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Just how safe are we behind the wheel?!

Although I've never owned a vehicle from Toyota, I along with the rest of the world were very familiar with (until now) Toyota's impeccable reputation for safety. So the real question has now been asked, especially from Toyota owners...WHAT WENT SO WRONG? At the posting of this blog, Toyota's president is expected to tell members of Congress(today) that he accepts "full responsibility" for the recall of more than 8.5 million vehicles. Akio Toyoda, who happens to be the grandson of the founder of the company will also offer his condolences over the deaths of four San Diego, California family members in a Toyota crash last August.

Yesterday, I watched CSPAN and heard testimony from a Tennesse couple, where the wife shared a horrific story of her car unaccountably surging to 100 miles per hour. Rhonda Smith said NOTHING she did would stop her Lexus, and that it went six miles before, 'God intervened.' She was one of the fortunate ones to live to tell the tale, but sadly it took over four years for anyone to initially believe her story, as she also shared that numerous warnings to Toyota went unanswered, and when they finally did respond, called both her and her husband 'liars.'  I can only wonder did Toyota really put PROFIT BEFORE SAFETY, and many Toyota owners had to suffer those consequences.

In closing it's not just this recall that has put drivers in jeopardy, as I observe in my daily travels behind the wheel, there continues to be way too many of us more focused on our cell phones than the others drivers around us, and I still can't understand how anyone can text AND drive at the same time..and I've recently heard that even the State Highway Patrol has a hard time catching folk in the act. Well if Toyota doesn't put safety first, let each of us as drivers put that as the first and foremost agenda in our everyday drive! Bless us all on these highways and by-ways to stay safe!

02/24/2010 5:40AM
Just how safe are we behind the wheel?!
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02/24/2010 5:55AM
Henery Schaffer
Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?
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