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Is Chilvalry DEAD??

Hey mom, went to the game with my boyfriend and all I got was hit in the arm with a foul ball!!!

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According to "Billboard" Magazine, Michael Jackson's most Popular song was "Say, Say, Say", his mega duet with Paul McCartney. Although "Billie Jean", stayed at number 1 longer, "Say, Say, Say", stayed in the top ten longer, making it his most Popular song. R.I.P., Michael...

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R.I.P. Gary Coleman

When I was on air on Friday, I sent out good wishes in hopes that Gary Coleman would pull through the coma that he was in. One hour after my shift was over, I heard the news. Here's to one one the funniest, cutest kid stars I grew up watching. This is from an episode of "The Jeffersons", where he played their nephew, Raymond....before "Diff'rent Strokes". This was a funny one. R.I.P.....

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Video cameras caught several people walking past a good samaritan as he lay dying on the street moments after coming to a woman's aid as she was being robbed....

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This guy sounds AMAZINGLY like Whitney Houston!! Judge for yourself...

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Didn't Know Chad Ochocinco had it in him!!!

Dude's got some moves!!!
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Music....The Universal Language

It's the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock.  I know, most of us were just toddlers back in 1969, let alone, may not really remember a lot of the artists that performed on stage at the Woodstock festival BUT....we have indeed heard of one Jimi Hendrix, who was one of, if not THE best musician ever.  Check out the clip.

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