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The Human Spirit....

From time to time, it's good to take the focus off what we're going through in our own lives and pray for others....

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A Real Life Super Hero???

One of my co-workers told me about this, and I thought he was joking....until I saw it for myself.

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Prince Crashes "The View"....

And Sherri runs him off! Hilarious...but cute....kinda?

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Keepin' it REAL.....

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but, I saw something a couple of weeks ago that was totally uncalled for, so I had to take to the blog pages and EXPRESS myself. It was a clip from one of those daytime talk shows, where the young lady had the audacity to blame Erin Andrews for the horror that she went through when she was stalked, harrassed and horrified by a peeping Tom. She even went so far as to blame Erin for the hell and horror that she went through by saying it was her fault because Erin was dressing provocatively on the show "Dancing With The Stars". How Dare She?!! Coming from a person who has been stalked and horrified more than once in my life, a person has absolutely NO control over what some PSYCHO will do, especially when he or she starts to disrupt their life and turn it inside out. IT IS NEVER THE VICTIM'S FAULT!!! When she offered an apology the next day, it was obvious that it was because of the HUGE backlash she suffered from the public. I am here to commend Erin Andrews. At least SHE was able to put her stalker behind bars. Counting the days......
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