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Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

The title of this blog is not making any reference to the countless number of singers/entertainers who have covered the tune, but to take this opportunity to instead be forever greatful and humbled during the VERY cold winter season to have a place(s) to stay when the weather is indeed frightful! Sadly, there are too many people to mention who (and likely through no choosing of their own) don't have a roof over their head(s) and have to struggle each and every day to survive in the harsh elements! So any and everytime I have the nerve to complain about the weather...from this day forward, I foremost give thanks to God for providing me shelter and to stop and THINK of those who are less fortunate....God bless them as well to continue to survive!!
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The Topic Will Be Afghanistan

President Barack Obama will meet with his national security team today, and you can bet the topic will be the President's options for realigning U.S. strategy. And Military officials say the choices involve several ways the President can employ additional U.S. forces next year. The TJMS spoke with Retired Joint Cheifs of Staff Colin Powell, and when asked what option should the President take, his answer was for him to consider ALL options and NOT be rushed by anyone to make a decision that could be costly not only to the United States but of course to all the Men and Women who are fighting along enemy you believe additional troops will be sent?
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H1NI shot anyone?

President Obama and the whole country for that matter waits to see if the Health Care Reform Bill that passed over the weekend in the House will get ANY support once the Senate gets its hands on the guess will be: a snowball's chance in you know where, but with the recent increase of folks getting the H1N1 flu vaccine and the recent news of two pregnant woman in our area dying from the vaccine, are you more likely or NOT to protect yourself by getting this shot?!
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Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?!

The date marks a milestone as Sesame Street turns to big 4-0! I remember that show like it was yesterday, learning how to count, word recognition, basic arithmetic, and so much more, especially watching  Bert and Ernie, The Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and of course Big Bird strut across the t.v. screen! Of course television today is sooo vastly different in inspiring and educating children...share with me some of your fondest memories,  if you can remember how to get to Sesame Street..everybody sing along:)
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Is It Michael Jackson at his best?

The Best R&B and Old School had the pleasure of sharing with our wonderful listeners a sneak preview of Micheal Jackson's movie, "This Is It" at the Palladium 14 Cinemas in High Point and by all accounts many of you left the movie theater giving a 'thumbs up'. Did you feel you were seeing Michael at what could have been his best stage performance in a number of years, or was it bittersweet as well knowing that it's now the concert that will never be.....
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To Dine In or Take It On The Go?!?!

Our society is one that is the fast-food capital of the world...with longer working hours(and in a lot of cases LESS money)and shorter time to spend quality time with family. Are you still able to make the time to have a real sit-down meal at home, or doyou and other members of your family feel totally caught up in the, "would you like to super-size that order"syndrome?
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What would you say to Michael Jackson....

It's still in a lot of ways hard to believe that Michael Jackson is no longer in the physical world with the rest of us. In his 50 years on this earth however, he didn't waste a  minute of his God-given talent to entertain us, and in many ways, inspire us with his music. Everytime I see one of his music videos, I still sit in awe and wonder, how in the world was he able to perform some of those electrifying dance moves, especially in the video, "Smooth Criminal" when he did that now infamous lean in the dance sequence. Just recently with my TJMS family, Tom(Joyner) shared during the Little Known Black History Fact, that Michael used 'special' shoes, along with wires, magnets and a special harness to accomplish such a feat...and even more amazing that Michael received a patent in the United States in 1993  for what is known as the anti gravity lean.


As a radio personality one of the best parts of my job is to interview artist from all musical genres, but sadly I never had the opportunity to talk to Michael Jackson. On what would have been his 51st birthday on August 29, 2009, I have often wondered what questions do you ask, given Michael had been asked sooo many in the past. I would like to think of that type of interview as being one where Micheal would feel the most comfortable just being himself, and maybe to ask something or say something that would have made him laugh, and take his mind off the public scrunity he endured during the final years of his life.


In closing if you had the opportunity to interview or just simply strike up a conversation with Michael Jackson, what would you ask and why? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MJ, WE LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR THE GREAT MUSIC YOU LEAVE BEHIND...if only I could moonwalk in a way that would make you smile:)


Renee Vaughn
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Zumba anyone?

I have recently discovered a new passion for exercise, and believe me trying to lose this weight ain't easy!!!!It's called Zumba, and it's a Latin form of dance aerobics that has groups of us dancing to a whole new beat. I've been learning through several friends of mine who just happens to be  Zumba instructors at several gyms and YMCA  facilities here in the triad. The classes have been off the chain with as many as 80 people participating at one time, along with myself,  for an hour of sweat your butt off beats and moves, and color know no boundaries as Zumba can make even a person with two "left " feet move like the next Beyonce or Janet Jackson! Have you too embarked on the Zumba craze? If so, what makes you love this  form of exercise, just as much, if not more than I do! Shout outs to all my Zumba buddies at the William G. White, Jr. YMCA in Winston-Salem:)
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How do we survive this tough economy?

We have all hit some hard financial times in this recent economy, and even though we are slowly headed toward an upswing, many of our spending habits have drastically changed. What have you been doing to better prepare yourself and/or your family to survive these tough economic times?
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Who replaces our musical legends?

We have lost some truly talented musical icons over the last decade alone- Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Luther Vandross, Gerald Levert, Barry White, just to name a few. What artist of today do you think can fit these talented musical shoes, and why or why not!
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