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Time for Reflection

At the writing of this is pouring rain(seemingly sideways :-) but coming down at a study pace nonetheless. Just coming out of the studio from another busy morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, when Sybil Wilkes mentions that R&B singer Vesta(Williams) was 'reportedly' found dead in her California hotel room. For most of the morning the story was unconfirmed- given that the Associated Press nor other reputable news sources had any confirmation (to me a bit odd). She was just on the Fantastic Voyage with the crew earlier this year and Vesta was having a blast....AND NOW NEWS OF HER DEATH!!! Well by now just about everyone has either twitted or post on their Facebook pages about her untimely passing at 53 years old. The music industry and closet friends/fans are understandingly in disbelief as much as I am. What great music and energy she leaves behind, along with an INCREDIBLE SENSE OF HUMOR, and without question will be sorely missed....and goes without saying TOMORROW IS PROMISED TO NO ONE...whatever the cause of death, Vesta was an extraordinary and very talented individual who left her mark with those who loved and respected her....she will forever live on through her music and wonderful memories...what a talent and class act!!!
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This could be the year for Charlie Wilson

Not only is it a birthday celebration for R&B legend Charlie Wilson, best known for performing on stage with his brothers as the Gap Band, but it could be quite a celebratory event with Sunday's Grammy's and Charlies' two-time for best R&B album for his project "Uncle Charlie", as well as for best R&B vocal performance for the song, "There Goes My Baby." Way to go indeed Uncle Charlie and what a journey it has been for you to get this far and finally get the recognition that you deserve! And what a many of you know that Charlie admitted to shedding quite a few tears after going from a homeless has-been to finding out he was a Grammy nominee? As talented of a singer and songwriter that he is, it's hard to believe that so many doors have been shut on him over the years, in addition to overcoming a drug problem, a money dispute with a former manager(one that even led him to being blackballed in the music industry),  and losing his Father to Prostate Cancer, Charlie is now being blessed in ways that he probably couldn't even imagine! And Charlie is a great ambassador to represent the true Old School for this Sunday's biggest night in music, so here's to wishing Charlie the best and hoping that he can clear some shelf space for a Grammy, maybe even two!
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Movie weekend making history

Do you have plans to see the new Disney Movie, "The Princess and the Frog" starring Broadway sensation and actress Anika Noni Rose? Not only will this mark a first for Disney to feature an African-American Princess, but some of the office chatter has been some of the dialect, which keep in mind the movie is based in New Orleans, may come across as being a bit 'baffonish' according to some..Although it may be a valid statement from some, let's not lose sight that this can also be a teaching tool for our children that this is a world that suppose to accept persons of ALL races, creeds, colors, religions, and even languages. And the Princess, who looks beautiful from the movie trailers I've seen on television, and comes across to me as an intelligent woman of color..keep that as the focus to want to pass along to your child or children..especially to our beautiful young girls and teenagers, who otherwise may not be told on a regular basis!...I'M JUST SAYING....
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