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Not only do we reflect on the history of African-Americans, but Black History Month allows ALL of us to learn and gather a respect of the rich contributions of men and women who were doctors, lawyers, city council members, teachers, athletes, great orators,  preachers, mothers, fathers, grand-parents... any and everyone who made a difference in our schools, neighborhoods, churches, and in every nook and cranny of our society!

Sadly, there's history that this country should continue to be very ashamed of from denying the rights of voting, going to a college or university of our choosing, or not able to ride in the front of a bus or other forms of public transportation or drinking out of a water fountain marked 'white' and 'colored' and eating in separate restaurants and other public places that serve food.

But we (African-Americans) as  a people continue to have a strong faith that has helped us overcome adversity and has brought us a mighty long way, although we will always have a long way to go...but the journey in the process continues to give us the hope and strength we need to survive and carry on!

Just the recent events that February 1, 2010 brought us with the grand opening of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, just seeing and hearing from the remaining 3 survivors of the N.C. A&T 4 that sparked a change in black history forever (February 1, 1960), should be a reminder to us all that history never stops being made! So let's continue to teach, talk about, and especially inspire one another to never forget where we come from and that WE ALL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to make history!

02/03/2010 4:45AM
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