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A Different World?
Should "A Different World" make a comeback? Let's get to the root of the question! Should shows LIKE "A Different World" come back to television? The answer is undoubtedly, YES! 

There's plenty of ratchet programming (or DE-programming) being consumed right now and I do not need to name shows. We NEED programs like The Cosby Show and A Different World to demonstrate to our youth the other side of what they become. If you're my age, you grew up with the Huxtables and went to college with Denise Huxtable. If you attended A&T, you remember being in your dorm room watching A Different World when Jesse Jackson was on the show sporting his A&T sweatshirt and the whole campus erupted with AGGIE PRIDE! For the youth, those shows inspired kids to WANT and EXPECT to go to college. They inspired us to want to get great jobs and be in loving relationships just like the Huxtables.. 

Some folks still can not understand why Obama has the unwavering support of most of the Black community. The short explanation has everything to do with the "inspiration factor". Our youth now KNOW that a Black person CAN be President. Obama inspires our youth today, just as the Huxtables and A Different World did 25 years ago. Supporting Obama is less about the PRESENT and more about the FUTURE!

Yes, positive programming like A Different World, SHOULD come back because the images that we're consuming now will, more than likely, have detrimental consequences in our future.
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