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Take a minute to ponder on this. Many times I've posted about the hypocrisy in politics to which we can include this post. I've also posted about being perplexed that we only have two major political parties with almost 314 million citizens. You know that it's hard to get two people in a room who totally agree, so how can we divide 314 million citizens into two parties and both sides tend to tow the political line? We've been reduced to a series of talking points and sound bites. I think most people relate, in different degrees, to some of both parties. Before I get to the reason for this post, allow me to say that I'd probably not be posting if these bills were not being considered simultaneously. But they are, so I'm here!

First is HOUSE BILL 937 - State House lawmakers voted late Monday night to allow concealed weapons on college campuses, state property, greenways, bike trails, at sporting events and in businesses that serve alcohol. It also requires more rapid reporting of mental health adjudications to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, in accordance with federal mandates.

Second is House Bill HOUSE BILL 451 - The early voting period would be shortened to one week before Election Day, instead of the original two weeks. Same-day registration at polling places would also be eliminated. (In 2012, about 2.5 million N.C. residents voted early, and about 97,000 voters registered on Election Day). Absentee ballot restrictions are loosened.

Third is SENATE BILL 667 - Large fees levied on the parents of college students who register to vote anywhere in the state that isn't listed as their home address. Requires college students who change their registration to register their vehicle at the new address within 60 days and begin paying local property tax.

I find it ironic that at the same time legislators are relaxing gun laws, they're restricting the ability to vote. Well, they're ALMOST restricting the ability to vote. The absentee ballot process, which favors Republicans, is being relaxed.

Whether you're liberal or conservative or (insert party here), it would seem like you would want as many citizens, who could legally vote, to do so. If you're a proponent of restricting the vote (while relaxing the vote process in your favor), and taxing the parents of college students who vote out of district, then you're just doing some good ole-fashioned cheating! Did we really send the lawmakers to office to debate the process which got them there? 

This is another example of poli-tricks! You decide!

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06/12/2013 8:50PM
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