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Musiq Soulchild.."YES"

Very touching concept for this video, as Musiq Soulchild has been named Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen's "Circle of Promise", a movement designed to further engage Black women around the globe in the fight against Breast Cancer. Musiq will help raiseawareness about the importance of early detection. His new video for the song, "Yes" drives this point home.

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Great video. It will make you.....SMILE!

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Sad Story With a Happy Ending...

Young Nadin Khoury was bullied and beaten by several older kids and thought he was going to be seriously hurt or worse. Listen to this very brave young man tell his inspiring story and receive a wonderful surprise on "The View". Heart-warming....

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What Motivates YOU?

Sometimes, we run into a situation, through no fault of our own, we are tried and tested. I'd like to think of these as situations to make us stronger, although we may not see it at the time. We're often asking, "Why is this happening?" When these things arise, we often look for moral support....from friends, family, or wherever we can find it. One such source for me is Rev. Run, who is a GREAT motivator!! I get his "Daily Word" emails and follow him on Twitter. It seems that whatever I may be going through, he's always there with a great motivational message to spur me on....and it's always right on time. Whether it's a daily scripture, encouraging words from friends, or prayer, these are the things that keep me motivated in what seem to be increasingly stressful days. What motivates you? How do YOU keep it moving?
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From One of the MOST Inspiring....

One should always looked to be inspired, if not from within, from powerful, spiritual people.

"There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love"
-Dr. Martin Luther King
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New Year's Resolutions...Yes or No?'s that time of year again, when we ALL vow to stop smoking, lose weight, save (more) money or whatever the case may be. Last year, MY New Year's resolution was NOT to make a New Year's resolution and I'm happy to say...I stuck to it!!! This year, I think I'm going to make one though. I'm on a mission to help INSPIRE more people to be positive. Be positive about what they say and what they do. I'm also going to do it myself. I'm also encouraging people not to take whatever negative situations they may be going through INTO the new year. Resolve it NOW. If it can't be resolved...then agree to disagree and move on. Life is too short to always be angry and harbor negativity. You push out negativity by being positive. Embrace positivity and bring about great things! This is my New Year's Resolution. What's yours?
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POSITIVITY!! why I'm such a HUGE fan of Mary J. Blige:

"When you hate someone or something, you give it too much power over your life. Nothing or no1 is that important."

MJB from her Facebook fan page on December 1st.
LOVE HER!!!! Such motivation and positivity! Go Mary!!!
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