with your other family members share with your co workers share with individuals you worship west. On you know whether it's Saturday or Sunday whatever your day or place of worship happens to be it's just the importance of getting the word out and to thank you both war. Doing just that with me. Renee Avon as we take this opportunity to welcome those of you who may be joining us is the week in addition. A community focused thank you for your great company here in our intercom stations. Joining me Rene Vonta Leach Covington president and CEO of senior services along when Joseph Matt Geiger who is the director of communication and engagement. With senior services leeway in important for members of the community to attend the symposium. We want their voice we want their perspective we want their wisdom their experience. This really needs to be a community wide. Effort so and and it affects all of us you know we're all aging. Even if you're a teenager. Year aging you're going to get there you have parents you have grandparents. And we are building this community for the future. So if you plan to stick around and precise county which I hope you do gas even if you're a teenager this is important answer you right now because we're building your future and that's true in in in even. No especially. And gentlemen we think about this time of year of June. Typically we think of graduation is in all the things that come in between sometimes are kids will go away for a little while. But eventually once they're done with school and they go through you know the Nextel but maybe starting a family of their own. Eventually a lot of them returned back then come back home at some point. Because of the fact that yes as their parents and as we all are aging. Likely as always is the case roles will start to reverse. Whereas our moms and dads took care of us now it's our turn to take care of them that's so what a great opportunity. Are you worried that people who are still far from being elderly won't get involved. And how do we address. I think we are aware that that could be an issue force. Which is why we're being very intentional with the messaging here and guess we want older adults to be involved but we won't. Every one and because we do need their perspectives and again it impacts all of us exactly. Very true yes shall. When I think about. Getting young people involved yeah isn't it. They're graduating a lot of them are going away they're going to that the group rears. But they have let's say right now. In what this community will look like. Do you like. How will treat them. When they come back here as she never fly too far from the nest and you'll come back and you. You have an opportunity to make sure the perfect county is a place where you can come back and be happy in live your best life is known for help. Those were headed you'd probably closer to that and that's a creates playing their best like to. So we do want young people to know that this is important. Did affects them. It affects the people that you love. In you know come out you'll be surprised at how important your viewpoint. Is you know there's such a great point Jules and and Lee is the fact that when you have. Such an incher connection. With community of varying ages I can just imagine all the ideas that are going to be shared. In this one room during this one event H friendly precise June 21 unify Lee will you repeat the location. Yes it's going to be at the Novato Forsyth medical center conference center which is located. At 3333. Silas creek parkway. And Winston-Salem. That's right right right up there hangs now on the pilot creation that's right and parking is free. Fantastic in the lot and that if you need to park in the that there will be vouchers to grow out of index parking is included some great refreshments there an excellent and so folks need to come join us that's right because not only do we have an interchange of ideas. But to see how those ideas really can have an impact and everyone in the room. Because getting back to with our older adults and all of that system. Imagine not only what they're passing on to our younger ones. But vice Versa what are younger one of what our younger yes younger ones rather. Are able to pass along to our older ones because a we think about especially the technological age. With which we live and I find it the most wonderful thing to see our seniors 65 and older who can work yourself calm. Who can listen to music on an MP3 player who can operate in and I had in an iPod. I mean that that's really the wave that that we are going. You know the days of textbooks and it's not. To knock individuals who were still all school and I'm pointing at me in terms of picking up a book and reading. And doing things the old fashioned way but how nice to add to that and do things that are more of the 21 century. Kind of way so again. Being able to feed off one another especially when you have a younger person. Can learn so much from an older individuals. They too were gathering that listen as they get older it is like you said we all get to that point. And it's going to be aware as the next generation comes and those millennial holes one day are going to be the baby boomers side of the future. So just a great opportunity and gentlemen this is just really I so appreciate what both of you bring to the table here. On the weaken additional community focused Lee how will we know that we are improving and becoming more each friendly what do you see with. One of the great things with this community research process that we've just completed isn't that we've established a baseline. So by doing that survey we we have six different outcome areas. That we have some clear data and clear measurements for war. Right now. And so as we move forward with developing these these action teams and networks. We can go back. And measure. Those same. Al come areas in the years going forward and so will be able to very scientifically. And compare say 23 years from now right to where we are here and twenties and detained now. And the way these months of tanks going by you ask don't see we. Actually literally it just really. Amazes me in the sense of and likely gentlemen you may have. Not do you perceive this thought but for our listeners. Especially we think about senior services he goals will be on just meals on wheels. That's something that a lot of us are familiar with but how wonderful that we think about. The other programs that you provide for our seniors. It's just amazing that we can literally and really firsthand. Think outside the box. Even though the meals on wheels program has been a staple. For a lot of our elderly and precise accounting for many years. We now add the age friendly for site we're seeing so many aspects. And so many different sides of senior services. And a lot of us probably never thought that we would seed let alone. He were about talk about and particularly with age friendly for side had a chance to participate in. Right what do each of you individually. And in in fact let let me ask you this too. Before you answer that question. Lee how long have you served as president and C just since January. You really aren't you being home in a net in another sense. As a main issues so far in in your position where you are now. I think they're in many many things I'm amazed with. The incredible. Dedication of our volunteers and we've got a super staff that passionate about what they do not a 125 dedicated. Professionals and half of them carry out this work every day. On the the Forsyth County community is so generous and supportive. Not only with their time with their resources and their dollars and right to help we we get some government funding. A lot of what we do is through the generosity of donors who tells us out with their their personal resources so and testing that continues to amaze me you every day. And of course I'm sure that it is going to be amazing market with this gentleman. Two TUR writes a tell us just icing on the cake yeah. Up up up up up. About Iran and urge all that well likewise for you is director of communication and engagement now living casts. If I remember correctly the last time you and Cassie were here and on the program you're going into was Richard Barrett reports year. Serving in the capacity. New you know remembering correctly at that point not only does not my third moderate third month so there wasn't millionaires and what's closed zero it will happen innocent. Octavia birdied credit okay and am at six months and six months. In forty's all wonderful I'm giving you some extra years. But that's okay though because now it feels like it's been longer yes but you know what and a. Sense though I really hope that both of you gentlemen and for all of your staff. As senior services concern in and both of you war. Individual capacities as long as possible just keep up the great work with what each of you and all the staff members and volunteers are doing. Remain working at things surfaces in the dream come true for Nina. To go to work every day in know that you're making it different answers and I don't you might. There's no great reward money in then to be able to work with the people that I work with the man who were so dedicated. To making sure that. The elderly a perfect county are taken care and as they're able to live as independently. As possible fourth longest possible. It's amazing in this man's mind and that is a real treat because he allows me to to grow. In two. Do all I can't help him. This great organization and make a difference in Passaic county and in this is largely because himself yet there his props well they well deserve. Absolutely and and gentlemen you both. Jams thank you again for for all that you do and if I can just extend that thank you. On behalf of all of our listeners thank you for what you do thank you for senior services. And speaking for for our elderly in our in our senior adults you know a lot of times I don't like to use the word old. Per say even though the war and you know gets interchange in conversation a lot. I give mad respect and props to our senior adults. Who may only be old in the sense chronological. Home but a lot of them mentally and even physically. They are at the peak. Another game. When they're in their sixties their seventies or eighties even summon their ninety's some even older than that. And it's a blessing to see individuals who can live well into being centenarian. And possibly even older. It's just a joy and I don't think our seniors get enough kudos for what it is that they do it now they still have a purpose in their still veer. Re much. In large part of what community it's all about. So to all of our senior listeners who we love you guys and appreciate all that you do. Lastly. Gentlemen where can folks go to learn more outside of the fantastic. Information and job but each of you have done. We're can one goal long after our conversation this morning to get additional from. Should. The easiest way to do that would be for them to visit our website if they have Internet access. And that is senior services ink dot org. And on that website everything you need to know about senior services is there but we also have a dedicated page. Around H amateur site. And what we would ask if if listeners are interested in coming to join us on the 21 of June which we hope they are so there's a link there where they can register and there's no cost it's free fax that was just help us prepare for space than numbers so that we can not you know don't have 300 show up if we're expecting on. So we would ask the folks register ahead of time that your interest at him we hope to see them on the 21 salute. Lee yes shall. Like in vital for your listeners to follow look like him follower PH on FaceBook Erica as both Twitter so. This for the patent case they up to date on what we're doing what's going wrong. Now why have you at the might shall I wanna get each of you an opportunity gentleman and he closing thoughts or comments were program. I think that give you mine already know just say that. To everyone out there be involved how seniors are actually if there's not a burden. Kid involved. Find someone that you can. Help take care of and I promise you know lest. You feel great about it thank you and the same for your thing. And I would just add aging is something that it's important to all of us. We're all doing it it will impact us in different ways so and so we'd we do need to be involved and concerned about these issues. You know you learn more about senior services if you're not familiar with everything that we do we want you to get involved with us as well. And and join this conversation around age friendly for site this is not a one and done this is says the next 1020 years. As a community what are we going to do to make sure that we r.s H friendly as possible and we need everyone involved absolutely and a wonderful way. To end a wonderful conversation. Lee Covington John MacArthur gentlemen thank you. No goodbyes or me just until next summer so look forward to. Our next conversation together thank you so much you're so welcome. Thank you ready a family and know you're doing a lot of good things in our communities as well keep up the great work thank you for your great company every weekend here. On the weekend edition of community focus until that next time enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend take care.