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Listen to the voices in your head!

 How many times have you heard voices telling you the right things to do and you ignored them? These voices tell you to get finish school, get a job, stop smoking, or leave that person alone. Often we chose to ignore those voices and instead do what we want to do and not what GOD intends for us to do. I’ll use my own life as an example for this story.

Many years ago I was working in the room service department of a hotel. One day there as a teacher’s conference for which we had to fulfill banquet duties. I remember asking a lady if she wanted more coffee. She turned around like she had seen a ghost and said, “Have you ever thought about communications? You should think about communications!”  The funny thing is that I had always loved music and listening to radio. In fact, I even knew a few radio personalities but never gave serious thought to being a personality myself. But, it was something about that lady’s reaction that made me think seriously about giving it shot.

Now, armed with a degree in Broadcast Production and many years of broadcasting under my belt, I’m having fun and it appears that I’m doing what I was intended to do. So, I know it may be difficult to listen to our own voices because we have so many contradictions inside that we get confused. GOD knows that we get confused so he’ll send someone else to put us on the right path. You’ll know its right because it feels right.

Listen to the voices!

01/09/2012 10:19AM
Listen to the voices in your head!
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