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The History Behind Daylight Saving Time

If you ever wondered how Daylight Saving Time came about, since this is the time that we 'fall' back by changing those clocks, this may or may not explain it for you.. BUT isn't it good to always learn something that we may not have known about before?!?!
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What's Up With Our Government?!

Well the old adage- Government by the people, for the people seems to have been thrown out the window like an old pot of over-cooked grits! I mean really...our nation is on the verge of economic disaster, not to mention being credit down-graded, and if the nation's debt ceiling isn't raised by August 2nd, our ALREADY slumping economy could get worse! WHY IS THIS?!?!? Now granted we sometimes agree to disagree on issues of importance, but when it comes to the very livelihood of each citizen being greatly affected by what Democrats and Republicans are in constant battle as to who has the best plan for raising the debt ceiling...we're ALL right smack dab in the middle of a never-ending war of words that is absolutely producing NO results!!

Where will it lead US?...hopefully closer to putting our REAL faith in a higher power who promises His Kingdom will never be brought to ruin. And the Kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these (earthly) kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite....Daniel 2:44 New World Translation. Until then...just say a prayer that WILL get through these tough economic times!!!
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What Are You Most Thankful For?

Everyday presents not just another moment of life but the challenges that always seem to go right along with it! But in this blog I just take a moment to reflect on the people who have made each and everyday possible...first and foremost I will ALWAYS give thanks to my God, whom of course without Him there would be NO me!!! Family- way too many to mention :-) but they know who they are and that I love each and every one of them very 'extended' family known as radio, and that means YOU 97.1 QMG listeners...just thank you for the love and support you have shown and continue to show...especially in my ten years with this station. QMG has survived and thrived because of loyal listeners like yourselves, or if you're a 'newbie', you are definitely family to me as well! No doubt you have many reasons to be thankful in your everyday lives, as I once again 'thank you' for letting me share that life isn't always going to be easy or care-free, but thankful that I have an opportunity to (try) live life to its fullest!!!
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Shaken But Not Stirred....

April 4th, 2011 is just one of many dates that likely will remind us that it's that time of, not to remember to file our taxes on time..that's a WHOLE other topic of discussion.... but a reminder that as the seasons/weather change(s) from Winter to Spring, the weather really can get crazy! From 80+ degree weather one day...then the upper 50's the next to a massive thunderstorm and/or tornado somewhere in the middle. This latest storm resulted in not only power outages AGAIN for many folks, but to simply be awaken from a real good sleep around 2:30 in the morning is not cool, especially when one has to get up mighty early to head in to work...and I know I'm not the only one with those kind of early work hours. Didn't hear of any fatalities here locally from this last storm, but some people from the deep South were not as the writing of this blog as least six deaths from the Mississippi River across the Southeast to Georgia and the sad when ANY life is lost due to severe weather. The real question is..does severe weather of any nature, especially late at night keep you awake, or do you just say a prayer knowing that in God's hands, everything will be alright!!!
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The Most Embarrassing Moment..It Might Depend On Who You Ask!!

For those of us who watched the Big Dance of Professional Football, what took place before either Pittsburgh or Green Bay took to the gridiron was the performance of singer Christina Aguilera and her rendition of the National Anthem. Now personally I didn't see the performance, but the after-shock and ripple effect of what she did to the Anthem did, and probably still does, have people buzzing in the workplace or near somebody's water cooler as to how could she possibly mess up what's consider to most individuals a sacred piece of musical composition that pays homage to the United States of America.

Learning after-the-fact that she was singing before the start of the game, I began to think of Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson before her who both brought such passion and conviction to the lyrics of the song, I just automatically assumed (as I'm sure some of you may of thought the same) because Christina too has such a 'powerhouse' of a voice that she would deliver along the same lines as Jennifer or Whitney...but then the unexpected happened and she left out an entire verse to song, and created a somewhat, never-heard-of version of the same song!

Now should we fault Christina for not being better prepared to deliver one of the most patriotic hymns of our time? It's been known that she's sung the National Anthem hundreds of times at other venues and events since she was likely still a young Mouseketeer with the Mickey Mouse Club and she even NAILED a rehearsal of the Star-Spangled Banner before she took to the field at Cowboys Stadium for this year's Big Game....never mind the 'pressure' of having to sing in front of hundreds-of-thousands who were in attendance.  A better question- how many of US know the Star-Spangled Banner word-for-word from beginning to end without re-arranging the lyrics?!?

It may have been an embarrassing moment, depending upon who you ask...but should it also be a wake-up call for those in charge of booking singers to perform at one of the most-watched sporting events in the world to have a back-up, such as a teleprompter...just in case someone does FORGET THE LYRICS!!
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Democrat...Republican....Independent..Libertarian...Conservative...whatever you consider yourselves in this crucial Mid-term election...represent your respective party and exercise the 'voting freedoms' that so many others around the world may not have the 'right' or 'privledge' to do so! And I hope that you look past all the NEGATIVE campaign ads...and there were ALOT!!!...and just keep in mind those before you who weren't even allowed to vote, or the future generations who MAY be denied the same opportunity....whatever the outcome of this 2010 election...just know what an impact you could have made during this election year!!
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Happy Homecoming :-)

Not only has Fall finally arrived...but so has the Homecoming season for many colleges and universities across North Carolina! From N.C. A&T, WSSU, Wake Forest to even my ECU Pirates getting ready to party with the Purple and Gold :-) If you are analum, please share on this blog where you went to school and how you are planning to celebrate a homecoming to remember!!
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High Tech vs Old School

Now you know the staff and crew of the Tom Joyner Morning Show is truly old school, while engaged in the latest technology and social networking that's currently available. However it struct a least with me....when Tom Joyner commented not too long ago that albums from 'back in the day' doubled as a great way to stay cool during the hot summer months because he and Jay Anthony Brown would use them as fans..something you can't quite do with a mp3 player, ipod, or even cd! Although modern-day technology is a good thing- what other old school items(and not necessarily just electronics) do you miss and even wish were still around today?!?
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Schooling Others

Sticking to my back to school theme with many kids and especially teachers preparing to head back to the classroom, I wanted to touch on the definition of a teacher and ask for some feedback on why even the best teachers remain at the bottom of the payscale compared to other professional careers. 

By definition a teacher is a person who provides schooling for others- in addition to it being a role that is often formal and ongoing, and if the individual wants to become a teacher at a state-funded school, must obtain professional qualifications or credentials from a university or college*

Factor in as well the number of participating teachers in the United States alone ranges up to 7.2 million who plan to teach from pre-kindergarten to college. But aside from those that teach at institutions of higher learning, the average salary/pay-scale for some teachers is still relatively low compared to other professions such as doctors, lawyers and professional athletes who make anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars annually and yet I ask wasn't there a teacher who taught or inspired that same individual to want to persue a career in those fields I just mentioned and yet there are STILL some highly qualified teachers who are the most underpaid/highly-stressed persons but many continue with their passion/compassion to teach some of our future brightest students in the classroom.

Just imagine if a teacher of today could (with the best credentials possible) make the same amount of money as some of the best paid high-profile lawyers, doctors, or entertainers......just a matter of putting our priorities in the right place for those who have taught us endless possibilities to use our minds and our talents!

*WIKIPEDIA definition
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Education Is The Key

Back to school time is almost here....and parents feel free to start doing cartwheels:-) President Barack Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan( a guest this week on the TJMS) are among some high-powered speakers addressing the National Urban Leage and bringing some big news about 19 finalists in the administration' s Race To The Top...where the state of North Carolina is in the running as one of those finalists...yeah!! This initiative, among others, is part of the administration's plan to reform public education in America in lieu of the very ineffective No Child Left Behind program under President Bush.

As a parent, teacher or retired teacher what can we as families and communities do to not only continue to encourage our kids about the importance of a good education but one that's on equal footing so ALL children have an opportunity to receive a quality education!
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Why The Special Treatment?!

THE PARTY IS OVER FOR LINDSAY LOHAN....that's what the current headlines are reading in newspapers, blogs, and websites across the country, and now the word is she will spend ONLY about 2 weeks in jail. Now had it been an ordinary 'joe' like myself or perhaps even YOU...there would be no hesitation at the 'full extent' of the law to serve the same original 90-day sentence as Lindsay. So this particular blog today has me wondering why do celeberties seem to continue to get special treatment or only serve 1/2 or even 1/3 of an initial sentence while everyone else has plenty of jail 'time' to seriously think about the crime(s) we've committed? Does anyone else think there are two different systems of justice?!?!?!

As this isn't Lindsay's only offense or run-in with the law...she's been free on bail since missing a court hearing in May 2007 for a drug and alcohol case..on probation since August 2007 after pleading guilty to misdemenor drug charges and no contest to 3 driving-related charges, not to mention missing 7 classes since last December after her probation was extended for a year to give here more time to complete the class.

Now is it just me or Lindsay just doesn't seem to GET IT! To many get-out-of jail free cards translates to not taken her actions seriously, and perhaps foolishly believing that because of who she is, the system will just let her 'slide' by just one more time...if she keeps this type of attitude and way of thinking up, I'm afraid Lindsay just may RUN OUT OF TIME and be added to the list of celeberties who have died too young while on a collision course with life....
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Decisions Decisions

The choices that we make in life, for better or for worse, are decisions that generally alone affect the individual that makes them....HOWEVER...LeBron James' decision to leave his hometown of Cleveland for a chance to win a (NBA) ring with Miami either left a bitter taste or fans elated in his choice of picking a new city and new team! Making a major choice or decision never will please ANY or ALL parties/persons involved, and giving the very public decision that LeBron made is one that he likely made alone(at least in terms of the announcement) and will have to live with primarily on his it or hate it the choices or decisions we ALL make will likely be the ones we will have to live with, along with the outcome of the circumstances!!
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Quote of the Day

An unknown author once wrote....'one day your life will flash before your eyes. make sure its worth watching.' Indeed as 2010 alone seems to be flying by at the blink of an eye- are you watching the world or is the world REALLY watching you?! Living life to its fullest has never been more prevelant, but is it full of the everyday blessings- that despite the struggles we ALL confront on a daily basis, you still give thanks- or you've decided to 'stay mad at the world' because you feel that you've been singled out because 'bad things' seem to keep coming your way!

I like to say..there are NO bad days..some days just provide a BETTER outlook than others, as everyday of course won't be perfect...but YOUR life continues to have a story to's just up to you as to whether it can have a happy's to more of those HAPPY endings than not!!
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Celebrating Black Music Month

In addition to bringing in the summer season..June is the month we celebrate by paying tribute to the rich musical history and honor the many traditions African-American musicians, singers, and composers have made to the culture of our nation and to the world. Did you know that former President Jimmy Carter decreed on June 7, 1979 as the month to celebrate black music?! and other Presidents have followed including George W. Bush who issused a proclamation in June of 2005 (  ****type in the search engine black music month proclamation**** 

Who are some of your favorite artists/favorite songs for the month that recognizes the powerful, moving, and soulful music that speaks to EVERY heart, lifting us in times of sorrow and helping us celebrate in times of joy!!
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Men you have reason to celebrate!!!

Father's Day...June a day honoring fathers and celebrating paternal bonds, fatherhood, and the influence of fathers in society in general. It's celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in 55 countries! The first observance  is believed to have occurred in June, 1910 after a parishoner, while listening to a sermon that honored Mothers, felt the same should be done for Fathers who deserved recognition. It took several years thereafter to make the holiday official, even with support from the YWCA, YMCA, and churches. The day even ran the risk of disappearing all together from the many people saw Father's Day as simply filling the calendar with mindless promotions!  Dang fathers, you just can't catch a break can ya?!?

Well here in 2010, celebrating the men making a difference in hour homes, churches, businesses, and communites, has never been more needed or crucial in a society where we hear 'too' many stories of 'dead beat dads or just trifling men in general. Please take a moment to recognize those men who deserve to be honored...I'll start it a 'Happy Father's Day' to my dad...the 'step' has long since been removed... Freddie and one of my 'favorite' uncles Walt and Royce, Sr.,.love you guys:) and to fathers everywhere from 97.1 QMG!
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Made the 'cut'

Many of our children may already be thinking about a nice, long and hot summer vacation, but parents the upcoming 2010-2011 school year may end up missing an important part of the 'safety' you always hope is in place when your 'babies' head to school each morning, and that's the school crossing guards.  Just in Guilford County alone, the 2010-2011 budget proposed by the City Manager would eliminate all city funding for the school crossing guards, and that money funds a total of some 34 crossing guard positions, 28 of which are currently filled.

Another area of 'cut backs' is the slow disappearance of the 'arts', as many programs such as band/music, art, theater/drama is all but gone of greatly minimized from our schools....personally robbing our children of the potential to expand their analytical/creative (little) minds! The schools maybe making the 'cuts' for the sake of saving a city budget...but please continue to help/inspire your children to make the 'grade' to becoming the productive and creative individuals you already know them to be!
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Why This Holiday Is So Important

Many of us, whatever our traditions, typically celebrate Memorial Day with a nice piece of steak or chicken or vegetables on the grill, and enjoy the fellowship of friends and family while watching that big sporting match on television on a nice 3-day holiday weekend. But I in writing this blog also want to share a little history on what started as Decoration Day, that commemorates U.S. Men and Women who died while in military service. This next piece of history may also serve as a 'little know black history fact' that you hear about weekday mornings on the TJMS....according to a professor of the Yale University History Department, the first memorial day was observed by formely enslaved black people at the Washington Race Course(today known as Hampton Park) in Charleston, South Carolina.

The formely enslaved people exhumed the bodies from mass graves and reinterred the bodies of soldiers properly with individual graves, and on May 1, 1865, one Charleston newspaper reported that a crowd of up to ten thousand, mainly black residents, including some 2800 children, proceeded to the location for included sermons, singing and a picnic on the grounds, thereby creating the first Decoration Day.

Please take this and every Memorial Day weekend to THANK that soldier who has so diligently and unselfishly served our country and served it WELL...too many men and women have died for the freedom and liberties of these United States of America. Soliders I take this opportunity to say 'thank you' today and always!
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Taking ya back!

As the Tom Joyner Morning Show sails the high seas on the Fantastic Voyage, it's an annual tradition for a 'theme' night during the 7-day party and one of the favorites is 'Old School/70's Night' that of course got me to thinkin' about the dress and styles of old and to ask what particular 'look' would/wouldn't you wear in 2010? Perhaps an outfit in a nice 'plaid', jeans or pants with a smooth and even 'crease' down the middle? And not just necessarily the clothes, because I recently came across an old picture of myself with a jheri curl AND braces...OMG! what was I thinkin' especially when I smiled with my 'brace face!' Whatever decade had you stylin and's always good to reminiscence...and then again know of someone who STILL dresses like they stuck in the past!!!
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Showing much love to our senior adults

Growing older doesn't always have to equate to Alzheimer's or Dementia, or thinking you can't be just as active in your senior years as you were at a much younger age. Case in point, look at the kudos comedianne/actress Betty White is STILL receiving after her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live! Who knew she still had those comedic chops in full gear since her role as Rose Nyland on one of my favorite shows...The Golden Girls...the senior years truly have been golden for Ms. White...who stepped up to the plate to host SNL after a widespread FaceBook campaign was initiated....and now our hearts are also filled with sadness of the recent passing of the lengendary singer/actress/activist Lena Horne, who was so much more that just a beautiful face! Her talent and her determination to represent her race when a country saw it as the 'norm' to hate because of a different race. Her later years also welcomed a new generation of fans where both grandparent and grandchild could watch Lena on such t.v. shows as Sesame Street and The Cosby Show! An entertainment pioneer in his own right, Quincy Jones, who was a dear friend of Lena's for more than 50 years, said it best, "There will NEVER be another like Lena Horne and I will miss her deeply." We all will miss you classy Lena...and Betty, you continue to bring out the beauty of your comedic timing...indeed showing much love to our senior adults- you're as active in mind, body, and spirit as you can allow yourself to be....
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Musical Inspiration

Working for a radio station, especially a great one like 97.1 QMG, affords me a wonderful opportunity to listen to some really great music...both old and new...but how often do you LISTEN to the words/lyrics of songs that you not only listen to on this station, but on your ipods/mp3's or computer- just to name a few?! I ask this question to say that there is ALWAYS a message in the music...good or bad..whether it inspires/encourages us or speaks in a negative fashion to try to tear us down or break our the next time you listen to music..especially from this very station, let the words be those of inspiration- to get us through the difficult days, to put a smile on our face, or a little extra pep in our step or snap in our fingers! May your favorite song(especially from 97.1 QMG) DO JUST THAT!!
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Who Had the 'ah-ha' moment first

Tongues have been wagging at the recent news(and in some circles it seems to be the 'juciest') with the  latest tell-all book on Oprah Winfrey and her relationship with former Entertainment Tonight host John Tesh. I'm personally amazed as to how an individual can dig up some dirt that's over thirty years old..and mind you this book is unauthorized! Although John isn't holding back on revealing that he and Lady 'O' got to know one another on a one-on-one basis.

But why John just up and decided that because he was White and Oprah was Black that the relationship wasn't going to work out makes me wonder why, even in this present day and age, color is such an issue! Can a person not fall in love or like who they like, simply based on the color of one's skin? We come in so many shades and colors of ALL races, so is there no longer any truth in the ol' saying that "love is colorblind!" ....I'm just sayin....
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Jay and Tom Started It!

In a brief re-cap of the Tom Joyner Morning Show from this past Monday...March 22nd the TJMS was joined by Johnathan Rogers of TV One to highlight a new season of  the original bio series  "UnSung"...a visual 'where are they' now artists that included Rose Royce and Stacey Lattisaw just to name a few! Of course Jay Anthony Brown with his comedic timing suggested a future show on Disco King/Queen(depending on the day of the Slyvester, who had that infamous disco hit.."You Make Me Feel(Mighty Real)"....Sylvester James used only is first name professionally(by the way)...

Well sure enough as our production guru(s) are accustomed to taking a musical cue, started playing that song in the background as Jay and Tom initially started singing it accapella...thank God the REAL song saved us from hearing Tom and Jay's version(sorry guys):)  but nonetheless the song not only stuck in my mind throughout the rest of the morning..I just had to see a video version...which I found(although quite grainey and out of focus on YouTube), and taken a back(just a bit) of how hard folk used to party at the club(s) back in the day!

What memories indeed..and if you're bold enough to admit and even share some of your disco faves from back in the day, please don't be shy...I'm just sayin'~~***WARNING!!!....Beware of a whole lot of booty shaking going on, and is for the grown and sexy only!!
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The benefit or drawback of daylight saving time!

Am I the only one STILL a little off track from daylight saving time! It really all started after one of the best Old School parties with Chuck Brown(Saturday night) and then reporting for radio duty early Sunday morning, all while turning the clock AHEAD one hour before getting off the air at 6am....or was it REALLY 7am!?! Well the practice of DST(daylight saving time) is to temporarily advance our clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and the mornings have less, but did you know there's also some controversy tied in to this practice....adding daylight to afternoons benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunight after working hours, but also causes problems for farming, evening entertainment and other occupations tied to the sun.

So how did DST come about? Well...during his time as an American envoy(which nowadays we likely refer to as an Ambassador) to France, Benjamin Franklin, author of the proverb...'Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise', published a letter(excluding his name of course) suggesting that Parisians economize on candles by rising earlier to use morning sunlight...All I can say to that is thanks Ben, as I will be trying to catch that lost hour of sleep between now and when we turn those clocks 'back' one hour come fall...I'm just sayin!!
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Weekends are meant for this!

Folks, we've almost survived another Winter thanks to his Almighty for seeing us thru some rough weather at times! And as I was reminded so kindly by our loving QMG family...every season has it's place, whether we like it or not..It's God's wonderful will at work,  and I must give thanks to the beautiful weekend we're in store for..thinking of all the winter storms we've had(so far) won't dampen what we're about to be blessed please really time the time to walk barefoot through the grass(if that's your kind of thing...LOL), smell the flowers and look up toward those beautiful blue skies...and give thanks to our Creator up above! HAVE A GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND...this and every weekend:)
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Back to the 'safety' issue

I'm back to address another safety issue, after my last blog on the massive Toyota recall and safety being compromised amongst its owners..this time I want to speak on all of the social networking sites out there, and as a person who works for a radio station, it's such am important part of staying connect through our wonderful radio family. BUT it amazes and shocks me at the same time that there are people/persons who are so ready to take advantage and greatly abuse the initial purpose of wanting to stay connected to friends and family.

Case in point, it makes me sick to my stomach to hear the recent arrest of a young man who posed as a young girl on Facebook to lure other young men to actually post lewd pictures of themselves for his 'disturbing' pleasure. I know there are so many of us who use Facebook on an everyday basis- myself included, so Parents just how comfortable are you using this among other social networking sites, and especially knowing you children are regular visitors? Must there always be someone out there who has to spoil the fun and joy of staying in touch in this advanced age of technology!?....I'm just saying!!!
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Just how safe are we behind the wheel?!

Although I've never owned a vehicle from Toyota, I along with the rest of the world were very familiar with (until now) Toyota's impeccable reputation for safety. So the real question has now been asked, especially from Toyota owners...WHAT WENT SO WRONG? At the posting of this blog, Toyota's president is expected to tell members of Congress(today) that he accepts "full responsibility" for the recall of more than 8.5 million vehicles. Akio Toyoda, who happens to be the grandson of the founder of the company will also offer his condolences over the deaths of four San Diego, California family members in a Toyota crash last August.

Yesterday, I watched CSPAN and heard testimony from a Tennesse couple, where the wife shared a horrific story of her car unaccountably surging to 100 miles per hour. Rhonda Smith said NOTHING she did would stop her Lexus, and that it went six miles before, 'God intervened.' She was one of the fortunate ones to live to tell the tale, but sadly it took over four years for anyone to initially believe her story, as she also shared that numerous warnings to Toyota went unanswered, and when they finally did respond, called both her and her husband 'liars.'  I can only wonder did Toyota really put PROFIT BEFORE SAFETY, and many Toyota owners had to suffer those consequences.

In closing it's not just this recall that has put drivers in jeopardy, as I observe in my daily travels behind the wheel, there continues to be way too many of us more focused on our cell phones than the others drivers around us, and I still can't understand how anyone can text AND drive at the same time..and I've recently heard that even the State Highway Patrol has a hard time catching folk in the act. Well if Toyota doesn't put safety first, let each of us as drivers put that as the first and foremost agenda in our everyday drive! Bless us all on these highways and by-ways to stay safe!
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What do you get when you put over 200 ladies (and yes there were fellas in the house as well) on center court during halftime of a professional basketball game....ZUMBA TO THE ONE HUNDRED POWER!! I had the wonderful pleasure of being a part of a 5-6 minute Zumba routine that entertained friends and family, and especially a HUGE sports crowd, Saturday, February 6th at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte. I have mentioned to many of you before about my participation in Zumba- the Latin style of aerobics that mixes great music with a great form of exercise that really doesn't seem like it once it's all said and done! Well after getting the invite to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity..I just couldn't pass up! So to my entire Zumba family- and you know who you are..ladies and gentlemen..YOU ROCK AND PLEASE INVITE ME BACK SOON! And I lastly send the invite to YOU as you read this blog to join our Zumba family..we will welcome you with open arms and a workout you won't soon forget:)
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Can You Help Me Please!!

You may have heard me speak of wanting 2010 to be the year of being 'healthly', not just in body, but in mind and spirit as well...however I don't want to be the only one to triumph in these multliple accomplishments! If you share in this same sentiment, let's ALL buddy together to be each other's support system..either through phone calls, emails, facebook, twitter, and especially in person with workouts, including my favorite Zumba (I work out every other Thursday at the Central YMCA in Winston-Salem from 6:30pm-7:30pm), walks at our parks, tracks and wherever we can encourage one another to make this the year to be the BEST WE ALL CAN BE!!! I'm just sayin.....
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IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ANOTHER YEAR HAS COME AND GONE RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES! But here we are saying good-bye to 2009 and ushering in 2010 in what many of us hope will be better than the year prior. As I write this blog, the song "Teach Me" from Musiq Soulchild was played during the Best of The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and it's one lyric of the song that stands out the most in my mind...Teach Me How To Love....something that I believe this world is so sorely lacking in the latter half of this decade! Yes call me crazy and overly sentimental, but what the world needs is LOVE and much more that what we've expressed to one another as of late. Sadly everytime I listen to the news I watch stories of death and pure hatred between countries or stories of young people who never will have the chance to be productive citizens or a future President of the United States because their lives were tragically cut short at the hands of an adult who molested or sodomized them and even kills not just the body but the spirit!! And I know that death is imminent will all of us, but can we show a little more love and respect and kindness going into a new fact let's add on to some of the good things that took place before 2009 comes to an having our first(and hopefully not our last) President of Color! So in closing I ask, "What's in store for you as a new year is about to begin..I'm just saying!!!!
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Why do we do what we do?!?

The first official...using that term loosely....winter storm of the season is here and there's ALWAYS this tendency to make a mad dash to the grocery stores to stock up like we won't see the light of a highway or street for the next several days! What makes us so determined to out drive, and in most cases out shop one another, because goodness knows by the the time I'M able to get to the stores, most of the bread, milk, and other items are completely gone! Remember when you do pay a visit to stock up for safety and/or survival PLEASE try to be kind and courteous(no snatching... or cussing the other person out for grabbing the last carton of liquid please)and above all PLEASE BE SAFE THIS WINTER!!!!
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And the BEST marriage belongs too....???

This particular subject struck me to write this blog after running into my former High School Band Teacher, whom I just happen to run into Tuesday afternoon, December 15th while shopping for some holiday cards. He and his wife look absolutely fabulous and immediately I begin to think to myself...(1) how long they've been married and (2) how many years young he was...but out of respect I declined to ask him face-to-face. Nonetheless, and I'm guessing here, well over 40 plus years of togetherness between the two. And then I reflect on the recent infidelities of Tiger Woods and a marriage that may be NO longer to his wife Elin, now that his many flings with MANY woman has come to light! A part of me feels kind of sorry for him because children are involved(although they're way too you young and don't a clue as to what's going on), but mad as you know what for not leaving his 'sowing of wild oats' behind and honestly respecting the sanctity of marriage. And thus I end by asking: " Are you a strong soldier of marriage?"(cue music from Sade's, I'M A SOLDIER OF LOVE) Do you try to respect and fulfull those vows, 'til death do us part?'... I'm just saying!!
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The BEST holiday gift is you!

As many holiday seasons have come and gone, this year has to be far different from holidays past, and not just because we are still going through a crappy recession, but different in the sense of considering yourself as the best holiday gift. Make this the year that if you haven't done it at some point this year, please take the time NOW to take care of YOU! As you may be the person who takes care and worries about the welfare and well-being of others, don't forget that you are important to YOU..never take for granted the blessing that all of us have to be here on this Earth, if only temporary, make the most of every moment as if it were you last. Now taking care of someone else is never a bad thing, but don't you deserve a much needed pampering of love and life..It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself, so please do just that and Happy Holidays from me wanted to make sure that you take better care of you!!
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The Winter Wardrobe

Also known as Are you ready for sweater weather...this time of year for me is a little tricky because I still wear the summer t-shirts for that extra layer of protection against the cold weather. Now the ONLY good thing about a winter wardrobe for me is a chance to sport some nice sweaters that I own...both of the pull-over and decorative kind..but NO WAY near as crazy as some folks who like to wear for example pumkins, or a whole bunch of reindeer on a sweater..a little bit overboard in taste for yours truly. But how many of you are bold enough to admit to me right here on this very blog that you still ain't ashamed to sport those LONG JOHNS that our grand daddies wore proudly back in the day, especially where the temps drop way below the barometer!!!
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What's harder? After Thanksgiving cleanup or Black Friday Shopping

Now that the leftovers of the Thanksgiving meal are starting to kick in, and it's literally 'off to the races' to see who can be the first in line outside as well as inside to take advantage of all the Black Friday shopping area I TOTALLY offense to anyone who considers this the "fun" part of the holidays! But what do you consider the hardest part of the holiday season...the clean-up of all family, friends, church family, etc., who enjoyed, no doubt, several servings of food, and left behind the dishes that will need to be cleaned, or trying to wake up at the crack of 'dark' to be those first brave souls to travel to the malls, shopping centers, and retail stores to get that ideal holiday gift that's been marked down ridiculously low, so once you return home, you'll keep telling REALLY was worth the trip! Here's to the holidays!!!
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Thank-full on this Thanksgiving

Just about every day I have the blessed opportunity to thank you-  QMG family for your love and loyal support of this radio station, but today I want to especially during this Thanksgiving holiday to show my love and appreciation of YOU with this blog of thanks..thanks for continued prayers as this will be the second Thanksgiving without my beloved Grandmother- who passed away in April of 2008, but I'm ALSO so blessed to still have family and friends(like yourselves) to spend the holidays with, to partake in good food and even greater company! So if we don't have an opportunity to speak to one another in person and in love, let me take this blessed moment to wish you and your entire family a WONDERFUL AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am TRULY thank-full that there are sooo many wonderful people in our communities who still believe that despite all of life's difficulties and hardships, we still will find a way to keep pressing on, and that is what I'm thankful for during this holday season!!
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This topsy-turvy/can't make up its mind 'weather'

Did you put ALL your summer clothes away yet?!? Well with a nice day...for today(anyway), and pretty okay tomorrow...Sunday is looking to be very wet and quite are you 'adjusting' your wardrobe to fit this unsettling weather pattern we seem to be going through. And yeah it's time to get into the holday spirit as the weather is getting colder..but a few more warm days couldn't hurt either:)
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The Perfect verses the Ideal Thanksgiving

Here we are again during the holiday season, and so many of us are preparing to welcome family and friends and of course partake of the delicious smells of food that will soon grace our tables. But given a tough economy and so many of us cutting back on expenses, just how will you make those plans to prepare what you hopefully will still be the 'perfect' Thanksgiving feast or are you preparing to make some alternate cooking perhaps encouraging other family members to contribute to the holiday menu..if you're so bringing a dish of their own. In closing IS IT REALLY ALL ABOUT THE PERFECT FEAST or are you TRULY THANKFUL to be able to simply celebrate the ideal little things in life, such as just spending 'quality' family time?!
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Their Service and Sacrafice

Today we honor and remember the service and sacrifice of our Military Men and Women who are serving either here on American soil or far away places, serving tour after tour, so that people like myself have the freedom and the ability to live the life where it is only just a beginning to say 'thank you' to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice...PLEASE take an opportunity during the day to let someone who is serving know that he or she is greatly appreciated for protecting not only our country, but our very freedoms that make us the unique individuals that we are.
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This is for the Cougar In You!

The Cougar in R&B Diva/Singer Toni Braxton has struck R&B singer Trey Songz during a taping of the an awards show with her husband Keri Lewis(former member of Mint Condition) in PLAIN SIGHT! Now the latest is the two are planning to go their separate ways. I personally am not a big fan of the word, 'cougar', maybe because I find myself in that category age-wise(LOL). Are you...Ladies... willing to confess the cougar in YOU if you are indeed involved in a relationship with a younger man, and hopefully he doesn't have another chick on the side...P.S. Keri PLEASE COME BACK TO MINT CONDITION!!!
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When I see you in the community:)

You know our motto is "Close To The Community," so let me take this opportunity to say THANK-YOU to all who have shown so much love and support to the radio station over the years. In my eight years of being part of this great radio family, outside of the hilarious fun I have with Tom, Jay and Sybil and all of the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew, the best part of my job also includes seeing wonderful people like yourselves, who greet me, Shilynne, Busta, Marty, Joseph, Phil and the whole QMG family with either a hug or a smile or just a 'thank-you' in return.
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Daylight Saving Time- do we REALLY get that hour of sleep back?!?

The final weekend of October 2009 had us change our clocks...traditionally during Daylight Saving Time we FALL back during the fall season and get back an extra hour of time..mainly to recapture that hour of sleep we miss when we SPRING forward and change the clock an hour ahead of time. But the question I'm asking is does your body feel like it rested an additional hour or there's really no difference at all whether you turn the clock back or ahead one hour..and is it just me or the one thing I do NOT like about the change of time during the Fall Season is that by 5:00pm-5:30pm it's already dark outside?!?!
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Out with the old/in with the new

With the technology we have today...computers, dvr's, cell phones, mp3's, ipods, iphones, digital cameras, and I could go on and on and on and on...have you totally abandoned the old fashion methods of communication through let's say taking the time to sit down and actually WRITE a letter to someone, or reading a good 300-page novel, or you're still willing to take it back to the days of old....
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Reality TV- is it here to stay?!

I guess I would have to call myself an avid televion viewer, first and foremost for local and nation news(lol), since it's a main component of me sharing news and other information with you on the TJMS. BUT since the debut of reality television, a lot of, if any, news or information of interest people here about or even discuss with others comes from a reality show and it's really beginning to look like this format of  entertaining viewers is here to if you had a moment to live your '15-minutes' of fame, (1) would you do it, (2) what would you do to keep people coming back for more!!!
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The Great Debate

In light of the massive healthcare overhaul that President Obama wants sweeping change where ALL Americans will have access to healthcare of some sort, and in what I've seen in the news, particulary on television, where healthcare debates across the country have had shouting debates and name-calling gone mad....have the debates REALLY been about politics, or MORE about race...I caught an article about this very subject matter in Jet magazine and wanted to get as much feedback from YOU as possible!! thanks in advance for you time and consideration to respond!
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Road Rage Gone Mad!!!

Have manners on the highways and byways gone by the wayside?! Case in point, it seems nowadays, and yes I'm just as guilty as charged, in road rage, where drivers just aren't as courteous as we used to be or could be. Maybe it revolves around always running and gunning to get to your destinations, without really taken into consideration of putting our selves or other loved one into jeopardy...even when driving to the studio I looked into my rear view mirror and another driver is practically on my bumper, and I really don't like for the personal driving space to be I a little too picky or is there any suggestions for making us all better/safer drivers?!
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