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Trayvon Martin
It has taken me awhile to speak on the Trayvon Martin case because I've been gathering my thoughts. I'm amazed at how this case has become a partisan issue. If you believe that Martin was profiled and murdered then you're a softy Liberal. If you believe the opposite then you're a crazy Conservative. If you don't believe this has become a partisan issue, ask yourself why did FOX (partisan) News back Zimmerman from the beginning? What does political affiliation has to do with THIS case.

It's sad to say but racism exist and will continue for the forseable future. I've never seen so much racism as I have seen and heard since Barack Obama has been in office. 

I pray things will get better.
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Who is Morris Chestnut's cast Crush?
Morris Chestnut reveals his cast crush from Best Man Holiday.. Check it out here.
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