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Is Customer Service a thing of the Past?

The more I shop, whether it's in the grocery store, the gas station, or the one stop, I find myself asking the question, "Whatever happened to customer service?" I'm in the customer service business myself, so I'd like to think I know of what I speak. While shopping at a store, which shall remain nameless, I was APALLED at the attitude of the person behind the counter. I was truly admiring one of the items in the shop. When I asked about it, the one nice person in the store kindly let me know that it was not for sale (it belonged to the person sitting behind the counter). Mind you, that was not the item I went in the store to purchase (I went in to purchase a t-shirt). When the nice lady was done informing me that the item was not for sale and I had moved a little further in the store, the person behind the counter very loudly stated, "When I leave, I'm taking that thing with me because I'm getting TIRED of people ASKING about it." Saying nothing, I walked out of the store WITHOUT purchasing the t-shirt I initially went in for. How long would it take to take a little card with black block letters that reads, "DISPLAY ITEM ONLY", and place it on the item so that people will "Stop asking you about it?" Then again, isn't that why you're there? I'm just saying......

08/26/2009 6:18PM
Is Customer Service a thing of the Past?
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07/19/2010 3:27PM
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